Top 10 Megadeth Songs

Ever since I’ve made a Top 10 Megadeth albums, I thought long and hard on what I think is their best songs. It wasn’t an easy task due to the fact that I’ve been a fan for a long time now. There were so many songs that Dave Mustaine has made tackled politics, violence, war, trauma, moods and other subjects that this band only offered in the metal scene. I really like the fact that Megadeth never really lost its edge after all of these years and I’m always looking forward to new songs by this very band. Well it’s time to countdown the best songs Megadeth has offered to the metal scene.

Number 10.  –  A Tout Le Monde

Never mind the fact that it was a song that inspired a psychopathic fan responsible for the 2006 Dawson College Shooting , while everybody thought that this was a suicide-song, Mustaine made it clear that this song for the deceased before they go. It was a great song that focused on thinking about what you want to say before your final moment has come. After so many songs about death in the metal scene, A Tout Le Monde really felt really lively and compelling after all the frustrations the band has been through in their career. It was a catchy lullaby that would make anyone want to sing-a-long to moment before their time is up by using beautiful words from the French language. Whatever you do, stick with the Youthanasia version, not the redone cover from United Abominations.

Number 9.  –  Rust in Peace… Polaris

I meant every word when I said Rust in Peace was the best album Megadeth has ever made. This track covered the whole theme of this album where it’s a subject to nuclear warfare. The lyrics in Rust in Peace… Polaris sums up the pleasure of being a nuclear murderer. Heck, if Jim Jong Il spoke english and loved heavy metal this would of been his favorite song. This had to be one of Megadeth’s most violent songs because, being on a subject that the Cold War fears the most, were just having fun with the paranoia the world’s been in since the Cold War begun. It’s kinda scary to actually think that world leaders or those who’s responsible holding a nuclear weapon could even be tempted to detonate it through this song. And Megadeth just loves to temp you to do it.

Number 8.  –  Blackmail the Universe

Here’s another song that tackles the subject and it is more aggressive and in-your-face than ever before. Imagine all the chaos that was laid upon everything in the white house and they had to choice but no start a war within an instant. The reason why I love Blackmail the Universe so much is that the band offered some of the greatest riffs ever. I’m just simply amazed with Dave Mustaine that he is able to play these riffs and sing so fast exactly like this; that’s talent! The beginning was building up to the 1 minute and 30 second mark of the song like someone has snapped to the middle of the song that its listeners pumped up than ever before. It helps to create so much intensity thanks to the usage of tracks of a news report and politicians giving their speech to make us understand how serious the situation it all is. This was like a remaining of Holy Wars… Punishment Due making it an explosive comeback for the band after the break-up!

Number 7.  –  Angry Again

Now here’s a song that was not included in any of Megadeth’s LP’s but instead was a single for the Last Action Hero’s soundtrack. And would you know Megadeth appeared to be the best band to come out from this track for its emotional look upon getting angry so many times. It’s really hard to stay happy with life after too many things we hate keep popping out. We all can relate to this song and we just want to sing Angry Again so many times more. It can’t be helped but for all of us to wish for Megadeth to sing this song each time we see them live. Heck, this could possibly be the reason why Dave Mustaine loves to be so controversial throughout his career as lead singer.

Number 6.  –  Killing is My Business… and Business is Good.

The fact that Dave Mustaine knew exactly what kind of band he wants to make when he first wrote this song was mind-blowing. This has to be every bounty hunters’ favorite song since the lyrics focus on sneak attack and sniping. You could just imagine your targets running away from you and as a threat as you are to them, you seize the great pleasure to end their life. Imagine Mustaine finally got had the chance to do it with the guys who got him fired from Metallica. As you listen to the fast-paced riffs towards the end of the song, you can feel someone’s heart pumping fast out of fear that their life is coming to an end. Talk about putting a lot of imagination towards this song.

Number 5.  –  Peace Sells

Metal has always been a subject to violent nature and dark songwriting and people who are against the genre because of those reasons needs to listen to this song. The idea of peace is impossible for the fact that there are idiots out there who wants everything to be in control but knows nothing of the consequences. This was perhaps the most punk rock song Megadeth has ever made where lyrics goes in a rebel’s point of view of why following orders and stand in line causes hatred. He also attacks the United Nations for being a fool out of themselves in believing peace can even happen. Even if Peace did sell… no body would buy it! That’s why this has been Megadeth’s most iconic song for all those reasons.

Number 4.  –  Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

Megadeth was not afraid to let their darkest fantasy to turn into a song. Imagine witnessing the biggest chaos the world has ever seen. I can see that Dave wanted the band’s own version of Master of Puppets and Run to the Hills and he succeeded in making multilayered song that covers all the things happening in a Holy War. I like that this song doesn’t really repeat itself because its basically 3 styles into one. The beginning was a thrashing experiences of nonstop madness. The middle part of the song slowed down greatly where it covers the pains and lost of loved ones as the result of war. Then towards the end of the song, it was time to wipe off the tears and finally exact vengeance for those who caused you suffering by playing some of the most brutal riffs that the band has ever offer. This song in a sort of way told a story of a person’s point of view of being a victim of war and won’t let those responsible to get away with it. This is one of the main reasons why the Rust in Peace album offered the finest songwriting from the band!

Number 3.  –  Black Swan (United Abominations version)

For those who think Megadeth isn’t as good as before… well United Abominations is waiting for you to give it a listen… but please do whatever you do get the pre-ordered copy of it because it has an exclusive song “Black Swan” that has to be Megadeth’s 3rd best song! I still don’t understand why this song couldn’t be included in the normal copy of U.A., but I’ve already wrote a whole paragraph of why I love this song. After so many violent and chaotic songs from this band, it’s really interesting to see Dave Mustaine to sound so vulnerable when he wrote Black Swan. It tackles the fact that angels abandoned you, having personal demon to torment you, and witness fear and a near death experience. Since United Abominations in someway was it’s own storytelling of chaos and madness, this could be the culmination for the one responsible for the chaos. Also, I loved how soulful and magical the riffs are while listening to this song. Its a shame when Megadeth reintroduce “Black Swan” in “Th1rt3en”(5 years later) that version of the song went over the top adding pointless masterbatory additional riffs that just lost its soul and magic from the original. I wish that more people and fans were more familiar with this version of Black Swan because it really is that damn good!

Number 2.  –  Sweating Bullets

I can’t think of another song that deals with the subject of multiple personality disorder, or if there is then I doubt its as good as Sweating Bullets. We Megadeth fans love singing along with this song like we’re speaking and mocking our own personality and we just love to adventure down to the madness and it’s crazy to even believe that Dave Mustaine wrote this song about himself. It was really fantastic songwriting about this old tired cliche of split personalities where it feels new again because the lyrics are the words you would probably say to yourself or hear yourself say. Imagine waking up all the time wondering what your other-self did when he was in control. Sweating Bullets was completely psychological. I love the format of this song where, whenever Dave sings, the instruments remain quite and when he’s done, they briefly play the brief notes until he goes back to sing another lyric and keeps doing it until the instruments and the lyrics comes together when they get to the chorus. That was heavily inspired by Jazz and Megadeth did the same formula with other songs like “Dread and The Fugitive Mind” but Sweating Bullets still does this formula the best!

Number 1.  –  Addicted to Chaos

This is without a doubt the catchiest heavy metal song ever! Like Black Swan, after Megadeth has given so many countless songs of destruction, violence, and politics, Dave Mustaine turn 180 and made a song about being vulnerable no matter how powerful you felt before.  I’m a huge fan of “Woe Is Me” songs that we can all relate to but this song made it so manly and cool. For those who knows this song I know what you’re thinking… “Who will Help Me Up?… Where’s the Helping Hand?… Will You Turn on Me?… Is This My Final Stand?… Tangled abstract fallacy… Random turmoil builds in me…I’m addicted… Addicted to chaos!!” Those are the words that we Megadeth lived by vicariously because it orgasms our need for music and we want to sing it again and again. There have been catchy songs that have been matched to Addicted to Chaos, but it is Megadeth’s best song. It has so much soul, passion, and emotion from a band that is known for violent song writing. It sure goes to show you that other violent bands can take a step back and do something this impeccable, groundbreaking, and lovable!