“Youthanasia” Megadeth Review

This is what I love about Megadeth, they just come up with so many new ideas of songwriting and not at all have they change their sound that we all know and love from this band. Now I know that there are some people who may not like Megadeth because their lyrics are a bit cryptic and focus a lot on the instruments and riffs that they are most known for, but if you judge albums for their lyrics, “Youthanasia” is the best you can get from Megadeth. “Youthanasia” is all about the lyrics & emotion that they were going for; it’s so clear, so strong, and so catchy that you probably would like to sing-along any tracks in this album in a karaoke. That’s how good the tracks are in this album. The theme in many of these songs is fantasy based, family relations, and a little bit of war. In case if you haven’t know about the war themed songs, which you should since that’s what the Megadeth has been creating for the longest time, there are plenty like it such as “A Tout Le Monde,” “Blood of Heroes,” “Black Curtains,” and “Victory” that aren’t as aggressive and chaotic as their previous albums. But what I think is unique about his album is the focus on the fantasy setting. For the fantasy based songs like “Train of Consequences,” “Elysain Fields,” & “Youthanasia” were all fun and creative to listen to this world Dave Mustaine created. I like to say that it’s twisted but not as sick and psychotic, twisted as to the songs in “Countdown to Extinction.” But if you’re one of those Megadeth fans who love the fast-pace thrash metal songs that the band is known for then there are plenty of songs for you like “The Killing Road,” & “Addicted to Chaos.” I will have to say that “Addicted to Chaos” is the catchiest of all and still I can’t get the tunes out of my head. After listening to this album you feel like humming to the riffs Megadeth has created (well for me it did). But I think the weakest aspect of Youthanasia is Dave Mustaine’s decision to make his guitar E tuning to just drag the experience that feels like it takes longer than expected for each song to finish. I don’t mind slow paced songs, but dragging it when there’s nothing else special to offer in terms of music making (not lyrics) can perhaps bore a fan whom expects and knows Megadeth for their creative riffs and beats. But this is far from a bad album because again the lyrics are just so good that hearing Dave Mustaine sing to songs that are different felt good. You can tell that he has full creative control with this album’s songwriting and the joy of finally sing out loud to an actual Megadeth album. It’s tough for me to say how I feel about this album because I have mixed feelings about it, but oddly enough I still feel like humming (& probably want to sing) the songs in this album while all the other Megadeth albums I don’t feel like humming or singing to it without the coolest of riffs.
Track Highlights
  • “Addicted to Chaos
  • A Tout Le Monde
  • Train of Consequences

The Top Lister’s album score  –  5 / 5