Top 10 Powerhouses in Wrestling

Strength is man’s most priced possession and back when wrestling was filled with Steroids, we’ve had so many powerhouses making it to the peak of a wrestling promotion. There are still wrestlers that remains that amazing strength (Ultimate Warrior) and some who abused steroids that it ruined their lives (Dynamite Kid). For me, Powerhouse wrestling (though it is appealing to see He-Man-like athletes in real-life) is actually my least favorite wrestling style. They focus way too much on the strength and impact of the moves, but as a result the matches are slow-paced, no risk is involved, and it’s always obvious that the smaller guy looses unless there are interference involved. Squash matches are always a big waste of time for me and it’s because of putting these big guys against jobbers is tiresome to watch. Bigger & stronger men have always been Vince McMahons (turned-on) appeal, but nowadays we have smaller wrestlers since roids are forbidden in the industry. This kinda destroys our suspension on disbelief without these bigger guys, but it’s for the better after the Christ Benoit double murder suicide. Before the tragedy has happened, let’s take a look back at some of the greatest powerhouses who set foot in the wrestling ring.

Number 10.  –  Mark Henry

It was a hard pick to choose either the Big Show or Mark Henry in the number 10 spot, but by the end of the day, I chose Henry. Big Show, as huge as that guy is, he never lifted a  guy that’s the same his size (not even Kahli). Mark Henry on the other hand, has a reputation before he came to the wrestling world as the “world’s strongest man” when he broke the world record of lifting the heaviest weight. Don’t ever mess with Mark (motherfucking) Henry because this beast has been in some of the most memorable squashes seen on TV. Even despite the fact that he’s been a joke sex-idol as “Sexual Chocolate” in the attitude era (and May Young) and he didn’t get his big break till 2006-2007 when he became relevant. Even though he didn’t win as many championships as he should, at least his strength proved that he still can take it.


Number 9.  –  Batista

Now if this was a list of the strongest wrestlers, he would have been higher, but this is a list of Powerhouses, not the most roids put on a wrestler. Unfortunately, I never seen Batista make any original moves when he wrestles, which is why he’s so low in this list. However he get’s a lot of credit from me for actually making those moves, that he stole, to look effective. I mean each time you see a “Batista”-bomb it looks so powerful that he rolls out of the impact. No doubt that Batista was at his prime in 2005 when he broke up Evolution, but years later he lost all credibility of loosing to John Cena. I always saw Batista as being the better wrestler in the powerhouse category but after that, he disappeared to the MMA circuit which is as disappointing as the Rock becoming a movie star. I admit, that I don’t miss Batista as much, but he did bring an impact to the wrestling world when he beat Triple H at Wrestlemania 21.


Number 8.  –  Psycho Sid

Psycho Sid! Psycho Sid! He Rules the World! I put him higher on this list is because this freak-show is actually more exciting to watch. While Batista and Mark Henry had embarrassment in their history of wrestling, Sid has had more embarrassing moments but they are so damn entertaining that it’s worth looking up on the internet. In his run in the WWF in the mid-90s, they’ve tried to make Sid to be very intimidating, but they failed to make this guy half as scary. I laugh so hard at how over-the-top and over-serious this guy is and yet my living room is filled with laughter. I’m really am a sick bastard when laughing at Sid’s mistakes (like snapping his leg), but hey, somebody has to do it. Watching Sid in WCW was some of the most fun I’ve ever had and it’s always worth while to keep coming back to. He is the prime example of a man has so much strength and half the brain.


Number 7.  –  Big Van Vader

You know that this guy is some of the most underrated wrestlers ever. I mean, he had a huge popularity in WCW but the WWF ruined his reputation. He came out from the NFL and became a main eventer. What’s most impressive about Vader is that he has some of the craziest move sets that I’ve ever seen from a guy like his size. I mean, seeing a guy like him doing a moonsault is unbelievable! I love watching Big Van Vader out in the independent circuit just witnessing what could have been in he were more successful in mainstream wrestling. I always keep seeing effort from Big Van Vader and always see how hard he struggles. When you see him, you know “It’s Time! It’s Time! It’s Vader Time!!!”

Number 6.  –  Hulk Hogan

Every wrestler wishes they can be as big, as popular, and as noticeable as Hulk Hogan. He made a legacy of popularizing the wrestling world as we know it. He’s been everyone’s childhood hero and their answer to all of their problems. He made history taking down guys who were twice the size as him, especially Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III. So why can’t Hulk Hogan be higher on this list? Let’s be honest here, the man was strong during his prime but he is not as fast-paced or as original as you may think (Superstar Billy Graham). Plus, his over-exposure to wrestling is so hyped up that it shows that he’s not even that good of a wrestler. Try watching all of his matches, you can see that all of his opponents carries out the match. Even in his NWO run in WCW, he was so washed up that it’s not even worth watching. Hulk Hogan, despite my negatives with him, will always be the most popular wrestler of all time.


Number 5.  –  Triple H

He may has had too much power in backstage politics, but at least the man knows where he wants to be in wrestling and accomplishes it. Hunter Hearst Hemlsey had a great start as the gentleman wrestler, to a member of the Kliq, and leader of the D-Generation-X Army. Triple H has always put himself relevant and proved that he does have what it takes. The man has won world championship titles over 10-times and he always proven against the odds. The only reason why he can’t make it higher on the list is because most of his matches he always had interference by his allies (lost credibility when using Chyna to do his man’s work) and he fights so dirty that it lost his credibility as a powerhouse. But remember this man has made a huge record in wrestling today and it’s amazing that he’s still able to keep going.


Number 4.  –  Scott Steiner

This man… is probably the manliest man ever in professional wrestling. He has biceps that are so big that even Peewee Herman would go blind when he looks at it. This man loves to brawl and grapple his opponents in so many unbelievable ways. You can laugh at the lack of his charisma but when you go toe-to-toe with Steiner, you better hope you didn’t wet yourself. He’s able to bell-to-belly slam three guys, take down men twice his size, and he beat Triple H fair and square in a match. Just like Psycho Sid, Steiner is taken so seriously that it’s very funny. Watch Steiner cut his promos and you know that it’s his muscles speaking, not his brain. Hell, even women really wants to be with this guy and we all want to be like Scott Steiner in terms of manliness.


Number 3.  –  Brock Lesnar

While Scott Steiner would make you to wet yourself, Lesnar on the other hand will make you drop your balls. He has had the best run for any rookie wrestler ever from 2002-2003; he was an unstoppable force. Everybody wanted to see Brock because he had athleticism, appeal, and the mentality to show the artistry in grappling. Hell, he was even UFC World Heavyweight Champion, and no wrestler in existence even accomplished as much as Brock has. He is, literally, born to do this stuff and nobody has ever even tried to put this man’s strength over because it’s impossible. Hell, he even invented the F-5 which is some of the deadliest power moves ever seen in television. The only problem however, is that he takes everything slowly since his return to WWE and he owes me 30 minutes back from that awful Wrestlemania match with Goldberg.


Number 2.  –  The Undertaker

This wrestler, is simply in ranking as the best wrestler of all time. He makes his dead man gimmick look so believable, been in storyline that are so dark, and wrestling matches that are so breathtaking that it’s worth obsessing. Undertaker has been wrestling’s most feared men in the industry. It’s really mesmerizing so see the artistry of grappling to be taken this way. He’s one of the very few powerhouses that actually mixes over wrestling styles with powerhouse like technical, high-flying, showmanship, hardcore, and more. Just watching the undertaker from the beginning of his career to his evolution as the deadman (minus that stupid biker gimmick) is really outstanding nonetheless. I don’t think any other wrestler could even uphold such magic to the audience like Taker does and frankly, nothing will compare.

Number 1.  –  Goldberg

Beware, this man is dangerous to your health; your balls might drop in shame that it can’t match up to this man’s manliness. I’m serious, Goldberg made roughhousing look effective and he has caused a lot of injuries to his opponents and even the strongest wrestlers like Triple H are scared of this guy. Goldberg had the reputation of being undefeated for over a year since he entered WCW and won his way to the WCW World Championship. Hell, he even picked up the Big Show (known as the Giant) up on a suplex position reaching over 10 feet up in the air. Everything that Goldberg put on his opponent always feels impacting and unbelievable. No wrestler since Bill Goldberg has ever even came close to his status as THE unstoppable force. If Steve Austin were still wrestling I guarantee that Bill Goldberg would definitely win over him just like he did with The Rock in 2003. Goldberg is amazing, plain and simple; anyone who says otherwise does not know what they’re talking about.