Top 10 Scariest Video Game Characters

In any media, there are always be a character that will give anyone an impression but when they scare you, you best wish that they never exist. For video games, it’s more engaging because we can interact with these monsters and yet they can harm us in the most scariest way imaginable. I don’t expect anyone to agree with these picks but these are the video game characters that were so scary that it left me a great impression of fear. It let me in shock and terror even when I turn the console off, it still remains that feeling and emotion that I have. It lets me keep thinking about them for many years to come and yet I still talk about them. If a scary video game character does that to me for so long, then you know what you’re in for in reading this blog!

Number 10.  –  SA-X  –  Metroid Fusion

Remember how powerful and unbelievably god-like you felt when you played as Samus Aran in Super Metroid when you got all the powers and up-grades? Well, how about let have someone else to take it from you and use it against every advantage you have.  When you saw SA-X making his first entrance wearing that Prime Suit, you know you’re fucked. It’s became a situation where it’s a game of cat and mouse and you can’t face him until you became just as powerful yourself. The best strategy is to keep running away from X before he gets to you, so it’s best to run fast as hell and find a hiding spot or find a way to loose him (which takes many tries on your first playthrough). What ever you do, don’t make a noise or he’ll find you. The only reason why SA-X only makes it at the bottom of the list is because when he reveals his true form, it lost all sense of intimidation for the player because it was just too goofy to take seriously. But when you faced SA-X when he wore Aran’s old suit, it was scary nonetheless.

Number 9.  –  Sinistar – Sinistar

How can anymore expect a juggernaut to appear as this unstoppable force in this arcade space shooter? Even when you see this guy in the beginning of the game, when he speaks to you like it’s your doom to even get far into the game. And once you do, he’ll punish you like there’s no tomorrow. When you hear him roar or speak in doom-like liners, he intimidates you successfully. It’s at a point where you feel completely hopeless when he finally shows. Once he touches you, you’re forever be vacuumed into his mouth like a black hole. If this thing were ever alive we will all be out of existence. That’s why he’s the scariest sprite ever created in a video game.

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Number 8.  –  Piggsy  – Manhunt

Few games can invoke such a palpable sense of dread as Manhunt can. Pigsy is the final boss of the game and lives up to the name with a severed pig’s head for a mask and the girth to match. Pigsy has only one joy in life and that is to carve people up with his chainsaw, but not before stalking his prey. Like an animal, he sniffs for the player’s scent and squeals as he pops out of seemingly nowhere to give chase. Trying to take this guy down, you have to use all your knowledge in stealth games and once you screw it up by letting him know where you’re at, he’ll turn you into a carved dish. Basically, facing this guy is a game of cat and mouse. Never has stealth in video games has ever been this intensifying when it comes to Piggsy.

Number 7.  –  Death Claw  –  Fallout 3

I hate these guys, I really do. These haunting scavengers are the absolute nightmare of the wasteland of Washington D.C. Even if you gained the maximum hit-points, gained maximum defense and endurance, or even get the best armor, you’ll still be easily taken down by these roaming demons. Every time I encounter one of these enemies, I become very cautious and hope that they don’t spot me. The reason that they are so fearful is because they can endure some of the best weapons shooting at them and when they slash any one, it causes great damage. Even worse, there are about a population of  of these bastards to make traveling in Fallout 3 more difficult and scary. It’s best to use the Nuke boy to wipe them out, but they’re so rare that it’s only useful to when there are just too many Death Claws to bear, and that happens so often in this role-playing game.

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Number 6.  –  The Regenerator  –  Resident Evil 4

I still stand for what I said about Resident Evil 4 for not having any scary moments except for this freak of nature. Seriously, after seeing so much lackluster horror throughout the game, having these Regenerators to finally show is the most surprising moment of Resident Evil 4. Seriously, this crippler’s presence is so damn haunting that it gave me than sense of fear that once was in the PS1 Resident Evil games. They are the toughest enemy to kill because you have to constantly geuss where their weak spot is at, and if you don’t have the thermal scope, your ass history. Not to mention that the Regenerator give you the most brutal kill in the whole game (worse than the chainsaw), he impales you with his growing spikes coming out of his very flesh. The sight of seeing Leon Kennedy getting impaled by this fucker is just too much to bear at times. That’s why there’s so much intensity whenever you see this demon coming closer to you…

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Number 5.  –  Dead Hand – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time had balls. They thrown in so many intimidating monsters that felt like you’re discovering your worst nightmares each step closer to the end of the game. But it’s around the time where you encounter the Dead Hand that felt like it was more than enough to witness. Seriously, if any of the hands that are coming out of the ground grabs you, the monster appears to take a clean bite off of you and you can’t move while the hand grabs you. The way it stretches its neck, the way it moves closer to you, and the way it looks at you is the worst part of it all. It scared me as a young lad because it was so unearthly and the hands kept paralyzing me that I couldn’t beat this guy. After how nightmarish he was, it took me a while to think twice and come back to it because he gave me an impression that still scares me today.

Number 4.  –  The Gatherer  –  Amnesia: The Dark Descent

You know that this thing belongs in the list if everybody talks about it because this disfigured freak of nature scared all of us. The term “game of cat and mouse” really adds a new meaning when you witness the Gatherer. The way he lurks for you and you can’t do anything to defend yourself but hide or run is what makes it so damn fearing to be in that situation. No one knows where this things been and it’s better if none of us even tries. The disfigured design is haunting enough, but his attacks and his deadly blows is more scary enough. You are nothing but a prey to him and there’s nothing more important to you than being as far away from this creep as humanly possible!

Number 3.  –  Pyramid Head  –  Silent Hill 2

I really don’t know what’s scarier, his actions or the fact that he hides his face with a giant iron, rusty mask that’s more intimidating than Michael Meyer or Jason’s mask. Pyramid Head’s ominous. He has the “slasher-movie” effect. He’s slow, yet he still gets you when you start slowing down. He seems to know where you are at all times. He’s dead silent and has a torture device for a head. It plays off peoples fear of being powerless. Not to mention Pyramid Head is just so damn twisted in the fact that he does some of the most unhuman things. Not just killing anyone who doesn’t appear to be from Silent Hill, but also litterally fucks the monsters in this Godforsaken town.  For the fact that there are more than one Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2 is scary enough and nobody knows what their motivations are nor we ever will. And that’s the scariest part of all; there is no rhyme or reason of this punisher and executioner, but he does it in smite of your very existence of being in the town of  Silent Hill.

Number 2.  –  The Moon – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

I stated that Majora’s Mask is the second scariest non-horror game of all time because it’s so creative that it’s purely nightmarish. Turning into a deku, skull kid, happy mask man, the statue of Link, and almost everything that was strange in this game vagly disturbs you. But nothing can be said more than the scariest part of the game… The Moon. The fact that he’s coming down to crash at the city of Clock Town gives a whole new meaning of post-apocalyptic. It made the end-is-near to feel so intimidating than any concept of a game. Looking up in the sky is something I rarely do in the game because you know that he’s watching and he stares back at you which is more than disturbing. Not only that, but when he’s about to collapse to Clock Town, it gets totally overwhelming when you hear clock tower bells ringing like a classic horror movie, rocks falling form the sky, and the Earth shaking to make it so hard for us to handle before it becomes too late for all of us. It really makes you think about the fear of the end of the world and makes you appreciate safety and security. If that’s not scary enough, just imagine going in the inside of the moon. It’s really the most unbelievable and unimaginable thing you can think of. The moon is seriously the scariest part of Majora’s Mask and for it to reach it this high says a lot!

Number 1.  –  Dan Barrows and Alvin Peats  –  Clocktower / Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Blobs are some of my biggest fears ever. I can go fine with obese people, but the fact that these two gigantic monsters can do more than just eat you with their twisted sick minds is more than unbearable for me. But for the fact that these two are much more than what they are appear to be is even more than a nightmare than I can ever imagine.

First, let’s talk about Dan Barrows. Clocktower is already a nightmare of a video game, no question about that, but the biggest shocker for is why Scissorman killed all of Jennifer’s orphan friends who were adopted and brought into the mansion. It is to be fed by Scissorman’s twin brother. Yes, you heard me right, this over 10 feet tall crawling blob is being fed by the victims of this very mansion because of brotherly love. I remember when I saw him crawl out of the sheets covering his bed, I literally jumped out of my seat in total shock. It was a huge twist to see where do all of the remains goes and why are we getting killed in this mansion. He uses supernatural powers like telekinesis to haunt the mansion. So everything that’s twisted, out of the ordinary, or something satanic happening in the house, Dan Barrows is the source of all of it. That says more about how scary this whole scenario is compared to all of the scares that this game offered. What’s even scarier is how close the family are together; Mary (mother), Bobby (Scissorman), and Dan. It’s twisted to see how close they really are and yet they are so satanic that it’s not remotely funny. They want to slaughter the innocent just to keep the family strong and when you mess with any one of them, they will make it more of a nightmare than you can possibly imagine.

Yet, while Dan Barrows is that scary, Alvin Peats’s a contended that scares me as much as Dan. He managed to make it to the list because he reminds me very well of Dan Barrows by every stretch of the imagination. Basically, the whole purpose of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey was to not only be the sequel of the Longest Journey but to bring balance between Stark and Arcadia. The balance is breaking apart because of this device called the dreamer where people of Stark are traveling to Arcadia and still believe that it’s a dream. But the scariest part of all is that everyone who used the dreamer is being… watched by Alvin Peats. It’s sad really, to see that Alvin is so obsessed with his creation at the WATIcorp and the innovative Dreamer Console where everyone who uses them are collected to Alvin Peats through the DreamNet. Even worse, Alvin is just a sick bastard who would do anything to make your worst nightmares come to life. He has connections to kill anyone or hunt them down. Not only that, he can sense if you’re lying and where’ve you been which makes it an unescapable nightmare. The way he speaks, they way he looks at you, and his motivations… it’s absolutely disturbing.

There are just a lot of similarities between Dan Barrows and Alvin Peats and most haunting of all is that they died in the most nightmarish way imaginable. It’s scary to actually witness their presence, but to also die in the scariest way possible leaves a more haunting impression on me. Dan Barrows died in gulp of lames by Jennifer and Alvin Peats got killed by his henchwomen, barehanded, thanks to Samantha Gilmore who took over his place. It’s like they both lived to be scary and died remaining scary, which makes their existence to be scary. They deserve to be my most scariest characters in video games because they left me an impression that never died out or lost any sense of intimidation.