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This is an important media for me because all I want to do while I’m going on with my daily life it to listen to music. It’s not that distracting and it just helps create the atmosphere and tone that I want to soothe my mood.

Top 10 Albums of 1983

Image result for final cut pink floydNumber 10.  –  The Final Cut – Pink Floyd

I think the main reason why people hate this album so much is not because of the music, but because of the background to this album. In fact, the back cover says it all: “A requiem to the post war dream. By Roger Waters. Performed by Pink Floyd.” Roger Waters was Pink Floyd at the time. And then there are a lot of piano ballads on here. But I like them. And I surprisingly like the more rocking tunes (The Hero’s Return, Not Now John) not quite as much as the more silent piano ballads. Although I do care about the history beyond an album, what it all comes down to is if it is good music. And, well, I am completely on minority on this, but this is exactly the kind of music I like. I like sad, epic piano ballads and orchestration and all that stuff. And that’s why The Final Cut is so appealing to me. I don’t care if Gilmour or Wright participated or if Roger Waters was taking control of all that was once Pink Floyd, I just want to listen to good music. Lyrically, this is a masterpiece. These are probably Roger Waters’ most touching lyrics. I know a lot of people won’t agree, but I think he has a good voice, and it really stands out on this record. I don’t know about you, but I think lines like “was it for this that daddy died?” are simply heartbreaking. And when I heard Waters singing “Shall we shout, shall we scream, what happened to the post war dream?” I knew this album was going to be an interesting experience. In conclusion, The Final Cut isn’t even half as bad as the reviews on here might lead you to believe. My suggestion is to listen to this with an open mind. What makes this album so great are the lyrics, Roger’s voice and all those epic but sad moments on here. One of the most depressing albums I’ve heard so far.

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Top 10 Albums of 1982

Image result for thriller michael jacksonNumber 10.  –  Thriller – Michael Jackson

It’s a shame that the web of rumors and questionable behavior that surrounds Michael has overshadowed his career because albums like Thriller give substantial weight to his claim to the title King of Pop. Thriller, on paper, sounds like the type of album the music snob would traditionally reject: insanely popular, overly commercial, inseparable from its accompanying music videos and dance moves. This was not just an album, it’s is the image of popular culture that we all now live in today. His contagious songwriting (except for The Girl is Mine & Lady of My Life as the album’s missteps), his unreasonable dance moves, and even his brand new persona made made popular music sky-rocketing bigger than any album that came after it, especially. Even on Thriller (his most iconic achievement) the synthy grooves have fermented slightly like a cheese with an overdue sell-by date, owed in part to the countless amount of times we’ve been exposed these songs—which isn’t its fault, really. But even these feeble gripes cannot detract from the facts: Thriller is a phenomenon. It is immediately recognized by every household in the world as a staple of our culture, as well as the most substantial commercial juggernaut that has ever been committed to music. And this was intentional, invoked by a man who was so arrogant that he thought he could create the best record ever made, yet so aggressively determined and naturally educated that he actually succeeded somehow? It’s beyond an album, basically.

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Top 10 Albums of 1981

Image result for escape journeyNumber 10.  – Escape – Journey

I can only be thankful most songs are not played to death for me.I tend not to get annoyed by many things most people get annoyed at. Journey is one of those things. Journey is by no means one of the greatest bands ever, but they may be one of the best AOR bands. Escape is their best work. The album starts with their most well known work, “Don’t Stop Believin’,” one of the most iconic songs ever and for mostly good reason. When one gets into the spirit of a Journey song, especfially off of Escape, Infinity or Frontiers, it’s a lot of fun and even personal. “Don’t Stop Believin'” brings out the karaoke singer inside us all, balancing out emotion and accessibility to create the right kind of radio hit. Then this is continued on Stone in Love, a personal favorite of mine. All the other tracks are either great hits or just barely misses, until we get to a beautiful closer: Open Arms. When I was young, that song almost made me cry. I can understand why a lot of people hate Journey, but I’ll never agree. Journey’s not going for pioneering new scenes or trying to jump on a bandwagon. They’re just trying to have fun, and they do it well. Escape is the best example of that. Objectively it’s a great album Personally though it makes me want to headbutt the wall in a repeated fashion.

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Top 10 Albums of 1980

Image result for 1980 music albumsThe 1980s is perhaps the most vocal nostalgic era of all time. The only close contender of another decade being as vocal as the 80s would be the 1990s, but many things that was released out from the era of 1980 all the way through the end of 1989 has been severely remembered. Even those who were never alive in this new era are familiar with the cartoons, video games, movies, music and other entertainment coming out of this decade because the media has countless resurrections of these old products by making re-releases, remakes, & references using many brands to continue lasting their longevity appeal & legacy. And especially music in the 1980s, you can’t stand out much more from any other decade of music than the ridiculous synths, hair, and poppy appeal and sound. You can consider 80s fad in music the worst ever all you want but really it’s more iconic & recognizable than anything since & after. Here on TheTopLister, we’re going to begin getting more nostalgic lists by starting a series of the 1980s video games, music, and movie lists starting from 1980 all the way to the end of 1989.

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Top 10 Albums of the 1970s

Image result for 1970s musicWas the the 1970’s a good decade? Unfortunately, it’s a decade that’s just as bad, if not worse, than the 2000s. After the 1960’s Hippie Revolution, things came to a turn for the worse where the Cold War gotten more violent, draft was occurring in America, and many bad things were happening that effected the free world countries. For the least tragic stuff, there were a horrible trend of disco music that made all of us not want to go back to this decade. These where truly dark times, but fortunately people were able to fight back with music. As the psychedelic 60s gave way to hippie backlash and high ambitions, one thing was clear: There was something damn funny about peace, love and understanding. Shaking off naturalism, daisy chains and acid tabs came easier than expected, and what resulted was a paradox of both striking diversity and remarkable coherence: From high-concept prog-nerds and high-octane guitar solo to high-heeled glam-rockers and high-ass punks, the 70s saw the rise and dominance of the album-as-unified-statement. TheTopLister now takes the opportunity to present this list of its favorite albums of that decade… minus the fact that this is the top 7 70s albums with the top 3 Pink Floyd Albums.

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Top 10 Songs of the 2000s

I’ve already stated that music in the 2000s was a very horrible decade of music, and that’s because the focus on hits more than quality of songs are really hard look forward to. Part of it is that lack of originality or something that feels breathtaking as some of the many old songs that we love and cherish. More than likely, we go back to the old music that we cherish with the help of iTunes and downloadable music that only file-up an entire individual song instead of the whole album. It was really hard to judge what are some of the ten best songs of the decade, but I guarantee that not everyone is going to remember these songs, but they’re worth listening to due to it’s complexity, originality, and emotion/soul. Not much to describe about music in the naughties but minus well make this list to show that there were at least some really good music from this horrible decade.

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Top 10 Albums of the 2000s

Image result for 2000s musicTechnologically, evolution of music in the 2000s have been impressive where mp3 files changed the way we get our music and devices such as the iPod and cell phones were much easier to handle. But musically on the other hand… this decade was pretty bad. Music in the 2000s is a static and distasteful decade. Musically, the decade started out as a great, having left overs from the 1990s, but somewhere around 2002, music somehow stopped being as good as we hoped. Majority of pop music offered terrible genres such as emo, distasteful R&B and rap, pop, post-grunge movement, nu metal, and so many other music that ended up as a decade that we want to forget. Never have I seen a sufferable list of hits that made it on the number one charts and we have to thank the irresponsibility of many of these artists who created music that couldn’t even age a year since its release. It’s no wonder why so many stuck in the older times of music and never payed attention to the releases of 2000s. However, without the internet we wouldn’t be able to discover indie music. Never has underground and independent bands ever had so much exposure that it made the mp3 files in our computers to become the standard. And it made it so much easier to list down the albums the we’ve missed out in the decade.

Top 10 Albums of 2000
Top 10 Albums of 2001
Top 10 Albums of 2002
Top 10 Albums of 2003
Top 10 Albums of 2004
Top 10 Albums of 2005
Top 10 Albums of 2006
Top 10 Albums of 2007
Top 10 Albums of 2008
Top 10 Albums of 2009

It was really scraping the barrel to find at least ten albums released in each year of the 2000s. Because a lot of people realizes that they weren’t getting any satisfaction from mainstream music, there’s no wonder why people became hipsters and supported so many indie bands that they weren’t getting attention. But before the post-9/11 era started this terrible trend of music, the year 2000 was a start of a new decade and century. The days of the 1990s were no more, so new faces came in and tried to redefine their talents in songwriting. Again, 2002 was the year music stopped getting good and we would have to wait till 2007 till music got good again. After years of bad music, I can honestly say that 2007 had the best catalog of music coming out because that was when both indie and mainstream gave a crap in making wonderful tracks. You might be thinking that this person who made this list is an old fart bashing on this generation, but I assure you that I’m full blooded Generation Y and I still wish that my gen. could have their time of good music like 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Even though 2009 left us in a bad note, at least the 2010s are looking up so we can just move on. It was a difficult time to rank down some of the best albums of the 2000s to remind myself that this decade wasn’t at least all so terrible.

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