Why I Love Pro Wrestling

I love a lot of things in this world; I love Video Games, Cartoons/Animation, Comic Books, Movies, and Music, but there’s another thing that I love that many of you won’t guess even if you known me very well… and that’s Pro-Wrestling. Some of you guys are wondering why I’m making this confession/announcement of this hidden love of mine and to tell you the truth, you’ll know why I’m posting this blog entry. I know some of you guys are booing at the fact that I love a “fake-sport,” but that’s the whole point why I like it because it’s all [staged] soap opera for people who love action. The greatest comparison I can give to Pro-Wrestling is actually comic books. The major comparisons both of them have are that they both have heroes and villains, they create drama to add conflict with each side, and the end result is that they resolve it with endless battles and fights. And that’s the reason why I tune in and out of wrestling almost every week because of how both wrestling is entertainingly good and (very often) entertainingly bad.
I’ve been a huge wrestling fan since I was 4 years old when my family allowed me to watch Bret “The Hitman” Hart enter the ring and be the hero that he always is. You see, my family were wrestling fans for many generations and my parents before they got married, they watched wrestling every week during the Hulk Hogan era. When I started watching, it was in the New Generation Era where it was the PG-era of the 90’s and it was very suitable for me when I was very young. Every week I always see my heroes like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Diesel, Undertaker, Goldust, and Big Van Vader coming in the ring and they just entertain the hell out of me. I just love seeing the slams, unpredictable moves, and stunning results at the end of many of the matches. And when I got older during my Elementary School Year, Wrestling really got darker and more mature that I really got more into watching it weekly just seeing the Rock, Mankind, Triple H, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, Kurt Angle and the rest in much better in ring action that we’ll never have seen ever again. This was called the Attitude Era and Monday Night Wars that I cherish to this very day. Around 3rd Grade through 5th Grade in my Elementary School years, 5 of the biggest obsession growing up was Pokémon, Cartoons, The Simpsons, My Playstation 1 Games, and of course Pro-Wrestling which became a routine for me every week to bounce back and forth for those 5 obsessions.
Today, I’m a MUCH different wrestling fan because of all the “entreatingly” bad aspect that we keep getting that really lost it’s edge of all seriousness. Now I like wrestling for a different reason; over examining what’s going on on-stage & back-stage and even see wrestling related shows on the internet like Botchamania, Offtheropesshow, and so many more. Whenever I’m not in the mood for cartoons, comic books, or video games, I always have some time for Pro-Wrestling. Hell, I became so much of a wrestling fan that I even study the history, know all the moves, listen to the interviews posted online, get in touch with the news, and so much more.
But the real reason why I kept hiding from the topic of wrestling for so long is because, as much as I love just watching wrestling, I just simply despise wrestling fans. Yes, I know it sounds ironic that I’m a huge wrestling fan but I hate other wrestling fans, but ever since the internet was created, wrestling fans exposed their opinions so greatly that they’ve became marks (or fanboys) just fighting each other of what sucks an what’s awesome. I really hate to be in debates with wrestling fans let alone just hear them wine. Wrestling fans can sometimes be the most arrogant fanbase you’ll ever encounter which turns off many people because of their lack of maturity and respecting other people’s opinion. I mean go ahead and type “Wrestling” and “Sucks” on any search engine and you can see that many are arrogant that you can’t socialize or reason with them. I mean, if I say that I don’t really like Shamus, one little opposite opinion can turn this person’s face like this…
…and then endless trolling start to happen. You see, the wrestling community is not a decent place. And another reason why I hid my love with wrestling for so long is because I hate to see people who hate wrestling that comes out like a douchebag with comments like “wrestling’s fake.” Of course we all know it’s fake but we just want to see this comic-book-like story happen in real life and these haters have no business whatsoever to ruin it for us. These guys, to me, are like the people who say that video games will never be art…
… because they’re attacking something that they don’t understand at all, but here are the reasons why I am a fan (even though I hate many aspects of wrestling) that makes me want to watch more and more of wrestling.
  1. Slams, Moves, and Finishers
This is the core reason why I like wrestling, suspending my disbelief at the point that every hit each wrestler is giving to one another is actually telling it’s own story. When you look at sports, whenever there’s a call by the referee, a disqualification move, or any action partake in a game it’s always a big deal for the sports news and the sports community. Now put that in wrestling, they go over the top that it’s so amusing. I mean do you see athletes causing interference, hit each other with a foreign object, or even have a finishing maneuver? The truth is it [rarely] happens in sports, but it so often happens in wrestling that it just brings a smile to my face with excitement. I love just hearing the commentators and the crowd jumping off of their seats and going wild as I am because something stunning just happen. With the exception of Hockey and Basketball, almost every sport in existence makes me fall asleep because it takes forever to see anything amazing but wrestling is so staged that it is a requirement to have tables turn every 10 or so minutes that always pulls me back to see it. I don’t give a damn if it’s fake, so are comic book superheroes and villains and action movies. I like that there are more things to do besides just trying to pin or make submission on your opponent like using body slams, close-lines, flying moves, and even drops. That’s the one thing I like to see in wrestling, these muscular guys that you don’t see everyday just falling and selling moves applied to them. Heck, some of them they actually feel the pain but they allow their opponent to apply it to them just so they can make it like they are getting hurt. But so every often when you see the end of a wrestling match, a wrestler has to give off their finisher, or wrestling maneuver that simply knocks out their opponent. Every wrestler has their own finisher to create such diversity and variety to every match we see and in the end result it is their victory, or unpredictably the opponent kick out the pin and gives the fans more. Finishers are like the memorable riffs and solo in a song, without it there is nothing to be excited about. Whenever anyone see a finisher, everyone roars and cheers with great disbelief that such a iconic thing has been witnessed. That’s something I don’t see in any other medium. That’s right, I call Pro-Wrestling it’s own medium!
  1. The Comic Book-like Storytelling
I love, love, love, love comic books. I like that there’s a good guy and a bad guy and their whole purpose is to fight each other and see who wins in the fight. We seen Batman versus Joker, Superman vs. Lex Luthor, Spider-Man vs. Venom, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Shredder, and SO much more. I love them so much that I really wish that it could happen in real life and the only real-life thing that come closest to that comic book storytelling aspect is pro-wrestling. In the wrestling world we have heels (villain) and babyfaces (protagonist) and all they do is battle each other and talk shit about each other just to add the intensity. The sport world today is playing it “professionally” by not saying shit to each other (except for Red Sox and Yankees) but when everyone sees Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali speak so charismatically it just creates drama before the their fight. And that’s what wrestling often does; I want to see how charismatic and passionate the wrestlers are in beating his opponent that it gets even more exciting to see their upcoming match. That’s why there are so many backstage interviews in wrestling because they want the people to know more about the wrestler’s character and even revisit their catchphrase that makes the crowd say it as well. Very often it ends in a Pay-Per-View where we all see who is actually better and the rest writes history. But what’s even more exciting is where is the wrestling going to go from there after his or her match because I want to see who’s his or her next opponent is and see what else they can do to develop their character. Character development is VERY important in any medium that tells a story; you want to see a great climax and hit you with a satisfying result towards the end. Yes, wrestlers are characters, but you don’t see athletes trying to entertain their audience on what they do nor do they have personality. In wrestling you got powerhouses, technical wrestlers, luchadorez high-flyers, cruiser weights, hardcore brawlers, and so much more that always makes watching a wrestling match feel different. Not to mention that you got different variety of matches like Ladder Matches, Cage Matches, Battle Royale, Tag Team, and so much more that makes watching a whole wrestling even feel special and different in every 30 or so minutes, unlike in a real sports every game/match has the same damn rules that just feels like variety is not there.
  1. Fan Chants
Go ahead and watch any wrestling match and you can see everyone chanting for his or her favorite wrestler(s) and even say their catchphrases. It’s the engagement that the fans that really is appealing to watch wrestling. Even when we see wrestlers on a microphone, either backstage or on the stage we all are ready to say their catchphrase with them. If you don’t think so, then take a look at how The Rock controls the entire arena. I know I said that I hate many wrestling fans, but when they’re in the crowd, behaving themselves and say whatever the chants yells, then it becomes very fun. Heck, it has become my family tradition to bring the whole family and invite friends to watch a special wrestling event like Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania while we laugh, cheer, and snack on as we watch. It’s even more entertaining to see that the crowd even brings their own poster boards to send the message out from television as their own way to rebel against the world, make everyone laugh, and even practice freedom of speech. You don’t see any other sport that allows their fans chant “You suck!” or “Boots to Asses” like the wrestling crowd, instead when you see boring shit like American Football all you hear is “Defense!” or even in the World Cup you hear those damn annoying horns…  Fans are so creative with the chants that whatever a loud voice says something everyone else says it as well. Hell they can all simultaneously laughs at a mistake or a joke that a wrestler makes. Just hearing the crowds shout to whatever they want in a wrestling even makes me feel at home and it excites me more. And you don’t get reactions like wrestling chants in places like movie theaters to make me comeback for more.
  1. People Still Talk About It
You know what I hate about the video game community? They come out with so many new games that they are simply forgetful on the other games before it. I mean Nintendo has to remind everyone about their franchises to remind the forgetful. Hell I can’t believe people today for got about Gex and Oddworld when back in the 90’s they were the most appealing thing the gaming community had to offer. I hate the average/mainstream video game fan because they only remember the modern games of today than the ones that built it to what it is today…cough…cough… Nintendo generation… But whenever you talk about wrestling, fans never forget their matches and their wrestlers unless it was so bad that it’s not worth mentioning or you never witness/heard of it yourself. I mean people still talk about the Montréal Screwjob, Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant, Austin 3:16, Bruno Sammartino, Piper’s Pit, Finger Poke of Doom, and so much more that it’s worth mentioning again and again. I like the pro-wrestling topic because it is so memorable that it’s very cherishing. You have no idea how many times wrestling changed my life because their storytelling and conclusion was so memorable. These superheroes and villains battling each other and somehow finish it up created such an experience that is rarely comparable. I mean people will always forget that certain baseball players hit a home run or a racer went first place. They may have excited people during the time, but I don’t see them still talking about it months or years after it happened, unlike wrestling topics that always reminds us that it happened and it might just happen again. Heck, they’re so engaged with the topic of wrestling that they even debate on who’s better, was it the right decision, and so much more.
You see those are the main reasons why I love wrestling still to this day, no matter how bad or offensive they can get. I can understand that if they’re not your thing but we’re we all human here. If these aren’t good enough reasons why I love Pro Wrestling, the I don’t know what is. That’s why I’m going to still make more wrestling reviews on this blog site so stay tuned!