“Cryptic Writings” Megadeth Review

Now this is where I started to worry about Megadeth’s quality in making music because as they continue to tend to focus a lot on lyrics a lot, the rest of thier music has dummed down. The excitement of the sound and wildness of what made their style so epic started to start to decrease into a lower and calmer version of them. Youthanasia was a get out of jail card for Megadeth because we expect variety and that’s what they’ve accomplished, but if they again doing it brings a little concern. I wouldn’t mind if it’s a different band, but Megadeth started out so aggressive and earn the reputation of bringing that anarchist feel that used to be exclusively in punk-rock to combine to trash metal. But thankfully Megadeth brought more metal in Cryptic Writings than what they left off from their last album. “Trust” was one of their most memorable songs that analyzes how can one be so dependant on others with love and trust to later be lied to and betrayed. So many regard this track to be meaningful but the tone of the song didn’t feel as emotional as the topic should have been. I admit that it was a fun song, but the lyric felt like it needed an emotional tone instead of that hoppy feel to jump up and down. “Almost Honest” was a continuation to what “Trust” left off and went brutal afterwards. I was surprised to see that the song admits that there’s no purpose of being honest and filled with love; sound good for a metal song. “Use the man” was an ugly song to listen to. It starts way to slow but towards the end the song picks up pace and reminds use that this is trash metal and that’s what was lacking in the first two songs and the last album including. Right after “Use the Man,” everything started to get heavier with song like “Mastermind” which tells the story of mass criminal, but not a very well told story, but the music was the metal that I expect to be uplifted. “The Disintegrators” is also trying to tell what it feels to be a Disintegrator and just went speed metal with it trying to sound like a war is going on with this rate of pace. But what I like about songs like “I’ll Get Even” has that spaghetti western feel to it like its time to pay ‘em back but ruins the experience with nothing really new or exciting to listen to. So are the other songs like “Sin,” “Have Cool, Will Travel,” “A Secret Place,” & “Vortex” that doesn’t have anything really special in their song. I was expecting like a two-song into one feeling where they surprise the listener with a new pace within the song, but just start with a sound and try to reach to the end of the song. Yeah, sure there are plenty of cool riffs, but not in the same standards as to their previous songs in their other albums. And do I have to mention that even the lyrics are weak? In “Sin” Dave Mustaine kept singing “Set Me Free,” again and again that just drags the song. Can someone tell me why does the guitar riffs “A Secret Place” sound like Metallica’s “Wherever I May Roam?” And then the most unusual and most shoved in ending song ever in an album “FFF” it was a lot of chaotic feel to it, but again what was the purpose of this song?

I appreciate Megadeth bringing back that metal feel that was really lacking from their last album, but this proves that lyrics are also needed because there were just so many random lines in the lyrics that make an unmemorable experience. It to be honest, this was an underwhelming album because barely anything memorable came out of this album. There’s nothing I can really consider as their best work nor are there anything that was so terrible. It was just a forgettable album and felt like it was rushed with songs like “FFF.” I really tried to like this album, but it’s the lasting appeal that lacks the substance from their previous albums.

Track Highlights

  • She-Wolf
  • Trust
  • The Disintegratos

The Top Lister’s album score  –  3 / 5