Top 10 Playstation (PS1) Games

It’s interesting to see what was supposed to be the Super Nintendo’s CD add-on carried itself to be one of the most important consoles of all time. Having Sony trying to compete against Nintendo in the gaming market was a daring move because Sony has never done business with video games. But the original Playstation started out with no audience and many competitors already in the 32 bit era like the Sega Saturn, 3DO, and more. Years later, the Playstation became better over the years, gaining so much popularity because of the third party developers (at the time) developed their best efforts right on the Playstation’s library. There’s something about Nintendo’s hatred and disgust with the disc based games as the Nintendo 64 remained on a cartridge and many developers were upset with the N64’s limitations. It was the right place for the right time for Sony’s Playstation console to have developers like Square Soft to have Final Fantasy VII as their killer app to show what the system was made for. FFVII blew everyone’s minds and the Playstation many of the 3rd party developers on board in developing a brand new line of game library unlike any other. Many of the gamers who grew up from the NES were getting older and the Nintendo 64 wasn’t getting any games catering to the older audience. Suddenly, the Playstation became a console that offered mature titles that offering a great number of role-playing games, survival horror games, and types of games that had violence, sex, profanity, and many more that appeals to the older audience. At the same time Playstation offered titles that were also made fore younger audiences competes with anything that the N64 was offering like the platformers, action adventures, and many more. There were old classics making a big installment for the Playstaion (like Metal Gear, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, etc.) and brand new titles (like Crash, Spyro, Syphon Filter, Silent Hill, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and many more). There’s something for everyone on the Sony Playstation, and as well with any Sony console. Because of its world-wide appeal during its lifespan, the Playstation made video games a pop culture phenomenon. It created many amazing ideas to keep its audience interested like dance dance revolution, better stories told in video games, new gameplay innovations being made in the 3D world, good selling games can be on shelves again as “Greatest Hits,” and Sony even made a redesign of the console calling it the PSOne. The PSOne is THE best console redesign ever as it was made for a LCD screen attached to it making it suitable to carry it around with you. With the Sony PlayStation, gaming had finally grown up. I have great nostalgia for the Sony Playstation at it was the console that got me into gaming more so than any of the Nintendo console that I owned. Just looking at the old gray machine and turning it on just hearing the console’s start up screen always give me nostalgic joy.

And to even carry out the legacy of the system, the Playstation 3 proudly release PS1 games as downloadable on the Playstation Store and many Sony fans still bought those classics. Now only counting ten of the console of the 1990s was some of the toughest list to make. Each months, during it’s lifespan, had games that kept me interested and it always worth coming back to the games that I missed out on, only to be surprised and in awe. That’s how good the Playstation really is!  After given some time with this list, I was able to just pick ten of my favorite of all time! These are the Playstation games that has shown me that video games are more than just a hobby, it’s an experience that gradually taught me to the importance that games should tell you a great story, amazing visuals, and fantastic gameplay. And here are the ten PS1 games that seized it all!

Number 10.  –  The Legend of Dragoon

The classic style of JRPGs were coming to an end when the PS1′s lifespan was drawing near. Many of us began our love with the genre from Final Fantasy, but Legend of Dragoon is the purest of classic JRPGs that is so missed today. Nobody really gave a lot of credit to this game when it came out, saying that Sony was trying to compete against Square Soft… when they already are releasing games exclusively for the Playstation (face palm). I can understand why people disliked it, but I rather liked it back when it first came out and I thoroughly enjoyed it once more today. The Legend of Dragoon is one of the most underrated RPGs in the Playstation era. Probably the best thing about this game is the storyline. It has many plot-twists, a bit of wierdness that completes the fantasy RPG feel, and four entire disks of it.

The fact that it has so many plot twists makes it difficult to explain it without spoilers. But the basic structure of the story line is that you play the game, going around doing stuff, but you don’t really know what the end goal of the game is until you start the fourth disc. And what so cool about this game is not just the dragons, the awesome characters in your party, and the epic story, but it’s the battle mechanics. The gist of the battle system is to press the x button when both the blue squares lineup together. It pretty much counts on your timing and rhythm, as the window for success is quite tight.

Also, you need to be alert as every so often you will need to press circle to cancel out the enemy’s attempt of a counter attack. At the start of the game you will start off with a basic combo which allows you to get into grips of how the battle system works. Overtime, you unlock new combos which deal a lot more damage but get a lot tougher to pull off, which really is reminiscent to the gameplay of Super Mario RPG on the SNES. Truth be told, the battle system is by far the best thing about the game. I’m willing to believe that it deserves more credit than I first thought. It’s a game made for those who love fantasy adventures such as this one and it delivered on a piece of work. It succeeds on a beautiful atmosphere that reminds you of the days where 3D models were on front of a highly rendered background. Don’t miss out on this game because it’s been overlooked again, and again, and again just waiting for a bigger audience to see something great!

Number 9.  –  Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Considered by many fans to be the best of a long running series, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is a Tomb Raider-inspired Gothic adventure in which you play Raziel, an-ex vampire lord who now stalks the world devouring souls looking for revenge against his former master, the titular Kain. Created by Crystal Dynamics, who’s responsible for the Tomb Raider, Gex (my childhood favorite), and Akuji: The Heartless, the game takes plenty of inspiration from Ms Croft’s outings, including a heavy focus on block puzzles and environmental navigation. Unlike Tomb Raider games of the period, however, Soul Reaver features a large, open world with no loading times, a big feature at the time of release.

This world is split into various regions, each ruled by a different vampire clan, the leader of which Raziel has to locate and defeat in order to acquire new abilities. Of course that this is a squeal to Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen, but it’s not required to have to play the original to understand what’s going on in this game because we’re playing Raziel instead of Kain. In many regards, I like to say that the Legacy of Kain is the Zedla for playstation because Blood Omen is similar (gameplay-wise) to A Link to the Past, and Soul Reaver is like a more darker and gothic version of Ocarina of Time. Raziel can also switch from the living and dead planes, and this serves as a major puzzle and plot device. This all amounts to a brilliant mixture of Tomb Raider and Metroid, with areas opening up once Raziel acquires the powers needed to access previously closed-off zones. Throw in some Zelda-style combat and all sorts of supernatural abilities (which also make for some very impressive puzzles) and you have a fantastic fantasy adventure.

Number 8.  –  Silent Hill

I’ve stated that the Silent Hill trilogy is the best survival horror trilogy ever! However, if you have to hurt me and say which of the three is the scariest, I have to go with the original Silent Hill. It’s very obviously an attempt to capitalize on the growing popularity of the horror genre, spurred by the success of Resident Evil, but that didn’t keep it from becoming one of the best horror games of all time. This pushed the genre forward in some very disturbing (and welcoming) ways. The real reason why this game make it as the third scariest game I’ve ever played because it still remains as the only game that made me faint! You heard me right. I remember when my friend invited me over and his brother just got a copy of Silent Hill brand new in 1999. I remember it was so haunting to see that Cheryl was missing and Harry had to find her to only end up in a gory ally and monsters took over you. When he awoke, he found himself in a diner, only to have a giant-bat, pterodactyl-like monster to crash through the window trying to kill you. At that moment, it was so nightmarish and I was so overwhelmed that I fainted. I woke up with everyone in my friend’s brother’s room worrying about my fainting and they all stopped. I admit that there were scarier moments in the later game and the rest of the trilogy, but never did I ever had such a reaction that felt like an out-of-the-body experience that only the original Silent Hill could offer.

Number 7.  –  Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Linear games in 3D graphics have always been a iffy for me, but not the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy on the PS1. The reason for that is they always offered something different, challenging, and fun for every couple of feet you make towards the end of each level. For Crash Bandicoot: Warped’s case, it totally succeeds in capturing everything special from Crash Bandicoot 2: The Wrath of Cortex and tripled it to the bare minimum. I love that almost every level (except some of the themes) felt every different from one another where they sometimes get out of the traditional Crash Bandicoot levels of breaking crates and collection the crystal, but also offer challenges like Coco riding a tiger across the Great Wall of China, motorcycle racing, and aircraft piloting. Even for the traditional Crash Bandicoot levels when he’s on foot, it all feels different thanks to the time-traveling theme that the third installment goes for from the jurassic era, medieval times, egyptian tombs, underwater levels, the future, and more.

Even more of a rewarding experience, you also have very memorable bosses like Tiny, Dingodile, Dr. Nefarious Trophy, Dr. N. Gin, and Dr. Neo Cortex with Aku Aku’s evil twin Uka Uka and beating all of them grants Crash Bandicoot new powers and abilities. These powers are used to be in the later levels, not the other way around that creates backtracking like other 3D platformers. Never did I ever had as much fun with a single playstation game because its charm and variety just has an ever lasting appeal. Sure, anyone can find Crash Bandicoot: Warped as a short game, but because of its charm it has more than a high replay value. In fact, this is perhaps the most replayed game ever. I don’t think that there’s ever a game out there that made me want to keep coming back to it again and again. Warped really utilized the playstation technology at its fullest from the colors, quick load times, fast pacing, amazing sound, vibration controller, and smooth animation were all just so damn lovable! This playstation game hold very dear in my heart because it was my first Playstation game and since then I could never put it down.

Number 6.  –  Mega Man Legends 2

Legends was able to create a living world populated by the best characters in the entire franchise. Thanks to voiced in-engine cutscenes with surprisingly detailed facial animations, fans fell in love with the tomboyish Roll Caskett, the hilariously inept Bonne pirate family, and the adorable Servbots, which looked all the world like overgrown LEGO minifies. With that foundation firmly established, Mega Man Legends 2 was able to expand the world further while correcting all the first game’s shortcomings and fixed every flaw from the original. The broken tank controls of before were streamlined thanks to the DualShock’s analog sticks, and the once sparse environments were given a heavy facelift.

But beyond those necessary changes were a bunch of subtle tweaks that resulted in a truly complete product. The first Legends introduced us to the cast and the fun situations they find themselves in, butLegends 2 raised the stakes and crafted a story so profound that it impacted the entire franchise narrative. When you reach the end of Legends 2, you realize that the entire line of Mega Men and their comrades in arms have been engaged in a futile struggle, and mankind’s ultimate fate was set in stone from the beginning. Most Mega Man games are not deep, emotionally charged experiences. Mega Man Legends 2was an outlier; it’s no mystery why so many fans want to see the tale continue.

Number 5.  –  Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage

Ever since the Crash Bandicoot trilogy was completed on the Sony Playstation, Spyro came along to take over Playstation’s mascot craze and the sequel shows why Spyro is the best exclusive series. It was every part better than the original at a point where the original looks like shit in comparison. We’re talking about better character (Elora. Hunter, Professor, & Moneybags), more gameplay features and bonus levels, a better bosses (Ripto, Gulp, and Crush), better voice acting, better level designs, new power-ups and so many improvements that totally makes this a classic worth coming back again and again.

On to the power-ups, you also got the generic climbing on climbable ladders and headsmash, but the one thing I really love about this game is being able to swim underwater, and unlike any other game, these are the best swimming mechanics ever seen in a video game. Why is it that we’re still having problems swimming underwater in video games today, but Spyro 2 managed to pull it off perfectly well? Never have there been a game where I was so excited to have a level that has body of water or underwater stages that brings out all the joy out of me. And unlike the scavenger collecting 3D platformers like Banjo-Kazooie and DK64, Spyro 2 made collecting everything so simple, yet challenging which really avoids the laboriousness of having to find something you miss or have a mini game that’s impossible to beat. Every level doesn’t take too long to complete, all the challenges are varied and entertaining, and experience is just the most fulfilling 3D platformer. Personally, I love this game so much because it’s literally just a revisit of my favorite game from my childhood and it just reminds me of the many aspects of my life more so than any other game out there.

Number 4.  –  Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

This is honestly one of the best sequel I’ve ever seen in my life. Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee has the best graphics of the 1990s and Exoddus brought so much more to the table to unimaginable possibilities. The fundamental gameplay from the previous game still remains, but Exoddus fixed everything that was flawed from Oddysee and made the closest thing to perfection. Communicating with NPCs never felt so good as you have simple control of all the Mudokins that you have to save, but it also adds so much to the challenge by giving each of them to react differently. Some are too pissed, depressed, or hyper to keep in control so Oddworld Inhabitants gave us more actions by allowing the player to solve their problem by saying sorry, stop fighting, and slap them to keep their sanity. But there are also the sympathetic blind Mudokins who had their sight taken away from them.

Possessing enemies returns to the series, but it works better than ever as you can control more than just the Sligs this time, you can control the Paramites, Scabs, the Glukins, and even your own exploding fart! The game’s humor is through-the-roof as it got me rolling on their slap stick, dry humor, and even cartoony nature. I really appreciate the fact that Abe’s Exoddus is much more light hearted than the dark and unsettling tone of Abe’s Oddysee, while still keeping the artistry and atmosphere that made Oddworld so fucking beautiful.

What makes this game one of my favorite 2D platformer ever is the fact that it offers so many brand new challenges that really test veterans of the genre. If the challenge is way too hard, then you can create your save points that creates player’s choice of check points, which really keeps the player from repeating on rescuing Mudokins whenever you die and give a more balanced gameplay. Even better, this game offers multiplayer which makes bringing a friend over to see who goes the farthest to be a fun experience. Abe’s Exoddus is simply the best Oddworld game and personally my favorite 2D platformer of all time. It perfected the cinematic platformer gameplay (from Another World), the charming appeal from top to bottom, best graphics of the 1990s, and even the best damn artistry ever seen in a video game! Abe’s Exoddus is a great example of how a game can stay true to its conceptual pursuit while still improving upon the original, all while keeping its soul intact.

Number 3.  –  Castlevania:
Symphony of the Night

We all thought that there will never be another game like Super Metroid, since the game didn’t sold successfully upon its release and it looked like Nintendo gave up the franchise. But along came Castlevania: Symphony of the Night that proves otherwise and created the sub-genre called “Metroidvania.” Konami took the side-scrolling idea to its fullest in this title. The game’s enormous maps, huge range of weapons, constant enemies, and excellent balance all still puts this squarely on the all-time list, no questions asked! The only people to be surprised at the fact that Symphony of the Night took the number one spot on my list are those unfortunate enough to never have played it. Even with its atrocious voice acting and horribly scripted dialogue, Symphony provided a simple story all Castlevania fans should love: after Richter defeated Dracula in Rondo of Blood, evil still seemed to emanate from Castlevania, so Alucard decides to put an end to the evil once and for all and destroy the castle completely. Meanwhile, Richter has been missing since he defeated Dracula all those years ago.

Alucard doesn’t use a whip, but fights with a sword and shield and has access to a variety of otherworldly powers that he inherited from his father. Symphony built on Rondo’s tight controls and immense boss fights, Simon’s Quest’s open world and RPG mechanics and Castlevania 3′s intense platforming. The result was absolutely groundbreaking. Symphony borrowed from Super Metroid, dawning the phrase, “Metroidvania”, describing titles where your character must backtrack to previously explored locations in order to expand on them fully using newly unlocked abilities (double jump, shape-shifting, flying, etc.). Looking at this list in hindsight reminds us that Symphony of the Night is arguably, one of the greatest video games of all time. Every section of the game has a different enemy variety, different challenge, so many secret to behold, so many different ways to attack and destroy your opponents, but all the same Castlevania appeal. With legendary graphics, a terrific soundtrack and perfectly tuned gameplay, SOTN is a fantastic experience regardless of era or age. A true masterpiece in every sense of the word.


Number 2.  –  Chrono Cross

It’s tough to accept this as a sequel to Chrono Trigger despite the fact that it felt more like a Final Fantasy game than it ever did the original. Despite how close it is to its original, taking the game by its own merits, it’s got to be some of the best Playstation games of all time! The concept of having the largest party of the most varied teammates to journey of jumping to dimensions is astounding to experience.  The game, like its predecessor eschews the random encounters found in many other JRPGs for a system where enemies can be seen, and avoided if so wanted, it also has one of the most interesting, and elegant of the battle systems of that era, with colour coded attacks, and customisable tables which allow you to assign your moves at different levels. All in all the game is an artistic, and fantastically memorable experience.

The game itself followed Chrono Trigger’s lead in many regards, with no random battles to be found, and a complex plot revolving around parallel universes and time travel. Gorgeous graphics – which, amazingly, still look fairly good today, largely thanks to the wonderfully realised artwork rather than any technical accomplishment – and a superb soundtrack rounded out one of the most highly rated RPGs of all time. Chrono Cross is a game that will forever be compared to it’s beloved predecessor, enjoyed by some but derided by many. This, I feel, is a shame, because Chrono Cross is a surprisingly innovative game that does a lot to carve out it’s own identity. It isn’t perfect, but it’s just shy of being so- it’s a beautiful game with an epic and deep story and some very well-designed gameplay. Squaresoft has a tremendous track record for making exclusives on the PS1, and their game Final Fantasy 7 put the console on the map. But after all the efforts and innovations that the company accomplished, this is however my favorite Squaresoft game on the system. Chrono Cross is a fantastic RPG, and, for me personally, stands alongside Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, and other classics. Everyone deserved to experience some of the best things that the Playstation has in stored for you and Chrono Cross is one of them!

Number 1.  –  Metal Gear Solid

Upon the game’s release & before the game became the popular franchise that it is now today, we all assumed that this was a stealth military simulator. And boy, were we all in for a treat for some of the most qualitative playstation game of all time. This is proof that not all military-themed games are simply accomplish a mission operation, but Metal Gear Solid instead made it a very deep and thought-provoking game that tackles the themes of survival, dangers of nuclear proliferation, government conspiracy, love, and passing on genes to future generations. This title did more than just revolutionizing the stealth game genre, it also showed that storytelling in video games can be very crucial and intelligent. It really gets the player suspenseful when it comes to how evil the plans of Fox Hound really are. Metal Gear Solid gets the player at ease to keep out of sight and it feels like the whole operation is more serious than any tone seen in a video game.

Hiding in boxes, crawling underneath objects, and using noise to distract enemies, Solid Snake really knows his stealth. Equipped with a radar, Snake must avoid detection lest he set off any alarms, which puts him in “alert mode” and forces him to hide. Once hidden, the “evasion mode” counter ticks away until the guards lose the trail and Solid Snake is back in “infiltration mode” once more. The dialog passing back and forth between Snake, the people in the operation, and the folks that he communicates on radio is really engaging like having an actual conversation with these characters as they are real. I love to listen to any of these wonderful voice acting and masterful screenplay all day if I have to as they offer so much emotion and valuable information from various characters.

Almost every aspect of the game thrills the player to continue playing and then face a member of FoxHound. Every time you face one of the members of FoxHound, they give Solid Snake different challenges of battle from hand to hand combat (Gray Fox) to sniper battle (Sniper Wolf). What’s surprising of them all is that most of these villains are not all evil, they are sympathetic and are driven by their motivations for a purpose. It’s all of those things that makes Metal Gear Solid truly surprising and feel like its more than just a video game. I defy anyone who thinks otherwise because this game achieved much more than anyone can imagine and it got the gaming industry as a whole to be smarter, passionate, and more important than ever before! I can’t imagine video games today could ever tell good stories or create such immersion today without the importance of Metal Gear Solid.

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