Top 10 Megadeth Albums

Megadeth has always been one of my favorite Heavy Metal bands ever! Their creative doomsday themes, the aggressive nature, Dave Mustaine’s unbelievable talent to thrash metal so hard and song that are so violent that just made it a fun experience to follow this band. Who knew that former band member of Metallica managed to bring something unique and unusual to the metal scene and caused a great impact and legacy to music in general. Now that I’ve reviewed all of Megadeth’s albums, it’s time for me to list off ten of the best albums Megadeth has to offer to the world.

Number 10.  –  So Far,… So Good,… So What?

This album is not so bad, it just didn’t offer anything new or anything spectacular. I mean, the title of this album is self-expanitory. Other than a lack of history behind this album, “So Far,…” demonstrates what Megadeth is capable of by tackling on subjects on war, destruction, politics, nuclear weapons, survivors, and the torments of war. So how can such music that deals with these sort of things managed to be at the bottom? Well, it just has just weaker and unmemorable songs in comparison to other Megadeth’s works. But we should not forget that the beginning of this album is incredibly explosive, “In My Darkest Hour” which is one of the better songs, and also the band offered the best cover-song in their career called “Anarchy in the U.K.” which I thought was a fantastic cover.

Number 9.  –  Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?

So why is this album so low on the list, even though that it is Megadeth’s most memorable album from the 1980’s? Well just like “So Far,…” “Peace Sells” just has songs that are hits and plenty that are misses. On one hand you have three memorable songs like “Peace Sells,” “My Last Words,” and “Wake Up Dead.” And on the other hand, you have everything else that doesn’t click for a Megadeth fan like me. Don’t get me wrong, this is a trademark album for the band and it’s the very album where they love to cover the same theme on politics on their later albums after this one. Without this album, who knows how would Megadeth be today. I just wish that more people didn’t give this much praise to this album when they’ve made better albums than this one.

Number 8.  –  Th1rt3en

Wow! Has this band already released 13 albums? It’s really surprising to see that Megadeth still has it today while others can’t hold the candle to their glory days. They managed to still keep that sound that they’re memorable for way back in the 80’s and still make it feel like it’s new. The focus on this album is just pure chaos, with such amazing songs like “Sudden Death,” “Guns, Drugs, and Money,” “Millennium of the Blind,” and definitely “Public Enemy No. 1.” Everything else in Th1rt3en is reminiscent to “Peace Sells,” which is a good thing for us long time Megadeth fans. However, my only gripe with this album is that “Black Swan” in this album is too over the top in comparison to the pre-ordered version of the same song on “United Abominations.”

Number 7.  –  The System Has Failed

This is without a doubt one of the best comeback albums that any artist has ever released. After their short absents after the band has broken up, they needed something that would be recognized as the Megadeth we know and love. I love the fact that Megadeth wanted to make another “Peace Sells” album and they totally surpassed it. Dave Mustaine isn’t just attacking George W. Bush, when he was still U.S. President (like every Liberal out there), he’s attacking the the entire power of Washington D.C.! The writing in this album depicts on all the hypocrisies, the power they abused, and the failures they’ve made. Songs like “Blackmail the Universe,” “Die Dead Enough,” and the rest just went full force feeling like you’re in a battlefield. Surprisingly enough, as much of an anti-political as this album really is, it didn’t cause enough controversy like we all expected. Even despite its lack of imagination and creativity, it was just simply a blast!

Number 6.  –  The World Needs A Hero

Let’s get this out of the way; the album cover sucked, the title of the album sucked, and the lack of a certain theme… it sucked. So how did this album managed to make it on the list? Because this album has a great number of tracks some of the finest songwriting the band has ever made. This was a MAJOR step after their awful album “Risk” and went right back to what Megadeth should be remember for. One hand, you got songs that are reminiscent to Megadeth’s songs from the early 90’s and some that are new on the table that are inspired by hispanic music mixed with metal right in the second half of the album. I really liked how varied and well paced “The World Needs A Hero,” which is disappointing that people doesn’t give this album enough credit that it pretty much deserves. This is an album that you should not judge by its cover!

Number 5.  –  United Abominations

My major complaint with “The System Has Failed” will always be the lack of creativity and atmosphere outside of bashing the US Government, they did it again here in United Abominations but this time made it so imaginative that would make George Carlin smile. This was a major evolution to the band where they deliver some of the hardest riffs that they ever pulled off thanks to the new sound system they’re using. I mean the sound quality of this album is so earth-shaking that it’s madness, with songs like “Sleepwalker,” “Washington Is Next,” “Never Walk Alone,” and “Blessed Are the Dead.” I admit songs like “Gears of War” is just so commercialized and out of placed (plus it’s based on a crappy game series) and even the remake of “A Tout Le Monde” was worse. If you look pass those two songs, this is almost Dave Mustaine’s fantasy come to life. But I will get on a rant here because I’m upset that there’s only one song that’s exclusive in the pre-ordered version of United Abominations, “Black Swan.” “Black Swan” was so good that I could rank it in the Top 5 best Megadeth songs and it needed to be in this album. So just the pre-ordered version of United Abominations alone make it in the Top 5!

Number 4.  –  Youthanasia

I admit that I’m kinda holding this album back from being higher because the pacing is slow in comparison to Megadeth’s other albums, but the tracks in this album is without a doubt the finest writing that Dave Mustaine has ever made, and that’s what you get when you give a great lead artist full control over this album. All the songs in this album is so damn catchy that you can hum to it’s songs for a long time after giving it a listen. Every Megadeth fan should always remember “A Tout Le Monde,” “Train of Consequences,” “Blood of Heroes,” and definitely “Addicted to Chaos.” When you sing-a-long with any song in this album, it doesn’t go too far nor does it go too slow. Very often when artists that are making a lot of fast songs but later on they go slow, it sometime becomes a bad idea, but Youthanasia makes it an exception for delivering the catchiest of metal tunes!

Number 3.  –  Countdown to Extinction

If “Youthanasia” is most powerful for it’s lyrics but doesn’t offer a good pace and “The System Has Failed”has pacing that’s so fast but lacks creativity, “Countdown to Extinction” is a perfect balance between both of those albums! The songwriting is creative as ever and sometimes it could perhaps be Megadeth’s most darkest releases ever. Countdown to Extinction just has the catchiest tunes offered right in this album. I mean this could be Dave Mustaine’s covering his personal dark demons and just letting it out. Hell, he made a song about dealing separate personalities and not knowing what they’ve done when they’re in control in “Sweating Bullets.” That, my friends, is creativity and look no further than checking this album out if you haven’t already!

Number 2.  –  “Killing Is My Business… And Business is Good”

Back to where it all started and never was Dave Mustaine ever this bloodthirsty and pissed off as when he made this album. You can almost tell that he’s furious that he’s fired from Metallica and established Megadeth as a new breed of Trash Metal. This album is so fast paced, so reckless, so vengeful, and so violent that somehow becomes a love letter to us Metal fans and we love Megadeth for it! The only way we could have another album like this again is if somebody under the sun could piss off Dave Mustaine as much as the day he got fired by Metallica. I guess we should thank Metallica for firing Dave Mustaine or the band wouldn’t coexist.
I never seen an album this direct towards hatred, but again it wasn’t focused on that direction, but it delivered Metal fans something that they always want to see. And for that, they fully succeeded with this album and is forever remembered as [the] best Trash Metal band ever! Even though the original record of “Killing is My Business” has a really outdated sound quality, I can still recommend the original over the remastered version because there’s no pointless censorship that ruins the experience. You have to check out this album to see why it’s so high in this list!

Number 1.  –  Rust in Peace

Is there any doubt in your mind that this could not be number 1? Why not? This is the prime of Megadeth and even the best songwriting I’ve ever seen from the band. Everything I said that was good about “Killing is My Business…,” “Rust in Peace” is actually twice the awesomeness. It had the most innovative and the most groundbreaking guitar-riffs ever put in singular album. There isn’t a single bad song in “Rust In Peace;” the experience from beginning to end, each time you play “Rust in Peace,” is a fulfilling Metal experience. Ever since I’ve encountered this album, I haven’t encountered another Heavy Metal album that even approached to the effectiveness of this very album. It has a great balance of being so political and be so imaginative by putting the then US President, George H.W. Bush to be in this gigantic conspiracy of extraterrestrial activities. With an insane concept like that for an album, Megadeth spared no expense with what they were capable of in making this album. Even still to this day, I wonder how did they even pull off  these songs that you don’t ever hear from any other Heavy Metal band. “Rust in Peace” is a classic, it’s a phenomenon, and most of all… it’s legendary!