“Endgame” Megadeth Review

 Now, we’ve already had two great consecutive albums of Megadeth dealing with politics and it’s time for something new with “Endgame” to be creative. The title of the album is the same title of an anti-political documentary called Endgame. The theme of the album “Endgame” is about power and controlling the lower class. There isn’t much to say about the album other than the music is more interesting than the theme. It opens up massively with “Dialectic Chaos.” Wow! That is an amazing way to open up an album with the band’s best instrumental song because of the best riffs they’ve pretty much came up with. Already you’re brain has melted from awesomeness, but you need to clean up the remaining parts of your brain to finally pay attention to the lyrics with the following song, “This Day We Fight!” There was no slowing down with this song and continues to go rapid with the chaos started from the first track. Next we have “44 Minutes,” which was plain epic. The lyrics were so clear in describing the situation of recruiting armies/criminals where they have to practice such activities within an hour before the mission starts. You know, I’ve already reviewed 12 albums now and how is that Megadeth sticks with the same topic of songwriting but manages to make each of the songs feel like a different experience? That I don’t know, but I like to keep it that way because “44 Minutes” demonstrates their ability to make things fresh. Next “1,320” as lazy as the title is, the song was so thrashing as to almost every other Megadeth speed song, not much I can say about this album other than if you like their fast-pace tracks like “High Speed Dirt,” you’ll like this one.

Next, we have a track called “Bite the Hand,” I came to expect that this song was self-explanatory of betraying someone but no, they just went all on the US economy and the Wall Street Crash. This is Megadeth’s political side at their finest because they depict everything that we relied on Wall Street and how it backstabs us by costing everyone like the mad dog biting the hand the feeds it. The following track is “Bodies,” and it was an okay trash metal, but wasn’t really the strong with the lyrics because it was similar to “Blessed Are The Dead” & “Never Walk Alone” from “United Abominations” and it wasn’t as strong as those songs I’ve compared to. At least the riffs are something to think about. After that forgettable track, we have the track with the same title of the album “Endgame.” It’s another political song, but unlike their other ones, this one is on the topic on having another president but is no different than the last. Well considering Obama promised to stop the war in the Middle East, now in office it’s ironic that we’re still there. But the killer appeal is again, the riffs, that surprisingly has a bit of a horror-like feel to it like it’s a nightmare come to life but it’s sometimes ruined from secondary guitar riffs that went over-the-top and never was on par. Already 7 songs just went nonstop and with that kind of tone that has the same pace just doesn’t make any much of variety, up till the 8th track “The Hardest Part Of Letting Go… Sealed With A Kiss” Finally the pace slowed down, but then it turns out to be a love song. At first I was uncomfortable with this direction of Dave singing the lyrics like a love poem, but it turns out to be a powerful and deep songwriting; A new side of Dave that I haven’t really seen before, but then it ruined the epic feel with the change of a faster pace to make it an ugly mess. This song proves that true artists express their feelings and turn it into a master piece, but the decision to make it a hardcore metal in the middle part of the song disappointed me. Boy, it was this close to be in my Top 10 Megadeth songs if it not for that middle part. After the nice attempt to make a sweet slow song, then it blows away with “Headcrusher,” this is a lazy song in my opinion. The lyrics and describing this headcrusher felt childish like a violent cartoon character a kid made and just kept repeating the name of the character “Headcrusher! Headcrusher!” Already I’m starting to get “Risk” flashback with this song (Skip! Skip!) Now to probably one of the better songs of the album “This Is How The Story Ends,” that has a really great back & forth riff and lyrics that shows that not everything ends well. Not much I can say that’s interesting. But I will say with the similar tedious pace with almost all the songs in this list, the last one “The Rights To Go Insane,” was pretty much a great track that depicts the injustice of being imprisoned because of their mentality and their rights of keeping it.

Over all, Endgame just didn’t do well for me. The lyrics are from quite good to okay, but the pace & tone in all the songs was the same fast-paced which lacks variety. I don’t mind them at all, but the riffs and notes all sounded the same. They didn’t feel like different songs, but instead feel like there were no original ideas left but the lyrics. It causes the lack of variety, but most of all the most disappointing thing of this album is that none of the songs (except for the opening instrumental) was unmemorable. It’s good to listen but after finishing the album or getting to the next song, I completely forgot what each of the songs was like. No notes or melodies pop open as a reminder of that song, they all they went all over the place with the instruments forgetting about what made their other albums so special. I’m pretty sure someone might find some appeal to this album and see it differently than I do, but I’m not mad, but under-whelmed that I can’t remember anything that spectacular that hasn’t already been done.

Track Highlights

  • Dialectic Chaos
  • Bite The Hand
  • The Hardest Part Of Letting Go… Sealed With A Kiss

The Top Lister’s album score  –  2 / 5