Wrestlemania 30 Review

Welcome to 30 years-in-the-making of this wonderful show, and surprisingly enough, it’s not held in the Madison Square Garden, it’s in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with a bigger attendance that came close to beating Wrestlemania III’s record. This is the time where the WWE is acknowledging the crowd’s desire of having their favorite star, Daniel Bryan, to make it into this show. This is the first Wrestlemania where the WWE Network first aired it live on stream for those who paid the $10 a month charge for the Network. This is also the first Wrestlemania where the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship is combined into one championship called the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (the WWF Undisputed Championship does not count because it’s the WWF Championship and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship combined). This is also the Wrestlemania event where CM Punk did not feature in this Wrestlemania since his Wrestlemania debut in Wrestlemania 23 due to the fact that he left the company from personal issues with backstage politics. There was no better time to make Daniel Bryan the new face of the WWE. I’m a HUGE fan of this Wrestlemania structure because it almost felt like Wrestlemania 10 & 20 combined, where Bret Hart wrestle twice in the opening match & the main event of Wrestlemania X and Chris Benoit won the triple threat main event in Wrestlemania XX. This is the night where Daniel Bryan was set off to repeat history and that’s what the fans wanted the most. But it’s also not the only thing that everyone remembers about this Wrestlemania. So far, everyone is completely reactionary towards this show, but this is my review on the 30th Wrestlemania!

Before there was a single match, Wrestlemania began with Hulk Hogan hosting the show, then Stone Cold Steve Austin came in the same ring with Hogan to cut a promo together. Then finally, The Rock came in to even further the hype opening the show. It was absolute magic to see three of the WWE’s biggest stars still alive today just to cut a promo together. Even though Hulk Hogan mixed up the Skydome to the Super Dome, it didn’t even diminish the experience of what we were witnessing. It also didn’t’ really matter what they were talking about but we got a chance to see each of their catchphrases, drink beer, and make a Wrestlemania moment, before we even got our first match underway. This has became one of the best segments that Wrestlemania has ever had and it’s a hell of a way to start Wrestlemania XXX!
Segment Score: 5/5

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon) – The build-up for Daniel Bryan to be our next biggest star was some of the most anticipated in the WWE and it was perfect to have Triple H and the authorities (and the breakfast club) to go against the “Yes” movement and keep Daniel Bryan from winning the most prestigious title ever again. The stipulation for this match is the winner of this match will be main event with Batista and Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I love the fact that this had to be the opening match because it’s extremely reminiscent to Bret vs. Owen in Wrestlemania X just to have Bret Hart enter the main event later one in the night. Though this is not as good as Bret Hart vs. Own Hart opening match, it’s been a long time since Wrestlemania 21 since we had a fantastic opener. Rumor has it that the HHH-Bryan match was going to be a draw so it would had been a fatal four way. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. This was an old-school fashioned technical brawl that was surprisingly good! Bryan came in with a damaged shoulder wearing bandages around the arm and Triple H wanted nothing more than to damage it. It’s was pretty interesting that Stephanie McMahon was very part of the match as these two competitors, not because she interfered (she didn’t), but the cameramen focused a lot on the million dollar princess and we needed to her the many evil words she’s saying to Bryan while routing for Triple H. The beating that Triple H was putting over Bryan looked extremely painful and you could almost felt the shots he was giving to Bryan. Hell, he was more ruthless and vicious than his last year’s Wrestlemania match with Brock Lesnar, and there was no weapon involved throughout this match. But Bryan used the same tactics that he learned from Ring of Honor when he kept using brilliant submission holds and lightweight moves like there’s no tomorrow. The whole crowd kept chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” for Bryan and “No! No! No!” for Triple H. I haven’t seen HHH get so much heat since his days in the McMahon-Hemsley Era. This match deserved to be close to that half an hour mark because we were seeing the best out of Daniel Bryan. And he won in a clean victory by knocking out Triple H with the running knee and the crowd roared the Bryan won. Thankfully, it didn’t end in a draw to make it a fatal four way. And I especially love the fact that Stephanie McMahon slapped Bryan in the ring only to have HHH sneak attack Bryan and damage his shoulder with a chair against the ring post. It was brilliant to make the audience doubt that Bryan can survive through the main event, but you couldn’t start and end this match any other way!
Match Score: 5/5

The Shield (Dean AmbroseSeth Rollins and Roman Reigns) vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) – This is where I get my critics hat on and say that putting the Shield against the likes of Kane and New Age Outlaws… I mean Mid-age Outlaws because they should of had the Wyatts as their 6-man tag opponents. Of course, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn had to be somewhere in the card because they’re Triple H’s D-Generation-X buddies and they had to get their share. There was so much prediction that this could have been the night where the Shield breaks up because of all the downfalls each of them were having with each other. But thankfully, that also didn’t happen and they won it by giving a 2 man-triple powerboat on the Mid-Age Outlaws and made the victory! For what we got, it was a poorly booked card that should have been Shield vs Wyatt Family, that resulted in a satisfying way. Either way, it was much better than the Shield last Wrestlemania match, that’s for sure!
Match Score: 3/5

André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal – The only good thing that came out of Wrestlemania 2 was the Battle Royal in which Andre the Giant won. This Battle Royal, however, was dedicated to the legend. Admittely, there was so much going on in this match that kinda was forgettable on who got eliminated except for the final 6 men. But there are a couple of memorable things in this match that I certainly will remember. Whenever Kofi Kingston get into a match like this one (especially in Royal Rumble) he always gets a miraculous save where gets off of ringside but not eliminated because both of his feet didn’t touch the floor. We was push up in the air and had his feet land on the steel steps showing that he’s still in this match. Of course, he get eliminated. Then one thing to remember about this Battle Royal was the final two men was Big Show and Antonio Cesaro. Everybody though that Big Show was going to win this Battle Royal because he’s been compared many times to Andre the Giant, but he’s never as good or as memorable as the guy. Just when we was about to eliminate Antonio, Antonio turned the tables and gave Big Show a legendary bodyslam out of the ring. That was a fantastic victory and it’s definitely what you call a “Wrestlemania moment.” Antonio became a bigger name after that Battle Royal because earlier in the dark match, he broke up with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter to start off his promising solo career. The best part after that bodyslam out of the ring was when Big Show shook hands with Antonio to bring honor to a memorial for Andre.
Match Score: 4/5

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) – After three awesome matches, it was bound to happen that we were going to get a bad match. This is unfortunately a surprisingly good match that had a horrible finish. This Bray Wyatt’s opportunity to actually shine here in Wrestlemania. The story behind this is the fact that the Wyatt family is trying to expose John Cena as a monster and they wanted to make him snap. Out of ALL of John Cena’s matches, this is the only one where I was convinced that the storytelling was extremely well told. Constantly you see Bray Wyatt trying mock and tempt Cena to fight dirty on a live audience and had to destroy Bray Wyatt in the most inhuman way. Bray was not scared of John Cena. In fact, he was creepy as all hell, trying to leave himself open and even sacrifice his own moral body for Cena to destroy him, just to prove and expose that John Cena is as bad if not worst than Bray Wyatt. You could see Cena just fighting his urge to destroy Bray and have his point proven but he had to also fight Harper and Rowan in ring side. It was sweet to see Harper crashed through the barricade, and even Cena was tempted to use steel steps against Bray. Unfortunatley, we were never going to have our heel turn and make the product different. John Cena is so selfish never turning heel like in 2003 and he never could ever let Bray over. I’m very disappointed to see John Cena to give Bray the FU and make this modern era in WWE just the same as before because he so damn reluctant to change. This is not good on a fan stand point and not good in the business stand point because Cena is going to continuously deliver the same garbage that he always had and this match on the biggest stage of them all should have just let Bray have his Wrestlemania moment. If potential stars like the Wyatts are not going to have a push because the Cena’s too damn selfish to let other go over, then we’re never going to get as many new stars as we hope for. But all I can say is THANK GOD that Cena was not the main event otherwise this will be the same shit all over again.
Match Score: 2/5

Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. The Undertaker – Earlier I said that Wrestlemania 30 was supposed to be Daniel Bryan’s night, however nobody is talking about Bryan because of what happened in this match. This one here has got to be one of the worst matches in Wrestlemania history and one of the biggest tragedies of Wrestlemania history. It’s wondrous to see that Brock Lesnar has given us one of the worst Wrestlemania match ten years ago in Wrestlemania 20 and he did the same thing again. I’ll give him credit, at least he wasn’t standing awkwardly in this match. There were no surprises, no story involved, and even no suspense going on in this match. The whole stadium and even the commentators were all dead silent in this match because it was so damn boring and so predictable at the point where we weren’t even paying attention. Part of it is because there was barely any build-up, except for chokeslamming Brock through the table in an episode of Raw, but that’s really it. You can really see that Undertaker didn’t’ give a shit in this match because he wasn’t intense, he didn’t make any fast pace movements, and he was just too submissive to Brock that we didn’t care. I mean how was a chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver not get a reaction is beyond me. Nobody was even surprised to see those three F-5 connected. The whole audience didn’t believe for a damn second that Brock Lesnar would ever end the streak…

…I’m complete lost for words… the streak just ended like that?! NO!!! JUST NO!!! THIS HAS GOT TO BE A BAD JOKE!! NO!!!
I can’t believe Brock was chosen to end the streak! You’re telling me that a part timer like Brock that couldn’t care less for the business and have the privilege to actually end the streak?!  Don’t even put Undertaker as a part-timer, at least ‘Taker never left the company! Every single person in that stadium had their mind’s blown at what they’ve just seen. I can go far as to say that John Cena is more worthy to end the streak than Brock who loves his UFC career more than his time in the WWE. I know that the streak would end eventually, but if it really was going to end, it would have to have a great story involved, believability that Undertaker was going to loose to this guy as the build up, and most of all, put some effort in the match from breaking the streak. What is an insult to me is the fact that all those men that tried to end the streak was all worth for nothing. The epic storyline with Shawn Michaels being defeated in Wrestlemania 25, had a rematch that retired Shawn in Wrestlemania 26, had his best friend Triple H to have vengeance for retiring Shawn in Wrestlemania 27, and culminate a grand story finale with all three of those men now letting this go in Wrestlemania 28 was the most meaningful moment of the WWE for me. And they had to end Undertaker’s journey in Wrestlemania 30 where there was barely any build up to this match.
I know what you’re probably asking, well how would you end the Lesnar-Undertaker match in Wrestlemania 30. You know, I would still keep that idea of Undertaker getting his ass kicked an no longer can keep on with the streak and have motherfucking Sting (who just left TNA Wrestling) to come in and save Undertaker and let the streak go in 22-0. It would have been a THE Wrestlemania moment if Sting points his bat to Undertaker and say, I want you in Wrestlemania 31 to end your streak. Everybody! And I mean EVERYBODY still wants that Sting vs. Undertaker match since the 1990s when WCW was still around. Sting still is the biggest & most popular wrestler that never worked with Vince McMahon and the WWE and it was a complete miss opportunity to not have Sting in the WWE roster and face Undertaker in Wrestlemania 31. This is more disappointing than the Invasion Angle to not finish in Wrestlemania X8, this is more disappointing than not have Hogan vs. Austin in Wrestlemania 19, this is sure just as disappointing as the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match in Wrestlemania XX, and hell, this is as disappointing as the Montreal Screwjob! We were all robbed in this match and for all those who says that this was how the streak should end, or they say we should respect Undertaker’s call, or if this was the somehow (in some stupid reason) was a great booking decision are completely wrong on so many levels! Just how much longer is Brock going to stay and wrestle for the WWE now that he ended the streak? This match just did not have at all a good reaction. The whole stadium was in complete disbelieve that they’re seeing 21-1 on the screens and witness Undertaker’s demise. Yes, it succeeded in taking our breath away and yes, it was the most shocking moment in Wrestlemania history, and yes, it was historic! But the booking decision and especially Undertaker’s decision just took away the magic! This is one of the main reason why people come into Wrestlemania and see who’s worthy enough to take on the WWE’s best performer. There is no other sport on Earth that has ever had a great streak like Undertaker. NFL, NHL, NBA, NBL, and all the other sports you can name doesn’t have a team or an athlete that can make make a streak the lasted as long as two decades and that’s what make Wrestling itself so special. It was the fact that Undertaker carried something incredibly special in the wrestling world that no other fucking sport, entertainment, or media ever has and it just ended without any awareness. I don’t care if Undertaker broke his neck and had to the hospital with Vince McMahon for assistance, it was absolutely not right to have someone as egomaniacal, selfish, and lazy as Brock Lesnar who left the company after Wrestlemania XX and then ten years later, he once again made a disastrous finish and plans to leave the same company once again. We all know that Undertaker wanted to end the streak but why he chose Brock Lesnar is beyond whatever the fuck reason that cannot compute! Look, I love and respect the Undertaker, as much as you all do, but just like loving your family members, that doesn’t’ mean that they’re right all the time. I’m not saying the steak should never end, it was bound to happen, all I’m saying it pass down a torch to someone who will carry on the company as much as Undertaker has. Apparently, there are so many who are worthy to end the streak like John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, and especially Sting. If there was ever going to be anything like the streak, it would have to take another 2 decades to build up a star that can be equivalent to Undertaker’s legacy. For the fact that this was a bad storyline, a bad opponent, and even a bad match, the streak deserved a better ending than this one. For what it was, it was a compete tragedy and there’s no turning back to make it better.
Match Score: -1/5 (My lowest score) 

Divas Championship Invitational – I feel incredibly sorry for the entire Diva division who had to follow up on this match after a tragic Undertaker vs. Lesnar match. Considering that the whole audience was still at awe and flabbergasted, they couldn’t get involved with this match at all.  All these women wrestlers tried to damnedest to show what they’re made of and tried to entertain the audience but because it was placed after one of the most tragic Wrestlemania moments in history. I especially feel bad for AJ Lee who’s actually making her very first Wrestlemania match against the entire Diva’s division and proved that she had what it takes to keep her title as the longest reigning Diva’s champion in the company’s history. I also feel back for Vickie who’s making her last WWE appearance and nobody can give a flying fuck about what happened in the previous match. After devoting so much television time trying to make AJ a big of a star in the company (and possibly the entire women’s division) she never got a chance to shine. I can never imagine an entire division had to suffer greatly because what happened in the previous match. This SERIOUSLY damaged the WWE’s Women division so severe that there’s really no hope for the women’s wrestling to survive in the later years without any recognition in Wrestlemania. The girls went out there and did the best that they could and God bless all of them, this was a tough ass spot to be in. They all deserve better to trying to give life to an already dying division that’s now diminished its credibility even further.
Match Score: 3/5

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista – WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Thankfully there was not a moment too soon for this main event go underway because God know we needed this match to save everyone’s night. And that’s exactly what this match did. Somehow we have to get our minds out of the this tragedy and get right on with what we paid to see. This match to me is like the triple threat match in Wrestlemania 20 and you all know who special that main event was for me. Ten years later in the triple threat match in Wrestlemania 30, lightning struck twice. Daniel Bryan had to wrestle his damnedest against Triple H to get this spot in the main event card and there was no perfect time to have the “Yes movement” to finally reach its goal. I had my speculations that this could have ended tragically with either not having Daniel Bryan not win the match or somehow start to have a heel turn like Austin did in Wrestlemania 17. Miraculously, Daniel Bryan did not go through any last minute booking bullshit and just went out there with a damaged shoulder as the biggest babyface you can imagine. This daring individual is wrestling the breakfast club with Orton and Bootista to show what it mean to be the common man and reach our goals. Somehow, I just had that feeling like I was brought back ten years ago when I wanted Chris Benoit to win at Wrestlemania XX, I had the same emotions here. I really did feel like this was going to be that moment all over again while still suspecting that this was going to end anticlimactically. But wouldn’t you know, Bryan wrestled like crazy against these two individuals. I couldn’t describe how invested I was watching this match. I especially loved it that Triple H came back to the ring to interfere the match and gave him a sledgehammer and even Orton and Bootista gave Bryan an RKO-Batista Bomb through the announcer’s table that shocked the living hell out of me. He was getting stretchered out of the match, but he refused to give up and continued the match. That was not to say that Orton and Batista made this a handicap for Bryan, the sure as hell wrestled better than any of their Wrestlemania matches when they were involved. Because everyone in this match created the most chaotic triple threat imaginable, it was as hell highly entertaining. So many of use Brian Danielson fans from Ring of Honor who has supported him throughout his entire career to make it this far, was like a journey for us and this match was like trying to enter Mount Mordor with all the possibilities that our hero can fail. But load and behold, as soon as Randy Orton got out of the way, Daniel Bryan got Bootista in the yes-lock and made him tap (and for everyone who booed Batista at Royal Rumble 2014 he deserved it). This is the second time in my life where I wanted something form the WWE (first was to have the Rock beat Cena at Wrestlemania 28) and they gave me Daniel Bryan as our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the victor of Wrestlemania XXX. It was like Wrestlemania 20 all over again where I wanted so desperately for Chris Benoit to win a decade ago, but I can’t look back at it because it’s so tragic after what he did that ruined that moment. A decade later, the WWE did it once again with another common man that deserved it! Daniel Bryan was ruling the night and left us with a big bang. Once Undertaker’s steak was over, Daniel Bryan had to save the show, and by God, that’s what exactly what he did.
Match Score: 6/5

Wrestlemania 30, 30 years in the making was (either bad or good) a memorable Wrestlemania. This is the night that everyone will remember that the streak ended in the worst way imaginable, but it had our hero Daniel Bryan to save the show, in both the beginning and the end. This show showed the best and the worst of the WWE. Wrestlemania 30 is both a tragedy and a compete satisfying show. It’s tragic because Undertaker’s streak ended in the worst way imaginable, John Cena still is reluctant to change as he always does, and The Sheild deserved better opponents. But on WWE’s best side of thing, they gave us a segment with Hogan, Rock, and Stone Cold, allow Antonio Cesaro eliminated Big Show with a bodyslam, and to have Daniel Bryan to become the star of the show to have a fantastic opening match and saved the show with an awesome finish by winning the main event. There’s something that’s respectable and likable about Daniel Bryan who started from scratch and won it all in the 30th grandest stage of them all. Throughout Brian Danielson’s life he was told that he wasn’t big enough, he wasn’t good enough, and he wasn’t special enough to achieve his dream, but he never slowed down. He went full force against the authorities who tried to keep him and all the fans down, and this was the moment to rebel and let the common man just achieve his dream. Wrestlemania is all about achieving dreams and that’s what Wrestlemania XXX truly represents. 2013 to early 204 was a horrible year of being a wrestling fan because we had to endure horrible booking decisions especially on Daniel Bryan, but the people’s chants for Bryan never stopped. All the hijacking and rebelling we’ve done to put the company in the right direction (especially when CM Punk left the company because of the exact reason) was well deserved to make them do the right thing. Believe it or not, putting Daniel Bryan as main event was not the original plan, make no mistake about it, but once the company listens to its customers, they had an opportunity to deliver and what a way to go! There were so many instances where I was reminded of Bret Hart at Wrestlemania X and Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania XX, that gave me a real sense of joy just seeing the same thing happen to Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX. There were VERY bad moments and VERY good moments in Wrestlemania 30, but ultimately, it was a historic show and that’s what a Wrestlemania needs after 30 years of changing people’s lives!

The Top Lister’s score for Wrestlemania 30


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