“Rust In Peace” Megadeth Review

With already three albums released, you really need to make another album that has to be superior over the last three, and by golly, this it their best! Megadeth already tackled the subject of anarchy, governmental propaganda, war, but exceeded it to another level with nuclear fallout, religion, Area 51 and fantasy. I love the album cover to make it similar to “Peace Sells” mocking the Uniated Nations, but in “Rust in Peace” you got U.S. politicians running our country in 1990 like former President George H.W. Bush to be in this Extraterrestrial propaganda. But most of all, Megadeth have improved their music by making was so intensive and so aggressive that any denial of this album not considered to be at all good should be considered a sin (especially for Heavy Metal fans). This it’s the pace, creativity, and aggressiveness that I want to see from “Killing is my Business” and in “Rust in Peace” they just went full throttle and nothing could stop them in this album.
“Holy Wars…The Punishment Due” just simply erupts like a volcano and its lava spreads out with lyrics about being a victim of war and demand vengeance. Again, it’s one of Megadeth’s songs that feels like two separate songs into one, but “Holy Wars” just pumped it up by going so fast, then so slow to create emotion, then picked up the pace so fast with the coolest guitar riffs ever played; it’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard of and I’m surprised that no one broke their strings when executing such a great song. It was a superb album opener, featuring many immense riffs and Mustaine’s oh so original vocal delivery. Out of all the Megadeth songs I’ve listened to the most, “Holy Wars” is my most listened track. And it doesn’t even stop there with the following track “Hangar 18” that tells the story of the album cover and the sound of the guitars playing feels so sci-fi alien-like and the lyrics that feel so like a horror film couldn’t make it any more of a classic. After that you got so much head banging tracks such as “Take No Prisoners,”- terrific massacring song, “Five Magics”- another fantastic witchcraft song, and “Poison Was the Cure” were all terrific to serve those who demand nothing more than Heavy Metal. Then out of nowhere you have a great guitar solo that continues to make those who bought the album to be happy. And Dave Mustaine’s guitar skills continue to be on the line with “Tornado of Souls.” With such masturbatory guitar riffs it continues to be a tornado that you want to jump in. And finally with a great track such as “Rust in Peace…Polaris” every Megadeth member played their soul off in creating this song and everything was on the line going absolutely crazy. “Holy Wars” was the best one of the opening track for an album, so is “Rust in Peace…Polaris” as the best ending track for an album.
Crap! This was a fantastic album from beginning to end. This is not just a Heavy Metal album that should considered to be one of the greatest of all time because there’s not a single bad song; it’s so good because the band offered guitar riffs, sound, beats, and the finest writings ever that we’ve never heard before. The innovative & skillful guitar riffs by Dave Mustaine, is indefinitely the highlight of the album and I’m always amazed that there’s a guitarist in this planet that could execute it so well that it’s mind-blowing. Each song consecutively gotten better and better that I love to revisit this album whenever I’m in the mood for a reckless listen. I really believe that anyone who is interested in Megadeth must put this in your collection because it’s more than worthwhile, it’s has an everlasting appeal. Yet my only problem with this album is that “Dawn Patrol” (not a bad song) was a little big of a drag. But other than that, can now you see why “Rust in Peace” is this fantastic? If not, check your ears because anyone who forgets to put this album in their Top 10 Heavy Metal Albums (or any other Megadeth album for that matter) has made incomplete list. Believe me when I say this, it is that damn good!

Track Highlights

  • Um… All of the songs!

The Top Lister’s album score  –  6 / 5