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Top 10 Albums of 1983

Image result for final cut pink floydNumber 10.  –  The Final Cut – Pink Floyd

I think the main reason why people hate this album so much is not because of the music, but because of the background to this album. In fact, the back cover says it all: “A requiem to the post war dream. By Roger Waters. Performed by Pink Floyd.” Roger Waters was Pink Floyd at the time. And then there are a lot of piano ballads on here. But I like them. And I surprisingly like the more rocking tunes (The Hero’s Return, Not Now John) not quite as much as the more silent piano ballads. Although I do care about the history beyond an album, what it all comes down to is if it is good music. And, well, I am completely on minority on this, but this is exactly the kind of music I like. I like sad, epic piano ballads and orchestration and all that stuff. And that’s why The Final Cut is so appealing to me. I don’t care if Gilmour or Wright participated or if Roger Waters was taking control of all that was once Pink Floyd, I just want to listen to good music. Lyrically, this is a masterpiece. These are probably Roger Waters’ most touching lyrics. I know a lot of people won’t agree, but I think he has a good voice, and it really stands out on this record. I don’t know about you, but I think lines like “was it for this that daddy died?” are simply heartbreaking. And when I heard Waters singing “Shall we shout, shall we scream, what happened to the post war dream?” I knew this album was going to be an interesting experience. In conclusion, The Final Cut isn’t even half as bad as the reviews on here might lead you to believe. My suggestion is to listen to this with an open mind. What makes this album so great are the lyrics, Roger’s voice and all those epic but sad moments on here. One of the most depressing albums I’ve heard so far.

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Top 10 Movies of 1983

Number 10.  –  Return of the JediImage result for return of the jedi original poster

For those who said that Star Wars really jumped ship with The Phantom Menace & The Force Awakens did exact same thing as the first movie are completely nostalgia blind. The Jubba The Hut story arc filler, pandering dialog about Force & Darkside, the completely childish fucking Ewoks, the incompetent rebuilding of the Death Star going off to battle, and worst of all the reviled incest between Luke and Lea made this a poor film to watch. This is without a doubt the most poorly written film of the original trilogy and just BARELY makes it to the Top 10 movies of 1983 because there’s hardly any good movies that came out of the year 1983. You can tell that George Lucas wanted to get this trilogy over with and just wanted to do a remake of Star Wars 1977, but on steroids and better production. Flashy-special effects and fast-paced action can impress anyone, but Star Wars gets special treatment because it’s in everyone’s childhood (sarcasm).  I’ve already examined why this movie is completely fails and it’s only up to you Star Wars fans to learn to accept that this movie (and all the rest that is not Empire Strikes Back) are not as great as you proclaim it to be or remember and learn to finally grow up and learn that there are better things to do with your life than wasting it on Star Wars, a franchise that you love, but really hates you, as a fan.

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Top 10 Video Games of 1983

Image result for dragon's lairNumber 10.  –  Dragon’s Lair

Don Bluth is already a legend in the animation world, and he will always be that successful animator that outsold Disney in the box office throughout the 1980s. For an actual cartoon or animated short to be playable in the arcade was the most revolutionary ideas one could ever make at the time.  Throughout you’ll be seeing Don Bluth’s animation of a valiant knight, on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon. However, you’re only watching the whole thing being played out, not actually playing the knight character himself. Instead, the player is to press the right button or direction of the analog stick at the precise time being the VERY first to innovate the concept of quick time events. However it’s both a blessing and a curse really about this quick time event introduction to gaming because no one has these cat-like reflexes to get through the game, unless you memorized ever moment and ever correct timing action that you have to press in order to get through this very short game. This machine was only meant to drain every quarter out of your pocket and you can’t possible see the end of this movie without memorizing every button on the right time from the start to the finish. And even if you completed this half an hour game, what impression did this game left the gamer? Actually no value of revisiting this flash in a pan.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Star Wars SUCKS! (And Why You Should Quit Being A Fan)

Image result for star wars overratedIf there’s anything in this universe that is so overrated that it just won’t go away, I can’t think of a better pick than a multimedia franchise called Star Wars. Exposure and never ending discussions about a lore that has overtly dramatic characterizations, contrived storytelling, & misguided direction has VERY little to offer to those who wants substance.  For all the problems that Star Wars continues to repeat itself (for decades even now), its biggest sin is that it is responsible from stealing the attention to all other movies & franchises who deservedly needs.  Why does Star Wars have such poor quality of storytelling and is so beloved that its past the borderline of being a separate religion? I can always pick an answer of the fans of the franchise’s life being so boring and they refused to stop acting like children (or even grow up) wishing that it were real since.  Sometimes you get so attached to nostalgia that it hurts to see that so many fans everywhere have no realization that it’s just a series of sub-par fiction and poor execution.  The fact that there’s an estimation as 1/3 of the human race whom all fall into this category in which I’ve established shows how very little intelligence the public already has.  I suppose putting bright visuals and fast-paced action on the screen would make idiot fascinated. All it takes is one bad movie from under the name of Star Wars and then everyone jumped ship & then idiotically come back for more dissapointment. I’m here to tell you that I’ve already seen the bullshit under the flashy, special effects for decades now and you need to read this article to not only now discover that this whole entity is all bullshit, but you just could invest more of your time on even better things than Star Wars.  I do admit that I’ve been into the ridiculous conversations about Star Wars, but that’s only because everyone has nothing better to talk about when it comes to discussing anything that’s fiction. But I’ve been debating about Star Wars for far too long that I’m here to show you everything that you love about Star Wars, is just completely sub-par execution in comparison to the many fictional stories that came after it and especially before the first movie.

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Top 10 Albums of 1982

Image result for thriller michael jacksonNumber 10.  –  Thriller – Michael Jackson

It’s a shame that the web of rumors and questionable behavior that surrounds Michael has overshadowed his career because albums like Thriller give substantial weight to his claim to the title King of Pop. Thriller, on paper, sounds like the type of album the music snob would traditionally reject: insanely popular, overly commercial, inseparable from its accompanying music videos and dance moves. This was not just an album, it’s is the image of popular culture that we all now live in today. His contagious songwriting (except for The Girl is Mine & Lady of My Life as the album’s missteps), his unreasonable dance moves, and even his brand new persona made made popular music sky-rocketing bigger than any album that came after it, especially. Even on Thriller (his most iconic achievement) the synthy grooves have fermented slightly like a cheese with an overdue sell-by date, owed in part to the countless amount of times we’ve been exposed these songs—which isn’t its fault, really. But even these feeble gripes cannot detract from the facts: Thriller is a phenomenon. It is immediately recognized by every household in the world as a staple of our culture, as well as the most substantial commercial juggernaut that has ever been committed to music. And this was intentional, invoked by a man who was so arrogant that he thought he could create the best record ever made, yet so aggressively determined and naturally educated that he actually succeeded somehow? It’s beyond an album, basically.

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Top 10 Movies of 1982

Image result for dark crystal posterNumber 10.  –  Dark Crystal

Jim Henson demonstrates him and his team could create complex puppets the likes of The Muppets could only dream. Henson builds wildly creative and superbly detailed puppets for his main characters and side characters in this all puppet made movie. Henson was clearly a fantasy visionary, crafting wondrous tales of magic and otherworldly locations. The Dark Crystal holds up on the merits of its dark atmosphere, imaginative puppetry, unique world and lore building, thoughtful storytelling, and loving natural romance. The Dark Crystal does not exactly compare to Henson’s later masterpiece Labyrinth, but The Dark Crystal will keep you guessing. Twists and turns with deadly situations will thrill children of all ages, while thoroughly delighting their parents. I highly recommend The Dark Crystal for an afternoon or nighttime watch with the family. It’s a blast with fantastic sets, props, and puppets. On the other hand, I think Jim Henson bit off more than he could chew when he decided to make this movie because of the restrictions of puppets from the 80’s. The plot just didn’t make any sense. I feel like there wasn’t enough backstory. I also wouldn’t suggest letting kids watch this since the main character is terrifying.

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Top 10 Video Games of 1982

Related imageNumber 10.  –  Sinistar

There is some serious sci-fi action going on here. In a playing field that feels much like a fast-paced take on ​Asteroids (only with easier controls and goals), you gotta rush to ward off enemies while collecting enough crystals to bomb everything in sight simply for one reason.  You have to do this all just avoid the very first scary video game character, Sinistar! While you’re doing this, your enemy is building their ultimate weapon, Sinistar. Not only the first game to use stereo sounds but, for many players, this was the first video game where they could hear playback of a human voice (even though it is supposed to be the voice of a robot).But by the time Sinistar hits the screen its already a lost battle.  I couldn’t put this space themed-shooter any higher on the list (really there’s just too many space shooters released at this point) because Sinistar is just too damn fucking cheap! It’s only in this list to fill out the list and for historical reasons for having the original frightening game character.

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