Top 10 Hottest Movie Women Characters

We’ve seen so many movies and yet we stumble across witnessing a gorgeous face that makes becoming a movie goer so fun! There’s always something about Hollywood and film makers in general that are obsessed of getting actresses to play in these roles that we would never see a female do (unless you’re really out there). For a big pay check, it show that women would do anything and after having film makers get women to do scenes that include sex scenes, suggestive scenes, romantic moments with characters, and so much more, it brings our fantasies to life. In this list we’re only focusing on the women character, not the actresses, because I try to suspend my disbelief as long as I can whenever I watch these movies only to realize that these actresses are no where close to being that character that they are acting. The standards of how I judge these movie women characters is through personality, make-up, the looks, and the hottest moment of the movie(s) she’s in. Movies are no stranger to these qualities and it’s time for me to judge all of them in a Top 10 list!


Number 10.  –  Charlotte Watson (The Medallion)

I’m telling you all right now that Christy Chung is the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen in my life. Unfortunately, since this is a list of the hottest women characters in movies, this was her biggest role.  Chung has been in more successful movies in Chinese cinema, it’s sad to see that this is the hight in her Hollywood career. The Medallion would have been a much less shittier movie if the producers put Christy as the main female role. I mean how on Earth did the comedic relief end up with a wife that hot? I mean she’s so low on the list because she is only in one scene where the henchmen are after the goofball’s house and Charlotte sprung into action, some of the most kick ass moments seen from a woman. Since Christy Chung has a huge background in kung-fu films you can see how flexible she really is. Just that very scene is the only worthwhile part of the whole film because she turned me on so much that I wished she were more successful. It’s ashamed that this is the most we got out of Chung herself and who knows if she would of put a sexier role in Hollywood.

  • Character’s hottest moment  –  Sleeping in the living room as Jackie and Lee Evan’s come entering to her house


Number 9.  –  Catwoman (Batman Returns)

Anne Hathaway tried, she really tried, but there was no way on Earth could anyone play a better Catwoman than Michelle Pfeiffer. I mean the sake that a nerdy woman changed herself completely by getting bitten by cats after she fell off from a roof is an odd way to develop a character into the Catwoman, but damn was she that attractive. She has the cat features on every movement that she makes and was so crazy that it became so hot to bear. I loved how she always kept teasing Batman and has had more than the confidence to even seduce the Dark Knight in so many ways that you wish another woman would do the same to you. However, Catwoman makes it so low on the list because I really can’t find any appeal to a woman that just can’t decide what she wants and is not committed to any relationship, even though Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle had a fantastic chemistry together.

  • Character’s hottest moment  – Catwoman licking Batman under the mistletoe


Number 8.  –  Elena Montero

Just like Christy Chung, I would LOVE to put Catherine-Zeta Jones so much higher on the list, but she hasn’t played a character that was as sexy as we hope. However, playing as Elena Montero in Zorro was her sexiest role. She was the antagonist’s adopted daughter (which makes her a bad girl) and she’s very flexible in fencing. Hell, Zorro couldn’t help himself but to be the Romeo and make her the Juliet. She’s almost the perfect boss’s daughter that we all dream of.  But underneath that spoiled lifestyle that she’s in, Elena is actually a sweet girl who’s trying to find the person who killed her real mother only to have the truth to hurt her more. She is that very girl that was living in a lie her entire life and you would want to do anything to help her. However, Elena wasn’t really a complex character as she’s just there to be the damsel in distress and the famous undressing scene that the movie is famous for…

  • Character’s hottest moment  – Zorro undressed Elena in a sword fight


Number 7.  –  Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man Trilogy)

Here is my favorite Damsel in Distress and superhero love interest ever! Kirsten Dunst was just perfect for the role as she just almost have not only the look but the attitude of being excited for Spider-Man. If I were Peter Parker I would of started the relationship with her sooner than you think because for God’s sake, they’ve been neighbors since childhood and they didn’t talk till the end of High School? Everybody wanted Mary Jane in the movie, Peter, Harry Osborn, and even the villains that constantly kidnap her. Kirsten Dunst just had so much fun in the role. As terribly aged the Sam Raimi’s films are, Mary Jane is actaully the best part of the whole film trilogy. I mean even though Peter Parker was a complete dick to her at Spider-Man 3 (especially that stupid dance scene) at least she’s the only character that knows emo-Peter was stupid while all the citizens blindly find it cool (face palm). Mary Jane is THE girl next door and you all should know that because I’ve already put Mary Jane Watson as my hottest comic book woman, however the only thing that was left to be desired was to make Mary Jane as sexy as she was in the comics. I mean the movies held her back to be that wild girl that was part of my dreams with this character.

  • Character’s hottest moment  – Kissing Spider-Man when he’s hanging upside down


Number 6.  –   Lara Croft 

Does anyone need to tell you that Angelina Jolie is hot? I don’t think so because we already know that she is! Her hottest role will always be her playing as the iconic video game sex symbol, Lara Croft. Believe it or not, Jolie actually played the character better than the video game it’s based on, plus she was hotter too. Of course she is that female character that is there to kill anything that stands in her way, but my good sir she is just irresistible when she does all of those badass things. Personally I think seeing Lara Croft in the sequel, The Cradle of Life, was a hotter role than in the original movie. Seeing wet in more scenes and in a possible love relationship with another man was purely breath taking. It sucks that they couldn’t make another Tomb Raider movie otherwise… who knows if she would of made a sexier moment than in the two movies we got.


Number 5.  –  Selene 

I always thought that Vampires are very sexy. It’s interesting to see that if they exist they do have a chance to have a relationship with a human being, thanks to Underworld. Selene was not only a kick ass female protagonist, but she was just too hot for us guys to handle. So what makes her so hot? Well she is very confident, very dark, serious, and has a commitment to her vampires and to Michael Corvin, her lover. Heck, she can be the perfect girlfriend because she’s so badass that she’ll make you the damsel in distress. Hell, Michael Corvin has been in that situation throughout the film series. I love the overall look of Selene because her tight suit makes her look so attractive, her blue eyes glow like the moon, and her attitude to do almost anything is what makes her a unique character. Even though she’s headstrong and stubborn, she does make a fight scene with the strongest vampire look convincing and appealing, plus make a great lover at the same time!   

  • Character’s hottest moment  – Having Sex with Michael in Underworld: Evolution


Number 4.  –  Poison Ivy (Batman & Robin)

You’re going to find this funny, but I think Uma Thurman’s acting as Poison Ivy is so bad… that it’s sexy. Uma Thurman back in the late 1990’s was smoking hot when she died her hair red and she was well suited to be Ivy. Though I do prefer Poison Ivy from the animated series and comic books any day over Uma Thurman’s performance, but damn it all she was that fucking gorgeous. She really over-acts to this fake British accent and narrates her motivation each scene she’s in (plus a bunch of puns to go with it) but I can just listen to that seductive voice all day long. Also, she spared no expense on showing her beauty whenever it’s her time to shine. It’s very hypnotizing to see her every move and its worth a million dollar bat-credit card for it. As much of a mess Batman & Robin is, you have to admit that Poison Ivy is the best part. When Pamela Isley was intoxicated and rose from the grave, all boners are raised up to her charm. Even in that scene where she takes off that gorilla suit, you just can’t take your eyes off of her. Now I admit that she constantly flirts every scene she’s in but you got to admit she is the most fun character, minus the hilarious Mr. Freeze. But for the sake that Poison Ivy captured the sexiness that I felt from her other adaptations and just overtly sexualize the character is just fan-satisfactory for me.

  • Character’s hottest moment  – Taking off that gorilla suit


Number 3.  –  Xena Onatop

The Bond Girls will always be remembered for their attractiveness, suggestive names, and even assets that shows the audience the difference between one bond girl to the next. Xena was the most unique because she was not only a hench-woman but also kill for excitement; orgasm if you will. In my personal opinion, she is the most seductive woman I’ve ever seen in a movie. I mean she fit the bad girl that turns me on but for the fact that she has a special move to kill her men is our second choice of death for us men (first one will always be a kiss from poison ivy). Oh my God, Xina just love wrap her thighs on her victims and squeeze the life out of them. We really don’t know much of the character but damn, does Famke Janssen ever looked so horny when she does it. You can feel the adrenaline flowing through her blood when she see a man worthy enough to be killed by her powerful thighs.  Not to mention she has the sexiest and most over-the-top death I’ve ever seen from any woman character. As James Bond said, “She always did enjoy a good squeeze”. Well said, 007. For the fact that she lived horny and died horn she earned to reach to this high on the list.

  • Character’s hottest moment  – All the squeeze she gave to her victims


Number 2.  –  Elektra King

No doubt, she is one of the most desirable women ever seen in movies and in my personal opinion she’s the best Bond Girl ever! Like I said on the last pick, the Bond Girls are different in personality, but no doubt King was the hottest for being the first actual Bond Villain. Not a Bond Henchwoman, the main antagonist. She really does fit the category of being the bad girl that I’m such a fan of because how well sneaky she is, plotting, very dark, emotional, intelligent, seductive, and even supreme she is. She is such a deadly character and I love Elektra King for being so unpredictable. At first she looked like a very hurtful woman who needs some loving to give her that healing she deserves and then she shows that she is a villain because she wants revenge out of her selfish father. I can really feel the connection between Bond and King as this is the first time Bond was fooled by a smart woman. No other bond girl since and after can compare the complexity and beauty of King. Plus she’s rich so she can provide the security for you if you had the chance to open her heart. Sophie has faded into the background as far as her career goes since TWINE, but Elektra King lives on. God, she is such a beautiful woman when you just look at her…


Number 1.  –  Bonnie Parker

You know, being historically inaccurate or change the actual real life story into a Hollywood adaptation is often a terrible idea, but Bonnie & Clyde is a major exception to that rule. Faye Dunaway is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood and her role as Bonnie was some of the most iconic bad girl of all time. For the sake that she was in love with Clyde through the influence of hybristophilia, it’s amazing that the power of attractiveness can make a woman do anything, even join you in robbing banks on a runaway love trip. There’s something about Hollywood’s Bonnie Parker that fits that perfect girl for me; she is in a great mood for an adventure, she’s always do what you ask, and she can go far as to kill a lot of men to protect the man that she loves. Seeing Clyde teaching Bonnie how to be a gunwoman is some of the most romantic aspects of the movie, even despite how twisted it is in real life. I might be wrong, but she was the first movie female character that actually used a gun on a shooting spree and made it sexy killing people with no remorse. When she’s in love you can really feel her passion and motivation of being in love and it almost felt real. Honestly, she is a girl to die for and she never lost your interest once you see her. I mean she has that perfect face, she has the commitment of being with her lover throughout their time together, and she’s that daring that she makes self much different than any woman you can possibly imagine. I remember I was blown away at Faye Dunaway’s gorgeousness when she turned around and gave that sexy stare at Clyde…

…it was like falling in love with a woman you really wish she was real (the adaptation, not the real Bonnie Parker). Though Hilary Duff looks too similar to Faye Dunaway, Duff never had the opportunity to play a character that is as sexy or iconic as the many of Faye’s roles. Bonnie Parker (played by Dunaway) is just my most desirable movie woman character ever and it sucks to not have a woman like that around your arms…

  • Character’s hottest moment  – That stare… She’s just so beautiful…