Top 10 Hottest Albums

Love music has been there since man first tried to flirt with a woman through sounds of musical instruments. It’s common nowadays to have music that will turn people on to get in the “mood” with their lover and there are just some that are there to bring out the romantic atmosphere. Just to let everyone know, just like how people have their own taste in music, not everyone is going to agree that some of their favorite love songs is suited well in a sexy or romantic mood. I can argue that many R&B artists, that aim to female audiences, never got me feeling in the mood, but something like Trip-Hop gets me feeling the love. The point is that I have songs that I find [hot] is not for everyone, but I’m making this list to let people give it a try. Sometimes I can’t get in the mood when songs by artists brags about how sexy they are (which feels forced to get people on), but I find regular love songs that are simplistic and have a lot of soul that’s actually my preference for a romantic song. I not only just want just songs, but I also want to have an entire album of romantic music that gets me in love. It’s great if the artist/band knows how to make a very great romantic song that gets people to feel the same way, but to make so many albums with plenty of love songs and get them feeling romantic is a gift that cupid wishes he could do. So here are the albums that have the best romantic songs. Remember, I’m judging these albums on how sexy they are, not being the greatest of all time (that list will come soon!).

Number 10.  –  “69 Love Songs,” Magnetic Fields

It’s one thing to have so many songs that aren’t half bad, but to have actual 69 songs that are purely romantic is truly impressive! This is one of the many reasons why I love indie music; because they have talent that are too good to be seen in the mainstream. Many of these songs aren’t too long nor to they wear your patients. Stephin Raymond Merritt showed that really you can have a deep voice to make it sound romantic as long as it’s handled well, and every other member of the band had the privilege to sing in some of the songs. Everything in this album is simplistic folk-like songwriting and that’s what I want to see in albums like this one when I just want to have a comforting time. Now I do admit that there are aspects of the album like “Chicken’s Head Cut Off” are just awkward, out of place, and have too much imagination put into it. Since this band just want to make as many songs to reach 69 (yes, this band has the balls to make a suggestive title to show how sexy they are) tracks in this album, they wanted to make the love experience to last longer than any other romantic album.

Number 9.  –  “Thriller” Michael Jackson

Even though MJ has made a lot of music that has his own personal messages to the public or songs that get him dancing, he is, after all, a lover not a fighter. Thriller to me (despite all of its success) is a mix between Jackson’s step to who he is now and what was left from his disco days from his previous album. Tracks like “Thriller,” “Beat It,” and “Billie Jean” was so different from his previous works but somehow this was the evolution to the 1980’s sound. Those three tracks are so iconic because they hit the right notes that left all of us an ever lasting impression. Other songs like “Baby Be Mine,” “P.Y.T.,” and “Human Nature” strikes the innocence of falling in love and trying to attract that girl. Some of the most creative songs in this album was his cross-over with Paul McCartney in “The Girl is Mine” where it almost like two guys after the same girl. Michael’s soprano voice is so relaxing and sexy that it works with any song he sings. Even though I can argue that “Bad” was a better album, Thriller’s strength over all of MJ’s discography is the pleasure of falling in love and a bunch of thematic dance songs that is historic!

Number 8.  –  “Blue Lines” Massive Attack

How can you not include the band that invented Trip-Hop, let alone the first album of the genre? Acid jazz mixed up with electronica has never felt this sexy. The song selection is dark, groovy, and soulful. There were plenty of meaningful songs where it makes your lover think more of what love is than what has been said from your generic pop song. The beats in every one of the songs were so comforting and well-paced that any instrument plays with these beats works perfectly. It blends very well with soul-singing and rapping from one song to the next. Blue Lines is just genius work and such an innovative album that met up with so much success!

Number 7.  –  “Remain in Light” Talking Heads

Let’s take the pace a little faster by putting in a much more funkier album ahead! Not once was this album boring because it kept their songs faster than normal and the lyrics sung were always grabbing the listener’s attention no matter what. There’s something about funk that makes me feel groovy as an ox, but disco throughout the 1970’s is a horrible usage of funk. Even though many of the songs that cover the awkward moments that we humans experience, like “Once in A Lifetime”, but somehow, someway Talking Heads made all of their songs sound like a hell of a sexy time through the way they play their instruments. I admit that the prime reason why “Remain in Light” reached so high on the list is because “The Great Curve” which was some of the most electrifying sexy songs ever! The song just had a great fast african beat, lyrics about the way the girl moves, yelling of how that girl grabs our attention, and even the surprising electric guitar that spawns out sexy. So this is perhaps the only album in this list that was sexy without having any love songs included.

Number 6.  –  “Songs for the Deaf” Queens of the Stone Age

What makes QOTSA so damn appealing is that they were successful in making rock songs that targets both men and women; they made rock music that is so hard enough for the guys but sweet enough for the girls. QOTSA are the only rock band left that understands the tradition of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and you can tell by listening to their music. You can tell that it’s similar from another band that you’ve heard, but it all sounds brand new at the same time. Josh Homme’s soothing voice just grabs the listeners into an exciting and imaginative world and yet the instruments solid, no-nonsense songwriting just booms right at your face. The band’s bad boy image is what brings out the sexiness out to its listeners and does it so successfully. You can pick any QOTSA album but “Songs for the Deaf” dominates them all. There’s something about going crazy with rock music is (in a way) what becomes attractive. Though you have really hard rock songs like “…Millionaire”, there are plenty of sexy songs like “Do It Again”, “Gonna Leave You”, “Another Love Song”, and more that lets you believe that rock music is still alive and well after hearing so many uninteresting songs that has been released over the years.

Number 5.  –  Random Access Memories” Daft Punk

For the longest Time, we always wanted another Daft Punk album that sounds similar to “Discovery” and after waiting for over a decade since that masterpiece we have “Random Access Memories”. Though I like “Discovery” a lot more, “Memories” offers so much of that sexy sound from the 1970’s. Imagine if songs like “One More Time”, “Too Long”, and “Face to Face” from Discovery were extended into a full album. We never asked more from Daft Punk but to make this happen. The lyrics in the many of these songs wasn’t afraid to use suggestive words and rolls with it with a touch of robot-like music that shows its identity. Never has house music been so romantic from beginning to end. I can imagine having the greatest night of my life with a girl just having all of the songs being played and not a single track to be skipped. I can’t say the same with that with many albums out there.

Number 4.  –  “Dummy” Portishead

No doubt that this is the grooviest and darkest album on this list, but dark atmosphere can get quite sexy as well.  Portishead mastered the Trip-Hop genre with “Dummy” by letting it to be as comforting, as dark, and as sexy as humanly possible. This album is just so calm and relaxing that it makes their listeners feel horny as they listen to each and every song in this album. Its all thanks to Beth Gibbons’s lovely voice that was always on key and successfully hits the magnetic force by making her sing the seductive lyrics, though I am ashamed that a female vocalist finally made it on the list. “Dummy” never once ruin the moment letting the listeners to feel it all of till the last drop of it all. This album is my number 1 selection for being in bed with someone. The album is not once afraid to expose the beauty of the soulful music and that’s what I love most about “Dummy” and along with every other Portishead album.

Number 3.  –  “The xx”/”Coexist” The xx

You can’t make me choose which of the two The xx albums are better, even if you torture me for one or the other. The xx is just so good at making those “woe, is me”, love songs and made it so magical. Part of the magic is the simplistic and slow-paced music making that it felt so refreshing to listen after so much music that have so much energy and fast pacing. The fact that the songwriting from both albums are so slow and simplistic is what creates the atmosphere so perfect when making love. The self-entitled album was so revolutionary because never has there been music that the silence laid between beats and spacey guitar could be used as a band’s most potent, emotive instrument. On the surface it feels like a little album that even a little child could make, but once listening to it it feels so large. Their second album, “Coexist”, is more of an expansion from what was left off from the self-entitled debut by enlarging its musical background. The lyrics sung by Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim almost felt like poetry from a couple that tackles the feeling and issues that lovers face throughout their relationship. Because of how well done The xx has made these relationship issues within the lyrics is why we find it so damn relatable. It’s so romantic in a way that it brings your lover closer together, and backed up with such brilliant spacey environment when listening, it just makes love feel like a large place. It’s ironic that the lyrics that have so much doubt and issues between lovers somehow gets the listeners closer and become more romantic. That’s why I love The xx that much!

Number 2.  –  “Seven Swans” Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is one of my favorite artist that came out in the past decade. Never have I witnessed a folk singer that made love songs so romantic that I was in love. I really did felt the passion and the emotion towards listening to Seven Swans as it uplifts me and I would want to kiss someone passionately while playing any of these songs. Stevens just controls everything so well with each of these songs that it feels like the natural way of falling in love. There were so many songs like “To Be Alone With You”, “The Dress Looks Nice On You”, and “Size Too Small” were some of the most loveliest songs I ever come across. Passion is my preferable style of love making and this is the album that nailed the the sounds I want me and my lover to hear when doing such thing. Beautiful!

Number 1.  –  “Let’s Get It On” Marvin Gaye

For the fact that this album is so romantic and has some of the most soulful songwriting ever released is a reason why it has an everlasting appeal. Sure people would say “What’s Going On” was his best work, but “Let’s Get It On” was direct and sexual. This album is so irresistible at the point where it just seduces the listener to get in the mood. Seriously, this is the love making answering machine that will make it passionate and direct that there’s nothing to be ashamed about it. R&B artists only wishes they could be as good or as sexy in songwriting as Marvin Gaye, but “Let’s Get It On” still reigns as the seduction maker. Yes, we all know this self-entitle song so well that it’s being played for a joke (seen from Austin Powers), but you don’t think about how good or how sexy all of these songs are, Marvin Gaye made it feel okay and unashamed to actually make love. “Let’s Get It On” is sex-positive! Focusing on the sex part of romance was hands down the greatest decision behind this album and it continues to get us human beings to have successful night after night, while other songs, that have focused on the sex, faded away in popularity and becomes embarrassing to remember. Choose any of these songs in “Let’s Get It On”, and it will stop making you worry about the big moment.

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