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What I think is the worst/best of Animation

Top 10 Fire Type Pokémon

Image result for fire type symbolJust what make Fire type Pokémon the most popular to all kinds of fans? Fire is one of the three basic elemental types along with Water and Grass, which constitute the three starter Pokémon. This creates a simple triangle to explain the type concept easily to new players. Fire types are rare in the early stages of the games so choosing the Fire variation starter is often a plus. Plus there aren’t really that many Fire Pokémon in the overall game. That’s why when catching a Fire Pokémon in your team, it does mean a lot to most players. It’s so strong against Grass, Ice, Bug, and Steel types, but are only weak against Water, Ground, and Rock. The fact that it’s only Gen 1 where there were just a plethora of Rock-Ground dual types & abundance of Water-types shows why they were a bit a tough to train. But everything else (except also Dragons, I might add) does get affected by the burning element. Causing your enemies to change their status to burn is a better alternative than Poison, I argue. There’s a sense of an accomplishment whenever your surviving opponent suffers burning in each turn depleting their health. And not only that, more than a half of Fire-types are absolutely cool looking.  It’s also the reason why Pokémon like Charizard has unanimous love since the franchise started. But like all the other lists, I judge the best Fire-types by appearance, abilities, usefulness, & competitiveness.

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Top 10 Poison Type Pokémon

Related imageDespite all of us having so many bad memories of our team members loosing HP every step under the poisoned condition, they are not really a good type to have on anyone’s team (except for the Top 8 in this list). Poison-types can serve some use, but due to its lack of powerful moves, it really does take a significant amount of time just training any Pokémon by using Poison moves. I get the appeal of just slowly bringing your opponent to their deaths, but when it requires time to actually finish off opponents while in the competitive scene eliminating your opponents requires battles to be instantaneous. Is using so many poison moves just to change your opponent’s stats to poisoned really worth the effort? I think causing them to burn is a better alternative to make opponents lose health after every turn.  Up until Generation 6 & 7, Poison types were weak until Fairy-types were weak against them.  Just imagine how useless they were when Gen 2 introduced Steel-Types which are completely ineffective towards any Poison move.  Whenever you see any enemy teams in the games like (Team Rocket, Galactic, Plasma, etc.) the villains so often uses the poison types as their weapon of choice. Just looking at them, the majority of them even have a lot of disgusting looking design to them which really makes the majority of them really unappealing. It’s not only challenging to make a list of the best Poison Pokémon (based on appearance, abilities, usefulness, & competitiveness) but this list is even more impossible to list a singular Pure Poison type in the whole roster, so don’t be surprised that all of these picks are dual types.

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Top 10 Grass Type Pokémon

Image result for grass type pokemon symbolGrass-types are the most unique category in the franchise. Whenever a new generation offers their starter Pokémon, Grass has always been the first to be seen. It’s just unfortunate how grass-typing has not only been the least favored of the three starter-types, but also some of the most least favorite among fans. Part of it is that they have five weaknesses (Fire, Bug, Ice, Flying, & Poison) and only resistant to four types (Itself, Ground, Water, and Electric). Also it doesn’t help that nearly ever grass Pokémon in Generation 1 were Grass-Poison dual typed. But I assure you, Grass Pokémon are among the most underrated types. But over the generations, Grass-types have significantly got better; both appearance & competitiveness. The highlight about Grass is that their strength it is a type that so often utilize on being healthy, stealing opponent’s health, and self-restoration. Nothing feels more relieving in Pokémon than to have more HP than your opponent and what other Pokémon type can gain health as the battle keeps going. The big appeal of resembling with nature (like greenery/vegetation) brings a lot of beauty to in this category of Pokémon. So many Grass-types are so unique and gorgeous that any one of them would make Poison Ivy herself want to become a Pokémon Trainer instead of being a Batman villain. I understand that Grass-types have been an iffy category, but I assure you if you know what you’re doing with one, you’ll have a whole lot of strategies to overcome your opponents. You’ll see that the wrath of mother-nature are worth using competitively and these are the best of all the Grass-types (judging each one’s appearance, abilities, usefulness, & competitiveness).


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Top 10 Cartoons of the 1980s

Related imageBy the late 1970s, concern about advertising to kids had grown so strong that a Federal Trade Commission taskforce took on the question about whether to ban or regulate this onslaught of marketing. When the 80s rolled along, President Reagan has vetoed a measure overwhelmingly approved by Congress that would have reimposed restrictions on television programming aimed at children. Because of it, cartoon shows of the 1980s have been one of the most commercialized children’s programming in any era. Never has there been this many cartoons that given up storytelling & quality animation in exchange as being advertisement for toys & other merchandise. And to be quite frank, it was sickening to see these programs to potentially give us programs that are worth remembering only to take off our nostalgia goggles to realize that it’s just a commercial for products they were trying to sell at the time. It’s no wonder why Disney were at their darkest times while animated movies in theaters hardly were shown (until Who Framed Roger Rabbit saved it), thus animators suddenly became commercial advertisers.  This was the only way to make the most money in this nearly-dead industry, but that still doesn’t excuse how badly it has aged. Well not all of it.  So these ten animated shows were the ones that we as children got up for Saturday morning (or Disney afternoon) and noticed that notion of these commercials disguised as 30-min cartoons were actually animation with a good story to tell to its audience.

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Top 10 Cartoons of the 2000s

Number 10.  –  Fosters Home
for Imaginary Friends

It’s kind of funny that a cartoon has never been made with such a simple theme as the Imaginary friend. In the world of Foster’s, when kids think up imaginary friends, they become real and can interact with anyone, even adults. But as the kid grows older, they grow tired of their “fake” friends. Or, in the case of Mac, a kind, friendly eight year old, parents and older siblings force him to give up his friend, Bloo. So he takes him to Foster’s, where he makes an agreement with the staff to allow Bloo to live there without being adopted out as long as he visits him. The show has some pretty interesting characters, while they are not very original, are voiced and animated so wonderfully, it really doesn’t matter. This show is very funny, no underlying “adult” humor here as far I can tell. My favorite episode is the one with Cheese, Bloo’s younger brother. It will have you rolling when he sneers *bunnies*. Beware, though, if you watch this show, I guarantee you will get hooked!

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Top 10 Disney Renaissance Movies

From 1970 through to 1989, Disney struggled to produce a major cinematic hit. While their movies continued to perform acceptably at the box office, it was widely suggested that they were a studio in decline. That all changed in the early ’90s however when the studio entered into one of the most commercially successful periods in its history now known as ‘The Disney Renaissance’. It lasted from 1989 to 1990 and these animated musicals are the best part of growing up as a child because it was Disney’s time to finally get out of their horrid era into a different direction. It all started with the Little Mermaid that began the Disney Renaissance that started in very late 1989 (so that counts as a 1990s film) that lasted an entire decade. This is considered as Disney’s best years because they all were so brilliantly integrated from the soundtracks, atmosphere, artistry, characters, charm and even appeal that I have seize to see any other era in animation to do the same. These are the films are as good, if not, better than the original Disney classics. The stories and characters (though they were borrowed by other tales) had been better than they’ve had been in years, and there was a substantial philosophy change in which these films were approached. Rather than just making films with just songs in them, Disney started making broadway musicals that had the most relatable characters. The quality of storytelling has been changed drastically where they like to give a valuable lesson in the end, but it combines the fantastic to the everyday relatable. We still deal with love, magic, and whimsical worlds, but there’s a down to Earth and moral story being told and they all have hit on something that we all can relate to; especially children. We’ve all been there and we can all feel what these characters are going through. We, just like the character, want to break free from the mundane and be part of something better. If you watch these movies an adult you understand what this is like for all of these protagonists, but if you seen these films as a child, you’re already there! The saddest part is that this has been Disney’s absolute best and that makes it hard to believe that can be pulled off once again. But for now, let’s countdown the ten best Disney animated movies from 1989-1990!

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Top 10 Couples in Cartoons

Well, it’s the month of February and one of the most significant part of the month is a time of love; Valentines Day! Well, for the most of us that doesn’t have a date, we tend to look at fiction to fulfill our romantic experiences. Cartoon is no stranger to romance as we’ve had plenty of male and female characters that we created for each other and gave us dazzling visuals to excite the audience. But the way I look at romances is the way that both character has establish characteristics and personalities and a possibility of a wonderful chemistry together. These characters need to develop into better people as they find out love because that’s the power of it all. This is the reason why I admire romance in general because they make people into better individuals and discover who they are that they never really knew that they had in them before. Falling in love is the best thing in the world and these are the couples in anime that showed us why it’s so significant!

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