Top 10 Romances That Needed More!

You know what’s the hardest part about love or staying in a relationship? It’s spending so much time on someone you believe is the “one” and then one day you’re separated. It’s something that will happen to anyone, but somehow fiction caught up with reality and reminds us our own heartbreaks. Since Valentines Day is over, I think it’s a great time for me to list out my own 10 romantic couples or relationships that never became a success. On Valentines Day, I’ve made a list of my favorite Romances that was a hard list to make, however, here on this list, I’ve been so disappointed with so many fallen relationships that was so entertaining and so engaging to see that ended in a disappointing note that could have done more. I would of instead of made a Top 10 “Worst” Romances, but that’s just like making a list of the Top 10 Worst Romantic Comedies and you can just look that up anywhere on the internet. Here on this list, I feel so passionate about relationships that I bought many of them like a sucker in hopes that they were going to live happily ever after, like a fairy tail, but broke my heart because they should of done more. I like to remind everyone that in my Favorite Romances list, there were some heartbreaks towards the end, but I believed they did enough to keep me satisfied when they were together. Here in this list however, my picks are just seeing that there’s a connection between the characters but the storytellers didn’t do as much as they could have done. The only way to make it in the list is if they [actually] affection with one another; not these fan-made fiction of pairing two characters that never actually happened or had a unannounced love-interest that never came in a light of day.

Number 10 – Quasimodo & Esmeralda

I remember how so thrilling and engaging it was to see The Hunchback from Notre Dame in theaters in 1996 as a kid. Seeing Quasimodo as one of the saddest and most pitiful characters I’ve ever seen showed that he really needed someone to love because behind that ugly face of his he had a heart of gold that has been misunderstood all of his life. And then you have Esmeralda, a very, very, very beautiful female character who is as well misunderstood because of her Gypsy race that has been despised by the French. Even though all the men wanted her because she was such a voluptuous-looking woman, she didn’t want a man because of her body, but instead had the heart to do anything for her. Having Qausi meeting her was like a dream come true and what really opened my eyes that they were made for each other was the scene where Quasimodo was tied up and was thrown tomatoes at him, Esmeralda stopped everyone from humiliating him even further. I don’t think anyone has ever done that to Quasimodo and that showed how powerful the connection between those characters really were.

Heck she showed him to see the outside world out of the church that he was a prisoner in and shouldn’t be ashamed on how he looked. It looked as if there was no other man for her… but there were other men after her like…

Quasimodo’s master, Frollo. Who actually sang an epic song about the lust & temptation for her.

Also Captain Phoebus (Generic one). So out of all the picks that Esmeralda could have chosen as her man, who was it?


Well, that shows that in reality women actually does need the looks for their dream man. I mean, I can’t blame them if someone that looks like this to ask you to be in a relationship with.

I’ll bet you’ll reject someone who looks like this.  Overall, Disney did a daring move in not making the main character have the main female character. That’s one of the more reasons why The Hunchback from Notre Dame is in my Top 25 Animated Movies List and the whole point of the movie was to have an ugly duckling to be accepted by society, not get laid which is why it’s so low in the list, but I can’t help it but put it on Number 10 because my inner-child of mine still cries “THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOGETHER!!” 😥

Number 9 – Viktor Navorski & Amilia Warren

Now here’s my favorite movie of all time, The Terminal. This is a VERY special movie for me because of the really believable acting, magical moments, camera shots, and so much more that needs be recognized. This is one of the most underrated movies of all time. The Terminal is about a man trapped in a terminal at the JFK Airport when he is denied entry into the United States and at the same time cannot return to his native country, the fictitious Krakozhia, due to a revolution. During his stay in the airport he helped many of the people working just to make their life better no matter what the situation is. The more that he helped out the more magical the movie becomes.  But I’ll talk about that movie in the near future, but right now let’s discuss about Viktor’s love interest, Amelia Warren. While Viktor is trapped in the airport and is not allowed to leave there, he kept stumbling across this stewardess that keeps arriving at the same terminal number. Before they met up with each other, she was in a love affair with a married man. When the man finally chose his wife over her through the phone, Viktor offer her some help and support. He didn’t tell her who he really was otherwise Amelia might not like him, but he only told half the truth. After Viktor made new friends and helped them out, they owed him a favor. He used it in help for getting a date with Amelia. Successfully, they had a wonderful dinner together night in the airport. Heck, Viktor made a VERY beautiful present just for her which you have to see for yourself

Even though security told Amelia who Viktor really was, she was asked a question “You’re the type of woman that could get any man that she wants… why Viktor?” and her response was “That’s something that a guy like you will never understand…” 8D  If a woman said that in defense for you, you know she is the one! Towards the end, she’s responsible for Viktor’s freedom of getting him out of the Terminal, unfortunately getting Viktor’s contract for his freedom costed a lot for her and that’s something you have to see for yourself. As powerful and meaningful the relationship between Viktor and Amelia really was, just like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, I put this romance low on the list because the relationship wasn’t the whole point of the movie. The whole point of the Terminal was to help the helpless and get freed as a result. But it really was a selling point to see Tom Hanks (my favorite actor) & Catherine-Zeta Jones (my dream girl) to display an impeccable performance on screen which is one of the reasons that why this one of, if not my favorite movie of all time! I’m still mixd to whether or not I wanted Viktor to get the girl at the end, but I think I could go for another extra hour of the film to see more of them continue their relationship.  

Number 8 – Tai & Sora – Digimon Adventure 01 & 02

The one thing that Digimon had over Pokemon was that their character development was so much better and very relatable. Every one of the main characters have something to relate to but the one I so fondly was immersed to see was watching Tai and Sora together. Throughout their adventures, Tai and Sora felt like the perfect match; both of them were adventurous, active, caring, logical thinkers, and even leadership material. Every time with the group, very often Sora is very supportive with Tai and supports the many decisions he has made. They do have a rocky relationship whenever Tai is acting childish (boys will always be boys) but whenever he’s serious and mature, you can tell that Sora is turned-on, but they weren’t even in a relationship yet.  What’s a high point about their relationship was when Sora didn’t speak to Tai in Digimon: The Movie for getting upset when she receives a hair clip from Tai for her birthday and felt that he did not like her hat, and was perhaps suggesting so. Since then she wouldn’t pick up any of Tai’s calls or even want to hear his name, no matter how badly he wanted to say he was sorry and needed her help. It’s one of those things that guys have to put up with whenever they hurt a girl’s feelings. She finally accepts his apology when she reads an email from him, and Sora ends up wearing the hairclip and apologizing to him for becoming upset (in the Japanese version) but in the English dub, Tai accidentally said “Love, Tai” at the end of the mail which made her say “Stupid Tai…” Then in Digimon Adventure 02… God… I just despise Digimon Adventure 02 because of putting our main character from the first season as side characters that no longer have a purpose being replaced those stupid new characters… (okay… okay… I’ll calm down now)… Then in Digimon Adventure 02, Tai and Sora were going steady and became a new relationship towards each other. Nothing really developed throughout the second season because being that they’re shoved in the back as side characters, we never got the romantic development that was needed to be desired. The only thing that at least sparkled was a kiss Tai gave to Sora under the mistletoe for the Christmas tradition. But towards the end… I just can’t believe they pulled this shit off at us…

…Are you serious?! Sora married Matt instead of Tai? If I recall, I never seen Sora showing much to no affection to Matt. I mean what Chemistry does Matt and Sora even have? I mean seriously, they thrown in the last minute that told us that Sora didn’t marry Tai for the weakest reasons that you just can’t pull at your audience! I put so much emotional investment between the two and I started crying like JesuOtaku. They have so much in common that it can’t be done any other way. I’m not saying that they need to be together, but if they were going to [not] be together at least show us what happened to make them split and why did she go to Matt? If I were Tai, I would have murdered him for taking my girl and that’s something that “best friends” should never do… EVER!


Number 7 –  Aisling & Brendan from The Secret of Kells

I love the deep friendship between these two and it’s ashamed that it could have been more since the subplot of Branden’s town trying to protect itself from Vikings, who threatens in destroy his home, some how gets in the way.” I still feel that way since I first saw Secret of Kells. I loved the relationship between Aisling and Brendon because it reminded me of my very own childhood where I used to have a best friend who was a girl and we used to play together in the woods. Just seeing the movie brings a smile on my face of how wondrous and magical it is to just play around in an area with no adult supervision. Somehow just seeing these two showed that they were destined for each other; hoping that when they grow up they could fall in love. Aisling, the spirit girl, is some of the best cartoon characters in recent year for being so fun and wonderful. She encourages Branden (who’s supposed to finish illustrating the Book of Kells) to adventure through places he’s never been Yeah, it sounds corny to see a young priest falling in love with a spirit, but like what (old) Bioware taught us, it’s nothing to be ashamed to fall in love with someone who isn’t human. One thing that really changed the relationship between Branden & Aisling was when Branden made the choice to go in the forbidden cave and Aisling instantly changed into a creepy ghost & abandoned him. When Branden grew up and to see his village he was Aisling, in her wolf form and they refused to converse with each other as she lead him the way to his own town. Just seeing that there’s a huge disconnection between the two just broke my heart and nearly destroyed the movie for me. Secret of Kells will always be remembered for those magical moment of the two playing with each other not the second half were everything went to chaos and all that character development went to the shitter. Even if they weren’t at all “liking” each other at least acknowledge the fact that they knew each other very well.

Number 6 – Alita & Hugo from Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita is actually my favorite manga series of all time. Whatever you do, don’t bother watching the OVA because it butchered the whole purpose and magic of this phenomenal sci-fi series. Here we have Alita, she a cyborg who has superhuman strength, very kind-hearted, master of martial arts, sensitive and very helpful to one’s she cares about. Around Volume 2, she met a sweet and mysterious boy named Hugo. At first he was assumed to be a mysterious mechanic orphan but it turned out that he’s a thief stealing cyborg parts in the street. Their time together was very magical to read through as they get to know each other and develop a new relationship. Alita’s guardian and creator, Daisuke Ido forbids her to see him. That is until she found out what Hugo was really doing and confronted him. Seeing that Hugo never meant to hurt her; he only does it to survive, they didn’t hate each other but instead…

It’s moments like this that you wish would just see where it goes. Seeing that he’s a wanted man every bounty hunter and even Alita’s enemies wanted Hugo. The most surprising thing was he head got cut off but was still alive because Alita connected his neck to her body in order to give life-support mechanism (that’s an ingenious idea to keep someone alive!)

 photo BA-02-157_zps76ad4f28.jpg

If a girl is willing to keep you a live like that then you should never break her heart, but unfortunately… when they brought him back to life and put him in his new cyborg body, his obsession of getting to the upper city in the sky, a forbidden area for the low class slumps, he got shot down and it scarred Alita at an emotional level where she could not be with her new family no longer. Throughout the series we’ve been reminded of the memories of Hugo. Even though Figure Four was Alita’s second boyfriend after Hugo…

He wasn’t very supportive nor did he even bother to be in the rest of Alita’s journey after they met. It’s ashamed that they’ve tried to replace Hugo for a guy who isn’t as supportive or carrying.

Number 5 – Mina Mongoose & Sonic the Hedgehog 

Like I said in my favorite comic book couples, the Sonic the Hedgehog series have been on-going for this long was because of the action and the love-triangles Sonic himself put himself through. Sally was my favorite Sonic love-interest but my second favorite will alwyas be Mina Mongoose. Mina is exclusively an Archie character who so desired Sonic the Hedgehog more so than Amy Rose could ever try. Out of all the female characters that deserve to be with Sonic the most, Mina is the one!

Though she is a damsel in distress, there are various reasons why she is the one. For one, she’s been in multiple near death events and her mother has been roboticized by Robotnik’s roboticizer and is a mindless slave to Robotnik’s commands. She’s the one character in the Mobius universe who’s probably the most emotionally scarred and nice girl like that needs be comforted from the harsh realities she’d experienced. Why I think Sonic and Mina are really a great match is because they both have super speed, both of their parents have been roboticized, and the strive for peace and prosperity. Unlike Sally who’s annoyed by Sonic’s eco, Mina on the other hand is turned-on by his activeness and thrill for an adventure. After being rescued multiple times, she found something special in him. Though she just realized that he and Sally were in a relationship, she never gave up in winning Sonic’s heart. Out of all the characters in the Sonic comic universe, I felt the most pity for her because not only has she endured so many travesties but also a lot of heartbreaks each time she tries to open Sonic’s heart and take a huge step in her relationship with him. Though she never made an enemy or competition with Sally or any other girl interested in Sonic, she always tried to prove to herself. But I’ll never forget that moment where she was so heartbroken that she was willing and able to sacrifice herself from a gunfire from Fang the Sniper and took the bullet at the back…

That’s another one of the saddest moments of the Sonic comic series. She strived so long and hard for Sonic to like her that she had to take that bullet for him. Fortunately, she survived, waking up in a hospital bed only to finally give up on Sonic. It’s these soap-opera-like moments like this that made the Sonic the Hedgehog comics series so damn memorable. I really wished that Sonic would at least once allowed Mini to be in a relationship because it’s so unfair for her to be the only one who didn’t get the cake while a lot of girls in the Sonic universe got a slice out of him. Mina moved on with life pursuing her pop/rock career and today she’s now in a relationship with Ash Mongoose…

I’m so happy for dear ol’ Mina, but I thought if Sonic ever gave her a chance, she might be, “might be” a better girlfriend than Sally Acorn.

Number 4 – San & Ashitaka

Don’t even deny it, you wanted to see these two together but somehow Studio Ghibli refused to give its audience the proper love towards end of nearly all of their movies. Ashitaka and San stands out as the best of the Studio Ghibli relationships is because they had the most screen time and the most powerful connection towards each other. Seriously, Ashitaka as the bridge between the war between man vs. nature in hopes of trying to live in peace with each other and the only person who understood his motivation is San of the Wolf Tribe. San was raised by wolves and was dedicated to slaughter the humans in Iron Town, until Ashitaka saved her from getting killed by the same very people. Though he carries the curse on his right arm, she grew affection for him and did everything to keep him alive. I remember Ashitaka on his back paralyzed, nearly stabbed by San out of rage, he said “You’re very beautiful…” and she held back out of shock.  And even more powerful, when she fead him mouth-to-mouth when she chewed his food and passed it down to his mouth for him to swallow that almost look like a kiss.  Every time either one of them say something to each other, it just keeps developing and getting better for the both of them even though the battle of Iron Town and the Forrest grew ever more bloodier. By the end when the forest was destroyed but somehow saved the Earth from the Forest Spirit’s wrath, they could have stayed together and have San to forgive the humans and give them a second chance. Though Ashitaka means much to San, she still hates humans for their actions and decides to remain in the forest. For all we know they promised to see each other again… my only wish was to see more by adding an extra hour of the film. You heard me right, even though this was in my number 4 pick of my favorite animated movies list, they should have made it longer in my humble opinion.

Number 3 – Vesper Lynd & James Bond

Just to make things clear, Vesper Lynd is not my favorite Bond-girl, that pick belongs to Elektra King, but Vesper Lynd is perhaps the most realistic bond girl. She isn’t voluptuous, she isn’t a damsel in distress, she isn’t a coward that relies James Bond to do all the work, but she’s everything else that defies Bond girl qualifications that in itself became a cliché in the series. Vesper stood out as a realistic woman doing her job on keeping an eye on James Bond, but somehow that affection came out for the both of them as they go through some of the deadliest missions the series has ever faced.  For the first time I thought there was really a meaningful bond (no pun intended) between the two. James Bond still is a character that wants to have the next woman in his bed, but never have I felt that Vesper really meant something to him. I remember Bond being poison and she sprung into action in saving his life. But what really stood out as real affection was after Bond finished off some henchmen that almost got themselves killed, they went straight to the show to cool themselves off from the fear of dying which really felt atmospheric like love in the air.  But the one thing that really flipped the table was at the end, Vesper turned out to be a thief and betrayed James Bond for the treasure that they were looking for. Just the mere fact that she fooled James Bond, he hasn’t really felt this in love since he married Tracy in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. When I saw Casino Royale for the first time and heard that Daniel Craig’s take on Bond was going to destroy all of the series clichés, I really though that Vesper was going to be the same bond girl in two movies in a role because the affair between the two was so powerful that it needed more screen time, but no. She had to die in the last minute and we really didn’t know enough about Vesper. They’ve mentioned her in Quantum of Solace, but even as that disappointing as that movie was, it should never even mentioned her name because she was replaced by that skimpy, sex-symbol Camille Montes that somehow brought the Bond-cliché right back in. Casino Royale did a lot of daring decisions and that’s why it still hold a special place in my heart as one of the best bond movies. It’s amazing as Vesper’s character was, she wasn’t really that attractive but she was presented as the most real of the James Bond girls.

Number 2 – Lucy & Kouta

Nothing in not only in my mind, but in my heart says that no other romance has been as incomplete as Lucy & Kouta from Elfen Lied. I say it from the edge of my soul that these two deserve so much of each other that it’s needed more than ever. Both of them made their mistakes and as a result they live through it throughout the rest of their lives. By mistakes, I mean huge mistakes. Elfen Lied is a manga/anime series that is about an altered human mutation called Deiclonius that are the biggest threat to human kind because they can grow invisible hands out of their backs that can slice any object and push aways any projectiles and they can genetically mutate any human being with just a touch of their flesh. Apparently Lucy became a violent killer after a very tragic childhood living in an orphanage with little to no friend and has bullies surrounding her. After one of the bullies killed her dog, she grew out her arms and slaughtered the entire orphanage for revenge. She killed so many in her way and hid from the public until one day she stopped killing for a boy that she actually liked. Kouta found her in the wood and they began to play together. They grew a bonded powerful friendship that developed into relationship. Lucy’s time with Kouta has been so special to her that she cherished it to her dying day. Then she grew jealous when Kouta took her own cousin to a festival without her knowing about it. Not knowing that it was her cousin, it broke her heart and began a multiple manslaughter. The last thing she did was to have her revenge against Kouta for lying to her by killing his family. Since then Kouta has been in serious therapy to forget about their deaths and Lucy’s been locked up in an experimental prison she long to search for Kouta for his forgiveness. But she had to go through so many soldiers who tries to keep her locked up. After a bullet to her helmet that didn’t go through her head, she survived but developed a second personality. By destiny, Kouta and his cousin Yuka found Lucy in the beach but she wasn’t Lucy any more, she was Nyu; the complete opposite of Lucy where she’s very innocent and never want to hurt anyone. Kouta and Yuka took Nyu in and took care of her and from there on out they started a whole new family. The majority of the series, it was Nyu that spent more time with Kouta even though Lucy deserves it more. Nyu has no memories of what Lucy did and she’ll never become like Lucy herself. But at times Kouta begins to fall in love with Nyu because of her kindness and a reminder of someone he once knew before he found out that she’s a cold-blooded killer. Whenever Nyu switches back to Lucy, she never had the guts to say sorry to Kouta until the end, but each time she’s out of the house she had to face the ones who want to take her down and bring her back to the prison. Lucy strives for her freedom so that she could just have one more chance to say what she always wanted to say to Kouta for her own redemption. It just needed a matter of time to do be able to do it.


By end of the anime series Kouta remembers Lucy and accepts her apology by kissing Lucy so that she won’t kill no more, but mysteriously disappeared & separated with no reason whatsoever. On the manga series he acts realistically by not forgiving her until Lucy saved him from the force who’s been after her since her escape. You know what, both of them didn’t get enough time to resolve their issues with each other nor have they developed that fulfilling relationship we all wanted to see. Most of the time it’s always Nyu, Lucy’s second personality, that spend a lot of time with Kouta as Kouta develops as a father/brother figure since he’s trying to relive the year he missed since his sister was murdered by Lucy. At the place that they live Kouta learns to be a better person and help the helpless. Nothing cries out better for me than the deep tale of Elfen Lied. It explores the themes of Jealously, social alienation, abuse, regret and the value of humanity. There has never been a sadder story in my time experiencing fiction that I wished to have actual time with Lucy and Kouta. Being so eager to say something to each other has always been something to be desired. The pains and sorrows display in these drawing opened my heart that there are so many people like this that felt the same way. I always like a good cry watching Elfen Lied, whether if it’s satisfying or dissatisfying many aspects are, but either way, there’s no experience like Elfen Lied for me. It was incredible on how relatable this anime/manga series was that I just can’t get enough of it. That’s why putting Lucy and Kouta at number one of the Romances that Needed More because damn it all that’s what Elfen Lied really needed; to each us to learn to forgive no matter what the circumstances are (except internet trolls)

I can understand if you don’t like Elfen Lied as much as I do, heck I even put Akira as my number 1 Favorite Animated Movie of All Time and some disagree, but that’s alright we all like different things. I just like the fact that Elfen Lied is very meaningful to me that it’s a precious series for me that I can’t get enough of it.



Number 1 – Captain Kholin & Masha

Here’s another one of my favorite movies of all time “Ivan’s Childhood.” One reason why you might not herd of this movie is because it was filmed at the same time when soviet Russia was the U.S.S.R. and no one in the western world could even touch it, let a lone even hear of it until years later. That’s why Andrei Tarkovsky is one of the most underrated film directors of all time. He has a perfect track record of making mesmerizing and emotional movies that even makes Stanley Kubrick a run for his money (you heard me right, Tarkovsky is one hell of a director!) Ivan’s Childhood is Andrei Tarkovsky’s first movie and already he proved that he has more than just talent. Ivan’s Childhood is about orphan boy Ivan and his experiences during World War II and is protected by the Russian military. But there’s that one subplot that should had more screen-time, let alone should of been a whole movie in my personal opinion.There’s this army nurse named Masha who’s been helping many wounded soldiers. Captain Kholin admired her beauty and her passion in helping the military. They had a walk together in a forrest where there’s no one around, no battles taking place, just the two of them. While Masha was avoiding Captain Kholin a little more as he get’s closer to her affection, the relationship get’s closer and closer. There was this one step that she could not take that the Captain offered to assist to take her across then suddenly…

That shot was some of the most romantic scenes I’ve ever seen in a film. I could care less if Captain Kholin’s approach for her was for lust, it was too beautiful to see such affection every time I watch that very shot. It was so embracing to see Masha lifted up her feet as Kholin held her as tight as he could from letting her fall. Too bad that only lasted about 20 seconds and it was only a subplot of the movie. After that we never see those two together which is why I believed the whole affection between the two should of been the whole movie. I mean where did they go from there? Are they seeing each other again? Where are they at now? Think about it, is it more interesting to see a kid who hates life to be in the middle of WWII or would you rather see two love-birds developing a relationship in a middle of WWII? To me, seeing Captain Kholin and Nurse Masha was the most interesting characters in the whole film and that’s what we’ll never get enough of. However I still recommend watching Ivan’s Childhood even if the movie is not about the romance that I so desire to see.