“Killing Is My Business… And Business is Good” Megadeth review

Cover of "Killing Is My Business"

Before this album was released, Dave Mustaine was a Metallica band member and when you look at Metallica’s Kill ‘em All, it’s completely different than what Metallica is today. Without Mustaine in the band, they’ll never be in that direction ever again. If you wanted an album that’s nonstop like Kill ‘em All with memorable lyrics, look no further than Megadeth’s “Killing Is My Business…” Forming Megadeth was a continuation of what Metallica abandoned and made it even better (in my opinion). Mustaine said in an interview, “After getting fired from Metallica, all I remember is that I wanted blood. Theirs. I wanted to be faster and heavier than them.” Just listening to this album from beginning to end, you can just feel that hatred and frustration Dave must have been feeling when creating “Killing is My Business” and this album was his last shot to remain his music career; a life or death situation.
A total of 8 songs were fueled by desire for vengeance, but at simultaneously this is a love letter to the heavy metal audience like asking for date; how lovely. All these songs were demonstrations of what the band is capable of and keep running wild with it. Whether you’re talking about how sexy & deadly songs like “Last Rites/Love to Death” & “Killing is My Business & Business is Good” simply pulls in anyone who likes Metal. But if you really want to know what this band is about, songs like “The Skull Beneath the Skin” & “Rattlehead” provided lyrics that describes their mascot Vic Rattlehead that they totally whored out (saying it as a good thing) because the very image of Vic Rattlehead is the coolest looking mascot since the creation of Iron Maiden’s Eddie the Head. His eyes are covered by a riveted-on visor, his mouth is clamped shut, and his ears are closed with metal caps that embodies the phrase, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” that will be seen in later Megadeth album covers, logos, and live performances. Dave Mustaine’s voice indefinitely fits the image of Vic himself. Now if you’re a Metal fan that like sacrilegious lyrics and songs, don’t worry, you got songs like “Chosen Ones” & “Looking Down the Cross” are there to wet your beak. And the fan favorite “Mechanix” simply created that edge that embodies what Megadeth is all about.
What I find interesting with every song in this album is that the riffs and beat are fast paced and just a couple of minutes of the song playing they change pacte looking like it’s two songs colliding with one. Well you can’t blame them if you don’t like it because it’s like a person running in a track field, if you’re running in your top speed you can’ keep it up; you have to slow down the pace or you’ll pass out. But what’s always the highlight of this album are the complex riffs that I always wonder how does Dave Mustaine and his band pull of such execution? If you compare this album to all the other albums the band has made after this, this was the most intense, fastest, angriest, deadliest, and (oddly) loveliest album they’ve ever made. That can be a strength but as well as a curse because some critics argue that the songs in this album aren’t completely developed, but I only can see “These Boots” that only fits that flaw while the other 7 songs in “Killing is My Business” to be simply enjoyable. If you’re one of those people who judges albums by its cover, you’re missing out, but I do agree that “Killing is My Business’s” album cover is ugly, but the 2002 reissue simply improves that albums image.

Remastered CD edition cover

That’s better
For a debut album, “Killing is My Business…and Business is Good” was so obstreperous that it get anyone who like any formation of Metal Rock music all excited and joyful. Who knew that an album that has so much violence in its songwriting could make a normal person like me to be craving to listen to this album again and again? Never again has Megadeth been this furious with such an album and yet in return instead of hating them for directly go against Metallica (at the time when this album was released), we give them love and success for having the balls to create such anger that we have within us. There’s just so much fun with this album that I can’t overlook it. In order for Megadeth to be this furious ever again is if someone on God’s green Earth could make Dave Mustaine so pissed off that he creates another album fueled for vengeance.
Track Highlights
  • Rattlehead
  • Mechanix
  • Killing Is My Business…and Business is Good
The Top Lister’s album score  –  6 / 5