“Risk” Megadeth Review

You know, we all ask for variety and different experiences with each album from our artists otherwise the band will become forgotten. But that also means that not everything they do different means it’s what we want. This is where they threw trash metal out the window in favor with metal experimentation that is just so agonizing to listen to. Their lyrics are so lazy, the themes are so unoriginal, and the choices of making their music were so generic and ugly that it’s hard to remember that they were the same band that made “Rust in Peace.” Every artist has their worst album and for Megadeth, this is their worst.

The theme of this album is a game of cat and mouse, gee why do I get the feeling that Tom and Jerry could work in a Metal album? Usually the opening song creates an impression to the listeners, but “Insomnia” was so ugly that they mashed in everything that result in an ugly fest. A violin is play during a generic metal smash, electronic wave and recordings repeats itself, and the lyrics don’t even make a lick of sense that it hurts your ears. Gee thanks for trying to make me wake up, guys. “Prince of Darkness” seemed to be a tribute to metal legend Ozzy Osborne, but again the generic metal playing sound like it belongs in a cheap club and Dave is singing so hard that it makes you want to press the next button to skip this track. The song sound so much like Nine Inch Nails, but fails to follow the direction that NIN has accomplished in featuring and again, that stupid violin that is totally out of place. The next track “Crush ‘Em” begins to show that they are really trying to be like NIN. Megadeth failed in combining metal with electronic together and that it feels worse, but at least there isn’t a single violin playing, but get this, “Crush ‘Em” was #6 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks in 1999. Just seeing that shows that rock music in 1999 sucked if “Crush ‘Em” reached that high while their other singles seize to get that far. With “Breadline” they’ve attempted to grasp that spaghetti western feel, but then the tone and lyrics sang just felt dryer than a desert setting in a western flick. This isn’t metal any more, this is decreased to a bland hard rock that has nothing really special listening to it. Similar to this song with kind of painful experience is “Wonderlust”. Now finally half way through this album “Doctor is Calling” is just so horrible. Having a bizarre recording form a film playing and this is where Dave Mustaine’s singing starts to make your ears bleed. He sounds like he’s orgasming or probably whining that he actually has to sing the song and you can almost tell because there’s barely any effort in recording this song. The riffs were so ear-achingly torturing that I could never have been able to finish this song. And yet there’s another NIN wannabe song with “I’ll Be There” and it sounds like a romantic song but did a terrible job with the tone of the song and again the lyrics that felt like it was taking sentences and put them in a song.

It makes you dehydrated after trying to reaching ½ way at the album asking for some quenching. At that movement you start to envision Dave Mustaine as a crow because he’s starting sound like one after his poor singing and hennas lyrics we have to sit through and is completely meaningless. You know I could never finish this album and I’ve tried to give this album a chance 10 times and still can never grow to liking it. “Risk” just kept throwing you horrible song after horrible song. If the album makes me continuously press the next button without even finished a single song you know that it’s surely a bad album. What gets me is that “Risk” has more tracks in a single album than any other Megadeth album up to this point. 12 painful tracks (and that’s more tracks than your usual Megadeth album) that has nothing you want to remember, lack of effort, completely meaningless, and terrible experimentations that would actually make a science lab explode, this is clearly a lackluster album. It’s mind-blowing that out of all the bands, Megadeth made this garbage. There was nothing redeeming about “Risk,” it was ugly throughout and feels like torture to sit through. There’s nothing more to say about Rick but it’s a horrible album. Every bad has their worst album but how could Megadeth be this lackluster?

The Top Lister’s album score  –  1 / 5