Top 10 Peanuts Characters

I don’t know what would the whole world would be like if Charles Schulz didn’t get his break in the cartooning business and created this phenomenon, but Peanut changed all of our lives and stuck with it. Even though we all watch Looney Tunes and kept in touch with Disney, no other cartoon or comic strip has ever connected all with us more than Peanuts. For me personally, the Peanuts gang has been part of my family for 3 generations and I’ll be continue the tradition. Funny that no matter how simple the animation/character model and the backgrounds really are, we all still have a huge soft spot from the one entity that reminds us of our childhoods and relive those simple times. I have never encountered a single person in this world that doesn’t know Peanuts for that it is known all over the world as the innocent and appealing cartoon that it is. What I love about the Peanuts gang is that they all have their personalities, flaws, and traits that are kept as a trait for over 50 years since the strip first started. There have been so many changes and accomplishment throughout the years like the beginning of the hippie revolution, man was on the moon, the internet was created, and so many events has changed the world and yet almost everything is the same with Peanuts and that’s what I love most about the franchise. Now it’s time for me to pick out not only my favorites but who are the ones that I relate to the most since I was a child and most of all the ones that feels more like a part of my family for me.

Number 10.  –  Woodstock

I put him at the bottom of the list, not because I dislike him in anyway, it’s just the fact that there aren’t that many clear character traits with Woodstock other than being Snoopy’s sidekick, has a hard time flying, and the gags they both do together.  Plus there are more than one Woodstock so we can’t really tell them a part. Snoopy would still be the same with out him, so why put him on the list? Well, for the sure fact that Woodstock always tries his best to help his pal and they always create a gag. There are so many to pick but go ahead and see any Woodstock gag where he tries his best to help out and then it backfires on both Woodstock and Snoopy. I like the fact that it doesn’t over-exaggerate the humor otherwise it would loose its magic in becoming another Tom and Jerry Rip-off. But it’s not that often that we see a character famous enough to have a whole musical event named after him.

Number 9.  –  Sally Brown

Oh boy, Sally is both cute and a nightmare. At times she can be the sweetest little girl ever, but at other times she can indefinitely be  very stubborn to stick around with. Whatever she doesn’t like she’ll constantly bicker about it until something happens to get it off her mind.  Sally always wants the easy way out and get the simple things in life. When things get really complicated she gets over-frustrated and gives up. But when there are things that she likes (like Linus for instance) she’ll never give it up until it’s hers. I really don’t see much brother and sister relationship between Sally and Charlie as they aren’t that open nor they do they learn from each other. They just seem like they only live with each other and just have conversations that doesn’t have much to amount to anything and they just let one another do whatever it is that they’re doing.

Number 8.  –  Pig-Pen

Pig-Pen should have been more of a main character than what he is now. People just like to look at Pig-Pen as the dirtiest kid of the gang and nothing more. We see him more times than not as a background character and not even close to even consider him a secondary character like the rest on the list. His gag is that whoever is close to him coughs from the smog coming out of the dirt all over him. You could do much more with Pig-Pen with the dirt coming out of him and its too bad that Charles Schulz didn’t put as much creative joke with a character filled with dust at it’s full potential.

Number 7.  –  Schroeder

Now here’s a character that was used properly! Everybody sees this character as the musical member of the group since he constantly plays his piano. He plays it as well as Beethoven and other pianists that he looks up to. Even despite his musical talents, he’s the most concentrated and easily annoyed. I mean, his complicated relationship with Lucy is always a funny running gag that we always keep seeing time after time. Lucy is always trying to get Schroeder to stop playing the piano and get his attention because she likes him that much. But constantly Schroeder keeps loosing his patients at the point where we couldn’t wait to see what happens next. Though we always get the same results, we still see the familiar scene for many years in the strip and the cartoon.

Number 6.  –  Lucy van Pelt

Don’t let a cute little girl fool you because they can really get the best of you. Though Sally can be a nightmare, Lucy is twice the amount. I like Lucy a lot as a character because she’s so confident, manipulative (in a humorous way), a bully, and so creative on how to win over anyone in any competition (Charlie Brown mostly). Lucy will mostly be the victor as she love to turn people down and make them sad or depressed as it is her joy in life. From the football gag, psychology business that she puts out, and the creative dominance. The only people she couldn’t win over is her crush, Schroeder, and Snoopy who always beats her in her own game. Lucy is a very feminine character where it takes a lot to beat her. People will always see her like a bitch, but the franchise wouldn’t be fun without her. Before Peppermint Patty and Marcy were introduced, she was the dominate female of the Peanuts gang and almost every girl in Peanuts are very similar to Lucy; like Violet, Frieda, and the rest. Though they all are abandoned (or at best forgotten), Lucy still prevails and stays relevant to the franchise despite her loss in popularity in the 1980’s/1990s. When she’s frustrated she can be very aggressive as we always want to see the worst for her when the time comes. Take a look at Lucy’s sense of humor, though she’s very mean spirited, you can see it’s a neat one!

Number 5.  –  Snoopy

This beagle will always be the Bugs Bunny of the Peanuts franchise as in he’s always the winner over everyone. He is the total opposite of Charlie Brown because he is so confident, active, and impulsive at times. He will always steal the show, and he’s basically the adult of the Peanuts gang. I mean, since all the adults are off screen, he does all the adult things that the group can’t do because they’re children; like drive a care, be the referee, and the rest. Still, whatever challenge that’s on front of Snoopy, he will beat his competitors. I mean, Snoopy always out smart Lucy (plus give her a kiss in victory). There are also a lot of trademarks that we all love to constantly see is the things he does on his Doghouse like sleeping, imagine that he’s flying a plane, and so many more. Just like Lucy, he’s always thinking about himself, like when he’s supposed to give someone a drink when they don’t feel well, he starts getting a cup of water and drinks it himself. Even though I put Snoopy at number five, I really have nothing against him because he’s the life of the depressing world of Peanuts. Why? Because he’s anything but boring; he’s always amusing. That’s why he’s the icon of the whole franchise and none can replace him. But the rest of the character higher in the list are more connected with me, personally.

Number 4.  –  Linus van Pelt

Linus just gives me a warm feeling of my childhood for he reminds me most of my little brother. Though he has babyish characteristics by holding to his blanket, closely and sucks his thumb, he is actually the most mature of the group. I mean being younger kid than the original group, he is up part with even the likes of his sister, Lucy, in terms of intelligence. I mean, he has a high vocabulary and uses them in a very funny way of talking. Linus is just very comforting when we see him do all the things that he does. I mean, he’s a best friend that we all want; he’s positive, intelligent, and very secure. At times, he can possibly be the cutest boy of the gang and ever since he was first introduced to the franchise, everyone relates to the series more as we all sometimes fear growing up.

Number 3.  –  Marcie

I bet you all are feeling weird that I put some of the oddest characters this high on the list but Marcie is so darn interesting.  The nerdiest one of the gang is what makes her so interesting as she’s so simple minded and makes a lot of mistakes than not. Give her instructions or tell her what to do next and you’ll bet that she’ll do something wrong, and that’s what makes her so funny. Marcie is just so adorable when she tries her best and screws everything up and yet the franchise wouldn’t be the same with out her. Even though Peppermint Patty called Charlie Brown “Chuck”, I find it hilarious that Marcie constantly calls Patty “Sir” being mixed between genders since Patty is a tomboy. I think the reason why I like Marcie so much is because she’s so comforting to watch. Though she sometimes speaks in a monotone voice (predating Daria), she sparkles when she became a love interest for Charlie Brown. It’s hilarious to see Patty and Marcie start a love triangle with poor Charlie. Since the series went to this direction, it became an uplifting era for our dear Charlie.

Number 2.  –  Peppermint Patty

No doubt that she is the best female character of the whole franchise. She was inspired by the hippie generation and it shows. I mean she has every little feminine traits making her one of, if not, the first tomboy ever seen in a cartoon. Patty and Marcie’s popularity grew so much at the point where all the other female characters of Peanuts lost popularity or faded in the distance. It was a breath of fresh air to not have another Lucy but a totally original character that’s lovable, active, and funny. What I like most about her is that she’s far from perfect. She isn’t too smart, has bad grades, has a hard time reading people, easily distracted, and even makes mistakes of her own. Now it’s really hard to separate Peppermint Patty and Marcie as they are the best girl-duo ever. At times she can be the female Charlie Brown as she faces problems constantly and we relate to her. However, differentiating herself from our main character, she is always confident with all the decisions that she makes and she doesn’t get too down on herself and always looks forward instead of looking back. It’s very clear that since her introduction and rise to fame, it was a brand new era for Peanuts that would no longer feel like we’re in back the mid-20th century and since then, all the new Peanuts characters couldn’t match her stature.

Number 1.  –  Charlie Brown

It’s obvious that he’s the best character of the whole Peanuts gang not because he’s the first character. He has all the flaws in the world that would make him fail at anything and anything that puts him down really drags him down. But you know what? Charlie Brown is that one cartoon character that I relate to the most. Before Peanuts were created, cartoons everywhere (from shorts, movies, strips, comic) were all either slap sticks or superhero action, but Charlie Brown was the first humane and emotional character that redefined and changed how we all think of cartoons. He showed that we can relate to a cartoon character in a very deep and emotional level for he represents the worries, self-doubting, and even the failures that we all deal with our lives from, not only childhood, but to our adulthood as well. Charles M. Schulz was a very troublesome man and he put all of his problems in his drawings and made something funny out of it. Though we all feel sympathetic for both the character and the creator. In a matter of fact, Charlie Brown is actually the first cartoon character that I not only felt sorry for, but also made me cry for the first time. Whenever I watch “A Boy Named Charlie Brown” it shows how far we can get from reaching our goal and fall over after making one mistake that will ruin our spirits. Though he is more often than not a negative person, by the end of the day he lifts up our spirits for a simple (and humorous) conclusion that will make us move on with our lives. Since I was a child, I looked up to Charlie Brown and see what would he do, though he does fail, we can remember that the world is still spinning and it’s not the end for us. His fame can never be tainted for everyone knows the character very well. Hell, there have been more than plenty of songs about Charlie Brown and famous people today still talks about how they relate to the character. And for all the praise that this character has gotten, he deserves it all because that’s the biggest success that he has made! Very little cartoon characters can say the same.