Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Women

Well, I’m continuing off with ending this month by giving a Top 10 Hottest Women lists for all the reviews that I’m doing on my wordpress site. Already I’ve made a Top 10 Animated Women list, now it’s time to do one for comic book women as well. Just to make this loud and clear, I never bought comic books for sex or pornographic material. I have the utter full respect for comic books and appreciate the talent by the artists who made them. But I will admit that there has been more than plenty of comic book women that I just find undeniably attractive to see in our pages. Well there are more than enough female characters to go around and comic books over sexualized them for that sex sells business strategy. Not to say anything is wrong with that but with such a reputation towards super heroines, I think I can pull off a list of my very own favorite comic book babes that I consider the hottest ever.

Number 10.  –  Silk Spectre

Due to the fact that Watchmen was such a very deep and revolutionary tale of superhero downfall with all of their characters having their own point of view as a hero, Silk Spectre just didn’t have much of a character or any great standpoint as a super heroine in the Watchmen, outside of being the Comedian’s legitimate daughter. That being said, she made it on the list for being a great sex symbol. She’s been in a relationship with Dr. Manhattan (who gave her god-like sex) and the Nite Owl (who provided her great security). I like the fact that she’s following her mother’s footsteps (making her Silk Spectre II) and proved herself to be as good if not better than the original Silk Spectre. However, my issue with her is that she’s just there for sex. Now be honest with yourself, if you were in either Dr. Manhattan or Nite Owl’s shoes and you have a shot with her, you’ll take the opportunity to nail the job!

Number  9.  –  Jean Grey

Jean Grey was just that girl that we should give up because she’s up tight with Cyclops who’s the leader of the X-Men. However there are some like Wolverine that just can’t accept that because she’s so affectionate towards others in the X-Men group. She’s proceeded as Professor Xavier’s right hand woman due to the fact that she possesses similar abilities as he does. She’s just so powerful and deadly that we can’t forget such a woman like her. However her only downfall after all the wonderful things about this woman is that she has an evil split personality that destroys anything without any reason, The Phoenix. This would really complicate a relationship as seen with Cyclops multiple times that she doesn’t want anyone to her, but net she’s unstoppable once she turns into the Phoenix.

Number 8.  –  Rogue

Unlike Jean Grey, Rogue has a problem that any one can maintain a great relationship with. For a tragic beautiful woman who never wanted to be a mutant and she can even come close to killing anyone once she touches them, who wouldn’t want to help her out? She’s a woman worth dying for because she needs the help to make her life the way she always wanted. I mean, when she had her first kiss she put her then-boyfriend in a coma. Throughout her miserable life she never can have the opportunity to touch another person without putting then close to death. This shows how really out of our league she really is which even makes her even the more hotter. It’s really tragic to see that she couldn’t experience all the wonders of romance with the power she possesses and yet many of us can’t let her go because she is in need for some loving. Don’t let a woman who’s stronger than many men in the world intimidate you because that makes her better than the typical Victoria secret model!

Number 7.  –  Psylocke

Diversity is what we all want from our comic books. Having a sexy asian super heroine like Psylocke is something that got more people into comics. I personally like to see Psylocke as the Cammy of comic books because whenever you turn her around already, we just want to see that great ass of hers. Pylocke is a ninja assassin who turned out to have power of telepathy, affect people’s memories, project mental illusions; and generate psi-bolts that could stun, injure, or kill others. Any girl who dream of being a super heroine would love to have powers and abilities like Psylocke’s. Most amazing about her is that she’s Japanese that has a British accent; you couldn’t ask for a more diverse character. Having such a cultural chick to be in a relationship with you just makes the job of super-heroism to feel much more adventurous.

Number 6.  –  Power Girl

You can throw in Wonder Woman or Super Girl, but we all have to admit that Power Girl is the more interesting and sexiest of the super heroines. She was an evolution to Super Girl and brought something new on the table. It’s obvious that the only place to put a symbol on a super hero is on the chest, but Power Girl doesn’t want a Symbol, she just exposes her cleavage at the world. Us guys are normally distracted by the beautiful ta-tas, but she sticks out as her own character by having very interesting story arcs and adventures that is really reminiscent to anime/ school girl manga. I think that’s all we want to see in our comic books now since all we get to see is Super heroes kicking super villain’s butt all the time. Power Girl just turned out to be a lovable goddess who just does what’s best for the world and her friends.

Number 5.  –  Witchblade

Let’s be honest here, we never read Witchblade for it’s storytelling (though it’s poor) or character study (hardly any), we just want to see Witchblade to be as sexy and as kick ass as humanly possible. Top Cow really over exposed Witchblade as their Superman of the company though it is their best concept, till The Darkness was created. Sara Pezzini was a suicidal cop who somehow had a criminal situation that had a spell casted upon her that made her the Witchblade that she is. It is simply exotic in a good way. It almost reminds me of Specie the movies or Sarah Karrigan from StarCraft. First off the only parts of her body that’s covered by the metal witchcraft armor that exposes her cleavage and stomach. She’s so popular in the comic scene that she made so many cross-overs and cameo appearances in so many comic books that it sells more than it should.

Number 4.  –  Alana (Saga)

In so many ways, she’s just like Lana from Archer; she’s stubborn, always being defensive, very feminine, ect. But unlike Lana, she isn’t a cold hearted bitch. Find it weird if you will, but for a woman who has wings on her back, surrounded by so many bazaar alien species seen in Saga, and is in a media where super heroine exists, Alana is actually the most human comic book character ever. The creators of Saga knew how to make their female characters interesting and Alana just makes the stereotype of comic book female characters to be turned upside down. I just fully enjoyed reading her dialog and see how much intelligence and emotion she give to her husband Marko as they do their best to protect their young baby Hazel from everyone who’s after the family. Alana has just a dynamic and flexible personality that it is what makes Saga worthwhile for every science fiction fan. Alana is some of the most enjoyable female characters that we’ve seen in comics and I just find it so fascinating how did they make a character on a flat paper to stick out as a real person that we might know of in our daily lives. She swears like any ordinary woman, she refuses to back down from any one, and so much more that actually shows that this is how you make a female character! As for sexiness, she is a MILF who is just that dark skinned, athletic woman that you want to keep as a wife. She never quits once she makes her decision, she keeps going to the very end to reach that goal of hers.

Number 3.  –  Sue Storm / Invisible Woman

Now speaking of MILFs, no other woman could ever look as good in a tight suit than Sue Storm. Reed Richards should know that he’s a lucky man to have such a woman like Sue for she has all the qualities of being the perfect wife! She’s motherly, always strong at will, and she’s just as feminine. The Invisible Woman has been the backbone of the Fantastic Four for she always tries her best to put the four together after all the fights and conflict the team has had with each other over the years. She is that perfect angel that you want to fall in love with and also treat her like the lady that she deserves. She really is a woman to die for and it’s a rarity to find someone who has that 10 out of 10 look and that perfect personality that all guys dream of!


Number 2.  –  Poison Ivy

It’s about time to actually put a villainess in the list and to be honest I think that Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy) is the most interesting woman in the Batman series. You heard me right, I think she’s more fascinating than Catwoman, Talia al Ghul, and even Harley Quinn. How can nobody see that a woman who’s obsessed with plants can go far to protecting mother nature by becoming an ecoterrorist. Not only that, she knows that she’s sexy; almost everything she does she’s confident in every movement that she makes, the lovely voice coming from her every breath, and even the seductive nature with such a lifestyle with plants. I love Poison Ivy’s motivation when becoming Batman’s enemy, but it also makes us wish that we were all her plants in her garden just to get enough love from her. Poison Ivy is just that gorgeous that being kissed (her poisoning move) by her is our number 1 choice of death for us guys. She is that fiery redhead that every man would like to take that girl out to dinner and it’s possible to have a healthy relationship with someone like Ivy if you love plants as much as she does.  I would really love to put her as my number 1 hottest animated woman, but unfortunately she never had her moment comic books where she made her motivation closest to success, plus they changed her skin color green. It’s really hard for me to get attached to a female character that has, now, a weak motivation towards saving plants but instead just uses them to just destroy Batman. Other than that, I would die for a woman that would look just like Poison Ivy from the animated series because, to be perfectly honest with you all, she was my first crush ever. I mean, watching Batman: The Animated Series as a kid was frightening, but after seeing Poison Ivy for the first time, I have a reason why to watch the show. It’s really fun to have her as a villainess because it makes capturing her (as the good guy) a lot more fun than saving the damsel in distress. If I were Batman, I would do this for eternity with her instead of the Joker. *wink!*


Number 1.  –  Mary Jane Watson

No doubt about it, MJ is both the perfect girl next door and the girlfriend that almost every comic book fan wants. While on my Top 10 list of the hottest women in animation had a really “bad girl” to reign on top, the nicest and kindest girl make it on top on this one. She has been Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s motivation to help everyone in New York City and she is there to support him any way she can. She’s always there in the most troublesome times and you can rely on her to keep your identity secret as humanly possible. Though she is a damsel in distressed in so many occasions, she has been involved with some of Spider-Man’s wildest adventures. Now since the Spider-Man franchise has been around over a decade, there are many  versions of Mary Jane from different universes, but I’ll have to say the Ultimate Spider-Man version of Mary Jane Watson is my favorite. She’s almost like the best high school sweet-heart that you want get to know the most and you would want to let her know who you really are. Ultimate version of MJ has been in deeper situations that makes her stand out as a more complex character than any other entities of the character. She actually made High School drama to actually feel engaging and you would really want to help her anyway you can. Mary Jane was just a girl who we all want to keep for all the help, support, and passionate love that she gives to her man. What more can you ask for from a single woman?