Wrestler’s Review – Eugene

Today’s review on a wrestler is on one of the most bizarre wrestlers that the WWE has ever had in its roster, Eugene. This is an interesting character to put in any wrestling roster after having too many hardcore wrestlers, lucha libre, powerhouse, and technical wrestlers, this one his is… (wait for it)… a “special” wrestler. Yep, he’s a mentally handicap wrestling character that acts like a child who’s over excited with everything that is mentally challenged, but he is stable enough to actually have a wrestling career. His persona is that he’s supposed to be Eric Bischoff’s nephew and being related to a then Monday Night RAW General Manager, he had a push than any debuting wrestler that doesn’t have any popularity or fame before entering the WWE.

Eugene’s Career – (2004 – 2007)

Back in 2004, this was when Chris Benoit was the World Heavy Weight Champion (the most prestigious title of Monday Night Raw) and his biggest rival was Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista who were together as Evolution. Eric Bischoff was on Triple H’s side trying to do all he can to give that title back to Hunter’s waist. Eugene made his debut on April 5, 2004 and being a family member, Eugene had to be on Evolution’s side because his uncle was on in it, but he’s conflicted with being on Chris Benoit’s side because his best friend, William Regal was on the opposing team. There have been many instances where he had to make a decision on which side is he on. Backstage, Triple H and Evolution manipulates Eugene in pretending that they’re his friend and they use him as a link to Chris Benoit.

Somehow Eugene has been in a feud with Bischoff’s right hand man Jonathan Coachman which lead up to making his final decision between Chris Benoit or Triple H at WWE Vengeance 2004. After referees being disposed of, he came down to the ring to help Triple H or else. While the refs were knocked out, he was ordered by H to grab him a chair. Just able to hit Chris Benoit with the chair, Eugene tried to take the chair away from Triple H being pushed off the apron which caused Eugene to be “very… very… mad.” After Benoit and Hemsley were down, Eugene came back in the ring and held the chair making the ultimate decision to knock out Benoit or Hunter. When Chris got on his feel and tried to grab the chair out of Eugene’s hands, his slipped to knock Triple H cold. After that 3 count for Benoit, this caused a stir on Triple H.

The following night, Eric Bischoff gave Eugene a title shot against Chris Benoit. Trying to stick to his character he thought that he won the match after a near 3 count only to have Evolution to take their vengeance upon Eugene which lead a new feud between Eugene and Triple H. This is a great wrestling story between two sides but I really am getting a little suspicious with how they’re handling Eugene’s character. I remember that Eric Bischoff wanted to punish Eugene, his mentally handicap family member mind you, to go off against Triple H on a special edition of RAW in a freaking cage match. Eugene was beaten down like stuffed pig only to have the match end with Hemsley using his knee on Eugene’s shoulder to break (kayfabe).  It didn’t stop there, after Eugene’s absence, William Regal (Eugene’s best friend) offered Triple H a challenge to a match only to win by disqualification after a public and brutal beatdown on Regal’s testicles to a broken neck (kayfabe).

With those two out of the way, Triple H was ready to have a rematch with Benoit in an 60-minute Iron Man match. Towards the of the match with a tie, Eugene came back with a vengeance to knock Ric Flair, Batista, and Triple H out only to have Benoit to make the final pin-fall before the win. This lead to a rematch between Eugene and Triple H at SummerSlam 2004. It a great build up for Eugene’s character to stick out as a wrestler with a lot of potential, but again, Triple H “buried” another superstar.

With that feud ended, the next Pay-per-view was Taboo Tuesday and the gimmick with that event is that fans can go online and vote for whatever match-type or wrestler to have a match. This was a gimmick that was ripped-off from ECW’s Cyberslam but it was an ingenious concept for wrestling fans to get more engrossed with wrestling none the less. Eugene grew a feud with his uncle Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon came in as said that Bischoff abused his power as General Manager and as a consequence he has a match with Eugene. So the choices for fans to make between the match of Eric Bischoff and Eugene is that the loser has to either be the servant to the winner, wear a dress, or have his head shaved bald. It was a predicable match on who’s the loser, but Eric lost but the fans voted for his his head shaved bald. What’s surprising is that we found out that Eric Bischoff has died his hair the whole time, he has gray hair.

From here on out, Eugene’s career went down hill fast. He was a potential superstar that look like he was going to have his big break within the first year of the company, but they turned him into a joke character. They were actually making a character with a mental disability to have a special place in the wrestling to straight out offensive to special wrestling fans. He’s been in ridiculous situations where he enters women’s restrooms without knowing that it’s women only to even hiding under the ring with his match against Edge. There were face palming moments in this wrestler that makes us loathe him. After the match at New Year’s Revolution 2005, he had an injury with his match against Christian and Tyson Tomko for the World Tag Team Championship. It was a real injury where he suffered a ruptured left patellar ligament, which required surgery and sidelined him for several months.

When he came back to WWE he was still in recovery when he made a surprise appearance at Wrestlemania 21, delivering a promo until being interrupted and attacked by Muhammed Hassan and Daivari. He came back as an official working WWE superstar to have a huge feud with This set up the WWE return of Hulk Hogan, who came to the ring to save Eugene from the beating. Let’s be honest, they could have made Hulk Hogan’s return without Eugene entering the scene to bring build up to the show.

After Wrestlemania 21, we all though Eugene was out of the roster, until he made his return on July 24, 2005 and feuded with Kurt Angle. The reason for their feud is because he took Kurt Angle’s Olympic Gold Medal thinking that it’s his. This is another face palming moment where that WWE is not only disgracing the mentally handicap but also making the Olympic Gold Medal into a Special Olympics Medal… -___- So they had their match against each other on Summerslam 2005 and obviously Kurt Angle won back his Olympic Gold Medal. Sadly enough, that was Eugene’s last good push because he became a bigger joke character that he ever was before.  There were just pointless matches, feuds, and even promos that nobody cared for.

On November 18, 2005, WWE.com reported Nick Dinsmore (Eugene) was rushed to the hospital the previous night, after passing out in a hotel lobby in Manchester, and was suspended indefinitely. Days later, WWE.com stated Dinsmore admitted to taking prescription drugs, including somas. This coincided with the announcement of WWE’s new drug policy (established as a result of Eddie Guerrero’s death from heart failure, aggravated by his past history of drug abuse). He made his return to WWE on Royal Rumble 2006, only to be eliminated by Chris Benoit. Sadly enough, that was the only importance that Eugene has made and since then he was fade out of character… fast. 

He made no accomplishment during his last days on Raw until he was drafted to Smackdown on June 17. On the June 29 episode of SmackDown!, Eugene debuted for the brand, losing to The Great Khali… well, at least we won’t have to see it on RAW. His final match was when he participated in a battle royale for the World Heavyweight Championship, and was eliminated by Batista and Kane. Eugene made his final WWE appearance on the August 31 edition of SmackDown!. While shooting T-shirts into the crowd via t-shirt gun, he accidentally shot Mark Henry. Henry retaliated by squeezing him with a bearhug until he passed out. On September 1, 2007, Nick Dinsmore was released from his WWE contract after failing his second drug test.

Eugene’s Move-Sets

What’s pathetic about Eugene is that he doesn’t really have much of a different wrestling ability. When he’s not scratching his head, sticking his tongue out, or waving to the audience trying to grab your attention, he has those basic average-joe classic wrestling moves like:

  • Airplane Spin: Does nothing but make you and your opponent dizzy
  • Flying Double Axe Handle
  • Inverted Leg Drops
  • Headbutts

Other than those moves, he basically does punches and kicks below the belt… that’s so slow (in terms of speed) that it doesn’t look convincing. The problem of Eugene as a wrestler is that he isn’t that fast nor does his moves cause at all an impact. I remember when he was copy-catting Hulk Hogan’s punches, he basically does it so slow that it doesn’t even look like it even hurt the wrestlers, and yet his opponents over-sells the move that it’s ridiculous to even watch. And speaking of copy-catting, his finishing maneuver is the Rock Bottom, The Stunner, and The Pedigree. It’s sad to see that this “professional” wrestler takes moves from The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H. Well to be fair, since Rock and Austin were retired out of WWE making their own movies I supposed it’s acceptable for the sake of nostalgia for fans. But at the end of the day we’re only thinking of Stone Cold and The Rock.

Eugene’s Accomplishments

Throughout his WWE career, Eugene was set off as a joke character leaving out opportunities to be ruined for him. The only thing I would consider an accomplishment is that he thought he won the World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Benoit, but that’s the closest to his success. Other than that, he only won the World Tag Team Championship with William Regal one time and that as in November 15th, 2004. Since then he didn’t accomplish anything in the WWE because they need a joke wrestler where we can all make fun of a handicap individual. The only major accomplishment I can really say for Eugene is that he’s responsible to making Eric Bischoff’s head bald so he can now show his gray hair to everyone.


By the end of his career, after so many offensive stereotypes on the mentally handicap, I’m glad that he’s gone. He was pushed so fast to the top at the beginning of his career in WWE only to fade fast in the following years. Everybody was not interested in a character that makes a fool out of himself and ruins the suspension of disbelief with the wrestling show that they’re watching. Plus Nick Dinsmore has had it coming when he was abusing WWE’s drug policy backstage. The sad reality is that Nick Dinsomore still does the Eugene character outside of the WWE even furthering the offensiveness on the mental stereotype. I would of give Nick Dinsmore credit for actually have the guts to act like a mentally handicap wrestler on front of a live audience to have a job in the WWE, but it seems that enjoys acting the stereotype when he got out of the WWE and still acts like a fool out of himself.

The Top Lister’s wrestling score  –  1 out of 5