Top 10 Worst Wrestlemanias of All Time!

What makes a good Wrestlemania? You can judged it like any other wrestling show, you need a great card of matches, makes sure that the structure from jumping to match to match is a good experience (not just watching the good matches), and deliver us with a great main event. That’s what I expect from any wrestling show, but when we’re talking about Wrestlemania, it is the biggest and most important wrestling show, despite what anyone says. No other wrestling show has more attention, better sales, and even historical moments that we wrestling fans like to call “Wrestlemania moments.” I like to look at many of these Wrestlemanias like movies or music albums and I judgement on a similar scale where I watch them from beginning all the way to the end. Unfortunately, I’m here to give you what I think is the worst Wrestlemanias of all time. The worst thing you can possibly do is to make us buy into yourself and make an ass out of yourself by not delivering that was hyped up about. Even though we always say Wrestlemania is the biggest wrestling show in the world and we make comparisons as the Super Bowl of Professional wrestling, that doesn’t mean all of them were good. I have reviewed every single one of the Wrestlemania and the joy and torture I put myself through was to remind myself what was the worst of the worst. And if yo haven’t seen any of them here are all of my reviews on Wrestlemania on the link below.

Wrestlemania Reviews

With that being said, here are the worst of the worst. The wrestling shows that I had the displeasure of putting myself through just witnessing what was supposed to be the best show of all time that all of the sudden became false advertising that didn’t match up to the hype and it didn’t age well years after the show.

Number 10.  –  Wrestlemania XX

Wrestlemania 20 is the very definition of a show that’s a real mixed bag. This was supposed to be 20 years in the making but this show is filled with so many pointless matches and and extremely disappointing match up that we were all anticipated for. This show should have one of the best Wrestlemania of all time, but because of the tiresome tag team matches, horrid Lesnar-Goldberg match, a mediocre Kane-Undertaker match, the humiliating of my one of my favorite female wrestlers Molly Holly, and a dull mid-card that took forever to get good at the end. The only thing that saved itself from making this match a complete disaster was the main event. It’s funny because the Goldberg-Lesnar match is the worst Wrestlemania match of all time, while on the same night, the HHH-HBK-Benoit match was the best main event I’ve ever seen in my life. But just like any bad Wrestlemania, one match can’t really save an entire show. Now, this show is really hard to look back at because what was supposed to be the best and most magical finish towards the end, which was the only saving grace of the show, now is a tragedy. The image of having Benoit and Eddie holding their WWE and World Heavyweight belts together used to represent triumph but now is turned into a tragedy because both of these men are no longer with us. I will not defend or justify what these two did that caused their deaths (Eddie died of heart failure from drugs/steroids and Benoit caused a double murder suicide on his family) it really breaks my heart that it has to be this way. I still will appreciate everything that they’ve done in the wrestling world, but I still can’t overlook what ruined the business’s reputation. Because I can’t see the show the same as I used to all those many years ago and it gets worse and worse as the years go by, I really think it holds the ranks of being some of the most disastrous Wrestlemanias of all time. Almost everything about this show was good on paper, but it barely deliver on anything that they hyped up to. This show went on way too long, the crowd just barely made it to the main event, and even though the props, the design, and the atmosphere, and even the main event was all magic, the magic is now lost because what has happened since then. It was certainly 20 years in the making, but sadly, it did could not even hold up ten years after this very show…

Number 9.  –  Wrestlemania 13

The Tagline “Heat!” which is what this Wrestlemania deserved. Wrestlemania became like the Star Trek movies where one year it’s good, the next year was bad. Since Wrestlemania 12 was one of the best ones, we’re back to the bad ones. Though this Wrestlemania was really a lackluster show, there was just one match that everyone still to this day talks about. If this Wrestlemania didn’t have that legendary Stone Cold vs Bret Hart submission match, this could have been a really unmemorable Wrestlemania. Part of the problem is because all of the matches in the card reaches in the over-ten minute mark which really show how slow the momentum really is when you have mid-carders who doesn’t deserve that much air time, especially in a Wrestlemana. The Hart vs. Austin match is the prime definition of a one match sone because of the stipulation, shock value, and impact made it worth it, which is seriously lacking in all the other matches. Regardless, the rest of the show was terribly forgettable. This was a terrible WrestleMania overall to sit through, but that match alone saves it from being the worst of all time. The I Quit match made significant contributions to the business in starting the famous Attitude Era. Everything that wasn’t Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart is simply forgettable. Even a 6 out of 5 scored match still couldn’t save the show as lackluster that couldn’t back up with a consistent qualitative line of matches.  Nobody wants looks back at this show and even if it did, where’s substance in coming back to the show in its entirety?

Number 8.  –  Wrestlemania XV

There are only three things that was memorable in Wrestlemania 15; Butterbean knocking the fuck out of Bart Gunn, Kane once again tombstoning Pete Rose, and Austin vs. The Rock. If those are the only things worth to remember, that’s really not good! It’s just the fact that Wrestlemania 15 felt like a special episode of Raw, which made it feel like a middle of the road in comparison to all the other Wrestlemanias. Because it was the middle of the road is because some of the matches here really is just the stuff that we could have seen in an episode of Raw. If it wasn’t for the main event between Austin and the Rock, this would have been a complete disaster. There was so many thing thrown in this show and it just didn’t feel like special. We have four 2 out of 5 matches, three 1 out of 5 matches, and a singular 0 out of 5 match… arguably this has went down as some of the worst ‘Manias, but not “The” worst Wrestlemania because Austin and Rock saved the show. It’s very important to make all of the mid-cards just as important but when you’re making us wait for the main event to start after 2 hours of watching, you minus well just skip the show and just watch the main event because it really isn’t worth it. If you really want a Wrestlemania during the Attitude Era that really felt at all significant, just watch Wrestlemania 14. Hell, you can watch any other Pay-Per-View from the Attitude Era because this really was one of the worst the attitude era pay-per-views.

Number 7. – Wrestlemania 2000

A while back I couldn’t decide if 2000 or 15 was worse and now I came to the conclusion that this is some of the biggest disappointments in Wrestling. This whole experience was a some of the most clusterfucked cards I’ve ever seen in a singular show. It had to have more than 2 wrestlers involved all at once and barely anything significant has happened, except for the Triangle Ladder Match (a good thing) & Triple H as the first heel winning Wrestlemania’s main event (a bad thing). That match with Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian, and Hardies was the only thing worth watching in this show, but just like Wrestlemania 13′s Bret Hart vs. Austin, it’s a one-match-show while everything else was either a basic tag team match, or any other match involving more than two wrestlers that struggles to do much more than it needs to. Look, I understand that a lot of wrestlers dreamed of being at Wrestlemania, but you have to face the fact that there are certain number of people in the current roster that deserves to be in the card. If everyone get’s the same treatment, what’s the point of making it to wrestlemania, let a lone working hard for the company? This is a show that went too far and went too much and as a result it sucked! There should be a rule that just because you can put more, doesn’t mean that it’s better. I really don’t want to look back at this show anymore because it left a horrible taste out of all of our mouths. Just like Wrestlemania 15, you can watch any other Pay-per-view show outside of Wrestlemania 16 and get much more entertainment and satisfaction than what has been called the world’s biggest wrestling show.

Number 6.  –  Wrestlemania 23

The WWE and its fans can tell you how much of a great show this was, but it really isn’t! It’s not the worst Wrestlemania ever, but I can certainly say that it’s the most overrated Wrestlemania of all time. Many of the matches were really underwhelming, all the talk about the matches (outside of Undertaker-Batista match) was no where good as the hype, and even the delivery from this card has nothing to add. The biggest sin of the booking has always been Undertaker vs. Batista not being in the main event; the story was well told, and the Undertaker (WWE’s best wrestler) won the freaking Royal Rumble! For the fact that that match was in the middle of the card is a much of a sin than having Savage-Flair match in the middle of the card at Wrestlemania 8 and Rock-Hogan match not main event in Wrestlemania 18. This is the stupid booking decision made by the WWE that only wanted to suck up to the Trump-Vince match that was getting this show all of the attention! For the sake that we had three consecutive 1 out of 5 scored matches after Wrestlemania 23 shows how terrible this whole card really is! And don’t tell me that the Cena and Shawn Micahels match was a great main event because HBK carried the match while Cena wrestled like he always does. I cringe each time some fool calls this a good show but it is after all one of the most poorly booked Wrestlemania match that I’ve ever seen. This show might have had one of the best WWE PPV buy rates in the company’s history, but that’s just as credible as saying “Titanic is the greatest movie of all time because of it sold the most tickets in theaters.” But just like when Titanic was when it was re-released in 3D, Wrestlemania 23 is a show that many of us doesn’t want to go back and see. Nothing new was added, there was not much that was gained, and it’s just a show that is all spectacle and no substance!

Number 5.  –  Wrestlemania 25

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a one-match-show that was surrounded by really horrible matches on this card. Many of these matches were some of the biggest waste of time that a Wrestlemania even has ever had! We have three 0 out of 5 Matches (including the main event mind you), a one 1 out of 5 matches, and a -1 out of 5 matches… this really isn’t a good show. In fact, this has to be one of the worst Wrestlemania’s of all time and the WWE should be ashamed to make what is supposed to be one of the best Wrestlemanias of all time that turned out to be one of the worst. It’s all because of the idiots doing the booking decision that had no idea what they were doing and Vince McMahon should be ashamed of putting up with this show like this. The two main events were terrible, Mickey Rourke was the worst celebrity involvement I’ve even seen in the WWE, JBL’s retirement was an incredibly waste of time, and the Diva’s Battle Royal was the most sexist and most offensive moment in wrestling! But fortunately it is not the worst Wrestlemania because we had the best wrestlemania match right here in this very show. The Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker match wasn’t just the match of the night, it is the best Wrestlemania match of all time. It truly defined proper build-up and creating all the credibility that these two ever had in the wrestling world to make a spectacular wrestling match. I can go far as to say don’t even watch the Wrestlemania 25, just watch the Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker match because it clearly deserved to be main event (which it didn’t) and it is clearly the only great match of the show! Everyone (both wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans alike) needs to watch that match because it is some of the BEST things that this world had to offer! But the real question is, is it worth sitting through Wrestlemania 25 just to watch that headline match between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels? No. Go ahead and watch that match and forget about the rest of the show!

Number 4.  –  Wrestlemania 11

Wrestlemania 11 wasn’t as bad as 9, but this show sure was horrible. Part of the problem is that there are just too many celebrity involvement that wasn’t anywhere as memorable or as special as the celebrity involvement in the first Wrestlemania. Pamela Anderson, Lawrence Taylor, Jenny McCarthy, and all the other celebrities where there for publicity rather than really helping the company out. What’s even horrible was the fact that there were a lot of technical difficulties happening in this wrestlemania where backstage interviews were on mute (Jenny McCarthy and Diesel), smallest matches in this card that didn’t have much of a significance on who wins or lose, there was a moment coming in live where the show was in standby, there were too many photographers at ringside getting in the way of the match, and it was too crowded at ringside. This was a really poor show! This didn’t even feel like a WrestleMania. The action wasn’t as terrible, however, being held in a shopping complex (The Hartford Civic Center), with D-listers like Nick Turturro and baseball umpire Larry Young just killed much of the event’s luster and prestige. The only accomplishment that this show has made was to gain publicity to save the company, but it didn’t have a single Wrestlemania moment and there was nothing satisfying came out of this major show (except for Yokozuna and Owen Hart).

Number 3.  –  Wrestlemania 2 

I can see the ambition to see Vince trying one-up Dusty Rhodes by making his Wrestlemania event bigger than StarCade, but just because one event does it doesn’t mean you should double it. There were too many technical problems because of the jumping on three different stadiums and it got the production team mixed up with sound recording, video capture, and even trying to up hold all the stadiums that already had their four “mania matches” into watching it on the big screen. It was not a good idea to keep people watching their matches live and then watch the others in the screen. Also, the commentary was awful. The biggest mistake was to have Susan St. James on commentary with Vince in New York City recording just kept hearing hersaying “Uh-oh” in the commentary. You could do a drinking game of every time she said “Uh-oh” and hope someone doesn’t come out sober. The matches were inconsistent where you have a load of bad matches and a few good ones. Not every match on an event should be 5/5 (except if you’re Great American Bash ’89, Dream Slam ’93, and a couple other Wrestlemanias). If it wasn’t for the those matches that scored a 4/5, it would have been one of the worst Wrestlemanias of all time. But instead, it’s just the third worst because of all the brain dead ideas that kept ruining it’s own production. But for what we have, it could have been a lot worse. It’s just disappointing that one of the most important shows (Wrestlemania 1) followed up on a disappointment.

Number 2.  –  Wrestlemania 27

This is the Wrestlemania that represents the worst of the WWE today; bad booking decisions, poor storytelling, and the lack of character build-up. This card for a Wrestlemania was so poor that they had to bring The Rock back as a special host of the show, not to wrestle. You know, Wrestlemania 27 is just like Iron Man 2, where that movie basically is a commercial to The Avengers movie. Wrestlemania 27 really is a commercial of the following Wrestlemania 28. That is really the worst thing you can ever do to a professional wrestling’s biggest show. How foolish of me to think that because The Rock is involved in this show doesn’t mean squat. This Wrestlemania should have created stars and make a new era, but if the only good match was an average mid-card match up with Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio which shows how little to no effort was even put in this show. And don’t tell me that the Undertaker-Triple H match was the match that “saved the show” because it didn’t; it was completely sloppy! This is the only Wrestlemania that I can’t put myself through without having to feel the pain that it caused me when I first ordered the PPV. The booking structure was already a disaster on paper, but even worse is that they had to go through with this crap and make it the worst thing ever. How dare they make this Wrestlemania a commercial hype for the next Wrestlemania because that’s what other WWE PPV’s are for and this should never be the show that does the same as the other. The card structure was ridiculous having the World title with Edge and ADR to be the opening match. There are just so many bad matches in this card and the Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole match was some of the most pointless wrestling matchup’s the I’ve ever seen booked in a Wrestlemania. You want to make a show that everyone cares to watch and if even your Main Event couldn’t even make that many people care, then it’s a reason why the professional wrestling business is at the state that it is. This Wrestlemania represents the worst aspects of WWE not giving a fuck. Some say that The New Generation era was somehow the worst times in the WWE, well at least that era actually cared to create stars. The PG era was all about the Breakfast Club playing it safe and control everything within their dominance.  Don’t waste your time on this show, instead, skip over to Wrestlemania 28 because it’s the polar opposite from the awful wrestling show. And because this card wanted you to get pumped up for the next Wrestlemania, it shows that you should never look back at this one!

Number 1.  –  Wrestlemania 9

Wrestlemania 9 has got to be one of, if not the worst wrestling show of all time, not just the worst Wrestlemania of all time. We’re talking about a card that had a match that couldn’t score higher than 3/5 and had so many matches that had a 2 to 0 score. Yes for the first time ever I gave a -1 out of 5 score in a Wrestlemania and is that it’s our main event! This whole show was a complete disaster. Putting sluts and non wrestlers to wear togas just to make this Wrestlemania look like a colosseum was all props and no substance. It shows how much Vince never gave a fuck about this show and how dare the WWE say that this was an epic show in the Wrestlemania DVD. No! It does not compute! It’s so sad to see Macho Man and Jim Ross starting their Wrestlemania commentating debut on this show! It left me in disgust to see Jim Ross in a toga and nobody could save the show. Gonzalez vs. Undertaker was the worst Undertaker match, Lex Luger was horrible at wrestling, and having Hogan to burry both Bret Hart and Yokozuna was an abortion to the whole show in just 22 seconds without even winning the Tag Team Championship earlier that he was originally booked in for to take away the WWF Championship. At times there has to be a best and there has to be a worst and nothing could ever get any worse than Wrestlemania 9. Of course there are bad Wrestlemanias after this one this, but this show was so bad that it is equivalent to the Plan 9 from Outer Space, Battlefield Earth, Batman & Robin, Spider-Man 3, The Last Airbender (movie), and The Star Wars prequels of wrestling shows. No wonder why so many people lost interest in the WWF and tuned into the WCW instead during this time because the WWF had no idea what they were doing. No one alive can ever say that Wrestlemania 9 was at all good because it is easily the worst of all time and every wrestling fan is unanimous with such statement! And to even sum up how bad this Wrestlemania was here’s a picture of Hulk Hogan with a back eye in Wrestlemania 9!

Here it is, folks! Your champion at Wrestlemania 9…

The Top Listed Worst Wrestlemanias of all Time

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