Blackwell Convergence review


The third game of the Blackwell series takes place six months after Rosangela met Joey Malone from Black Legacy… Oh no it’s Rosanela’s winey voice, quick cover your ears!!… (Listens it)… Did they just change her voice? Holy Crap they did! And you know what, she sounds human in comparison. I also forgot to mention that when Widjet Eye games re-released Blackwell Legacy on steam, they removed the voice-actress to originally voiced Rosangela and replaced her with current voice actress of the series, Rebbecca Whittaker. And for that reason alone, I change the score for Blackwell Legacy’s updated version to a 5 fingers out of 5.

Well, here’s the actual review on Blackwell Convergence, Roseangela and Joey have made their own business in spiritual intestigating. In the very beginning of the game, they spoiled the player investigating a ghost whose trying to jump off from his window, but already has committed suicide. Though this was just an opening of the game that had nothing to do with the plot, it actually shows Rosangela on where here life’s been since she knows that she’s a medium.

When Rosangela and Joey successfully put that lost spirit to rest, they went back home to find that they have an invitation from her neighbor Nishanti to the art show in a museum. There, Rosa starts to investigate a possible lead from a director at a film company. She soon finds out that an actor from their recent film has been murdered. Rosa also finds out about an old murder of a researcher whose work was stolen to benefit a rivaling corporation. Finally, on the gallery’s opening night The Countess makes an appearance and kills the artist whose painting are on display. You might remember The Countess from Blackwell Unbound as the main villain, and now she is a ghost which makes her more dangerous that even the victims can’t see her.

While the Countess is on her search for murder, Rosangela starts to feel that spirit world that’s in her head is starting to loose control. There, she encounters the hostess of the spirit world that gave her the medium power. Blackwell Convergence is actually gave the players the first time to witness what the afterlife is like and see what is the afterlife like through portal to the spirit world. We witness where do these spirits end up and was well understand how this whole rule works. But back in the physical world, you have the same formula of saving lost spirits like in Blackwell Legacy and Blackwell Unbound. It’s Rosangela’s duty to put these souls to rest, but more importantly stop the Countess from murdering any more.

The way that it works is that you must interview the people who actually know of the person who’s dead, find the actual location of the ghost, and try to convince them that they are dead, but most likely they’ll deny it believing that they’re alive (and not remembering of the cause of their death). Now in order to do that you have to investigate the cause of death, look at the ghost’s private property, talk to the people who know of the dead one to find out their weakness in convincing that they are dead and so much more. Since you have a great variety of ghosts, and different causes of death, throughout the series, this gives us so many opportunities of puzzle solving, locations to explore, and even a great variety of characters to interact with like any other adventure game.

Just like on the last game, Blackwell Convergence gives the player the opportunity to change characters to either Rosangela or Joey Malone as you’ll face puzzle solving that involves both of them. For those who forgot, this was introduced in Blackwell Unbound where Rosangela’s physical where she can pick up objects and talk to any one, Joey on the other hand can go through lock doors, pick up spiritual objects, change temperatures, and go to locations that Rosangela can not yet reach. However, Joey can’t pick up physical objects or talk to living people who doesn’t believe in ghosts, so that made playing as Rosa to be more important.

You can really see that the game has a higher production where WidgetEye Games actually gave Blackwell Convergence a graphical upgrade. I do prefer the old school pixelated graphics instead of this one because the high level detail has less personality in comparison. However, when you look up at the character’s avatar whenever you engage in a conversation, it really is better to look at than seeing character’s faces from the two previous games. In all seriousness, this installment of the series told a much better ghost story which makes it my favorite out of the first three of the series. Another big improvement is that the soundtrack is perhaps the best we’ve ever heard in the whole series because the jazz score really explodes right in front of your face thanks to the wondrous saxophone playing time to time. Also the animation and sound quality is unbelievably a huge improvement where it really suspend the player in disbelief. I mean, when I first heard the rain drops falling, it really sounded clear as crystal. I’m really impressed that this indie game managed to offer so much with limited budget just to show so much heart and soul were put in this game. It’s really inspirational to see that they were able to tell the story that they want to tell and yet will very little resource they have, they managed to make something this special. It’s titles like this that makes me want to support any newer adventure game out there and for Blackwell, it delivers!

The Top Lister’s score for Blackwell Convergence  –  5 out of 5