Top 10 Worst Wrestlemania Matches

When you watched every single Wrestlemania like I have, you should already know that Wrestlemania had many of the worst matches in its history. Whenever there’s a top there has to be a bottom and these here not only are the bottom, but detest the Wrestlemania name from being an all time great Wrestling show. We paid so much money to have a wrestling show to change our lives and WWE is no stranger to having horrible booking decisions, bad finishes, horrible storytelling, and featuring horrible wrestlers that either couldn’t make a chemistry together or just didn’t give that much effort as we hope for. And if you want to know my opinion on all the Wrestlemania match, just look at the link below to see every one of my Wrestlemania reviews. Sometimes they can even become twice as awful than I’ve mentioned that makes it into the all time worst. As a huge professional wrestling fan, I can never learn my lesson to not be so anticipated for each Wrestlemania each year and should remember the scars that the WWE has given me. After 30 years of experiencing this once-in-a-year show, it’s time to count down the worst matches of Wrestlemania history!

Number 10.  –  Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon

I really don’t want to remember this match because this match should never have happened. Bret Hart should have had more integrity than this when he made peace with Shawn Michaels in an episode of RAW that became the best moment of WWE where forgiveness triumphs. But because Vince McMahon didn’t want to make Bret Hart just a host of Wrestlemania and let whatever happened in the Montreal Screwjob to just be bye-gones, they had to make it into a match. Bret Hart suffered a great stroke when he officially retired in 2000, seeing him come into the ring show that he’s not in shape to perform. But I’ll give Vince credit, he did try to make Bret powerful, but for the fact that the whole Hart family had to come into the ring and continually beat up Vince was just too much. I was getting fed up with Bret Hart about to give Vince McMahon a sharpshooter and then decide not to. Everybody just wanted to have that Sharpshooter applied and finish the match, but no. Revenge just had to wait a little longer… Did I say little, I mean A LOT longer. This match went on forever and it’s only a certain point in time where Vince had to stop acting like a vulnerable shit but seriously, everyone was getting really bored in this match. Hell, even Bret had to sit in a chair in the middle of the ring just catch his breath and the commentators was running out of things to say. Enough with the teasing with Sharpshooter, enough with the chairshots, and enough with the pandering. Please just finish this match. After the 11 minute mark, Bret finally apple the sharpshooter and you already know Vince was going to tap. I mean it was great to have revenge after Montreal Screwjob that tortured Bret throughout all of these years, but that doesn’t mean if Bret’s enjoying it, the audience was. I can’t say it’s anywhere as the worst Wrestlemania match, but it should never had happened. I have too much respect for Bret to even acknowledge this match ever existed. But it could have been worse if Vince won and that’s the only positive I can say about this match. I’m being too generous because Bret Hart is my hero and the idea of Vince vs. Bret sounds like years of build up, but at the end it just left a bad taste in our mouths that’s almost just as bad as the Montreal Screwjob that started this whole fiasco.

Number 9.  –  Akebono vs. Big Show – Sumo Match 

After the awesome Kurt Angle-Shawn Michaels match, we had to start catching our breaths from a wonderful match with a dull mid-card match… but we didn’t ask for anything this ridiculous!! This match isn’t just bad (not as bad as the Lesnar-Goldberg match) but it was offensive. It offends me that anyone think that a Sumo match is a joke, it isn’t! It’s Japan’s most traditional, physical, and most important sport that lasted for over a century. Americans doesn’t even know the importance of Sumo but I’ll give WWE credit, they’ve tried to introduce the North American audience what Sumo wrestling is by featuring the greatest Yokozuna (Sumo Champion) Akebono. It’s too bad that no American knows who Akebono is because he was the best at his time and the first American that won the Yokozuna title. But what Sumo is, it’s a real physical sport and this match was phony baloney! If this was actually real, then we would have had these men toss out within seconds. It was too slow and all it did was test my patience to just have Big Show to be toss off of the ring for Akebono to win. What a disgrace to the Sumo sport!

Number 8.  –  Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice 

No doubt this has got to be one of the worst Wrestlemania Main Events of all time! Sgt. Slaughter and Hogan’s last year’s Wrestlemania had more stipulation and drama compared to the whiny baby fight that just started because Hogan couldn’t accept being eliminated in the Royal Rumble 1992 Match. The match between Hulk and Sid was not a wrestling match, it just as slob fight that only used punching and strikes that has been carried throughout the match and had VERY little wrestling involved. What’s worse is that they’ve tried to make this a replication of the Warrior and Hogan at Wrestlemania 6 with using a test of strength and tried to make it intense but it wasn’t at all. Nothing in this match was at all convincing, nothing in this match was at all exciting, and it was a soulless main event that was so boring. Sure, Hogan’s other opponents in his other Wrestlemanias didn’t give him a good in-ring work but at least they had a story in them – Sid and Hogan was just two guys who still can’t get over their defeat in Royal Rumble like everybody else’s. The worst part of all is the damn finish. What made this match so horrible was because Harvey Wippleman just entering the wrestling ring as soon as Sid kicked out of Hogan’s Atomic Leg Drop. I’m going to say it flat out that Harvey Wippleman is the worst manager ever. He has no charisma, nothing memorable, and there’s nothing appealing towards this weasel like Heenan, Mr. Fuji, and Jimmy Hart so why did he cause a disqualification in this match? Hell if I know. Then Papa Shango came in to help… and since when did Shango ever teamed up with Sid? Oh just because he wasn’t booked in this card, he had to get involved. Then stupidly enough, they had to get the Ultimate Warrior (from a long absence) to return to save Hulk Hogan. At this point, it doesn’t matter because it the match was already ruined, Warrior lost a lot of muscle that he doesn’t look the same, and all he got was a chairshot at the back only having Sid to flee. I couldn’t believe the audience being so amused with Warrior’s return that it made it look like they’re accepting mediocrity… I mean poor results than what could have been. This was a completely meaningless victory only to have Warrior just have a comeback. Easily one of the worst Wrestlemania Main Events ever!

Number 7.  –  The Miz (c) (with Alex Riley) vs. John Cena – WWE Championship –

I’ve reviewed really bad Wrestlemania main events, but this is so bad that it’s clearly advertisement for the next Wrestlemania because the Rock and John Cena kept focusing on each other so many times that The Miz is not even recognized in this match. That is not good when the company is supposed to create new stars just to have someone like the Miz as a second thought as the tension between Rock and Cena became the main focus of the match. Because of this stupid focus of Cena and Rock instead of Cena and Miz is why Miz is pushed so backwards to below mid-card. Fuck, Miz didn’t even headlight in another Wrestlemania since this horrid main event.  Miz went from anti-establishment with a natural edge to his character (yes, The Miz) to a cookie-cutter, WWE-formula, weak heel. As soon as creative started paying attention to him, he lost a lot of his luster. At first it was okay: He used to call out John Cena and when the (injured) superstar no-showed, Miz would claim the win by forfeit. This lasted all the way up until the 2009 Great American Bash pay-per-view (PPV) when he lost to Cena in five minutes. He lost again in a squash on Raw and shuffled down to mid-card obscurity. He never recovered his fan support. Then, after they had killed him, the creative powers at WWE naturally decided to do something with him. They made him the mentor of NXT’er Daniel Bryan. This only pissed us off more because by now The Miz had become one-dimensional and stale, his in-ring skills had never improved and he was “mentoring” an indie superstar. With fans sufficiently sick of him, the WWE decided the time was ripe to put the title on him. Even despite the fact that he beat Cena in this match with the help from the Rock, The Rock’s involvement in this match and aftermath couldn’t save it, instead it worsen it. Having Rock attack both Cena and Miz because there was nothing more to add to this show, really shows why this whole card was horrible! If you actually made me want to watch Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Lawrence Laylor in Wrestlemania 11 instead of this match, that should tell you how bad this main event is in comparison to that main event. This match was just garbage and the worst possible way you can finish a show, an abortion!


Number 6.  –  Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez 

And speaking of abortions… This is without a doubt the worst match in Undertaker’s career and the role Wrestlemania show! None of it was Undertaker’s fault, rather it was the booker’s decision to have him to become dance parters with Gonzalez. This is the reason why I’m not a fan of giant wrestlers because Gonzales (along with Great Kahli) are incredibly slow. I never bought in the stupid Gonzalez’s gimmick where they had to take a 7 foot’6 that’s built-in as 8 feet tall and had to make him wear that ridiculous body suit that had muscles on it, that made the how viewing experience terrible to watch. To make things even more awkward was Taker came in with a freaking crow for some apparent reason, but the bird would had died from how terrible this match as. Poor, Taker. The whole match was atrocious. Non of the moves Taker used on Gonzalez looked at all affected but was oversold like shit. There were just too many punching, choking, and no wrestling involved. The worst part of it all was Gonzalez used a towel of chloroform, which Gonzalez used to knock The Undertaker unconscious. This match ended in a disqualification and it was already bad enough, but the drama continues with Taker coming back to the ring after he was dragged out with the medical team just to give Gonzalez a flying close line because Gonzalez was too big for a chokeslam or Tombstone. What a stupid way to continue to drag this match and each minute goes by gets worse and worse. Just to take Gonzalez down is the most pointless thing in wrestling it left a serious awful taste in our mouths. The Undertaker’s streak would have been a perfect streak if it wasn’t for this match

Number 5.  –  20-Diva’s Battle Royal – Wrestlemania 25

Wrestlemania and bad women’s wrestling are no stranger to each other, but this one deeply offended me. This match is INCREDIBLY sexist and you can tell that the WWE did not give a fuck about the women’s… I mean Divas division (Santino’s in here). You did not give a proper introduction to any of these women wrestlers who were both current in the roster at the time and also returning to the WWE for this Wrestlemania show. I was pissed that they had to get Kid Rock to lead them the way while he was performing one of the worst musical performances in Wrestlemania history! Yes! I really mean it when Kid Rock overshadowed the women wrestlers because apparently he’s so much of a sex symbol that their women coming in this match had to be push aside! Hell, even the commentators couldn’t even fucking tell who where in this battle royal. And what offends me more is that Molly Holly had to swallow her pride to get back in to that classic Molly Holly blonde-gimmick and give her best efforts. She, along with all the women participating in this battle royal, were not even mentioned or noticed until they got eliminated. If it wasn’t for the commentators who were noticing the ones eliminated we would never know who the fuck was in the match. Even Torrie Wilson had to express her frustrations with this match for the lack of support for their women in this match. All of these women were unappreciative and it’s even a bigger crime that some of the legends who build the Divas division where shoved out of the side. Since the WWE, Wikipedia, and other internet sources doesn’t even know who’s in this battle royal allow me to tell you who made it after a much of replay of this awful match. Kelly Kelly, Layla, Jillian Hall, Nikki & Brie Bella, Michelle McCool, Rosa Mendez, Maria, Eve, Katie Lea, Gail Kim, Alicia Fox, WWE Divas Champion Maryse, Mickie James, Natalya Neidhart, Tiffany, Victoria, Sunny, Joy Giovanni, Jackie Gayda, Torrie Wilson, and Molly Holly. And worst of all, the finish of this match. If there’s a good reason why I despise Santino Marella it has to be his participation in this match. He had to cross dress his way to participate and win by last eliminating the last woman just to crown herself… I mean himself as Miss Wrestlemania. This match was poorly structured, nobody knew who was in this match, and the finish of having a male win over the females was offensive. This was supposed to represent women’s wrestling and they made it into a fucking joke. Fuck Santino! Fuck the booking decision made for this match! And Fuck the WWE for allowing this to happen!!! If you ever wonder why the women’s wrestling is at the state that it is, this match has to be one of the big reasons!


Number 4.  –  Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna & Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna – Wrestlemania 9

Here we are having Bret coming in as the champion facing the Royal Rumble winner, but non of these men were prepared for each other and that’s a bad thing. I love Bret Hart and Yokozuna but this is actually horrible. Bret, many times, outsmarted Yokozuna using his tactics against his size and power, but Yoko managed to use his size to squash Hart. I didn’t like the fact that this match didn’t feel at all like a Wrestlemania main event. It was more like an episode of Monday Night Raw where there are no surprises, nothing was memorable, and it felt soulless throughout. I hated the finish of the match where Bret Hart got Yokozuna in the sharpshooter and then had sand tossed in his eyes by Mr. Fuji which got Yokozuna the pin. So a sand in the eye causes a knockout pin? That’s stupid!!! Honestly the worst main event in the entirety of Wrestlemania! Oh but it didn’t even end there. If you want a match finish that actually as bad, if not worse than ‘Taker vs. Gonzalez, along came egomaniac, Hulk Hogan, coming in the ring that all of the sudden was offered a match with Yokozuna by Mr. Fuji, as soon as Hart got defeated. He checks on Hart and Hart hides his eyes pointing for Hogan to get Yoko (while it looked like he was actually face palming this booking decision). All of the sudden, Hogan was being held by Yokozuna as Mr. Fuji was about to throw “sand” of all things, only to hit Yoko in the eyes, having Hogan give Yoko a closeline and leg drop. He pinned in for the WWF Championship making this 22 seconds of “awful” experience. And then here we are left with Hogan posing with the damn belt with a fucking black eye. That, ladies and gentlemen is the main event ending of Wrestlemania 9. To have Hulk Hogan come out after Bret Hart had a full on match against Yokozuna, just to have Hogan to win the belt over Hart and overshadow is rise to fame is completely unforgivable!

Image result for undertaker vs brock lesnar wrestlemania 30

Number 3.  –  Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker

You might think that I’m putting this match in the worst category too soon but this is really one of Undertaker’s worst match in his entire career. It’s wondrous to see that Brock Lesnar has given us one of the worst Wrestlemania match ten years ago in Wrestlemania 20 and he did the same thing again. I’ll give him credit, at least he wasn’t standing awkwardly in this match. There were no surprises, no story involved, and even no suspense going on in this match. The whole stadium and even the commentators were all dead silent in this match because it was so damn boring and so predictable at the point where we weren’t even paying attention. Part of it is because there was barely any build-up, except for chokeslamming Brock through the table in an episode of Raw, but that’s really it. You can really see that Undertaker didn’t’ give a shit in this match because he wasn’t intense, he didn’t make any fast pace movements, and he was just too submissive to Brock that we didn’t care. I mean how was a chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver not get a reaction is beyond me. And then the finish happened when Brock gave Taker the third F-5 and after the three count, everyone in the stadium and even everyone at home are stunned that such a stupid booking decision has been made! I can’t believe Brock was chosen to end the streak! You’re telling me that a part timer like Brock that couldn’t care less for the business and have the privilege to actually end the streak?!  Don’t even put Undertaker as a part-timer, at least ‘Taker never left the company! Every single person in that stadium had their mind’s blown at what they’ve just seen. I can go far as to say that John Cena is more worthy to end the streak than Brock who loves his UFC career more than his time in the WWE.I know the that streak would end eventually, but if it really was going to end, it would have to have a great story involved, believability that Undertaker was going to loose to this guy as the build up, and most of all, put some effort in the match from breaking the streak. What is an insult to me is the fact that all those men that tried to end the streak was all worth for nothing.  It was the fact that Undertaker carried something incredibly special in the wrestling world that no other fucking sport, entertainment, or media ever has and it just ended without any awareness. We all know that Undertaker wanted to end the streak but why he chose Brock Lesnar is beyond whatever the fuck reason that cannot compute! ’m not saying the steak should never end, it was bound to happen, all I’m saying it pass down a torch to someone who will carry on the company as much as Undertaker has. Apparently, there are so many who are worthy to end the streak like John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, and especially Sting. If there was ever going to be anything like the streak, it would have to take another 2 decades to build up a star that can be equivalent to Undertaker’s legacy. For the fact that this was a bad storyline, a bad opponent, and even a bad match, the streak deserved a better ending than this one. For what it was, it was a compete tragedy and there’s no turning back to make it better.

Number 2.  –  Jerry The King Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the worst match of the whole show and it’s an incredibly painful one to sit through. Dealing with Michael Cole’s heel commentaries was some of the most painful and agonizing commentaries I’ve ever seen. I mean, sure I was once a fan of his commentary when he was teamed up with Tazz in Smackdown back in the brand extension, but seeing him bash every wrestler on NXT, had to protect himself with bullet proof class in his own commentary table, and even constantly argue with his commentary colleagues was the time where I had to put the mute button more times than not. I still get that feeling each time I hear Michael Cole commentating nowadays, but this is the WORST booking of a match that I’ve ever seen. Nobody wants to see washed up has-beens to duke it out in the ring. We’ve seen Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon that proved that, but the WWE just didn’t get it through their heads and had Lawler and Cole to wrestle in a Fucking Wrestlemania match. How on blue blazes of fucks did this headline in this card but the Sheamus-Daniel Bryan match was a dark match? It was bad enough to see Vince McMahon to oversell Bret Hart’s moves in Wrestlemania 26, but Cole just over did it at the point where it embarrassed not only the company, but the whole Wrestling industry! Nothing in this match felt at all impacting and everything done in this match was poorly executed. The whole crowd in the stadium shouted out boring as the match continues and not even Jim Ross and Booker T could even save the commentary. Lawler applied his own version of the ankle lock. Cole tapped immediately. Austin hilariously asked, “Do…you…give…up.” Cole screamed that he did. Austin eventually called for the bell to give the win to Lawler via submission. Cole and Swagger split. Austin’s music played and he handed a couple of beers to Lawler for a celebration. Booker T entered the ring and wanted to party with them. Booker performed the Spinaroonie. Austin laughed and gave him a beer. Booker took a swig, and Austin gave him the Stunner… why?! Who cares. With Austin and Lawler in the ring together, the anonymous general manager email chime sounded… yeah forgot about that stupid gimmick of a computer storyline? Well, that was one stupid storytelling device that I DON’T want to remember. Mathews stood up and read a message for the GM, who ruled that Austin overstepped his boundaries as the referee, and Lawler lost the match by disqualification. Cole, who had some blood in his mouth, was lying on the ramp with a big smile on his face. Lawler went to ringside and protested to Mathews. He eventually threw Josh inside the ring, where Austin hit Mathews with a Stunner for a big pop. Austin hopped on his four wheeler and headed backstage, leaving Lawler to join his longtime partner Ross on commentary… And to think that the WWE think we actually cared. FUCK YOU, WWE! And FUCK THIS MATCH UP THE ASS!!!

Number 1.  –  Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar

Now I’ve been reviewing a lot of Wrestlemanias up to this point and I’ve seen a lot of horrible matches. This one here, is perhaps THE most disappointing Wrestlemania match I’ve ever seen in my life. Here we are having two of the biggest and strongest wrestlers in the WWE that they need to have Stone Cold Steve Austin to be special guest referee to control this match. We’ve expected a monstrous match between two physique wrestlers. But we never got that. We were betrayed because Brock Lesnar was leaving after this Wrestlemania where he wants to join the NFL Vikings and Goldberg despised what WWE booking did to his credentials. It’s no wonder why Sting never came to WWE because what they’ve done to WCW’s top stars like Goldberg having Triple H burying him for no apparent reason than to make himself look better than anyone else. Goldberg vs. Lesnar is sickens me each time I go back to this match. This was some of the most unprofessional matches I’ve ever seen where the majority of the match, these two idiots just stood there, grappled each other then stood there some more. The whole crowd hijacked the match chanting “Goldberg sucks!” “Lesnar Sucks!” “You Sold Out!” and “Boring!!” throughout this match. Here we are having Stone Cold Steve Austin standing there just waiting for them to finally go at it. Then grapple some more, then the brawl was taken out at ringside, slowly. Then they comeback in the ring to finally do their finishers. At this point I really want this to be over. Lesnar gives Goldberg an F-5, but (fuck!) he kicked out. Then Goldberg gave Lesnar a Spear and Jackhammer for the win. But that didn’t end there, Lesnar had to get back up on his feet and flip off at the fans then at Stone Cold. Then later Stone Cold gave him a stunner and it’s a miracle that Brock sold it otherwise he would of made this match much worse than it already is. Then Goldberg celebrated with Austin with a beer. It was cool to see what was WCW’s top star drinking with Stone Cold who both look similar and were the toughest players of their sport even though we’ll never see them wrestle each other. The crowd booed at Goldberg’s victory, so Austin had to stunner Bill and take the spotlight away from both of them… man this was a disastrous match! It went beyond disappointment but turned out to be a soulless, passionless, and most dried out match that I’ve ever seen. The match as a whole just could not be saved due to the intense hate the crowd was spewing all throughout it. The slow start was embarrassing and they didn’t seem to have chemistry in the ring.  But what’s worse is the attitude between both men that made this one of the worst matches that I’ve ever seen in my life. Sure Brock Lesnar became a bigger name in the MMA world years later, but it’s because of this very match is why I’m not much of a fan of Brock and Goldberg as I used to be. I really looked forward to this match back in 2004 and this match becomes more shitty as the years go by. It ultimately became an embarrassment for all three of those men, the whole company, and even the wrestling fans who supported WWE throughout all of these years! It was supposed to be the best physique match since Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan, but it was just to have Bill Goldberg winning the match, let Lesnar go, just to have Stone Cold give the stunner on the both of them. This is the biggest abortion that has ever happened to wrestling. At least all the bad wrestlemania matches, you can see some patin for the wrestlers to give a good show, but these two did not even gave a shit! Brock Lesnar has recently pissed me off that he broke Undertaker streak, but this match right here is honestly the worst thing that Brock Lesnar as ever done and it’s all WWE’s fault for pushing a rookies too damn fast to make him to create such a disastrous moment in wrestling!

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