Top 5 Couples in Pro Wrestling

Image result for wrestling couplesWrestling is not just a sport, but “sports entertainment”, as Vince McMahon called it. So while other sports do not generally have romance involved, because of the nature of professional wrestling organizations, most have male and female performers and thus more of a chance for romance. Thus with storylines, it may seem more natural to pair up two of the performers, or have love triangles to interest both male and female fans. Professional wrestling has many facets to its nature, and although the majority of wrestling fans are male, it still retains many soap opera elements, which in this case appeal to people of both sexes. Each man and woman gets something different from it, but in general men may receive titillation from a (usually) attractive woman engaging in amorous acts with someone, and a woman viewer enjoys the sweet, romantic factor of the relationship. Romances between wrestlers, or between wrestlers and valets, can have different reasons behind them. They can be because the two are a couple in reality; to serve the purposes mentioned above (titillation and drama), or to further a storyline that may have little or nothing to do with romantic relationships.

Number 5.  –  Goldust & Marlena

WWF fans didn’t know what to make of this bizarre heel duo when they debuted in 1995. They are still so nostalgic to go back and watch because they were the most creative side of the New Generation era. Goldust, sporting a blond wig and gold and black face paint, was portrayed as being either gay or bisexual (it was never made clear), and he had a habit of quoting lines from movies in his promos. Marlena (Terri Runnels, Dustin’s wife at the time) was his sexy, cigar-smoking accomplice. The antics of Goldust and Marlena were at the forefront of the WWF’s transformation from family entertainment to an edgier, more adult product. Goldust and Marlena made making other people uncomfortable into an art form. Terri and Dustin Runnels were two people who fans just couldn’t figure out. Goldust would be passionate towards her while also acting interesting in his opponents. A storyline involving Brian Pillman “winning” Marlena after a match was cut short by the passing of Pillman, and after that the couple never really found their stride again. When the couple parted ways in real life, WWE brass tried everything they could to find separate roles for the two, but they will always be linked as Marlena and Goldust.

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Number 4.  –  Beulah McGillicutty & Tommy Dreamer

Early 1995 Raven started a fued with Tommy Dreamer. Tommy could never seem to pin Raven and the rivalry gotten more intense. Then Raven brought in a friend from both Tommy and Raven’s Childhood. This “friend” was none other then the beautiful Beulah McGillicutty. This was used to bring nightmares to life as Tommy’s past now becomes Raven’s lust. Then in 1996 Beulah had announced she was pregnant. Raven beat the crap outta Stevie Richards cause he thought Richards did it…but then Beulah said it’s not Stevie’s Baby…It’s Tommy’s! Dreamer came to her rescue and finally took her as his own now becoming his new manager/valet.  But with this Beulah also brought a fued to Dreamer. You see Beulah was fueding with Francine so that would bring up Dreamer/Beulah vs. Douglas/Francine matches in 97′ But back to 96′. Raven brought in another woman…this time it was Kimona Wanalaya! She helped out Raven but then in June of 96′ “Franchise” Shane Douglas announced to the world that Kimona was cheating on Raven….he said it wasn’t with Tommy….it was with Beulah! Raven then was just shocked as Beulah and Kimona and Tommy KISSED in the middle of the Ring leaving many stations to no longer show ECW. In Tommy’s career, he built his bloody way up to this long term relationship to a real-life marriage. Though a lot of the stuff that they both went through was both violent and perverted, what matters is how the chemistry works and it worked extremely well. I will never forget the time in ECW One Night Stand 2005, when Beulah came to interfere in Tommy Dreamer’s match against the Dudley Boys, Tommy all bloodied up gave Beulah a passionate hug for coming to the show and recreating their time in Extreme Championship Wrestling. As unusual as it sounds, it was some of the most romantic moments that I’ve ever seen in wrestling and I say that Tommy Dreamer and Beulah are the Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth of ECW!

Number 3.  –  Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

There were a lot of romance going around in the late 90’s and early 2000’s in the world of wrestling and it was catching on to a biggest audience who was into this sort of thing. We had Chyna and Eddie Geurerro, Lita and Matt Hard, and Stephanie and Hunter. The McMahon-Helmsley Era was a glorious one indeed. The couple’s reign in the WWF, which spanned the latter part of 1999 through 2000, was the main story line during a time when the WWF was at its peak both creatively and in popularity. It began when Triple H tricked the wholesome daughter of Vince McMahon into marrying him. At first she seemed mortified at having married the crude leader of D-Generation X, but she eventually turned on her father and revealed that she and Triple H were indeed a couple. Overnight, sweet, innocent Stephanie morphed into an obnoxious, screechy-voiced, scantily-clad heel. After a disgusted Vince McMahon took some time off, the power-hungry couple had all the stroke in the company and constantly stacked the deck against the babyfaces. The couple eventually split up on camera, and then got married in real life.

Number 2.  –  Matt Hardy and Lita

It’s really sad to see that these we no longer see these two lovebirds the same any more because of the tragic love affair that Edge got involved in. As much as other people would like to say that Edge and Lita were a great couple, I will always say that the chemistry of Matt and Lita was so much better. Lita gained fame ever since her stint with the Hardy Boyz as Team Xtreme. Ever since then, Matt and Lita have been dating, and were together for years. They had endured injuries and time offs, being away from each other. But that all came crashing down when Matt realized that Amy Dumas was cheating on him, with his good friend Adam Copeland, aka Edge. What happened after that, was the biggest true – kayfabe – true drama in the history of pro wrestling. First, Matt came out with the affair and publicized it through social media, when Edge was in the middle of the biggest push of his career. This led to Matt getting released, and Edge and Lita being paired on screen as well. Due to the over whelming support from the fans, Matt was brought back, and was immediately thrown in a feud with Edge. This led to Matt getting the push of his career, and later getting released from the company. I never really like the Edge and Lita chemistry because it felt completely degenerated rather than intimate like Matt was. It felt like the next upcoming Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth because the relationship was so realistic and honest. There were a lot of dramatic moments where either one of them got hurt and it was not only effecting their careers but also their relationship. The audience were so invested into this relationship because they both risked everything for their careers and did their best to protect each other from the dangers in the ring. But it’s one of those aspects where we have to accept reality because Matt and Lita had to move on. Matt is now married to a different woman and Lita still continues to stay in spirit. The good news is that they hold no grudges against each other and learned to accept what they have.

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Number 1.  –  “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth

“The Macho Man” had all the necessary tools to be a superstar when he entered the WWF in 1984. But what really shot him to the top was the decision to make the lovely Elizabeth his manager in 1985. Elizabeth, Savage’s real-life wife at the time (but not acknowledged as such in story lines), was the first female manager in WWF history. The couple made for an interesting dichotomy, as people loved the elegant, quiet Elizabeth, but hated Savage, who verbally abused and bullied her. Savage’s jealousy over then-tag partner Hulk Hogan “having lust in his eyes” for Elizabeth was the basis for the main event at WrestleMania V in 1989 between Savage and Hogan. After Savage and Elizabeth spit in the story line, they had a memorable and emotional reunion at WresteMania VII. Their on-screen marriage at SummerSlam several months later produced a famous angle making one of the most memorable moments in WWE history, and their countless matches together helped build them into the greatest couple in WWE history.

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