Top 5 Couples in Movies

When cinema was first introduced the first genre of film was romance. Over a hundred years later, audiences everywhere comes to see romantic movies just to feel the embracing experience of cinema’s interpretation of love. Just like science fiction, romance is some of the most successful movie genres ever as for over a century, film makers still manages to get worldwide attention just to have performances to kiss (and possibly have sex). Though romance has been the backbone of the world of cinema, romantic movies has evolved over the years from being love at first sight to varied couples with different expressions of love. Nowadays Romantic-comedies floods the movie market year after year, once in a while we get a romantic movie that always gives us something different, special, and even realistic as it changes how we express it. All romantic movies heavily relies on two or more performances on how figure out that they’re made for each other. Romantic movies, admittedly, is a mixed bag because many times the chemistry between two actors are embarrassing, overtly cliched, and unbelievable that they managed to film such atrocity. But when it’s well acted, the audience instantly falls for it. Two actors has to carry out the entire movie and try to keep it interesting as they share the same screen together. In this list I’m only counting the live-action on-screen couples because I’ve already did a list of the Top 10 Cartoon Couples and it wouldn’t be fair to have them oversaturate the list and not have the live-action romantic performances to give a chance. So here’s the list of the best on-screen performances of romance ever put on to film!

Number 5.  –  William Shakespeare and Viola

The story of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette has been told almost a million times right now that in order to make it interesting again is to give us a whole new style of telling the story. This is a fictional tale of Shakespeare’s struggle of making his stageplay on Romeo and Juliette and instead he found inspiration with a lovely beauty named Viola de Lesseps. Her part of the story is that she’s force to marry soon to a rich slob and all she wanted to do was to act and this was the time when women are banned from doing such a thing. Not only Shakespeare fell in love with her, but he did the most forbidden thing in making her look like a boy portraying as an “actor” playing as Romeo. William Shakespeare desired nothing but to make this play successful but what makes his journey so interesting is that Viola is there with him all the way practicing, supporting, helping, and also making love behind closed doors. If you think that’s cliche or generic, then ask me this; What romantic couple has EVER quoted each other’s work during sex?  😮  If I ever met a woman who actually quoted my own work out of great passion, then there’s no other way to say it but she is the one.

Number 4.  –  Theodore Twombly & Samantha

Theodore Twombly is a love guru. Well, if you read the heartfelt letters he writes for strangers around the country, you’d be convinced that this man has romance down like a science. Employed at a company called Beautiful Handwritten Letters, Theodore is part of the Hallmark of the future. He dictates flowery prose to his computer, which in turn transcribes these sweet sentiments into handwritten mementos. But that’s not making him any happier because he’s unhappily divorced and is too scared to meet someone new. But in the world that he’s in, it all of the sudden became a normal to had a relationship with an A.I. computer. And that’s where Samantha comes in. Theodore know it feels awkward to communicate with Samantha, but as the continue to converse throughout the movie, she was able to convince him that she can be just as human as to any girl. Despite the fact that she’s a computer and only can see the outside world through his phone’s camera and communicate with his ear-set, she’s so encouraging and willing to make you happy. Theodore needs someone like Samantha to help his personal problems of opening himself to the world and knowing what he really wants in life. At the same time, she’s so connected to Theodore at the point where she wants to feel like a human and physically be there for him. This is the one relationship where communication is the strength of the relationship, not the kissing and sex. It’s a really one of the most complicated and strangest relationship ever seen on film, it managed to convince the audience that love is more than getting lucky, it’s getting connect well to your significant other and make each other happy.

Number 3.  –  Bonnie and Clyde

You know, being historically inaccurate or change the actual real life story into a Hollywood adaptation is often a terrible idea, but Bonnie & Clyde is a major exception to that rule. Faye Dunaway’s role as Bonnie Parker is some of the most gorgeous performances ever. For the sake that she was in love with Clyde through the influence of hybristophilia, it’s amazing that the power of attractiveness can make a woman do anything, even join you in robbing banks on a runaway love trip. Seeing Clyde teaching Bonnie how to be a gunwoman is some of the most romantic aspects of the movie, even despite how twisted it is in real life. I might be wrong, but she was the first movie female character that actually used a gun on a shooting spree and made it sexy killing people with no remorse. When they’re in love you can really feel her passion and motivation of being in love and it almost felt real. They can go in to hell and back together knowing that they are willing and able to do anything together. It’s all part of Dunaway’s performance of Bonnie that makes finding your dream girl look plausible which is why she’s ranked as my number 1 hottest female characters in movies. 

Number 2.  –  Clarence & Alabama Worley

Though this couple was inspired by the Bonnie and Clyde film, Quintin Tarantino managed to perfect his inspiration by making a couple that’s more powerful, passionate, and impulsive than the previous pick. Romance movie really need to very exciting for their audience because you can do so much more than just kissing and building up love between two characters. When Bonnie and Clyde really proved that the genre can do so much more and it took several decades later we seen something like that again. The best thing about many cult films is the depth of interpretation and detail they carry with them. Clarence is a lonely soul whose life thrives on the imaginary. He works in a comic book store, worships the aura of Elvis Presley, and lives vicariously through movies. The night he goes to see the Sonny Chiba triple feature, the night of his birthday, he meets Alabama. The two fall in love and the rest is history. A violent history with a wild ride. But knowing that Alabama is a hooker, he didn’t hesitate but to go up to her pimp and ask for her freedom. After denied and laughed at, he went as far as to killing him and runaway with her. It might be idiotic of him to do such a thing, but he was man enough to show that he really did love her. They go to California with a pimp’s suitcase full of cocaine and sell it to a big-shot movie producer, all the while outrunning the cops and the mafia. As they’re being chased down by so many, they go through some violent situations for the sake of their own survival. Clarence is such a forgiving person that once you opened his heart, he will never let go. And as for Alabama, she’s that type of girl that is willing to do anything you want as long as they both make you happy. Though she has to endure a lot of violence and drug dealing, just like Bonnie Parker, she shows the audience that there dream-girls are possible. That’s some of the most romantic aspects of the movie and don’t ever forget why True Romance should be remembered as Quentin Tarantino’s best work.

Jessie and Celine

Number 1.  –  Celine and Jesse

There is no movie couples that are more realistic and powerful than Celine and Jesse series in the Before trilogy. We’re talking about three romance movies that’s all about these two couples that only communicate and know each other more and more. The first movie Before Sunset is how these two first met in the train to France but since these two were physically attracted to each other and looked interesting to talk to, they decided to go on a crazy idea of stopping in Germany and spend an entire day with each other. What’s wonderful about this movie is that all they’re doing is walking in Germany and continuously converse about intellectual and in-depth subjects that makes you feel like you’re really there. The sad part of the film is that they have to go back to their lives, Jesse had to go back to America while she has to move back to France. Both of them realizes that long distance relationships will never work and it will depress them if they start communicating. So they have an idea, five years from now they meet in the same spot that they separated only leaving us to wish for a sequel.

And 9 years later, we actually got that sequel, in Before Sunset. Jesse became a author and wrote a novel based on his moment with Celine because he showed up in the location that they’re in but she didn’t. He says that his book is fiction, but it was his chance to find Celine if she’s still out there. After his interview in France, he finally found her waiting outside of her bookstore. But a lot of has chanced since they last saw each other because Jesse is married and Celine has been in a lot of failed relationships. Just like the last film they exchange a lot of intelligent communication and walked in random places in the city that they are in. The problem however is that Jessie has to make it to his flight back to America but he want to spend more time with Celine. The movie ended when Jesse decided to stay with Celine some more.

Then 9 years later, we actually got the third movie, Before Midnight, where the two of them are actually married and have twin daughters. They’re located in Italy for a marriage retreat because their marriage was falling apart. On-screen couples come and goes, but Jesse and Celine connected well with the audience at the point where Richard Linklater delivered on giving us a successful romance trilogy. Looking at the series as a whole show how life really changed over the years only making us realize how love itself changes with it. More importantly, there were was no unrealistic romance between the two just to embrace the audience, instead it was nothing more than just honestly and down-to-Earth love that they both had for each other. You can actually watch all of these movies and learn how to be a better lover because of the realism of communication can open a person’s heart and also know of your lover as well. If that’s not a good enough reason to be number 1 then I don’t know what will.

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