Top 5 Scariest Professional Wrestlers

It doesn’t take much to scare me but professional wrestling is the least choice to go when I want to be scared. The reason is I want to see nothing more than athleticism and grappling performance in wrestling and to be scared by anyone in the ring is something happens for me. Not to say that I never been scared in wrestling because there have been plenty of intimidating wrestlers out there because of their physique, what they’re capable or, and what their motivations were, but they need to make all of those reasons to be taken a mile ahead to where it’s close to the horror genre.  Most wrestlers tried so hard to be scary but ended up to be goofy and idiotic if it’s failing. The sad part is that there are only 5 wrestlers that actually got me feeling scare and for that they successfully made it on the list.

Number 5.  –  Mordecai

Mordecai is very unique at the fact that his presence was so dark. He was almost like the angel of death ready to make doom for his opponent. Mordecai was a true villain who damned all of the WWE universe for their sinning ways upon his debut. With bleached white hair, and a menacing scowl, Mordecai was a freaky site to behold. Sadly, he didn’t last long. After a series of squash matches, he lost to Rey Mysterio and was never seen again. I really don’t know what went between him and WWE officials, but it was an amazing concept of a character that was thrown to the trash; a huge wasted opportunity. Mordecai did come back, but he was a different character, Kevin Thorn. It sucks to see Kevin Thorn to be a vampire gimmick that we already seen before from Gangrel. And look where Kevin Thorn’s career went…

Number 4.  –  Awesome Kong

We’ve had crazy lady wrestlers that tried to intimidate the wrestling audience, but they weren’t were scary where they can also beat up men and make a nightmare for us. Until you see Awesome Kong. She is best known for her performances in TNA and has worked in various smaller circuits in both the U.S. and Japan in her 8½ years in wrestling which explains why her move set is simply insane for a woman to do. Awesome Kong simply made any women’s division to look ugly by the result and aftermath that she puts her victims through. She’s like a witch that will curse on you and never leaves such presence after she leaves the ring. Amazing what a woman like her can really do for us fans.

Number 3.  –  Kane

When he wears a mask and hides his face, you know something wrong is going to happen. At one point in time (1997-2000) Kane was just an unstoppable monster that had only very little wrestlers could take down. Scariest part is that he’s the brother of the Undertaker (kayfabe). It’s the scariest backstory that any wrestler in the history of wrestling where the two brothers had a rough childhood, and Kane was horribly burnt in a fire. He had to wear a mask and a full bodysuit because of the scars that covered his body. No wrestler in their right mind would want to face him. At Wrestlemania 14 he was the very first opponent that was this close to end the Undertaker’s streak. Hell, he had an undying hatred for Undertaker that they would go far as to burning each other in an Inferno Match. He was the devil’s favorite demon, and capable of annihilating his opponents while showing no sign of remorse… and then they became tag team partners more times than not. Kane started to loose all sign of intimidation when he started to side with X-Pac as a tag team and to this day, Kane and Undertaker are inconsistently on and off friends/enemies. It was at a point where the wrestler no longer has a direction and hasn’t won a major title since 1998. I would love to put Kane higher, but Kane damaged his career at a point where I don’t recognize him anymore like a really bad horror sequel.

Number 2.  –  The Undertaker

The Undertaker to wrestling is to Metallica to Heavy Metal and Batman to Comic books. This was the first time ever where a wrestler could ever stay so much into character and made all of use believe that he was from beyond the grave. It scared all of us fans of WWF and little did fans know the terror he would unleash for over two decades. He has a long lasting streak in Wrestlemania and brought satanic references in pro-wrestling, which is all innovative. In his early days, he almost looked as he was impervious to pain. When he was ambushed by Yokozuna and half the roster in Royal Rumble 1994, he was put in a casket, but the whole arena blacked out to show a titan-tron of Taker still in the casket saying that he’ll return and then he popped out of the screen ascending over the crowd was actually the scariest moment in pro-wrestling. And to go overboard, around 1998-1999 he started his own faction called the Ministry of Darkness  with monsters of his own to fight all the faces of wrestling. I remember he hanged Austin on his logo like a crucifixion that simply became the darkest moment of his career. Everyone put him at number 1, but I can’t do it simply for the fact that all of it was thrown aside because of his American Badass, biker gimmick that ruined the character indefinitely. That was the worst time being an Undertaker fan and when he came back to being the deadman again, it was nowhere as scary as it was in the 1990s. And that’s the reason why he made it to only number 2, though I’m still a big fan!

Number 1.  –  Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Out of all the wrestlers in the world, I would not want to face this man without fear. Jake the Snake was an unstable genius. He spoke slowly and methodically. He’d play with wrestler’s minds and scare them with his snake Damian. No one in their right mind would want to mess with him. And worst of all, if the match ends and he’s still standing, you better leave because he will put the python, that he carries, on you as you lay on the ground. I remember when Macho Man was tied up an Jake let his python bite Randy Savage on the arm where blood is poor down, it was just simply too much to bear. Even without Jake’s snake, he still scares you, both on and off camera. Jake The Snake Roberts even scares his co-workers beyond belief and that’s why he earn my number 1 spot as the scariest wrestler of all time!