Top 7 The Sims Expansion Packs

I stated in my The Sims review that the Expansion packs really does improve The Sims Experience. It’s really interesting that in this day in age, almost all video game have Downloadable Content (DLC) provided through the internet and the expansion pack remains a thing from the past. However, The Sims series to this very day continues the Expansion pack tradition. I always enjoy buying an expansion pack from the Sims because it simply make the game a whole lot better! Another big possitive for Expansion packs over DLCs is that you literally keep the copy while nobody would ever predict when the developers would pull out the game from the market and abandon the DLC. Now these are the best Expansion packs that extended this life simulator into a better experience. What’s funny is the the Sims sequels kind of repeated the same thing with their own expansion packs. Now remember, this is just for the Sims 1, the other list of the best expansion pack for the Sims sequels are coming soon after I review them.

Number 7.  –  The Sims: Livin’ Large

Ah yes, the very first expansion pack released just for the Sims. Right from the get go, the developers knew that there wasn’t enough for the game so Living Large made the game so much more imaginative, goofier, and funnier than ever before. You have so many fun items to interact with such as the Crystal Ball, The “Concoctanation Station”, Genie in the Lamp (gamble to get wish granted), Vibromatic Heart Bed (that introduces sex in the game), telescope (hunt for aliens or spy neighbors), and so much more enjoyable items. There are also really cool NPCs like Servo (the maid robot), Santa Claus, Sunny the Tragic Clown, and the Grim Reaper. Since this is a game that introduces death, This NPC will come to fetch a Sim’s soul if he or she dies. If he is feeling generous, you can make any living Sims plea with him and play paper-scissors-rock with him to bring back the dead Sim. The Sims: Livin’ Large expanded the overall Sims experience with its holiday and mystical features, but it didn’t expanded as much as I hoped for in comparison to the other ones higher in the list…

Number 6.  –  The Sims: Hot Date

Part of psychology is also sexuality so why not making your Sims romantic life be more exciting by taking them out on dates? This expansion pack introduces Sims to have relationships with other Sims. This is the first expansion pack that actually gives player to bring Sims out of the house and venture to the new lots and attractions with the feature of Downtown. You’re able to buy presents, eat out in restaurants, more than 40 new interactions with other Sims, and so many romantic “activities” if you know what I mean. This is the expansion pack that turned this life-simulator into a dating simulator… almost. But if you really care for newer ways of interacting with other Sims (especially romantically) look no further than this great expansion pack!

Number 5.  –  The Sims: House Party

If you still think the Sims is boring then why haven’t you got yourself this expansion pack? This pack spared no expense with the huge number of objects offered her from electronic rodeo, DJ booths, dance floors and cages, campfires, better variety of costumes and so much more! The best part in this expansion pack is throwing a party. Once you call for a party at your Sim’s house then so many Sims from the neighborhood will come over and give your Sims a party of a life time! Mimes, Ghosts, Carters and party crashers are introduced to your party but the most surprising part of this game was Drew Carey‘s cameo appearance. Best surprise ever!



Number 4.  –  The Sims: Vacation

Oh, man this brings me back because this was my first Sims expansion pack and here I am still buying these things with the Sims sequels. While Hot Date gave players new locations like downtown, Vacation gave the player vacation lots from the snowy mountains, campy woods, or the sunny tropical beaches! This expansion pack is all about the wonderful objects that goes way beyond Living Large with the variety of objects that you can buy like Igloos, souvenirs, fishing pier, snowboard slides, carnival games, snowman, new interactions such as fishing, volleyball, and more. It also helps to have even mascots, like Marky Sharky, Archie Archer, and Betty Yeti, to bring a smile on your face whenever you reach the vacation resort. I do admit that I’m holding this game back because the hotel prices are ridiculous, but it was fun to get out of the damn house and do something exciting, finally!

Number 3.  –  The Sims: Superstar

Tired of living in the same style in the house all the time? Don’t worry, Superstar fame is the answer to your Sims’ life! Now you have brand new careers such as Supermodels, Acting, and Singing. There are so many objects in this game that only the upper class can own in real life. You can actually make your Sims more and more popular by raising your star-rating.  Sims who have above 3.0 stars are ‘A class’ stars; Sims who have 3.0 and 2.5 stars are ‘B class’ stars; and Sims who have under 2.5 stars are ‘C class’ stars. Only beginners with 0.0 stars have ‘Nobody’ status. All famous Studio Town townies are ‘Somebody’, while the non-famous townies are “Anybody.” You can make your Sim live like a rockstar and surprisingly enough, Superstar offers more celebrity cameo appearances than House Party did with Drew Carey.  You’ll encounter big names like Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Marilyn Monroe, and Andy Warhol. If you’re rich enough and famous enough you can own a butler, encounter obsessed fans, get pictures from paparazzi, and so many things that only Hollywood has offered.

Number 2.  –  The Sims: Unleashed

We all love animals so it’s a no brainer to bring them to the Sims experience. You can own dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and other wild animals to live right in your Sims household. All you have to do is visit the new lot called “Old Town” and adopt the pet that you so desire. You’re also given so many interactions just to play with them, teach them tricks, enter pet shows, and other interactions with your pet to be a lot more fun! There are more than enough items in this pack to make your pet suitable to live in you house. This game offered a lot more mascots/NPC than The Sims: Vacation had ever offered. One of the biggest selling points in this game is the new feature of including an inventory system for each of your Sims. This is incredibly helpful for bringing items to different locations and give your pets treats along with you. This could have been the best expansion pack if only we could had the privilege to control our pets just as we do to our Sims. Nevertheless, this is one of the biggest expansion pack just for the original Sims game.

Number 1.  –  The Sims: Makin’ Magic

There’s no doubt in my mind that the best Sims 1 expansion pack has to be the last expansion pack. This pack was loaded with tons of supernatural objects, collecting ingredients, create magic charms and magic spells, have a dragon as a pet, some of the most interesting NPC’s the game has to offer, and play at carnivals. Makin’ Magic has offered the best out of the neighborhood lot, Magic Town, that I never want to leave once I entered that realm. Everything offered in this game is so imaginative and addicting to further your Sims’ magic abilities. Hunting for ingredients in itself was some of the most adventurous in the entire Sim 1 experience that kept us out of the dull feeling of being stuck in your house after playing a certain point in time. Learning and casting spells was the most rewarding and funniest experience I’ve ever had in casting spells upon various Sims. Even if you’re not that much of a fan of The Sims, at least getting Makin’ Magic totally changes the experience! I personally played this expansion pack the least because the release of the Sims 2 was under a mile away when this last Expansion pack was released. It’s a shame that after all the Sims 2 expansion packs, that basically copied all the expansion packs from the Sims 1, it didn’t have a Makin’ Magic for the Sims 2.  However, Makin’ Magic was the expansion pack that kept going back when the Sims 2 was released because I was waiting for more expansion packs for the Sims 2. You can say that this expansion pack put a spell on me, but I loved Makin’ Magic with all my heart!