Top Pokemon on Each Type

I was a huge Pokémon fan as a kid and I think its about time to discuss about my favorite Pokémon in the franchise.  I would have done a top 10 or a top dozen, but that isn’t enough for me because we have over 400 Pokémon up to date and there’s going to be even more in the upcoming Pokémon X & Y.  So instead, I decided to choose a favorite for each Pokémon type.  I am one of those players that used every one of those Pokémon types and never was a person that likes only one element.  So here it is! My favorite Pokémon on each type!

Bug Type

Bug-type Pokémon has always been a struggle for me to love. It’s not just because I really hate bugs in real life, but whenever I start a Pokémon game, I’m surrounded by Bug type Pokémon, catch at least a few, evolved them, and never used them again when I finally reached areas that have better Pokémon to catch. I think my reason for not liking Bug-types is that I never had any trouble battling opponents that also have bug Pokémon and it feels like more of an exercise to take one out than having an actual battle. There are only a very few that I find worth using time after time, but since I’m picking a favorite from each type, for a favorite Bug Pokémon, I have to pick…


This is the bug type Pokémon that just has a really awesome look to it. Scythers have wings on its back, have a humanoid shape, and have sharp blades for hands like a praying mantis; this insect is the deadliest of the bunch.  I love using such slashing moves to make such a cutting experience for me.  Think of any kind of slashing moves and you bet that Scyther can learn it and use it well.  Even though it’s second element is flying type, it doesn’t do fly, but it can know a great variety of flying moves like Razor Wind, Air Slash, Aerial Ace, and more.  When I read the Pokédex about this character on the Blue version, it said that “with ninja-like agility and speed, it can create the illusion that there is more than one. When you use a Scyther you can use a Double Team and Agility and that makes it much harder for your enemy to hit you back.” It has tremendous speed and attack which makes it over all fun Pokemon to pick as your team.

Honarable Mentions:   Scizor, Shuckle, Heracross

Dark Type

Dark-type Pokémon are a very important element because they made sure that Psychics are not so powerful; psychics are ineffective. It seemed as if they are so evil that they can’t be touched by spiritual beings (except for ghost & fighting). It’s so cool to find one and use such evil powers for one’s well-being.  When you look at dark-types they are the most intimidating of the bunch and they’re not so nice.  Many of them are diabolical, carnivorous, and even sneaky-looking.  So many to pick so here’s my favorite…


Am I the only person that actually likes this Pokémon as a dark-type instead of a grass-type? Not to say that grass-types are at all bad, but when you look at Cacturne he’s all of the above of being diabolical, carnivorous, and sneaky-looking, which fits the category of a dark Pokémon. This walking cactus is just so useful to play offensively because of its high level of attack and special attack. Looking at a Cacturne has a wondrous yet intimidating feeling for me because it’s a grass-type that isn’t using your traditional animal mixing with a plant, in fact this is a plant being handled with some originality.  What Cacturne stands out as his own kind is that he’s one of the very few Pokémon that knows “Needle Arm.”  And it’s one of those Pokémon that only knows the better moves from TMs but I can’t argue that it can learn Embargo, Sandstorm, Hyperbeam, Solarbeam, and so much more!

Honorable Mentions:   Bisharp, Houndoom, Zoroark, Tyranitar

Dragon Type

Dragons are among the most elusive and powerful of all Pokémon and everyone are indeed obsessed to collect any Pokémon from that type.  I always like to see Dragon-types to be a mixture of fire, grass, water, and electricity mixed into one which is unique to see them withstand such discipline.  As much as I like Dragon type Pokémon, they’re very difficult to train because they require more experience points than the other Pokémon types, they evolve much later, and requirements higher levels to do so.  In almost every Pokémon game, we always find and catch Dragon types in the later part of each game, they’re very low on level, and to keep them up to date with your adventure they require a lot of training.  I can’t even describe how many of them were so hard to evolve them to the ones I want in my team.


I chose Flygon over all the Dragon-types because it is the easiest Dragon Pokémon to train and has the most satisfying results.  Evolving a Dradini to a Dragonare to a Dragonite was very time consuming, but training from a Trapinch to a Vibrava, to a Flygon was very straightforward.  Ironically, you might of think that Flygon is a dragon and flying type, but no, they’re dragon and ground-type, thanks to finding a Trapinch in a sandstorm.  There’s no way I could ever predict that a Trapinch, as ugly and lazy as that Pokémon is will soon evolves to a wondrous and beautiful Dragon specie.  In fact it’s the only ground-type Pokémon that can actually fly.

Though it can’t learn Dragon Rage, it can learn so many other moves that are superior like Solar Beam, Incarcerate, Hyper Beam, Flamethrower, and so many more. Flygon is my overall pick because they are the most magical of the bunch and that’s something I can’t see in the newer Dragon-types.  Many of the dragon-types look too mechanical and less dragon-like.  I mean Zekrom, Kyurem, and Hydreigon are so hideous that I can’t see Pokémon to have any originality anymore. Flygon was just a simplistic Pokémon to handle that I wish that there were one like it in real life.  It’s a neat and peaceful creature ready to obey your every command and I love the appeal of Flygon all the way.  I had more battles won than lost with Flygon and she saved my battles multiple times against the toughest Pokémon trainers/master and even against my friends whenever we do battle.

Honorable Mention:   Dragonite, Rayquaza, Altaria

Electric Type

Electricity is a deadly, energetic force that exists to instantly kill a living being or power-up anything that is wired within a current of a zap. For an element that is the deadliest and is ready to paralyze anyone who survive their shocks, man electric-type Pokémon are ironically some of the most adorable, mainly because so many wants to compete against Pikachu’s popularity; like like Pulse, Minun, Flaffy, Pachirisu, Emolga, and ect.  But out side of the cute ones, there are some that tries so hard to look like a electric-type by looking too Spiky to indicate that they’re electrifying; Zaptos.  Electric-type attacks usually have a chance of causing the Paralyze status effect, which gives the affected Pokémon a severe Speed statistic reduction along with a 25% chance of being unable to move for a turn.  Electric Pokémon represent electricity, electrical energy, and light.  Many Electric types are known for living near, around, or sometimes in areas of human inhabitation (possibly due to the large amount of electricity people use). Whatever the case, a powerhouse is what we expect from anything that’s electric and the one I’m picking just perfectly matched what I’ve been looking for…


What? You thought I was going to pick Pikachu? That little fart has been hogging up the spotlight for almost 2 decades and there’s nothing to enjoy anything from Pikachu anymore. Electabuzz on the other hand, he’s much more powerful than even a Raichu (Pikachu’s evolution). But it’s not about how powerful Electabuzz’s stats are, it’s how appealing he really is.  I mean when you look at some of the other electric-type Pokémon without looking it up, there are some I can’t even tell that was even an electric Pokémon, but Electabuzz straight up not only looks like an electric-type, but also he looks unlike anything from this world. This alien-like specie is a freaking powerhouse when it comes to special moves like a ThunderPunch.

With his large arms he can also be tutored to learn moves like a Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and any kind of strong moves that requires fists.  I mean, OMG I just love the fact that Electabuzz is so extraordinary to handle with so many moves other than thunder moves that we all expect from electric-types.  I still wonder why this is not a fighting-type as a second element so that Electabuzz doesn’t have to learn fighting moves from raising it from an egg.  And what I never expected from Electabuzz is that it has tremendous speed and I thought that other electric-types were faster, but I love being wrong to judge at times.  Now before you ask me what I think of the new evolution for Electabuzz, I think Electivire is just plain hideous to look at. I mean how did the creators come from something as awesome as Electabuzz to something that look like garbage sketch like Electivire?

Honorable Mentions:   Jolteon, Zaptos, Luxray, Raichu 

Fighting Type

Now this is a unique type because it’s not an element, it’s a more powerful version of a normal type Pokémon that can crush rocks and take out dark-types. They’re all about discipline, defense, strength, and even fury prepared to unleash upon thy enemy! What’s a better pick than choosing…


I absolutely love this Pokemon for both its look and the power it possesses. You can really tell that Lucario was made by the character designer of the first generation of Pokemon back in the 1990s. This Egyptian-god-like Pokemon is simply the best fighting machine anyone can ask for. Yeah, it is true that since he’s secondary a Steel-type he can get hurt so easily, but he can withstand psychic Pokemon better than any fighting type who can damage him. Lucario just has the most useful attacks like Aura Sphere (that never misses), Close Combat, Dragon Pulse, and so many more powerful moves that many Fighting-type Pokemon are incapable of learning. I used Lucario in so many situations that it save my ass in battle multiple times. I’ll never forget that I only had Lucario as the only standing Pokemon in the Pokemon League in Diamond and Pearl, and Lucario defeated them all no sweat! No one should ever miss their opportunity of leveling up Riolu from an egg and make it Happy to a Lucario! This has got to be in my Top 5 favorite Pokemon without a doubt!

Honorable Mention:   Hitmonlee, Blazikin, Hitmontop

Fire Type

Everyone loves anything that burst out fire because its soul purpose is destruction and dominance.  It’s really hard to resist the mesmerizing feeling of such an element because we all wish to have such a glaring feeling of striking fire upon anything that we hate.  Now this is going to be a controversial pick because when it comes to fire-type Pokémon, it’s always been almost everyone’s personal favorite.  I’m not here to judge everyone’s pick; I’m here to tell you what are my favorites. And now here is my favorite fire-type…


I understand that Charizard has a huge popularity in the Pokémon world, but after seeing how lackluster Ash’s Charizard is loafing around for too long and even ruining Ash’s chance to win the Pokémon League, I just lost my interest with Charizard.  Magmar on the other hand, he just look completely badass.  He has the fiery tail like Charizard, beak like a duck, spikes on its back, and a fiery-look of hair like a phoenix.  I just love this alien-like specie.  This demonic Pokémon just reminds me of the days of playing Diablo and I also love how this monster cries out the definition of fire once you look at him.  When I was a kid I didn’t think much of Magmar but when I saw the anime series when Ash was fighting Blaine at the Fire gym, Magmar has displayed one of the most chilling and intimidating entrances I’ve ever witnessed in a cartoon show.  He know some of the most useful fire moves and also withstands some of the hardest opponents to face.  This guy is a walking volcano and if you don’t fear him you’ll get burned.  Just like Electabuzz, I always wonder how did they come up with creations like these.  And just like Electabuzz again, on the later game they came up with a baby form and an evolution and sadly Magmortar is just as hideous & unappealing as Electivire.

Honorable Mentions:   Ninetails, Charizard, Blazikin

Flying Type

What’s disappointing about Flying-types are that they’ve always been a secondary element, there’s hardly a purely flying-type Pokémon (except for Tornadus) that would have shown something interesting.  Just look at the Flying-type roster and see that it’s just a secondary type for any Pokémon with wings and for that it just doesn’t add anything new on the table.  Nevertheless, in choosing a favorite Flying-type, I have to look at something that can not only fly but also look like it can be used to ride on for transportation; soaring up in the sky.

There’s a bunch of Pokémon that are so magical and wonderous and Lugia one of them. This is “the” Pokémon that I want to soar up in the sky with (other than Flygon).  For the longest time, I always believed that Lugia was so much better looking than any other psychic Pokémon from the first generation.  I can understand that Lugia is way overpowered but this god-like Legendary Pokémon just cries out awesome.  I mean when you look at his large-sized wings you just want to fly with this angel-like creature.  I agree with everyone that Pokémon 2000 is so much better than Pokémon: The First Movie and its because of the magic Lugia has offered from that movie. Lugia is just a powerhouse that knows some of the best psychic attacks and the most useful flying moves.  I’d always thought that catching Lugia before facing your first Pokémon League in Silver version was very fair to the player, unlike how we can only catch Mewtwo after you won the Pokémon League in Red/Blue.  Sure it’s a little unbalanced after collecting one of the hardest Pokémon to fight in the rest of your battles, but that doesn’t mean that Lugia doesn’t have any weaknesses in Silver/Gold (dark-type & electric).

Honorable Mentions:   Flygon, Articuno, Skarmory

Ghost Type

To tell you the truth, I don’t see what’s the point of having Ghost-types because they are both weak and strong against Psychic and Dark-types. I don’t like the idea of putting Pokémon as wondering spirits that doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than having no affect with normal-types and vice versa. To me, there are my second least favorite types because the number of them is very ugly and unappealing. But I have to be fair with every Pokémon-type so for Ghost-type…


After each many generations of Pokémon, there only have been very few Ghost-types introduced, but Gangar still remains as the king of the Ghost-types for me. He just has that sneaky gremlin look that doesn’t look much but has a lot of power in him.  I’m very impressed with Gangar’s high and very well balanced status. Even though I find many of the Ghost-moves to seem very pathetic, at least using Gangar and ghost-moves does have some great use like Confuse Ray, Nightshade, and addition of various Psychic moves from TMs. Heck, he and Ninorino were the first Pokémon seen in the opening screen, which shows his place in Pokémon history.

Honorable Mentions:   None

Grass Type

Grass-types are a mixed bag for me because you have some that are awesome & appealing, but so many that are ugly and unhelpful. I think I have some dislike for Grass-types because there is so many that are secondary Poison-type and I already mentioned that poison-type Pokémon is my least favorite. Over the years, there have been more pure grass-types and I like it that way, but there’s still that issue of really ugly grass-branches in the forest… Except for one of the few…


Yep, it’s time to choose an Eevee evolution so I finally chose my favorite one. All the Eevee evolutions are great, but evolving it to a Leafeon is not only the best Eevee evolution for me, but also the best grass-type Pokémon. There hasn’t been a Pokémon that has that elvish-look to them and I emplore Nintendo to come up with more of these Pokémon to look like elves for the grass-types instead of mixing a plant with an animal. I love that Leafeon both does and does not look like a Pokémon at the same time.  She knows all sort of slashing abilities and some of the best leaf attacks and does them well.  What’s so special about Leafeon is that she has not only amazing speed, but also a very great level of defense.  I mean if you allow Leafeon to wear a strong armor she can withstand against her weaknesses like Fire.  You know, a lot of Pokémon fans always asked each other, what Pokémon do they want to keep out of their Pokéball and keep it around your shoulders; like Ash and Pikachu. For me I would love to put Leafeon out of my Pokéball and allow her to follow me.

Honorable Mentions:   Cacturne, Ivysaur, Treeko, Vileplume


Ground Type

I don’t really understand why the franchise has to divide Ground and Rock as separate elements because I always see them as equal; the only difference is one is harder than the other, that’s it. Other than that, Ground is extremely a useful element to me because they have no effect from electric moves and many of their defenses are incredibly high. What better Pokémon than picking…


I understand that I chose this Pokémon because I’m a huge fan of ice-types but I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to describe how much I love this Pokémon if I don’t pick this as my favorite ground-type.  Not only does Piloswine have an awesome learning curve of ice-moves but also is able to apply some of the most powerful ground moves ever!  I can forgive Piloswine for having a very low amount of speed, but the rest of his stats from attack to defense helps the Pokémon to withstand its problems. I really like that warm feeling that I get seeing Piloswine because of how much fur they have.  Just looking at mammal just brings me great joy on how many battles I’ve won with this animal.  I mean, there was numerous times when my other Pokémon couldn’t take down powerful electric-types or dragon-types, Piloswine saved my ass from miserable failures. I’ll always remember that without Piloswine I wouldn’t have finished the Pokémon Leauge at Gold/Silver on my first play through as a child.

Honorable Mentions:   Flygon, Sandshew, Diglette

Ice Type

Here we go! My favorite element of Pokémon!  I can count how many times I loved freezing my enemies using Ice-moves, taking down so many dragon-types, and all of those victorious battles using the Ice power that almost everyone underestimates.  I’m one of those people that prefer cold weather instead of burning alive.  It sucks that there aren’t that many Ice-type Pokémon and why can’t we have more of them?  To me, Ice-type Pokémon are the most underrated type because as affective as they really are, there’s only 32 up to date and 20 ice-attacks.  Gosh, it’s been over 7 generation of Ice-types and that’s all we got to date?  Sigh, oh well, with that being said, here’s my favorite Ice-type Pokémon and it’s in ranking in my Top 3 for the longest time… 


 Just say her name out loud, “Articuno” and you know how cool (no pun intended) this Pokémon really is.  Her name is just one thing, but also her design.  I always find it unabashedly appealing to look at this blue bird because she has that cool feeling that her feathers might just be cozy or she might actually be covered in frozen feathers!  Not only that, she is just so peaceful looking as if there’s a lot of hope and joy just glancing at the wonders of this frosted phoenix. And to top it all off, she just has the best ice-moves a Pokémon fan can ask for!  She ranges from the best ice-moves like Blizzard and as well the best flying moves like Sky Attack & Hurricane!  Articuno just has very insane stats to go along with it.  With all that being said, how can this not be the best pick for an Ice-type for me?  I’ve had so many victories with this wondrous bird that it’s worth owning each playthrough.  Remember all the praise I gave to Lugia, well Articuno has more magic & a sense of awe for me than does any flying or legendary Pokémon out there.  I love this creature so much that if there were an Articuno that really exist, I want to approach it peacefully & hug it’s head for showing me that Pokémon, like this one, has that delightful feeling for me.

Honorable Mentions:   Piloswine, Beartic, Glacion, Dewgong, Lapras


Normal Type

This is an average type for me because Normal-type doesn’t have a weakness (except for Fighting-type) nor does it have much of an advantage over any other type.  Just imagine everything that humans can do and it will count as a Normal.  This is a so-so category for me because you just have too many cute Pokémon that over-saturated this roster of Pokémon, but at the same time you don’t have too much to risk.  They can learn all the different move-types from other types of Pokémon and just balances out against its opponents. So who better than to choose…


For the longest time, I always like to compare Ash and Pikachu as to me and Furret (until I discovered Leafeon) because I really do like furry creatures and find Furret so powerful.  I mean Furret is perhaps my pick for one of the cutest Pokémon because this rodent is 5’11 in length that makes her a good fur coat and she’s light enough to carry.  Some say that Furret is a copy-and-paste Pokémon of Raticate but only cuter, but I assure you that Raticate, that fowl rat, has nothing on Furret. If you take a look at Furret’s moves that she learns, it’s all basic moves that an ordinary normal-type develops from, but that’s not what makes a Furret so special.  Furrets are possibly the best Pokémon that can learn so many TM & HM moves from so many different elements out side of normal-type; from Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Toxic, Blizzard, Ice Beam… and dude… Surf! Furret is just that Pokémon that offers a lot of variety for her trainer. I remember I used to battle my friends with a Furret and they thought it was a joke until I showed them what a Furret could possibly do and they got slammed from this awesome beast.  Furret is the prime example of a Pokémon that you should not judge by its look, even though she’s so gosh darn adorable!

Honorable Mentions:   Snorlax, Eevee, Kangaskan

Poison Type

Uugh, this is just my least favorite Pokémon type ever!  No really, so many of these Pokémon from this type is just plain ugly and I despise that there are too many Pokémon in this category, especially when it comes to the secondary types.  It’s way too hard to make me like a poison-type because the villains use them too much, their only strategy is to poison your Pokémon, more than half of them are ugly and unappealing, and getting poisoned is freaking annoying!  Remember those days when you don’t have an antidote and always had to walk to the Pokémon center to heal your Pokémon until it drain their health with every step you take?  It’s never so hard to find a poison Pokémon because they’re everywhere and I just hate that there’s so many of them and very little Ice-types.  It’s just my preference, but I’m most frustrated with Poison-type than any other.  But since I’m being fair in picking every Pokémon-type, I can’t make this an exception.


After having so many poison-types over these years, Nidoking has been my only favorite pick of a favorite Poison-type, but then I got hold of Diamond version and finally Game Freak came up with a very cool looking scorpion Pokémon that almost looks like a dinosaur like Tyranitar.  Besides, I was feeling a little embarrassed to picking Nidoking because he look way too much like Godzilla’s enemy Destroyah. What I like about Drapion is that he is a poison-type that doesn’t rely on poison moves alone; like Ice Fang, Venoshock, Hone Claws, and so much more. This is the fearsome insect that everyone should fear since scorpions themselves are already the deadliest of poisonous animals.

Honorable Mentions:  Nidoking, Venonat 

Psychic Type

Now here’s a type that fans either loves or hates; they love it because it’s perhaps the coolest thing to have Pokémon with such amazing powers & mystic-look on each of them or hates it because they are very overpowered.  I loved psychics because they were poison’s biggest weakness, plus they were the only breeds that offer god-like powers.  But there can be only one that has displayed such an out of body experience.  Since I already chose Lugia as my favorite flying-type I can’t choose him again because choosing the same favorite Pokémon from a different type is against the rules.  So here’s an alternative…


Just when you thought that Snorlax is the only sleepy Pokémon, Musharna looks so dreamy and adorable when it sleeps.  It’s been a very long time since I smiled at the newer Pokémon design because she’s both cute and something not from this world.  The Pokédex said that “with the mist from its forehead, it can create shapes of things from dreams it has eaten.”  I’m a huge fan of dreams and never has there aPokémon that made me reflect on dreams when just looking at it, using it, and even learn from it.  Musharna just has a better move list, than Starmie/Staryu, when training it, plus has a more impressive learning curve of TMs!  I mean this Pokémon is packed to learn the many of Psychic-moves that is what psychic-types are all about. Sorry, Starmie but you’re more a water-type than a psychic-type so Musharna wins this one! What’s so cool about Musharna is that she’s probably sleeping and fighting at the same time and that makes one heck of a deadly sleepwalker.  Everything about Musharna is appealing to me and that’s why I chose this Pokémon as my favorite in the Psychic-types, other than Lugia of course.  It’s that Pokémon that you want to snuggle and nap with because it just has that warm feeling that I want to see in more Pokémon.  But if you still judge Pokémon on looks, just try waking Musharna up…

Honorable Mentions:  Lugia, Starmie, Alakazam, Mewtwo

Rock Type

Again, I don’t really understand why the franchise has to divide Ground and Rock as separate elements because I always see them as equal, the only difference is one is harder than the other, that’s it. Other than that, Rock are a mixed bag for me because no matter how powerful or how dangerous they can be over another Pokémon, when they face their weakness they are just doomed to die fast because water, grass, fighting, and steel can simply knock them out cold.  Sure, Rock-types were a struggle to beat in the beginning of each game but after learning their weaknesses and catching better Pokémon, they don’t stand a chance.  The plus side of Rock-types is that they have high defense because, duh, they’re rocks.  When you play defensively in a battle it actually works strategically.  They’re deadly and they can be so intimidating at times, but I have to choose one of the most unique of the bunch…


Yeah! Shuckle! Why not?  Everybody misjudges Shuckle for being just a turtle in a rock as a shell but you need to look closer on what this Pokémon can do.  He just has that snail like appearance a lot of people misjudge so quickly because he can be very utilized.  What so unique about Shuckle is that he has the most INSANE stats I’ve ever seen from a singular Pokémon because it has at total of 505.  It has an incredibly low attack, low special attack, small amount of HP, and it’s very slow, so how did this Pokémon reach a total of 505?  Because Shuckle’s has the highest defense and special defense I’ve ever seen from any Pokémon. This makes it a powerhouse tank that can take anything you throw at it. Since it’s a bug-type, Shuckle can resist against fighting, fire & grass-types so that way his rock side of types doesn’t simply die from a fighter, it evens out.  If you know how to use Shuckle right you will go a long way with this beast.  I used Shuckle against some of the strongest Pokémon and only used him for elemental moves that don’t require direct attacks.  I mean it’s such a hard Pokémon to kill, even if it’s up against its weakness, you can probably have the longest battle with this thing.  I remember I used a Shuckle against a Gyarados and it wouldn’t take my Shuckle down not even with Surf; it was still standing for over 20 minutes and he managed to take my opponents Gyarados down.  I’m glad that Shuckle is not another rock that duel-type with ground otherwise this Pokémon brings nothing new on the table.

Honorable Mentions:   Kabutops, Tyranitar, Corsola

Steel Type

I blame Steel-types for the lack of creativity we have in the newer Pokémon because (since its introduction) there much more mechanical and much less like organic-looking creatures that made it almost look like Power Rangers monsters.  Heck, even Digimon laughs at some of the ridiculous steel Pokémon that we have today.  I really want to love steel-types more because poison has no affect on them and they have high defense like rock, but more than half of the steel-types doesn’t even look like Pokémon anymore. On the other hand steel-types (for me) are a more sophisticated upgrade of rock and more solid side of ice.  I do really like the purpose of Steel because they are poison-types biggest weakness and there are more than plenty that are actually appealing even though I did stated that the newer steel-types have been very unappealing. For me I like and dislike steel at the same time, but which one do I like the most?


It was a REALLY tough choice but I had to go with Bisharp as my overall choice of a steel-type.  Yes I did complain that Steel-types today look way too mechanical to even look like a creature, but Bisharp to me is an exception because we’re talking about a really sleek and cool slashing-looking Pokémon since the creation of Scyther. I agree that it does take too long to actually evolve a Pawniard to a Bisharp (level 52) but dammit this is perhaps the coolest Pokémon that Generation V had to offer.  This is a Pokémon was was created of it’s high attack stats just so it can slice up it’s target like apples. Also training this Pokémon to learn new moves is very different from all the other Pokémon I’ve trained because Bisharp was built for Dark and Steel attacks. Not to mention that it can learn an ass load of TM moves that all deals with slashing and cutting.  Heck, he could probably make Scyther a run for its money for being the better slicing Pokémon.  What I love most about Bisharp is that his design reminds me of a Mega Man Robot Master. I wonder why didn’t Digimon come up with something as unique as this! Even though I have a problem with the Pokémon franchise’s direction with making more mechanical like Pokémon, at least this is the one that makes sense to me.

Honorable Mention:   Lucario, Steelix, Skarmory

Water Type

They may not be my favorite Pokémon-type, but by golly I live and breathe for these creatures of the water.  There is abundance of water-types having over 100 different Pokémon in that very element, just as marine and underwater inhabitants in real life.  They’re found anywhere that has a body of water.  I love the fact that there are just too many to love, but sadly there’s only one I’m allowed to pick.  Not only is this just my favorite water-type Pokémon, but for the longest time (ever since I became a fan of Pokémon) this has been my favorite Pokémon ever!


You’re damn right! Golduck!  I have had huge fond memories playing this Pokémon because he has to be some of the coolest duck character of all time. Yep, I’m putting him up there with the legends like Daffy, Donald, Scrooge McDuck, and Darkwing Duck, but there’s no point of comparing a magical duck specie to other fictional duck character outside of this franchise.  I remember when I was taking a look at some friends’ Pokémon cards, after gazing at some artwork at the cards, there was no cooler card than the Golduck one! I mean look at this phenomenal artwork below!

One big reason why I’m still a huge fan of Misty from the Pokémon anime series was because she had a Psyduck.  Having Misty just nag at her least favorite Pokémon was so amusing that it was worth seeing her so miserable to own a Pokémon that just has constant headaches and doesn’t do much of anything.  But little did anyone know that Psyduck had psychic powers and I who already knew that this Psyduck is about to one day evolve to my favorite Pokémon!  Well, it sure as hell took a hell of a long time to wait for him to evolve to a Golduck and that only happened in the Orange Islands series. Even though I don’t really like the Orange Islands as much, but I can say if there’s anything great that came out from that season, it had to be the evolution to Golduck. Without a doubt, I can put that as one of my favorite episodes of the Pokémon anime series.

I just really like the fact that this duck is blue, has a ruby (smaller than Starmie’s) that looks like a third-eye that is the source of its power, has a humanoid shape that isn’t too big nor is it too small, has that wild spiky hair on it’s head, has claws on its fingers and toes, a long tail like a lizard, and fins between its toes and fingers to swim fast.  So A++ for its really cool and original design!  Golduck has total stats of 500 and all of this level of defense, attack, & speed are all equally matched; making him a very balanced Pokémon.  He is one of those Pokémon that actually can learn some of the best attack the game has to offer (from both leveling up and TMs) like Blizzard, Ice Beam, Giga Power, Hydro Pump, and a huge learning stream of Psychic moves.  Speaking of Psychic moves, I really love the fact that people are so quick to judge because Golduck was never both a water & psychic-type, he’s always been a pure water-type.

I kid you not that Golduck has been very useful for me and I’m more than happy that almost every Pokémon game has included Golduck in our adventures and allows us to put him in our team once we train him from a Psyduck to it’s next step in evolution. I remember back in my childhood when Pokémon was universally popular, there was this show-off in my school that has defeated everybody in battle from our Gameboys series.  Hell, that dude won that Pokémon gameboy battle tournament in our own humiliating a teenager during a final round.  We all hated him because there was no one else that he loves than himself and I especially despised him for picking on me for never beating him in battle.  It wasn’t until his last day before he moved out of South Korea that he decided to give me a rematch and I fondly remember attaching a link-cable to our gameboys and switched on to Gold and Silver.  I forgot all of our Pokémon that we used, but I remembered that he sent out his favorite and most powerful Pokémon who was a dark and fire type and then I saved my favorite as best for last; Golduck.  I remember he said to me, “You forgot that psychic Pokémon are ineffective with dark.” but what a fool he was for forgetting that Golduck was a pure water-type. He used a crunch, one of the most powerful dark attack and it didn’t say it was supper effective and my Golduck didn’t loose it’s health down by half. And I had my chance to use my Hydro Pump and guess what, it hit his Houndoom and it depleted his health all the way to zero.  Everyone who watched us jumped out of their seats and screamed with joy that I defeated the most hated kid in our school on his last day.  He was in shock and it was perhaps one of the most joyful moments of my life in humiliating one of my biggest bullies in school in a Pokémon game.  Since then, I’ve been the most popular kid throughout my final days of elementary school because of that victory and it has been one of my biggest accomplishments in gaming bar-none!  And it’s a special thanks to Golduck that made that happen. I cherish that moment in life as one of my favorite pastimes and its one of the biggest reasons why I’m still a huge fan of video games!  If that’s not a good reason why Golduck is my most favorite Pokémon ever (after everything that I said) then nothing will.

Honorable Mentions:  Starmie, Blastoise, Corsola, Lapras, Milotic, Vaporeon

So as a closing statement, if I were a Pokemon trainer and I can only keep 6 Pokemon in my team all the way to the Pokemon league, here are my choices…