“The World Needs A Hero” Megadeth Review

 Megadeth really needs its edge back and their first step is to bring back Vic Rattlehead, but out of a person’s like a chest-burster? Well, we shouldn’t judge this album by the cover art, so what about the music? I will have to say that it’s a HUGE step up from their previous album. This was pure trash metal (which is what Megadeth album should be) and that creative cryptic songwriting is resurrected. Opening with “Disconnect” felt like I was back in the 80’s but the vocal audio sounds modern to kind of ruin the nostalgia. It reminds me a lot of “Trust” from “Cryptic Writings” that examines the human behavior of distancing from each other. But where’s the violin, electronic sounds, and poor lyrics? (sarcasm =P) “Disconnect” was the opener that the album need to make us forget about the previous album and enjoy what the band should always be remembered. Next, “The World Needs A Hero” picked up the pace and went incredibly heavy with this track, but the lyrics were so ugly and meaningless that it’s forgettable. Geez how can a song that has the same title of the album be this disappointing? However, the following track “Moto Psycho” was that Megadeth sound that I want; sick riffs with lyrics that I want to sing along. It was awesome to hear “Moto Psycho” like a road thrashing metal song similar to their other track “High Speed Dirt” and hearing Dave Mustaine say “Moto Psycho” sounds almost like motorcycle. But what’s the best track of the whole album is “Dread and the Fugitive Mind” that was everything that I want to see from Megadeth; sickest of riffs and an ego -rebel lyrics. “Dread and the Fugitive Mind” was similar to “Sweating Bullets” where they play the music and stop so Dave Mustaine can sing a line and then play the instruments briefly again, then hear him sing again, till they enter the chorus like a jazz band. It was just so memorable that I just wanted to dance along with the guitar playing. Another great highlight is “Burning Bridges” that reflect back at the times where a murderous town from the dark ages want to burn someone to save their town (like Frankenstein) and putting such storytelling in a metal song couldn’t be anymore epic. “1000 Times Goodbye” I was expecting it to be a sad tone song, but it was a great break-up song where you want revenge from your girlfriend/love interest and/or move on. This song helps to cheer anyone up who’s feeling down from a girl listening to this album. This track retained Dave’s rockstar status; sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. The track has a recording of a girl saying words like “I love you… I hate you…” to get you angered at how much that girl changes over time and when she said “I love you like my brother,” that when you have to dump the bitch.

Like I said about Megadeth offering variety, this one offered slow paced songs that reminiscent contains Hispanic/Latin-music riffs that creates such emotion and atmosphere with “Promises,” “Recipe for Hate…Warhorse,” “Silent Scorn,” & “When.” Overall this is has to be Megadeth’s most underrated album because the band offered that sound we most remember them for and a year after “The World Needs A Hero” was released the band broke apart. This album was like their final attempt to give what the fans want and in the end result it didn’t grab a whole much attention like in the late 80’s and the early 90’s, which was the height of their popularity. Perhaps the artwork, the loss of popularity from the lackluster “Risk,” or people didn’t like “The World Needs A Hero” much. I, on the other hand, say that it was their best album since “Countdown to Extinction,” and people really need to give this album another chance because the variety of riff combinations, inspirations it borrows, and the creative songwriting has came back to the Megadeth audience and people overlooked this album greatly.

Track Highlights

  • Dread and the Fugitive Mind
  • Disconnect
  • 1000 Times Goodbye
  • Moto Psycho

The Top Lister’s album score  –  4 / 5