Top 10 Most Overrated Wrestlemania Matches

Don’t you just hate it when The WWE, wrestling fans, and the hype tells you a certain match is one of the best of all time and then when you follow the storyline building up to the match and see how it culminates, you’re just thinking to yourself “That’s it?” I can’t describe how much the WWE love to toss in so much propaganda, making you think that their recommendations and statements are absolute when really they’re anything but. WWE tries their best to re-write history, but evidence shows the match as a whole is boring (so they had to show shorts of the best parts to convince you otherwise), the storytelling isn’t good (both writing and in-ring storytelling), and/or the result just did not give us an impact as much as the WWE and the hype wants you to believe. I don’t regret watching these matches in the list, and they’re no where as bad as the ones in my Top 10 Worst Wrestlemania matches (except for number 1), but these are the matches that has much as an impact as a forgettable mid-card. These are the matches of Wrestlemania that I’m so sick of hearing why it’s so good and for each of them I’m going to have to prove my point why it’s not as good as everyone claims them to be!


Number 10.  –  Wrestlemania IV Tournament

Okay, I’m cheating here because I should be picking matches instead of the whole card, but turning Wrestlemania into a long ass tournament was a very bad decision that never was again repeated. There are just too many matches in this card that made it 4 hours too long. It was nowhere as bad as Wrestlemania 2 but it’s just the fact that there’s nothing note worthy other than having Macho Man to win the WWF Championship and became the star that he is today. It’s just disappointing that there are no memorable matches or moments in this Wrestlemania that makes it a forgettable show. There are some real duds in this tournament however. We had to suffer that awful Rick Rude vs. Jake the Snake Roberts match, Hogan-Andre rematch was pathetic, and having Ricky “The Dragon Steamboat” eliminated in the first round of the tournament was terrible.  After all the build up for Randy Savage to make it this far, it’s sad to see that the momentum towards this main event lost a lot of momentum. There’s a reason why Wrestlemania will never be in a tournament structure again because once we seen the wrestlers come in multiple times, it really wears out. And it sucks to see that the crowd no longer wanted to see Macho Man like in the beginning of the tournament so they had to throw in Hulk Hogan to bring the crowd excited again. Speaking of Hogan, I did however like how did the WWF timeline/history carried on after Wrestlemania IV with Hogan and Macho Man as the Mega Powers which is the most beloved tag teams in the WWF. But still to this day, people don’t talk about Wrestlemania 4.

Image result for chris jericho wrestlemania 18Number 9.  –  Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

This is where I argue with the WWF’s booking decision where they seriously fucked up the main event. I don’t care if this match is for both the WCW and WWF Championship (which is why it’s called the Undisputed WWF Championship) but with those Championships on the line, it’s not as important to me as Hogan vs. The Rock. Sure, Jericho has beaten both the Rock and Austin for the both of those Championships and Triple H won the Royal Rumble 2002, but both of those men had nothing that Rock and Hogan had. You can see how mundane this match really was because the story was poorly told (who cares about Hunter and Steph’s divorce angle), there have already been 3 Canadian wrestlers that didn’t have the Canadian crowd care for them as much (Christian, Edge, & Trish) and there were no surprises throughout the match that made it a REALLY forgettable main event. Never have I seen a main event as insignificant as the first four matches and nobody really cared about what was going on compared to the crowd’s reaction to Hogan & the Rock. I did like Triple H in the past, but this was the time where the WWF really wanted to hammer him down to our throats and begin this propaganda that he’s at all “the best” which he clearly isn’t. I can go up to anybody and ask what is the one thing that they remember from Wrestlemania 18 and they’ll all say Hogan and Rock and not even remember this match. Throughout the match we just kept seeing Jericho work on Hunter’s leg and it was tedious to see him to keep doing that tactic/strategy. The finish had Triple H to fight back by to Pedigree Stephanie and Chris Jericho. Afterwords, he won the match and who gave a shit? This match went way too long and nothing memorable or significant has happened. This really isn’t the worst main event (believe me there are way worse) but at least those bad main events were more memorable than this match, and that’s really sad. WWF tried to hammer us Triple H down our throats, but because Hogan was so much of a star, it’s no wonder why he beat Hunter for the Championship later that year. What else do you expect from a Wrestlemania that only focused on telling a good story and delivering great performance from the WCW wrestlers booked in this Wrestlemania?

Number 8.  –  Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

Here’s a match that somewhat offended me. We’re talking about Kurt Angle, an Olympic Gold Medalist, that defeated HBK in Wrestlemania 21 that resulted as one of the best Wrestlemania matches and had a better match against the Undertaker to save his World title and was the king of Smackdown. I understand if he needed to defend it against the Royal Rumble winner, but I never thought Rey Mysterio to entitle himself as World [“Heavyweight”] Champion. There’s a reason why they have names for these titles and there’s no way I can imagine an under 5′ footer to even hold that title. Even worse, I hated the story of this match. It went TOO far when Randy Orton said that Eddie Guererro is down in hell that deeply offended me and all the Eddie fans who misses him greatly. With a bad story, how did the match go? I still am not a fan of this match. Even despite the fact that Kurt and Rey really did a fantastic job in the in-ring work by delivering technical wrestling and high flying maneuvers, Randy’s involvement just slowed down the match and I blame everything wrong with this match on him. If anything, it should just be Kurt vs. Rey despite the fact that its for the “Heavyweight” title. When Kurt and Rey were wrestling, it was magical to see two of the best talents on Smackdown wrestle like no tomorrow, but when Randy comes in, the quality of this match diminishes. I know Rey deserved to win this match because he was Eddie’s closest friend before he passed away, but having Kurt lose his title from Orton getting pinned b Mysterio is just a poor booking decision that I’ve ever seen! It’s no wonder why Kurt Angle never came back to WWE after he left for TNA later that year.


Number 7.  –  The Rock vs. John Cena – Wrestlemania 29

If there’s ever a match that should never had a rematch, it would have to be Rock-Cena all over again. The reason that is is because we already established that the Rock is a better wrestler and you can’t strike lighting twice. If Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in Wrestlemania 26 couldn’t be better than their first match in Wrestlemania 25, how was this match ever going to be a better rematch? The whole crowd knows that Cena was going to win because the WWE went back to shoving Cena even more down our throats and give an official good-bey to the Rock by taking the WWE Championship off his waist. If anything, it should have been CM Punk vs. The Rock III in Wrestlemania 29 and beat the rock, while having John Cena vs. Undertaker with Cena defeated. I honestly think it was just to have John Cena to get his come-upings because he couldn’t take the humiliation from Wrestlemania 28. Everyone in the stadium wasn’t as intensified as last year’s Wrestlemania event that was a once in a life time deal. It was almost identical from their first match together, only with a less enthusiastic reaction towards what’s going on in this match. Ultimately, it was underwhelming to see this rematch to happen because it was there, with less surprises happening and it was predictable that Cena was going to win. Even despite the fact that Cena won the match, he’s still not better than the Rock. It’s similar to how the Rock beat Hogan in Wrestlemania 18, but Hogan beat Rock in No Way Out 2003; the first time is what everyone remembers, the rematch is forgettable. And so was this main event. It was a weak finish to have the Rock and Cena shake hands at the end that had a couple of boos coming out from the audience. That’s not good!

Number 6.  –  Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show – No Disqualification Match

Okay, if you didn’t buy Wrestlemania 24 for the Flair-Michaels match, odds are you weren’t a Wrestling fan to begin with and you just wanted to see a small-sized boxer take on the biggest athlete in the world. I can’t stress enough that boxing and wrestling NEVER mixed well! Go ahead and see Piper vs. Mr. T in Wrestlemania 2 and the Brawl for All finals with Bart Gun and Butterbean in Wrestlemania XV. And out of all the Wrestlemanias that dealt with boxing and wrestling together… this one is the worst! Yes! It’s worse than those two matches that I’ve mentioned. The rivalry between these two are incredibly ridiculous, the storytelling is nowhere as believable as Stone Cold and Mike Tyson, and the match quality is distasteful! Sure, this was the match that everyone talks about because a current boxing star is in a wrestling match, but I really was disgusted with what this match represents. It represents selling out to a celebrity that doesn’t give a fuck about the company and pour millions of dollars for him just to get attention. This does not feel at all like Wrestling because there’s no soul and it was messy because Floyd was never trained to perform. He oversold many of the shots big show was giving and Big Show probably oversold it even more because as logic puts it, Celebrities are “more powerful” than the wrestlers… stupid! Even worse, Floyd’s bodyguards had to interfere in this match just to draw many drama into the match, but because Big Show had to be so monstrous everyone of his bodyguards sold his shots. Even when they had to throw in weapons like the chairshots that was interesting to see Floyd do, it was still filth and uninteresting to me. The one this that I still dislike about this match is Floyd’s arrogance and ego and you can see it with the finish of this match when he KO’d the Big Show with brassknucks. It’s like he was so great and full of himself that even cheating (despite the fact that it’s a no disqualification match) had to show how “great” he is. I still consider him an average boxer (especially in his division) and this match was so overhyped and it didn’t deliver anything special. However, I’ll give this match more credit for giving more effort than the McMahon-Trump match from last year’s Wrestlemania.

Number 5.  –  Undertaker vs. Triple H – Wrestlemania 27

I’m sorry everyone, but this match is really not good. I mean it was a decent brawl but the whole purpose of this match was the fact that Hunter is jealous of Shawn Michael’s wrestlemania moments with the Undertaker in two previous Wrestlemanias and he want to be part of it. The WWE is acting like this is the first time that HHH and Taker are facing off in Wrestlemania, but they want you to forget that they had already faced off in Wrestlemania 17. If you ask me, you should watch that match instead of this one because this match here, while it did they to tell a story in this hardcore match, the problem is is that Triple H is not that agile and athletic so there are no surprises in this match. Undertaker was either in real bad shape or he was kayfabing it so they can have a rematch in the following Wrestlemania. And that’s what I hate about this match, no matter how much they’ve tried, what matters is that Triple H gets a rematch the following Wrestlemania because Shawn Michaels wrestled Undertaker twice… Triple H is so full of himself that I can’t describe how much I hate what this match represents. I especially hate the finish where if the HHH character wanted to “end” the streak so badly, how come he’s ordering Undertaker to stay down and Undertaker recover? You can really tell that Triple H was waiting for Taker to give him an opening submission because he was not ready for this match. Obviously, Triple H gets himself into a Hell’s Gate submission hold because Undertaker couldn’t get himself up and Triple H had to tap. I hate the fact that Triple H had to oversell for Undertaker like he’s just as in bad shape as Undertaker while ‘Taker himself was already hurt. This match wasn’t at all good. It was a half an hour dirty fight that could NEVER be as good as the Undertaker-Shawn Michaels matches in the previous two Wrestlemania matches. It did NOT save Wrestlemania 27 and there for, Wrestlemania 27 remains the second worst wrestlemania of all time!

Number 4.  –  Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels

This is the match that everyone says it’s the match that saved the night, quite frankly, it really wasn’t. Instead it was a really overrated match. I mean, the rivalry between HBK and Big Daddy Cool was a great feud but they had better matches together after this Wrestlemania, like “In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies” The only highlight of the show was the valets that came with Diesel and Michaels because they were mainstream’s biggest sex symbols at the time and they were used to make this match have some attention, perhaps too much attention. We’re talking about having too many photographers in the ringside that got Shawn Michaels pissed that one of them got in the way and got shoved. There was one instance where Shawn was supposed to fall over the top ropes, but couldn’t get over and got his feet caught in the mid ropes, only to have Diesel to push him out of the ring (what a botch!) There was another instance where Shawn Michaels got up in a photographers face because he was too close and almost hit him. Another botch was when Diesel catapulted HBK to the turnbuckle that’s supposed to hit the metal part of the turnbuckle, but ended up hitting the middle rope. This match was slow, had too many things going on at the same time nothing much is happening, and this match was just so dried. The finish of this match was very lackluster where another botch occurred when Diesel screwed up the Jackknife powerbomb for Shawn Michaels where Shawn slipped and landed on his ass and feet instead on his back. For those who said that this was the match that saved the show, you’re nuts. This was a meaningless main event for the WWF championship and Diesel continued his year long reign with the WWF Championship making the rest of 1995 worse and worse as the company continues to fail the interest of many. Kevin Nash has always been and always will be an overrated wrestler and this match is incredibly overrated and poorly worked. Too much celebrity involvement got the photographers in the way too much and it was just too crowded to have anything done well. Talk about a clusterfuck.

Image result for wrestlemania 23 cena michaelsNumber 3.  –  Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena

I still did not like this match. I can easily say that this is the most overrated main event that a Wrestlemania has had. I can’t even believe that wrestling fans today are considering this as a classic when it was after all just as basic as you can get! John Cena was already hogging up the spotlight and puts no effort in making any of his matches different. And as for Shawn Michaels, this was least favorite time of being a HBK fan because of the stupid resurrection of D-Generation-X with just him and HHH. I hated DX 2006 and wanted it to end as soon as possible. This match didn’t deserve the main event spot because the story between the two wasn’t that well told and the in-ring action was seen better in Undertaker-Batista match. I mean, Shawn did give out his best efforts to a dance partner who has very limited move sets, but because HBK’s opponent couldn’t give much of anything special.  Maybe this is just my Cena “Hatred” coming out, but he didn’t add a damn thing to the match. What’s more disappointing is that the WWE had a great Wrestlemania moment ready, but they opted not to go for it. The fans wanted Michaels to win. They were clamoring for it. I can just imagine Michaels celebrating with the title to a packed Ford Field going crazy while fireworks are going off. That would have been an awesome moment. Instead, Cena forces Michaels to tap out while the crowd remain quiet. This is part of the reason why many hates Cena so strongly. You rob the fans of those special moments they’re dying for. Michaels should have won. Great performance by Michaels, but Taker/Batista should have been in the main event.

Image result for stone cold vs the rock wrestlemania 17

Number 2.  –  The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin – Wrestlemania 17

Even despite the fact that the home state hero has came back from his absence from last year’s Wrestlemania, I really don’t think that this match was better than Rock-Austin match in Wrestlemania XV because there was something missing in this match in comparison to Wrestlemania XV. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that this match was incredibly well worked where both of these men gave everything that they’ve learned from each other throughout the Attitude era. The problem for me however is that both Austin and Rock just feels too invincible that there was no way that either one of the men can put each other over. No matter how many stunners, rock bottoms, People’s elbow, chairshots, weapon shots, table crashes, and even the kitchen sink, none of the men wants to lay down for defeat. My favorite part of the match however was when Stone Cold was in the sharp shooter and had blood pour on his face just giving us that nostalgic moment of when he was in the same position with Bret Hart in Wrestlemania 13. This match really did show their endurance to show that they have what it takes to be the top, but at the extent that it they’re almost inhuman. It was so intense to see which of the two had to loose, until Vince McMahon had to come down the ring and interfere. This time, he wasn’t coming to save the Rock, but instead to save Stone Cold Steve Austin, his arch nemesis. Now this heel turn just doesn’t make any sense to me because Austin represented the people below the employers whom pleasures to make their employees a miserable hell and it was his duty to rebel against the system and those who controls everything. Just having a Vince and Austin teaming together was just so bizarre to me. For shock value, this is ingenious stuff, but for the fact that they’ve made one of the most important stars of the attitude era to suddenly turn heel and made this hardcore match into as piñata out of the Rock. For shock value this was probably genius, but for a storytelling, work-rate, and entertainment standpoint, it just shows why Rock vs. Austin in Wrestlemania XV is way superior. It seemed as though he wouldn’t stop until the fans turned on him. Finally he got a few boos and went for the cover. As soon as the ref hit three, the crowd erupted again. The fans just didn’t care about the heel turn. They were going to cheer Austin anyway. I always felt that hurt the end of the show a bit, but admittedly this was to build up to the epic disappointment called the Invasion angle that was going to happen after Wrestlemania. I fully agree with Stone Cold Steve Austin that he should have gave Vince the stunner so save himself from that heel turn. Honestly, the heel turn for Austin really lost a lot of popularity and credibility for him. And if you disagree with that statement, who’s making Hollywood blockbusters today? (Hint: The Rock) Exactly!

Number 1.  –  Bobby Lashley (w/ Donald Trump) vs. Umaga (w/ Vince McMahon) 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the most overhyped and most overrated Wrestlemania match of all time! Sure this match was made to sell tickets to non-wrestling fans, but it was totally predictable, there was no in ring-story whatsoever, and no surprises! If you bought this show just to see if Donald Trump is going to get his head shaved bald, I’m sorry to say this but you are an idiot! No way Donald was ever going to humiliate himself like that because he has too much pride to do something this ridiculous. Of course Vince had to be the one to loose his hair because it’s his show and he’s the most impulsive out of the two. As for the match, Lashley and Umaga are some of the most mediocre wrestlers that WWE has ever had. And here’s the sad part, this match didn’t make Lashley or Umaga a bigger name after this match, instead Trump and McMahon overshadowed the whole match. Even despite the fact that Shane had to come interfering to drop kick Lashley with a trash can didn’t amuse me. They’ve tried to bring a nostalgic moment with the Attitude Era with Stone Cold Steve Austin whooping ass as special guest and Donald Trump had to beat Vince to save his own hair. Lashley speared Umaga after Austin stunnered Umaga to win the victory. And of course we had to see Vince’s head shaved bald and if you were looking forward to see Donald saved bald, prepared to be disappointed. I’m just mad at the fact that this is not what Wrestlemania is about, instead they used this waste of space to fill up the time and earn all of those PPV buys. Even worse was the fact that the length of time in shaving Vince’s head took a long ass time! Pathetic!

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