Top 10 Hottest Women Wrestlers

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, after seeing a bunch of sweaty men grappling each other for so long, we all just need to see women to at least do the same thing. I’m telling you all that I have my full respect to these women wrestlers as I give them credit to their in-ring abilities and how much they put their bodies on the line every week just to entertain us. I’ve already given out my Top 10 Women wrestlers of all time and I made huge suggestions on how to make women wrestling better than what it is now, but it’s time for me to start acting like a hypocrite and make a perverted list to continue the list series of hottest women lists. It’s so easy to say that there have been more than plenty of women wrestlers that are undeniably attractive. Looking beautiful is one thing, but having that attitude to cat-fight other women is a huge turn-on! It’s not everyday that we get to see them fight each other and fight other men to keep us engaged. It’s not just having a fight, but how you do it. Not only that, wrestling showed us that there are women in all shapes and sizes and great diversity. Growing up as a young wrestling fan, witnessing all of these women wrestlers actually given acquired taste with women in general. After being  a huge wrestling fan for many years, I think its about time to list out what where the ones that got me the most excited to see them on television/live show. They have been in magazine covers, became playboy playmates, and been in so many erotic matches that we just continue to see again and again. I’m going to be straight as an ox as manly as possible and just tell all of you right now that these are the hottest women I’ve ever seen in professional wrestling.


Number 10.  –  Dawn Marie

Beautiful, charismatic, confident, and mature; this woman from New Jersey has had it all. She had her break in Extreme Championship Wrestling in the mid to late-90’s being a valet for the Impact Players. She played as a dumb brunette but she knew how to flirt with the audience why using seductive body language and lovable facial expressions that only real men would recognize. After ECW has demised, she came to the WWE a year later. The WWE writers put Dawn in her fullest potential being a sex symbol and a long time rival with Torrie Wilson. Even though Torrie was hailed as a goddess of the WWE, at least Dawn was on pair in her league and continues to complete against Torrie Wilson in multiple matches, bikini competitions, and so much more. She was so much fun facing our dear Torrie and I loved that Dawn Marie never gave up competing with her. Hell, she even go far as to marrying her father (kayfabe) just to get “even” with her, if you know what I mean. She was so gorgeous and never quit her job. Nowadays, since her departure with the WWE, she kinda let herself go, but at least she has a heart of gold by helping helpless wrestling veterans in a service program. God bless you, Dawn!

  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Dawn Marie making out with Torrie Wilson

Number 9.  –  Lita

I’ve been a huge fan of Lita since I watched the attitude era. Like I stated earlier in My Top 10 Women Wrestlers list, Lita is the most different Diva. I have a huge thing for women who are punk-rock chicks with a confident attitude. Amy Dumas jus has that personality trait and also the look. It’s really hard to find redheads who can tone their skin to match up the sexiness. Confidence is what this woman has because there’s no fear in her. Hell, she even takes off her shirt, exposing her bra or sports bra, to do her signature moonsault. Matt Hardy was the luckiest guy in the world to have a fox like her. But she somehow started to loose it when she did a sick storyline with Kane as her “rapist” (kayfabe) and then she sided with Edge. Her days as Edge’s girlfriend, she was just plain ugly, both inside and out. When she left the WWE, she was below average in her appearance. That’s not to say that she lost any credibility as a great wrestler, but this is a list where I judge her sex appeal which she lost greatly. However when she made her one episode return to beat Heath Slater, I was surprised as hell to see her look just as beautiful as she did in the early to mid 90’s. Now if only more women could do that.

  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Showing her breasts to Matt Hardy
  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Having Sex with Edge at a live-show

Number 8.  –  Candice Michelle

She never had good wrestling abilities and her acting is poor, but we didn’t care; we wanted to see Candice to be as hot as wildfire. Just like many of the hottest women in wrestling, she did not come in the WWE with any wrestling background. Instead she was that famous girl seen in the Go-Daddy commercials. Without Candice Michelle being in that commercial I guarantee that nobody would even know that site exist. Candice Michelle came in the WWE as a valet girl, but she started to develop into a wrestler in the Divas devision. She became the biggest sex symbol for the company as they made her into the Vince’s Devils faction, been stripped into bras and panties multiple times (plus completely nude once), and even became a successful playboy cover girl! Now as to in-ring ability, she took better bumps than inflicting pain on others. She knows everybody watches her so she developed a move that’s so bad that it’s sexy; the Candywrapper (just circle around slowly & seductively and just give an elbow drop). Everyone wanted a piece of Candice and only her bosses and the WWE writers took advantage to doing all sort of suggestive things with her. She was responsible for making a lot of ratings on WWE television in 2005 – 2008 because she was that desirable. I admit we should just feel sorry for her after all the injuries she has had in the ring.

  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Strip-poker cat-fight on WWE’s ECW


Number 7.  – Terri Runnels

She was the greatest she-devil ever seen in wrestling and it was worth the temptation!  I still wonder why Terri married Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust who was just an awkward creep. After the divorce Terri never stopped being sexier and sexier on front of everyone. I mean, this southerner girl was just the wildest of the bunch. Hell, even Perry Saturn couldn’t control himself whenever he’s being managed by her at ring-side. She was desirable and we still can’t help ourselves; even after her prime she looks damn good. She didn’t have any achievements when it comes to her wrestling career, but with good looks like that, do we really need her to stop doing what she does best?

  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Stinkface match with The Kat & Her tights ripped open at Wrestlemania XV

Number 6.  –  Beth Phoenix

Yeah, it’s hard for some to accept stronger women to look attractive but seeing many women with different shapes and sizes, it became more than desired to see more of these amazons. Chyna was the woman who broke the beauty standard of mixing muscles with sex appeal, but after seeing all the awful things Chyna has done to herself outside of the WWE, Beth wins this one for me. It’s true that Beth mixed beauty and power to make herself an unique individual. Seeing her is like the school’s bully-chick; she’s so tough and beats up other guys, but you just find it so hot seeing her do it! I also love how 1980’s nostalgic she is by dressing up in outfits that is reminiscent to the times which is A+ for my book. For those who are feeling awkward to see buff women proceeded as sexy, well at least when you have then in the bed, they’ll show you moves you could never imagine ever get from a weaker woman. Each time I see Beth Phoenix beat up another bimbo Diva I fall in love with her more! And when she takes guys down (she should have done more of it) I start to loose balance in amazement.  I mean DAMN, man! Did anyone see her days in OVW, she was both powerful and flirty and she did so many sexy angles with Shelly Martinez and Aaron “The Idol” Stevens in a three-way on-screen relationship and it was every man’s dream come true. If only the WWE writers could let her do the same stuff that she did in OVW, it would have put her higher in my list of the Hottest Women Wrestlers. Everyone blew their chance to see her more into action and as a result of not demanding more of it, towards the end of her career in the WWE she started unrealistically jobbing to Divas who weren’t even in her league. Well, whatever organization she plans to work at next, I’ll be willing to see more of the attractive beatings on other people she broke her way into my heart! *wink!

  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Her days in OVW where she was doing a backstage promo with Shelly Martinez & Aaron “The Idol” Stevens getting a Christmas present…
  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Submission match with Melina in Extreme Rules 2008… sexiest domination I’ve ever seen in my life!!

Number 5.  –  Torrie Wilson

Torrie is a goddess! We all really want a woman like her because she has every feature that we want to see from a woman; the breast size, butt size, skin tone, shiny blonde hair, lovely girly voice, athletic shape, beautiful smile… everything! WWE bookers did everything with her like bikini contests, bra and panties matches, fetishes, and so many more to further expose her beauty. Hell, whenever she’s in a beauty contest or any match with another woman, there’s no competition because she will dominate her, especially against Sable in her own game.  Men couldn’t hold themselves steady when they see her do something sexy where at the point we can almost bleed our noses. She really is irresistible and she earned her way to being Playboy cover girl twice brought our dream fantasies to life! It’s really unbelievable that she would put herself through so many suggestive situations, especially on front of kids, and yet she’s a very shy person. She has a lot of bravery to do all of what she has done and I think we have to thank her for actually offer every man’s dream to come true. That’s why I respect her for it, even if she was doing it for a million-dollar contract.

  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Judgement Day 2003 Bikini Competition with Sable
  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Dawn Marie making out with Torrie Wilson
  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Watch WWE Divas Undressed

Number 4.  –  Trish Stratus

Nobody will ever make a list of the sexiest women wrestlers without Trish Stratus on it… you just can’t! She really was more attractive than sex symbol goddess, Pamela Anderson, and made watching wrestling a lot more exciting than ever before. I mean, she has delivered the most unforgettable moments throughout her career giving us the most suggestive matches and angles ever seen on wrestling television. Back when she was in her prime, she showed that women who looked like perfect models can give us the hottest cat-fights ever.  You couldn’t have a WWE magazine photoshoot without Trish because she was the whole star of the show and without her less people would even consider buying those magazines; really we don’t have no more.  Stratus had everything imaginable and was simply the perfect Diva. The blonde hair, the charisma, the ability to work a crowd, the sex appeal, you name it, she had it. With looks that great you better believe that she works very hard to look that good. She trained and worked harder than just about any other Diva I’ve ever seen and soon enough became the best WWE women’s worker ever. Stratus mastered the WWE style and became the single greatest Diva in WWE history. I would love to put her at number 1, really I do. But the sad part of most of these picks that ends up at number 3, something bad has happened from reaching to the top. Apparently since she left the WWE she lost that ass and large boobs through her yoga training and it decreased that sex appeal at a great degree. If only she didn’t do that she still be in everyone’s (including mine) number 1 choice of the hottest woman wrestler.

  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie: Spanking Match
  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  kissing Pamela Anderson… wow!
  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Mud match with Stacy Keibler
  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  – Learning some wrestling moves from HHH
  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  – She did “The Worm” with Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty

Number 3.  –  Mickie James

We guys went nuts to see a sexy psycho bitch like Mickie to ever appear on television. It was so crazy to see that she was all into Trish Stratus only to get more than “even” when she vows revenge. Us guys sees crazy women exciting & interesting because we assume that they are just so desperate to get some lovin’; they grab our attention and anything can be possible with her. We’ve had crazy chicks like Sherri Martel, Victoria, and AJ Lee, but Mickie James did it so perfectly that all of the sudden it became the standard of attractiveness. Not only that, she actually gave wrestling fans some acquired taste in different women because she was thicker than your average Diva. When she bounce up and down we love seeing some of her sexy fat jiggle! When WWE writers made her a babyface, she became less interesting and more generic. However, when she moved to TNA and started doing that cowgirl gimmick, oh maaan… she looked great! As seen in my Top 10 Hottest Animated Women, I am in love with women with a southern accent and she just roll with it like a rolling stone. Better yet, she became a heel and, thankfully, she once again became that lovable crazy bitch character that we all remembered in her debut in WWE.

  • Wrester’s hottest moment: Psycho kiss to Trish Stratus
  • Wrester’s hottest moment: Grabbing Trish’s Crotch
  • Wrester’s hottest moment: Singing Hardcore Country in TNA Impact with that Dress
  • Wrester’s hottest moment: Falls-Count Anywhere with Melina

Number 2.  –  Melina Perez

Okay, I admit it, I think Melina is hotter than Trish Stratus. I mean it when I said that I have a huge thing for evil, sexy women, Melina is the closest thing to fit the picture in the wrestling world. I mean just like Trish Stratus, Melina has the breast size, ass size, toned skin, aggressive yet seductive look, long legs, and so much more. When the first time I saw her debut with MNM on Smackdown 2005, I almost fainted because I couldn’t believe that there was someone out there that actually looked as good as Trish Stratus. I really think Melina fit perfectly as a heel because she has that bad girl look (and also she’s a bitch in real life). I mean who in the world doesn’t want to see Melina do her iconic splits as she enters below the bottom rope of the ring? I mean, that looked a lot sexier than seeing Stacy Keibler slowly putting her forty-two inch legs through the second tier of ropes, pausing to let the crowd momentarily see her panties. John Morrison was the luckiest man on Earth to have a spicy Latina like Melina Perez! When you see Melina acting like a crazy bitch towards her rivals, you can feel the intensity which in a way uprises the sexuality. The only reason why I couldn’t put her anywhere in my Top 10 Women Wrestlers is because she played a very great heel, but sadly she sucked so badly at playing a babyface; she over doest it so much that it’s embarrassing. Plus it doesn’t help at the fact that she’s very stubborn backstage. And that also affects her position from being the number 1 spot for this list as well. However, I don’t mind the screaming as it shows how really aggressive and flexible she really is… imagine going in bed with her! Melina alone is a very colorful individual as you can see pictures of her in all sort of make up and costumes that makes her more different than any other women wrestler. For all those you who does not give enough credit to Melina, know this, she was more aggressive, colorful, flexible, daring, and evil that it’s hard not to miss her out! Hell, she still looks fantastic out side of the WWE!

  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Submission match with Beth Phoenix in Extreme Rules 2008… sexiest domination I’ve ever seen in my life!!
  • Wrestler’s hottest moment  –  Her debut on Smackdown 2005 with MNM

Number 1.  –  April Hunter

It’s really unbelievable to see such a fiery redhead to look as good as Hunter does! Even though she never had much success in mainstream wrestling (only being Scott Steiner’s valet and a couple of unmemorable matches in TNA) she was the queen of independent wrestling. First off, she has every bit of the “it” factor; from her breast size (she can actually move those boobs like pecs), large ass, long legs, devilish red hair, muscular and feminine figure, gorgeous face… everything is not only features of a beautiful woman, but a goddess among men and women. If you seen her wrestle in the independent league, she pulled out moves that would make every women’s devision look like crap in comparison when she does Bridging German suplex, Headhunter, Moonsault, Bitch Lock, Centerfold, Cloverleaf, Hunter’s Hangman and so much more. That’s only one part of what makes April so hot, but she has more than the confidence to do anything. Hell, I can argue that all of the photoshoots that she’s done are so much better than all the Diva’s and Knockout’s photoshoots in comparison. I won’t explain how she does it but trust me if you want to see the sexiest woman wrestler so much more that not even the Divas on Playboy could do then you should look it up, it will take your breath away like blowing a birthday cake. This goddess is just too good to be on any mainstream wrestling organization and if she did, she would have been more iconic than all the female wrestlers who ever won the most prestigious championship in their women’s division. Everyone! Bow down to our goddess April Hunter as she is the hottest female wrestler ever!!