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Top 10 Years of the 1990s

There’s something about the 1990s that some of us refuses to let go. Perhaps a lot of things nowadays are so mundane or hard on us that we want to reflect on the golden years. Many of us, 90s kids, fully appreciated this decade for being so fun and a bunch of stuff is happening all at once that it would make a historian sweat researching about it. Weather if it’s the video games, the movies, comic books, television programs, the music, or any other releases, we still go back to the last decade before we’ve entered the 21st Century. Sometimes whenever we encounter something that was released in the 1990s, I stumble to look at the back of the object and see what year was it released. I find it important to me to know that sort of information because I some of them as a historical artifact; it’s more significant to me than you realize. That’s the reason why I’m composing the top 10 years of the 1990s based on releases and historical significance. Since none of us can remember almost everything from every year, I’m only judging each year on how much fun they were to many of us. Releases are important because we’re looking at what kept us interested when we were living in those 365 days and the historical significance is more important because we need to have something that represents not only that year but also the whole decade as well. Admittedly I’m only focusing at first world countries but that’s the main focus here. No decade is perfect and neither is there a “perfect” year, so I can’t speak for everybody on that. However, I can still reflect on how much fun everyone is having at the time so what’s what I’m looking at in my final top 10 list of the 1990s.

Number 10.  –  1993

I really don’t think that 1993 was at all a good year due to the fact that the only highlights, looking back at 1993, were Jurassic Park, Nirvana’s second Album In Utero, Simease Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins, and the launch of WWF’s Monday Night Raw. Sure, Bill Clinton was elected as president in 1993, but honestly I have no desire of coming back to 1993. Maybe it’s because it’s really a bad year in the 1990s, but really there’s not much note worthy to discuss about. Sega dominated the video game market in this year, many consoles were toasted and Nintendo just didn’t know what the fuck they were doing in this year. Plus this was when Michael Jackson was accused for child molestation charges and that wrecked the singer’s reputation as King of Pop. And it doesn’t help that the legendary professional wrestler André the Giant passed away in this year. Meanwhile nt everything was horrible released in this year. The US and Soviet Union sign Start II reducing nuclear warheads by 3,500 each. And finally, Michael Jordan had his best years in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls. There were debuting shows like Monday Night Raw, Animaniacs, The X-Files, Beavis and Butt-Head, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and the underrated Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic SatAM) was released in this very year. Hate to sound harsh (especially those who actually had a good time in this year) but 1993 was very mundane.

Number 9.  –  1995

Being that is is the on the half of the decade, 1995 was the year were the old were fading away and the new things were coming in. This is the year where the digital electronics became the norm for society. From Windows 95, video games coming to 3D graphics, and having our first animated film entirely in CGI graphics with the beloved Toy Story, 1995 was important for making technology to not just be for nerds, but for the entire world as well. There were debuting consoles like the Sony Playstation (who were entering in the gaming industry after Nintendo humiliated them with their SNES CD Add-on deal) and Sega was jump shifting to the 32-bit systems with the Sega Saturn. However, the Super Nintendo was still popular (thanks to Donkey Kong Country) and it was able to withstand against the 32-bit systems. 1995 is also historical for having OJ Simpson found not guilty and Bill Clinton confirms that Area 51 exists. But the reason why 1995 is at the bottom of the list is because there were so many deaths happening around the world in 1995. There were A magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurs near Kobe, Japan, killing 6,433 people, Jerry Garcia (band member of the Grateful Dead) passed away, and so many more. Plus, like any decade, this was the middle of the decade so there’s really no sense of significance from being the beginning and the ending of the decade.

Number 8.  –  1990

I understand that there are people that like the 1980s more than the 1990s, but if you’re a huge fan of the 80’s, this is pretty much your favorite year of the 1990s. I certainly do not remember what 1990 was like, since I was just born, but judging by the history books, everyone still had their mind set in the 1980′s as the fads, fashion, and 80′s music is still around and live back then. Regardless, 1990 was already starting it’s era when Sega advertised the Sega Genesis “Sega Does What Nintendon’t” and since then, it became a whole new generation of video games. Gone where all those times of having the best graphics on arcades as 16-bit finally gave us that opportunity to play at home, Nintendo was no longer in the comfort zone in remaining on top, and the birth of the console wars has started its popularity. Meanwhile in the movie world, films like Goodfellas somehow dominated over the likes of Godfather in the gangster genre of movies, The Little Mermaid started the Disney Renaissance begun, the Back to the Future trilogy came to a close, Home Alone became was John Hughes’s comedic masterpiece,  Scharzenegger was in his most creative sci fi adventure in Total Recall, and the TMNT movie still remains the best cartoon to live-action movie of all time! For the first year of the 1990s (while still looking like it’s still the 1980s) was a great start! And yet, it’s so low on the list, which means that this decade is a great one!

Number 7.  –  1992

A year after what is the standard of the 1990s decade, 1992 became a great follow up to the awesomeness of 1991, but not quite as good. There were historical events that somehow made part of the world better like Quebec votes to remain part of Canada,  El Salvador signed peace agreements between the leftist rebels and the rightist government, and The Cold War (after so many decades of East and West fighting each other) finally ends! It’s really interesting to see that this year in gaming, since we already have Genesis and SNES competing against each other, there were so many remarkable titles released this year that not only continue to revolutionize the gaming industry but also started new genres that are still expanding to this very day; like Wolfenstien 3D started the FPS, Alone in the Dark for Survival Horror, and Dune II for Real-Time Strategy. It was a year of new beginnings and top tear franchise installments! Meanwhile in the movie world, Disney released the legendary Aladdin, Quentin Tarantino made his filmmaking debut with Reservoir Dogs, and Unforgiven became Clint Eastwood’s best hit in years! This is also the year where Alternative Rock had acceptance in the mainstream with Alice in Chain’s Dirt, Faith No More’s Angel Dust, REM’s Automatic for the People, Tori Amos’s Little Earthquakes, Rage Against the Machine’s debut album made audience’s heads turn from their comfort zone with 80’s music. All that’s left to be desired was for 1992 to be better than 1991.

Number 6.  –  1997

From where we’re sitting, the late 1990s were a great purity to attach the phrase “Back in the day…” The year 1997 is a great representation of golden era giving birth to so many releases. It was a year where emotional times were erupting to ourselves and it was for us to dig deep. Thing like Final Fantasy 7, Radiohead’s OK Computer, Titanic, Chasing Amy, Goodwill Hunting, Modest Mouse’s Lonesome Crowded West, Bjork’s Homogenic were there to help us to give us a good cry. 1997 was a year of sad times for us because Notorious BIG was murdered, Married with Children was cancelled, Diana Princess of Wales is killed in a car crash, and the Montreal Screwjob. Sounds like a depressing/horrible year, however there were certainly a lot of fun that came out in 1997. Final Fantasy 7 revolutionized the gaming world with it’s amazing graphics, phenomenal storytelling, and memorable characters that helped the Sony Playstation to beat Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn’s consoles sales. There were fun films like Liar Liar, Con Air, Starship Troopers, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and The Fifth Element that made all of us uplifted from humanity’s dark times. Mike Tyson bites Evander Holyfield’s ear during a match and is suspended from boxing. 1997 was also a year of groundbreaking record sales Microsoft becomes the worlds most valuable company valued at $261 billion dollars with the success of the Windows operating system. Titanic made an all-time best selling box office hit grossing up to $2,186,772,302, and Final Fantasy 7 sold 9.72 million units. 1997 is a year of business success and also enduring society’s dark times.


Number 5.  –  1996

Everybody, you’re looking at one of the best years of all time as it was a year of groundbreaking success. Disney has never been so rich, it had some of the best Summer Olympics ever (Kurt Angle won a gold medal for amateur wrestling with a broken neck), Bill Clinton signs the Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments, and the video game releases that forever changed the gaming industry. This was the year where the Sega Saturn released great titles, the 16-bit era was at its end (good bye Genesis and Super Nintendo), and the highly anticipated Nintendo 64 was finally released. Most importantly, 1996 was also the year that electronic music boomed into the mainstream. All of the sudden, artists like The Prodigy, Robert Miles, Underworld, Moby, The Chemical Brothers, and Aphex Twin became huge names in the electronic musical world that grew so much attention. Meanwhile, DJ Shadow innovated the very first fully DJ sampled album that revolutionized music forever. What’s surprising about 1996 is that Democratic incumbent Bill Clinton defeats Republican challenger Bob Dole to win his second term. This election had the lowest voter turnout since 1924. But what’s most important to me in 1996 was when the Attitude Era begun when Stone Cold Steve Austin made his first swear words on television at King of the Ring 1996, forever ending the New Generation Era. Yeah, there were plenty of dumb movies that came out in 1996 like Happy Gilmore, Independence Day, Scream, Romeo + Juliet, and From Dust to Dawn, but they were highly entertaining! There was so many things to look forward to in 1996 and it was a year of excitement.

Number 4.  –  1999

We were all prepared to party in 1999 because Prince told us so in his song “1999” but also it was the last year before the 1990s ends and the 2000s begins. I remember a lot of people were ready to enter the 21st Century making their last days as great as it can be. But for others, they were paranoid about the Y2K problem that will hit when 2000 comes. Either way, everyday we made our days just in this year like it was our last. It was a great following year after the awesomeness of 1998 because of the many releases that got us excited. While many of us had to endure the awfulness of boy bands and Brittany Spear’s agonizing musical debut, there were a lot of heavy music rebelling against the stupidity that mainstream turned out to be and created an alternative for us real music fans. Things like Opeth’s Still Life, Rage Against the Machine’s last LP with Battle For Laos Angeles, and Eminem’s Slim Shady’s LP were some of the most aggressive and violent music ever recorded. At the same time we were given some of the most special musical experiences ever with Moby’s Play and The Flaming Lip’s Soften Bulletin that captures our hearts. Movies in 1999 revolutionized the way we make movies like Fight Club, American Beauty, Magnolia, The Green Mile, The Sixth Sense, and the ever so popular The Maxtix. This was also the year where North America finally got the Sega Dreamcast that had so much to offer that N64 and PS1 couldn’t; which is loved by many hardcore gamers as the best system ever. With all these things to talk about why is it not number 1? Well, I think it’s because we parted way too hard in 1999. There were also a lot of bad that came out in this year such as the worst Woodstock music festival that turned into a riot and Columbine Shooting that forever changed the way we think about gun control. See how conflicting it is to love something but also realize the bad?

Number 3.  –  1991

Do you ever wonder how did the year 1990 felt like the 1980s, but somehow 1991 became what the 1990s is most known for? Let’s start with that killed the 1980s music shall we? How about when Nirvana released Smells Like Teen Spirit music video and started the whole grunge movement? Because the whole world was introduced to alternative music (with it’s moody and cathy swings) it somehow created a new stratosphere to the world. Grunge was a huge part of the 1990s because alternative music became the most down to Earth musical movement thanks to bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains that forever change how we approach music. This where the 1990s started to grow from a seed and into a tree because everything that you remember about the 1980s is forever faded out of fashion and the new era just begun. This was an exciting, yet memorable year in music where the old takes its last breath and the new becomes a generation defining moment. We have the rise of grunge with three fantastic albums of this very movement, to brand new sound of dance music, and even innovative sounds of wave from shoegaze. How can nobody think that 1991 was at all a great year to remember? In fact, there are just so many things released in the 1991 that will forever put a special place in history and these are the albums that proves the greatness of this year. Releases like Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Nirvana’s Nevermind, The Gulf War ends, debuts of Nickelodeon new original shows, launch of Comedy Channel (now known as Comedy Central), The Jerry Springer Show, Beauty and the Beast, Silence of the Lambs, and the Super Nintendo to start the 16-bit console war with Sega Genesis were all released in this very year. These are all the things that destroyed the 1980′s stereotype and popculture in the first world countries. No doubt that 1991 is remembered as one of the best years in ever!


Number 2.  –  1994

If there was one year that truly defined what the 90s was all about, it has to be 1994! We’re talking about the suicide of Kurt Cobain, OJ Simpson chase, Jim Carrey made theatrical success, Disney released their biggest movie to date The Lion King, Nintendo saved the SNES with the release of Donkey Kong Country, Nathalie Portman made her debut with Leon: The Professional, Tom Hanks gave his best performance with Forrest Gump, Quentin Tarantino made his masterpiece with Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption was a sleeper hit that became loved by millions around the world, Weezer & Oasis made their best rock musical debut ever, Kevin Smith made the best independent film with Clerks, Nas’s Illmatic & Notorious BIG’s Ready to Die still remains the best hip-hop debut album ever, Beastie Boy’s Sabotage music video blew minds away, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam made their last big album hits before the grunge movement came lost popularity, Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn were released and remembered as the finest 32-bit systems, Prince Charles and Princess Diana separated, The Channel Tunnel finally opened, Wrestlemania X is the second best Wrestlemania of all time, U.S. President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin sign the Kremlin Accords, which stop the preprogrammed aiming of nuclear missiles toward each country’s targets, The New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup after 54 years, and so many more! If that doesn’t define 1994, I don’t know what will. After a horrible year in 1993, 1994 became another flip of the coin forever making the 1990s decade a memorable one!


Number 1.  –  1998

I’m not going to act like nothing bad has ever happened in these 365 days, but this was the year were many of the releases in 1998 caused an everlasting impact. I’ve met a bunch of people that agrees with me that this was, one of if not, the best year ever. From television, movies, video games, (probably) comics, and music were at it’s best in this very year.  And how euphoric, America was at the time. When grace was around us, and financial blessings, and an uncanny anointing, that dwelled in upon our land. Check the stats online. Some say 1998 was the best year ever, in everything! A link between economics, and the human psyche. It was the best of times. It was an age of prosperity, with six years in a row of fiscal improvement under the leadership of President Bill Clinton—including the first U.S. budget surplus in 30 years. Gas cost just $1.15 a gallon. It was an epoch of innovation, with the founding of Google, the rise of e-commerce, and the FDA’s approval of Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction.


Though we lost big stars like Kurt Cobain, 2Pac, and Notorious B.I.G., we had new rising stars coming out of this scene like Lauren Hill, Air’s Moon Safari, Queens of the Stone Age, Unkle, Brittany Spears, and the Neutral Milk Hotel making their debut albums that left us an ever lasting impression. At the same time, we’re also having old names that’s giving the same impression like Smashing Pumpkin’s “Adore,” Outkast’s “Aquemini,” Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine,” Korn’s “Follow the Leader,” and Hello Nasty” by the Beastie Boys. If that’s not good enough you can take a look at any music video released in 1998 and it will blow you away. That’s why watching music videos in 1998 in channels like Channel V or MTV to feel like an out of the body experience.


When we’re talking about movies, we’re seriously talking about some of the most groundbreaking filmmaking anyone can ask for. From the realistic depiction of war like Saving Private Ryan, the restoration of the Disney Renaissance with Mulan, innovative concepts like Truman Show and Dark City, the start of successful Marvel movies like Blade, revolutionary revolutionary animated features like A Bug’s Life, Antz, and Small Soldiers. But most importantly, the best movie that came out in 1998 had to be The Big Lebowski. It’s a comedy that was able to bring likeness to a multilayered movie and since then it has been the biggest cult following film of all time!


Even though That 1970’s Show started this year, the highlight of television in 1998 will always be the finale of Seinfeld and for a show about nothing left us a big impression towards the final season. It was the MASH of the 1990s and it was the highest rated programing of 1998. Though I wasn’t that much of a fan of the show, the one thing that kept me watching television was WWF Raw is War that happened to be on this list on Number 1 favorite thing that came out of the 1990s. We’re talking about wrestling greatest moments where Mankind was tossed off the cell, Stone Cold outsmarting Vince McMahon, Kane vs. Undertaker, D-Generation-X’s sex revolution, and so many more! This was the boom of the Attitude Era and it certainly was a great year for the WWF to compete the likes of WCW, even though they were still beating WWF in the ratings (Like Goldberg beating Hollywood Hogan). But what’s also important to me in television in 1998 was that this was the rise of anime’s popularity.
This was the time where the creative forces behind anime began pulling themselves away from the ultra violence that gave anime a bad reputation and began pushing themselves for great stories that has withstood the test of time. All of the sudden, shows like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon started selling merchandise and we couldn’t get out of the door without even hearing of the franchise. It as well opened doors to anime that had much more mature content than your standard cartoon that we seen in Saturday Mornings children’s broadcasting and Adult Animation late at night. Also, I prefer this era of anime more so than modern anime because they had a sense of realism and humanity instead of being too shiny, sharp, and overboard with the design & storytelling that lost the appeal that I felt so many years ago. There are anime today that I enjoy, but somehow the anime that came out from this era has that everlasting appeal that even future generations of Otaku will appreciate and enjoy!

Video Games

Video games has come a long way. The stuff that kids were playing on their consoles and computers decades ago, has gaming changed all that much? Of course they have, and they changed all the way back to 1998, the single greatest year in the entire history of gaming. Yes, 1998 really is the best year in gaming because many of the titles released in this very year turned video games into the pop culture phenomenon that it is today. 1998 was a well established year where popular games and genres were defined or redefined. These are instant classics proceeded to shape to define gaming forever after. This is personally my favorite year ever because this was around the time I entered the 3rd grade with a better elementary school teacher, we moved to a new two story villa, and this was the year that we got the Sony Playstation for the first time. So when it comes to making my Top 10 favorite games of this very year, it’s really hard for me to pick only ten that I still continue playing and still continue to hunt down. I love those 365 days so passionately that I would want the time machine to exist so I can just go back to those times when these games were new and people everywhere were obsessing over it. That’s part of the reason why we it’s a lot more fun to play these games when it was released in opposed to playing them now when everybody forgot about them. These are the times where I’m in a great mood to once again Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Travel Through the Land of the Dead, Obtaining the Tri Force in 3D, Having Psycho Mantis reading memory cards, escaping Black Mesa, torching Gnasty Gnorc, getting all Jiggies, collecting 25 crystals, destroy the zergs, this was all gaming in year 1998!

Can you see why 1998 does just the best of almost everything? I can’t imagine a better year than 1998. Sure there are years that almost did outdo 1998 in terms of wonderful releases like 2000, 1999, 1997, 1991, 2002, and 2007, but not as memorable or as impacting. It goes down as one of the best years of all time and what truly makes the 1990s a so beloved decade to remember many years to come.

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Top 10 Best Things of the 1990s

The 1990s has been some of the most remembered and most talked about decade of the modern-era. If you met someone that experienced most of the decade (or is at least interested) they’ll often talk about it (whether they love it or hate it). So why do we still keep talking about the 1990s? Well, it’s simple! We’re the people who care about history and we can always look a back at any other decade such as the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 00’s, but in comparison to the others, I find the 1990s the most interesting. We’re talking about a time where the Cold War is finally over and the rest of the free world has opened doors to new excitement.  Many of the best things in life came out in the 1990s like Pulp Fiction, Grunge, Electronic Music, CGI special effects like the Matrix, Anime was coming to popularity, computers became the norm (and we’re still using these electronics today), the there was something to watch for everyone on tv & movies, the video games are evolving faster than any decade before and after it, music was feeling more down to Earth and less cheesy like glam rock/pop and hair metal, and so many more! Sure every year and decade has their bad days, but for me personally, I never had as much fun as I did in the 90s decade as there has been a lot of things to be excited about. There is no argument that growing up in the 90’s remains the best days to have a childhood and so many people on the internet agrees with me because they still talk about it and relive those beautiful moments that gives us all a warm feeling. But I won’t act like this decade was perfect, that’s why I made the Top 10 Worst Things in the 1990s, but it’s now time to finally end all of those 1990’s lists with the best things that came out the 1990s! These are the things that given us the biggest impression and made us cherish them for the rest of our lives!



Vampire: The Masquerade 

The first edition of Vampire: The Masquerade was published in 1991, introducing the concept of “Storytelling” to the rpg world. Storytelling is roleplaying using streamlined rules that strip out most of the loot and adventuring of games like D&D and then using those simpler rules to resolve pretentious arguments about who is in charge of vampires in Milwaukee. Vampire should also be credited with mainstreaming gays in roleplaying games. Even elves in games like D&D were macho men, but in Vampire even the macho men wear leather daddy gear and carry around braces of twinks on leashes. To call Vampire’s art overwrought is to miss the entire point of the game. This is the role-playing game that introduced the World of Darkness franchise such as Warewolf: The Apocalypse, Mummy: The Resurrection, and so many more! Obviously, Vampire: The Masquerade started it all and it earn some recognition of being some of the best things released in the 1990s.


Number 10.  –  Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon

Though there were still Saturday Morning Cartoons going around in the 1990s, it was life-giver to actually have a channel dedicated to cartoons and children’s programming. Never had we ever had this much time of animated programming and constantly as a child I grew obsessive with watching these two channels.

For Nickelodeon, the 90s were a decade filled with entertainment that was ironic and cynical. After the hollow optimism of the 80s, it’s only logical that things would take a dramatic turn in the opposite direction. Goodbye Family Ties and Bananarama, hello Seinfeld and Nirvana. I think that in a lot of ways, children’s television programming reflects that change in mood. If you grew up in the 90s, you watched some weird shows for kids. So really, is it any wonder that as adults, a lot of us have an offbeat, eccentric sense of humor? If you were exposed to Ren & Stimpy as a child, that’s going to affect how you see the world. Shows that always comes tomind are Rugrother06ats, Aah! Real Monsters, CatDog, Ren and Stimpy, Doug, Yeah Arnold, Angry Beavers and Kablam that always gets us joyous whenever it’s on. But anyway, 90s television was awesome, and Nickelodeon really cornered the market in the US on kids programming. It didn’t talk down to us, and somehow found a way to come up with bizzard stories that entertained both us and our parents. There was also multiple structures of the channel where it not only showed cartoons but also gameshows like Legends of the Hidden Temple and Saturday Night Live knock-offs for kids like Keenen and Kel, All That, Snick, and many more!

While Cartoon Network started out as a channel where Ted Turner wanted to bring back his childhood favorite Hanna Barbera somewhere to mid to late-90s we were given original exclusive shows like Dexter’s Laboratory that was a dawn of a new era of cartoons. Then later more cartoons that was started from “What-a-cartoon show” started having their own animated series like Powerpuff Girls, Cow and Chicken, I Am Weasel, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and Johnny Bravo! Not only that, but the channel has given us a great variety of animation like Toonami’s anime programming hour that introduced many to anime and also Adult Swim because adult animated shows like the Simpsons wasn’t enough. Personally I favor for Cartoon Network much more than Nickelodeon, but they both made it on the list because they were some of the best parts of growing up in the 1990s and no other generation before had ever had the privilege to have this much amount of cartoons.

Number 9.  –  Anime World-Wide Popularity

Personally I would just love to put Cowboy Bebop on the list, but I have a REALLY soft spot for anime from the 1990s so I have to put them all together in one pick on the list. Anime in the mid to late-1990s was actually the best time to get into anime. This was the time where the creative forces behind anime began pulling themselves away from the ultra violence that gave anime a bad reputation and began pushing themselves for great stories that has withstood the test of time. Some of the most beloved and most recognized anime came out of this era; it was truly a renaissance (one we haven’t seen before or since)! This was also the time where anime crawled itself out of the dark corners of just being available for blockbuster video to now being aired on television, creating such worldwide acclaim and how we all first watched anime for the first time. For the longest time, the marketing for East and West has always been something that both cultures couldn’t appeal to one another, then all of the sudden, shows like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon started selling merchandise and we couldn’t get out of the door without even hearing of the franchise. It as well opened doors to anime that had much more mature content than your standard cartoon that we seen in Saturday Mornings children’s broadcasting and Adult Animation late at night. Also, I prefer this era of anime more so than modern anime because they had a sense of realism and humanity instead of being too shiny, sharp, and overboard with the design & storytelling that lost the appeal that I felt so many years ago. There are anime today that I enjoy, but somehow the anime that came out from this era has that everlasting appeal that even future generations of Otaku will appreciate and enjoy! This was the panicle of what anime achieved and I still await to see if anime would ever be this good again. Click here to see the ten best animes that I certainly enjoyed watching from this era!

Number 8.  –  Microsoft Windows

Back in the 1980’s, computers entered the home market, but the problem is that they were all divided into different operating computers such as DOS, Macintosh, Commedore 64, and many more. That all of the sudden changed when Bill Gates given us Microsoft Windows in the mid 1980s and began getting good in the 1990s. Since then it gotten better and better until Windows XP being the last good one. Everyone in the 1990s needed to get themselves a computer for many reasons, but Microsoft Windows influenced everyone and their families to get one. Microsoft Windows came to dominate the world’s personal computer market with over 90% market share, overtaking Mac OS, which had been introduced in 1984. We were able to write documents, put in information, play better games, and even “surf on the net.”

Image result for bill gates introducing windows

That’s all thanks to Windows 95 selling a record-setting 7 million copies in the first five weeks. It’s the most publicized launch Microsoft has ever taken on. Windows 95 features the first appearance of the Start menu, taskbar, and minimize, maximize, and close buttons on each window. Windows 95 has built-in Internet support, dial-up networking, and new Plug and Play capabilities that make it easy to install hardware and software. The 32-bit operating system also offers enhanced multimedia capabilities, more powerful features for mobile computing, and integrated networking. At the time of the Windows 95 release, the previous Windows and MS–DOS operating systems are running on about 80 percent of the world’s PCs. Windows 95 is the upgrade to these operating systems. To run Windows 95, you need a PC with a 386DX or higher processor (486 recommended) and at least 4 MB of RAM (8 MB of RAM recommended). Upgrade versions are available for both floppy disk and CD-ROM formats. It’s available in 12 languages.

Image result for windows 98

Released on June 25, 1998, Windows 98 is the first version of Windows designed specifically for consumers. PCs are common at work and home, and Internet cafes where you can get online are popping up. Windows 98 is described as an operating system that “Works Better, Plays Better.” With Windows 98, you can find information more easily on your PC as well as the Internet. Other improvements include the ability to open and close programs more quickly, and support for reading DVD discs and universal serial bus (USB) devices. Another first appearance is the Quick Launch bar, which lets you run programs without having to browse the Start menu or look for them on the desktop. Now the whole world uses computers and it has became the standard in society, no longer a thing to be ashamed of owning. You can say that this stuff is so outdated that it’s not worth coming back, but you have to appreciate this technology otherwise you wouldn’t be using your smart phone to look stuff up on the internet! Bill Gates has got to be the most important figure (yes more so than Bill Clinton, Kurt Cobain, and everyone else) of the whole decade of the 1990s


Number 7.  –  Disney Renaissance


From 1970 through to 1989, Disney struggled to produce a major cinematic hit. While their movies continued to perform acceptably at the box office, it was widely suggested that they were a studio in decline. That all changed in the early ’90s however when the studio entered into one of the most commercially successful periods in its history now known as ‘The Disney Renaissance’. It lasted from 1989 to 1990 and these animated musicals are the best part of growing up as a child because it was Disney’s time to finally get out of their horrid era into a different direction. It all started with the Little Mermaid that began the Disney Renaissance that started in very late 1989 (so that counts as a 1990s film) that lasted an entire decade. This is considered as Disney’s best years because they all were so brilliantly integrated from the soundtracks, atmosphere, artistry, characters, charm and even appeal that I have seize to see any other era in animation to do the same. These are the films are as good, if not, better than the original Disney classics. The stories and characters (though they were borrowed by other tales) had been better than they’ve had been in years, and there was a substantial philosophy change in which these films were approached. Rather than just making films with just songs in them, Disney started making broadway musicals that had the most relatable characters. The quality of storytelling has been changed drastically where they like to give a valuable lesson in the end, but it combines the fantastic to the everyday relatable. We still deal with love, magic, and whimsical worlds, but there’s a down to Earth and moral story being told and they all have hit on something that we all can relate to; especially children. We’ve all been there and we can all feel what these characters are going through. We, just like the character, want to break free from the mundane and be part of something better. If you watch these movies an adult you understand what this is like for all of these protagonists, but if you seen these films as a child, you’re already there! The saddest part is that this has been Disney’s absolute best and that makes it hard to believe that can be pulled off once again. But for now, let’s countdown the ten best Disney animated movies from 1989-1990!

Number 6.  –  Musical Innovations

Despite that popular music in the 1990s saw the continuation of teen pop and dance-pop trends which had emerged in the 1970s and 1980s, there were brand new take on music that forever changed the way we approach music. Hip hop grew and continued to be highly successful in the decade, with the continuation of the genre’s golden age. Aside from rap, contemporary R&B and urban music in general remained extremely popular throughout the decade; urban music in the late-1980s and 1990s often blended with styles such as soul, funk and jazz, resulting in fusion genres such as new jack swing, neo-soul, hip hop soul and g-funk which were popular.

Similarly to the 1980s, rock music was also very popular in the 1990s, yet, unlike the New Wave and glam metal-dominated scene of the time, grunge, Britpop, industrial rock and other alternative rock music emerged and took over as the most popular of the decade, as well as punk rock, ska punk and nu-metal, amongst others, which attained a high level of success at different points throughout the years. Electronic music, which had risen in popularity in the 1980s, grew highly popular in the 1990s; house and techno rose to international success in this decade, as well as new electronic dance music genres such as trance, happy hardcore, drum and bass, intelligent dance and trip hop. In Europe, Eurodance and Europop music were highly successful, while also finding some international success. The decade also featured the rise of contemporary country music as a major genre, which had started in the 1980s.

No other decade has thrown up more variety and diversity. You can’t look at that decade and define it by anything; there was simply too much going on. Rock and pop bestrode the entire planet like rarely before or since. With grunge, guitar music enjoyed possibly its last true innovation. The decade wins for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ alone, but the heady college rock scene that surrounded it created one of the most glorious eras in all of pop culture; a world of Reality Bites and Generation X and My So-Called Life and even Beavis And Butthead. The vision of living in an apartment block in 1993 Seattle talking about issues with short-film-making buddies at open mic nights in coffee houses remains a fantasy me and my friends cherish to this day. Of course the Grunge movement was a short lived musical movement, however music did continue to innovate and grow as other genres began to shine like electronic, trip hop, hip-hop/rap, alternative rock and other genres of music delivered great diversity to the many. Of course with growth of music, we also had to suffer through the awful pop music, britpop, and boy bands that tries to be special. At the height of 90′s pop, there were alternatives like indie rock that was getting recognition and violent music that rebel to the garbage that the valley girls were playing. Of course, no decade is perfect, but I would so love to go back in time and relive the 1990′s again.

Number 5.  – Cold War Is Over

Once the Berlin Wall was destroyed it showed that we were entering a new era in life. No longer do we have to worry about Nuclear warfare (except for North Korea) and the free world spread like a miracle. The 1980’s did a lot of significant things to beat the Soviets, great example was to win against them in a hockey game in the Miracle on Ice. Then the German reunification started in July 1, 1990 Germany was split in two following World War II. West Germany prospered while East Germany fell behind and experienced economic turmoil and dislocation. Some westerners wished to reunite the two countries, but the Soviet Union always refused. By 1989, the Soviets could no longer afford their empire and let Germany go. The following year, the two Germanys reunited. France quickly surrendered. Later, we no longer called the biggest country in the world the U.S.S.R. any more, but instead call it Russia once more. This was something that free world strived to live for and it was decades in the making. Our forefathers would have been proud on what we American had to do for the free world! This was the perfect way to start the 1990s decade. I know historically this should be higher, but for the fact that there are a lot more personal reasons why to love the 1990s, it should be understood why this is mentioned.

Number 4.  –  The Simpsons

No room for argument, so don’t even try.  Twenty-three years down the line and the writing is sharp, the jokes are fresh, the themes are challenging and, well, everything having to do with artistic expression is riding higher than any other show on TV. This is the very cartoon that not only made adult animation a popular television programming, but it also changed our society! It was like an underground comic strip come to prime time and it ruled North American television for the entirety of the 1990s decade.

Image result for simpsons choking gifFor a show the shows represents the American dysfunctional family is completely relatable but much more mature than any other animated programming. It became so watchable that we all just kept watching it whenever it’s on the air and new never dared to change the channel after we see the couch gag because it was changing our lives.  Everyone who seen the show remembers the episodes, take note of each trivia, and even the cameos and references that forever imbedded in our memories! Even better was the HUGE cast of character that all have their own unique characteristics that makes the town of Springfield to have its own personality. It’s a cast that is so huge that still to this day writers are picking each one to based a full episode on them and fulfill the experience. Hell, even the special guest celebrities who only make it in one episode are very part of the cast. And speaking of Springfield, even the locations are so iconic from the Kwik e mart, Moe’s Tavern, to the Springfield Elementary school, to even the Power Plant. And you thought that Disneyland was magical just watch any episode and you can see how creative they can go with each setting of Springfield.

Not only that, but the Simpsons did a lot of things that are considered too mature for young audiences such as family fight, abuse, alcoholism/drugs, religion, suggestive themes, and so many more. These episodes from the 1990s really gets better as we get older because we start to notice things that we didn’t catch around the time that it was new making it a wonderful time to watch. We had characters hurt/die, controversial topics, and deep subject matter that ingeniously made a great laugh out of it & at the same time relate to it. For an animated show that focused so much on referencing and becoming the most entertaining thing to watch, it was more human than anything airing on television.

Who knew that a cartoon about a dysfunctional family can had some of the wildest, most creative, and funniest adventures that any show can get. Everyone is always anticipated for the couch gag in the opening, the plots that somehow changes in the course of the episodes, the once-a-year special “Treehouse of Horrors,” the catchphrases, see favorite characters & the recurring gags, and so many more that makes us take the show very seriously and at the same time have the best laughs of our lives! For those who still believes that the Simpsons lost their magic, go ahead and rewatch the entire series and see why The Simpsons has such a reputation! By almost any measurement, The Simpsons is the most influential television comedy ever created.

Number 3.  –  Nintendo, Sega, & Sony in the Console Wars

Sony Nintendo Sega

This entire decade of gaming has always been regarded as the best era of gaming. This entire decade has gone through the 4th, 5th, and 6th (Sega Dreamcast) Generation of consoles and it was the most evolutionary and innovative moment of our interactive media. We’re talking about jumping from the 8-bit graphics, to 16-bit technology, to 3D graphics. No doubt it was the most daring and the fastest-growing times that any industry has ever had. I did however said that there were too many consoles flooding the entire industry in the 1990s in my Top 10 Worst Things of the 1990s, but the only thing that was worth a damn is Nintendo, Sega, and Sony’s consoles and other gaming products. Many of us kids who grew up in the 1990s had the privilege to experience the transformation of the industry and as we grow older we nostalgic ones have nothing but full appreciation for what has happened in the industry.

It was started with the Nintendo Entertainment System that saved the game industry from the gaming market crash of 1983 and also it made the industry as a whole for what it is today. Towards the end of the 1980’s Nintendo owned the whole gaming industry offering a dawn of a new era of 8-bit graphics. As a result of Nintendo saving the gaming market in the 1980′s, it spawned rivalries during the 1990′s and there was no bigger competitor than Sega. It wasn’t the first time that console manufactures and companies were in competition with each other, but it was the dawn of what we call the “Console Wars” that gave competition a new name after that vicious ad-campaign, “Sega Does What Nintendon’t” to grab an audience for the Sega Genesis. Now all of the sudden, not only the companies had to face intense rivalries but also owners of both consoles had to start rivalries as well (or so I heard because I was a Nintendo fan and whenever I wanted to play the Sega Genesis, I just go to my friend’s house). It started out as a brand new direction with video games and managing to have equal graphics seen in the arcades in the early 1990s that made it a must own at the time. Nintendo knew that they had to evolve by making a successor for the NES called the Super Nintendo. Back in 1991, you had a gamble to either own a Sega Genesis or a Super Nintendo because either one of the consoles could have been the best console of all time. But either way, you were offered some of the most entertaining machines to ever fulfill human’s enjoyment.

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The 16-bit era was some of the most iconic time in gaming because it was like Pepsi vs. Coke, Tupac vs. B.I.G., and Hatfields vs. McCoys. All the other consoles that was Sega or Nintendo products were either disappeared out of the face of the Earth (Turbografx-16) or a laughingstock of a console that could not grow much of an audience (Atari Jaguar). From the early to the mid-1990s, it was nothing more than Sega and Nintendo that had all the success and for good reason, they had quality games from Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy II and III (also known as IV and VI), Phantasy Star, Shining Force, and so many more. It wasn’t all perfect for both consoles because they both took too much risks like Nintendo’s redesign of the SNES zapper to look like oversize bazooka, the SNES mouse not compatible with most games, and even the Mario paint gimmick, while Genesis had horrible gimmicks like Sega Activator and confused the market by jumping back and forth to their Sega CD and cartridge add-ons (and later the 32-X) to show please the audience with better graphics and technology. But with so much money to spend, Nintendo made a graphically impressive game called Donkey Kong Country to prove that you don’t need add-ons to make better graphics and gameplay. DKC single handedly saved the SNES from being toast and today Nintendo still stands today.

Image result for video games 1990s

It’s no wonder why after all the failed gimmicks that Sega has made, they couldn’t be as successful with their later consoles the Sega Saturn and the Dreamcast. However, Nintendo had to face another competitor who they humiliated to not support the SNES-CD and instead got Philip’s CD-i to use their Nintendo license on their system (and it won’t be their last bone headed move till we get to the Virtua Boy). Sony decided to get in the gaming industry and compete against Nintendo using the SNES-CD technology calling it the “Playstation.” They had a really rough start because there was no audience who was giving Sony a chance. Then Nintendo jumped to the Nintendo 64 but stuck with cartridge, but that caused a lot of developers to jump to a different console that uses CD technology to do a lot more than the limited cartridge. Sega Saturn dissatisfied consumes by releasing it too early and it was too expensive to make. There was no better CD based console than the Playstation as a result all of the third party support that Nintendo and Sega had jump shift to Sony’s new console. All of the sudden, Playstation was getting major classic franchises making an installment on their system like Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Mega Man, Strider, and Metal Gear Solid new titles that gave Sony an identity like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Parappa, Gran Torismo, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Syphon Filter, Oddworld, Tekken, and many more! Nintendo 64  wasn’t far behind Playstation with awesome titles like Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Turok trilogy, GoldenEye 007, Star Fox 64 and many more to show the the 64-bit technology and offer a 4-player party machine.

You can take a look at any of the best titles from these systems and you can see why they are remembered for their greatness regardless of age.

As graphics and technology continues to evolve, developers were able to give us brand new video game genres that got us out of the 2D plane like Survival Horror, First-Person Shooters, Stealth-Action games, flight shooters, and The fighting game boom that made the industry bigger than it already is. Today, we’re still following those game genres by evolving to new ideas but wouldn’t get anywhere without the amazing ideas that started in the 1990s. There a was a big enthuses of multiplayer that was uprising since Street Fighter II became a game for 1-on-1 fights, then later FPS’s started warfare with players that’s still growing today, 4-player competition with N64 and Dreamcast, and even the very first online multiplayer titles like Quake on PC and many more on the Sega Dreamcast. I really miss those times when we were able to invite a friend over just to play with us and have tournaments when it’s a competitive fight. Also let’s not forget the evolution of storytelling in video games. All of the sudden, as gamers got older, they are in need for titles that are taken more seriously and significant on what they’re doing. We started to have RPG games from the SNES to the Playstation like Final Fantasy IV, VI, and VII, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, that made watching cutscenes fell more important than before. No longer were adventure games from the PC the only game genre that offered great stories in video games because they showed that any game genre is capable to tell a good story, at best.

Going back to these games makes me more and more appreciative on what was offered in the 1990s and it continues to make us wish that we were back in those times. Sure we can go back to these old machines at any given time, but what makes going back to those days when they are new so desiring is because we miss the society where they believed that they were realistic and had the same enthusiasm to check out what’s offered in video games at the time. Gladly, there are still people out there that still gives a lot of appreciation and love for gaming in 1990s and it should tell you tell you the reputation this era deserved if the majority of the games still entertains people today.

Number 2.  –  Terminator 2: Judgement Day

This is the best movie sequel of all time and no doubt the best movie of the whole 1990s! It far surpasses The Terminator by a milestone. The first one, strange as it seems, was more B-horror-movie than action movie, a sort of slasher film with sci-fi trimmings. The second sees Cameron pull the same trick he did with Aliens, switching genre, upping the ante and producing something entirely different (the bad guy’s now the good guy!) while still feeling like part of the same franchise. This time around, a young and rebellious John Connor is pursued by the T-1000, a liquid-metal cyborg that can morph into anyone or anything it comes in contact with. In a surprise plot twist, the original Terminator (Arnold “Governator” Schwarzenegger) becomes the lovable hero, spitting out memorable lines like “Hasta la vista, baby” while protecting John and his mother Sarah Connor (also reprising her role from the first film).

The movie, which marked the first time human motion was used for a computer-generated character, which is why our main villain, the T-1000 still looks so amazing to this very day. The T-1000 is a very intimidating villain; one of the most memorable in movie history and in my book he’s simply the best of all time. It seems the trend that sequels find a great villain or supporting character who steals the audience away from the protagonist the first film spent so much time exploring. Such is true of Terminator 2.  I can’t imagine how hard it was for moviegoers in 1991 to believe anybody could top the Terminator, but Robert Patrick’s T-1000 not only instilled fear in the viewers, James Cameron’s CGI villain was unprecedented from an effects standpoint. Cold, calculating and relentless, the T-1000 still remains one of the coolest bad guys ever. But it isn’t the villain, or even the Arnold back as the T-800 that elevated T2 to glory. Instead, Sarah Connor is the essence of of the film.

Image result for sarah connor

The scared-but-tough woman puts on the vest and provides the firepower of the film. There are endless amounts of toughness in this second installment, but it is somehow balanced with an uncanny amount of heart. I can list all the great things that made Terminator 2 just the best movie of all time – the epic opening, the future war scene, the reverse father-son-relationship between John and the Terminator, lighting and cinematography, the viaduct chase, the best biblical quotes Arnie has ever said, T-1000 transformation, it’s philosophical, the character development, tying up loose ends, intelligent action, dark humor, the best climatic ending, and hundred of reasons more!

This is the best narrative, production, and experience I’ve ever had with a singular film. Everyone deserves to see this film! Terminator 2 impressed me so much that it became my most re-watched film ever. I lost count of all the times I’ve watched Terminator 2 and I still can’t get enough of it. Even with the Extended Cut version I still want more of Terminator 2 because it sucks so much ass that the sequels are so inferior to the original two films that makes wrapping your entire life obsessing Terminator 2 to feel so fulfilling. Terminator 2 was at its most insane with their effects, action, direction, and storytelling that the there is no other film that is marginally equivalent to its sheer level of awesomeness. By the end, no matter how tough and badass the characters and action really are, it can still make a grown man cry towards the end. If you want more reasons why Terminator 2 is simply the greatest film of all time, click here to understand why it’s so damn good! Thumbs up to you Terminator 2 for being not only the best movie of the 1990s, but the best movie of all fucking time!!

thumbsup Terminator 2

Number 1.  –  The Attitude Era!

There was never a better time to be a pro wrestling fan, let alone a fan of television programming than during the period from 1996-2002, when WWF was in the midst of its legendary Attitude Era. TV ratings were at an all-time high, it was cool to be a fan and you could find a good wrestling product on TV just about any time you wanted to. Contrast that with today’s WWE product. Now, fans are inundated with hours of mindless, and often meaningless, WWE programming.  Sit through one three-hour episode of Monday Night Raw, and you’ll be longing for the old days, even if you weren’t a wrestling fan in the old days. There was no better matches, better shows, and better cast of characters/wrestlers than the ones from the attitude era!

Attitude; the name say it all.  Gone were the days of the family-friendly, cartoon characters that WWF had been presenting since the 1980s & mid 1990s. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were replaced by guys like Steve Austin, The Rock and Mankind.  And old names like Undertaker transformed into more diminutional characters. The stars at the top of the card could be babyfaces, heels or fall somewhere in between. The biggest star of the Attitude Era saluted the crowd with his middle fingers, and he was a wildly popular baby face. The moment where Stone Cold Steve Austin first swore in King of the Ring 1996 and said Austin 3:16, it was the birth of a new era. Even the good guys weren’t the kind of people that your parents wanted you to hang around with. In the Attitude Era, WWE fans needed a scorecard to tell which grapplers were babyfaces, and which were heels.  You certainly couldn’t tell by watching.

As mentioned, the top babyface in the company was a beer-drinking, trash-talking, bird-flipping redneck.  The Rock, who proclaimed himself The People’s Champion with one breath, told the crowd to shut up and start chanting with him in the next.  He went from face to heel to face again with startling regularity.  The No. 1 faction of the era, D-Generation X, broke every rule in the book, told the fans to “Suck It” and made lewd hand gestures with every ring appearance that started its own sexual revolution on national television.  The crowd couldn’t have loved them more. The No. 1 heel in the company was the boss, Vince McMahon.  Crowds booed him for trying to stop his stars from drinking in the ring, running off with the divas and painting their logo on anything that didn’t move. The Attitude Era was compelling because the stars had nuance.  No one was purely good or purely bad, they were human, exciting, and entertaining all the way.  Mankind was a babyface who supposedly spent most of his off hours locked in a basement somewhere, talking to himself or to a sock puppet.  Austin would flip off the fans before his matches and drink “Steveweiser” toasts to them after.

During the Attitude Era, the biggest names were consistently atop the card and fighting for some title or principle. Rock, whether babyface or heel, was constantly in contention for the Intercontinental Championship, the WWE title or in pursuit of some other guy who had done him wrong.  D-Generation-X took turns holding the WWE, Intercontinental, Tag Team and European titles. Austin chased the gold and stunned anybody who stood in his way. The top tag teams—The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, DX, The Dudleys and the APA—were constantly battling one another, and the outcomes were never predictable. The variations were many, but the names at the top of the card seldom changed.  Fans knew when they tuned in that they’d see Rock, Austin, McMahon, DX and the rest of the top stars battling over issues or titles.  There just weren’t any transitional champions.  The top stars held the gold and dared anyone to come and take it.

The one thing I really miss in Pro Wrestling is proper storytelling, not these in-ring work garbage where people make flips and choreographic moves to keep people interested but looks so fake.  During the Attitude Era, fans tuned in because the matches told stories. Austin wanted to beat the hell out of Rock because he wanted the WWE title.  DX was chasing Vince’s daughter so that they would have a hold over the CEO of the company. Mick Foley had three different characters going because he wanted to break through to the top of the card and wasn’t sure if his best chance was as Cactus Jack, Mankind or Dude Love. Kane interferes Undertaker for his revenge for burning his face. Kane fought with XPac over a girl (Tori).  Outlandish things were happening, but there was always a reason behind them, and the stories were most often very interesting. In the Attitude Era, it took Austin months to finally get his hands on Vince McMahon and The Rock took most of a year to take over the Nation of Domination.  These are not just story lines, these were epic sagas that was happening in wrestling and never again did we ever felt the same with the media again.

Image result for hell in a cell 1997

If that’s not enough, the matches in this era took risks. In the Attitude Era, WWE climbed back to the top of the wrestling world by taking chances. Letting Austin swill beer and flip off the fans was risky.  Putting the WWE Championship on Mankind was a huge leap of faith in Hell in a Cell. The Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boys and Edge and Christian made the tag team division relevant by destroying each other and just about everyone else with tables, ladders and chairs.  Jeff Hardy appeared willing to leap off of just about anything, including the top rope, a 20-foot ladder and the TitanTron in order to spark the crowd. WWE put belts on almost all of the McMahons at one time or another.  At one point, Shane, Vince and Stephanie all held some form of a WWE title within a 12-month span. Speaking of McMahon, the boss of the company was painted as the company’s top heel.  He was bulked up beyond belief and used whatever means he could think of to get his way. People got hit with chairs, set on fire, thrown off the top of gigantic structures and run over by cars on a weekly basis. All of these things kept my interest and mixed that up with a good story, you’re presented with the most awesome moments in life!

Sure, The Attitude Era ripped off Extreme Championship Wrestling’s hardcore wrestling phenomenon, but for the fact that this single era brought the highest ratings that the WWE has ever had should tell you about the success and reception it deserved. And who do we have to thank for all that was given to us in the Attitude Era? None other than Vince McMahon. Sure, the man has done some of the most questionable decisions in the business, but starting this trend in wrestling was the best thing he’s ever done for the company and wrestling itself.  Vince McMahon had more to do with the attitude era success than anyone. This era of wrestling literally did rule the world, killing off the corporate giant WCW which they competed directly with on Monday nights. McMahon’s business acumen and creative vision had a ton to do with this. He was the one who scripted feuds between himself and Steve Austin which engaged fans so dramatically. Vince was the one who saw the potential of The Rock and encouraged him to push further. It was Vince who identified merchandise opportunities and business strategy which saw his company grow hugely in the attitude era. But it wasn’t just McMahon’s off screen greatness that turned the WWF from a joke into world dominance. It was the swagger and delivery of the Mr. McMahon television character which really made the attitude era what it was. Steve Austin would have been nothing close to as huge a star had he not had the right foil to bounce off of. Vince was that man, he played the Mr. McMahon character better than any talent has ever played a gimmick. The hammed up performances of Mr. McMahon made WWF must see, and sold thousands of pay per views as viewers longed for Steve Austin to kick his ass.

This was an era of wrestling that was so innovative and captivating and so entertaining, that it’s always worth coming back to. Wrestling fans to this day are still waiting for another era like this but unfortunately since WWE went back to the times of PG, not giving two shits about telling good stories, and over enthuses on pointless in-ring work more-so than anything else. As a result of seeing wrestling getting worse and worse, it makes going back to the Attitude Era a lot better than we remembered. And that’s one of the big reasons why the Attitude Era was so damn, good, but many of the story lines were actually better well told than any movie and televisions since and after. It always culminate in a one-on-one match or any other stipulation in a Pay Per View and more times than not, they always deliver. It really makes you wish that WWE today has big name competition like WCW and ECW so that way they can put as much effort to beat the competition. It’s true the the whole purpose of Attitude was to beat WCW in the Monday Night Wars, but that’s the whole point in this business. The Attitude Era’s product was so good that it not only caught up with the times, but the times were living with the wrestling world. It became cool to be a wrestling fan and almost everything that was going on in WWF was twice the size of Hollywood. Never again will WWE or Vince McMahon ever be living in such successful and harmonious times as much as they were in the Attitude Era!

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Top 10 Romances That Needed More!

You know what’s the hardest part about love or staying in a relationship? It’s spending so much time on someone you believe is the “one” and then one day you’re separated. It’s something that will happen to anyone, but somehow fiction caught up with reality and reminds us our own heartbreaks. Since Valentines Day is over, I think it’s a great time for me to list out my own 10 romantic couples or relationships that never became a success. On Valentines Day, I’ve made a list of my favorite Romances that was a hard list to make, however, here on this list, I’ve been so disappointed with so many fallen relationships that was so entertaining and so engaging to see that ended in a disappointing note that could have done more. I would of instead of made a Top 10 “Worst” Romances, but that’s just like making a list of the Top 10 Worst Romantic Comedies and you can just look that up anywhere on the internet. Here on this list, I feel so passionate about relationships that I bought many of them like a sucker in hopes that they were going to live happily ever after, like a fairy tail, but broke my heart because they should of done more. I like to remind everyone that in my Favorite Romances list, there were some heartbreaks towards the end, but I believed they did enough to keep me satisfied when they were together. Here in this list however, my picks are just seeing that there’s a connection between the characters but the storytellers didn’t do as much as they could have done. The only way to make it in the list is if they [actually] affection with one another; not these fan-made fiction of pairing two characters that never actually happened or had a unannounced love-interest that never came in a light of day.

Number 10 – Quasimodo & Esmeralda

I remember how so thrilling and engaging it was to see The Hunchback from Notre Dame in theaters in 1996 as a kid. Seeing Quasimodo as one of the saddest and most pitiful characters I’ve ever seen showed that he really needed someone to love because behind that ugly face of his he had a heart of gold that has been misunderstood all of his life. And then you have Esmeralda, a very, very, very beautiful female character who is as well misunderstood because of her Gypsy race that has been despised by the French. Even though all the men wanted her because she was such a voluptuous-looking woman, she didn’t want a man because of her body, but instead had the heart to do anything for her. Having Qausi meeting her was like a dream come true and what really opened my eyes that they were made for each other was the scene where Quasimodo was tied up and was thrown tomatoes at him, Esmeralda stopped everyone from humiliating him even further. I don’t think anyone has ever done that to Quasimodo and that showed how powerful the connection between those characters really were.

Heck she showed him to see the outside world out of the church that he was a prisoner in and shouldn’t be ashamed on how he looked. It looked as if there was no other man for her… but there were other men after her like…

Quasimodo’s master, Frollo. Who actually sang an epic song about the lust & temptation for her.

Also Captain Phoebus (Generic one). So out of all the picks that Esmeralda could have chosen as her man, who was it?


Well, that shows that in reality women actually does need the looks for their dream man. I mean, I can’t blame them if someone that looks like this to ask you to be in a relationship with.

I’ll bet you’ll reject someone who looks like this.  Overall, Disney did a daring move in not making the main character have the main female character. That’s one of the more reasons why The Hunchback from Notre Dame is in my Top 25 Animated Movies List and the whole point of the movie was to have an ugly duckling to be accepted by society, not get laid which is why it’s so low in the list, but I can’t help it but put it on Number 10 because my inner-child of mine still cries “THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOGETHER!!” 😥

Number 9 – Viktor Navorski & Amilia Warren

Now here’s my favorite movie of all time, The Terminal. This is a VERY special movie for me because of the really believable acting, magical moments, camera shots, and so much more that needs be recognized. This is one of the most underrated movies of all time. The Terminal is about a man trapped in a terminal at the JFK Airport when he is denied entry into the United States and at the same time cannot return to his native country, the fictitious Krakozhia, due to a revolution. During his stay in the airport he helped many of the people working just to make their life better no matter what the situation is. The more that he helped out the more magical the movie becomes.  But I’ll talk about that movie in the near future, but right now let’s discuss about Viktor’s love interest, Amelia Warren. While Viktor is trapped in the airport and is not allowed to leave there, he kept stumbling across this stewardess that keeps arriving at the same terminal number. Before they met up with each other, she was in a love affair with a married man. When the man finally chose his wife over her through the phone, Viktor offer her some help and support. He didn’t tell her who he really was otherwise Amelia might not like him, but he only told half the truth. After Viktor made new friends and helped them out, they owed him a favor. He used it in help for getting a date with Amelia. Successfully, they had a wonderful dinner together night in the airport. Heck, Viktor made a VERY beautiful present just for her which you have to see for yourself

Even though security told Amelia who Viktor really was, she was asked a question “You’re the type of woman that could get any man that she wants… why Viktor?” and her response was “That’s something that a guy like you will never understand…” 8D  If a woman said that in defense for you, you know she is the one! Towards the end, she’s responsible for Viktor’s freedom of getting him out of the Terminal, unfortunately getting Viktor’s contract for his freedom costed a lot for her and that’s something you have to see for yourself. As powerful and meaningful the relationship between Viktor and Amelia really was, just like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, I put this romance low on the list because the relationship wasn’t the whole point of the movie. The whole point of the Terminal was to help the helpless and get freed as a result. But it really was a selling point to see Tom Hanks (my favorite actor) & Catherine-Zeta Jones (my dream girl) to display an impeccable performance on screen which is one of the reasons that why this one of, if not my favorite movie of all time! I’m still mixd to whether or not I wanted Viktor to get the girl at the end, but I think I could go for another extra hour of the film to see more of them continue their relationship.  

Number 8 – Tai & Sora – Digimon Adventure 01 & 02

The one thing that Digimon had over Pokemon was that their character development was so much better and very relatable. Every one of the main characters have something to relate to but the one I so fondly was immersed to see was watching Tai and Sora together. Throughout their adventures, Tai and Sora felt like the perfect match; both of them were adventurous, active, caring, logical thinkers, and even leadership material. Every time with the group, very often Sora is very supportive with Tai and supports the many decisions he has made. They do have a rocky relationship whenever Tai is acting childish (boys will always be boys) but whenever he’s serious and mature, you can tell that Sora is turned-on, but they weren’t even in a relationship yet.  What’s a high point about their relationship was when Sora didn’t speak to Tai in Digimon: The Movie for getting upset when she receives a hair clip from Tai for her birthday and felt that he did not like her hat, and was perhaps suggesting so. Since then she wouldn’t pick up any of Tai’s calls or even want to hear his name, no matter how badly he wanted to say he was sorry and needed her help. It’s one of those things that guys have to put up with whenever they hurt a girl’s feelings. She finally accepts his apology when she reads an email from him, and Sora ends up wearing the hairclip and apologizing to him for becoming upset (in the Japanese version) but in the English dub, Tai accidentally said “Love, Tai” at the end of the mail which made her say “Stupid Tai…” Then in Digimon Adventure 02… God… I just despise Digimon Adventure 02 because of putting our main character from the first season as side characters that no longer have a purpose being replaced those stupid new characters… (okay… okay… I’ll calm down now)… Then in Digimon Adventure 02, Tai and Sora were going steady and became a new relationship towards each other. Nothing really developed throughout the second season because being that they’re shoved in the back as side characters, we never got the romantic development that was needed to be desired. The only thing that at least sparkled was a kiss Tai gave to Sora under the mistletoe for the Christmas tradition. But towards the end… I just can’t believe they pulled this shit off at us…

…Are you serious?! Sora married Matt instead of Tai? If I recall, I never seen Sora showing much to no affection to Matt. I mean what Chemistry does Matt and Sora even have? I mean seriously, they thrown in the last minute that told us that Sora didn’t marry Tai for the weakest reasons that you just can’t pull at your audience! I put so much emotional investment between the two and I started crying like JesuOtaku. They have so much in common that it can’t be done any other way. I’m not saying that they need to be together, but if they were going to [not] be together at least show us what happened to make them split and why did she go to Matt? If I were Tai, I would have murdered him for taking my girl and that’s something that “best friends” should never do… EVER!


Number 7 –  Aisling & Brendan from The Secret of Kells

I love the deep friendship between these two and it’s ashamed that it could have been more since the subplot of Branden’s town trying to protect itself from Vikings, who threatens in destroy his home, some how gets in the way.” I still feel that way since I first saw Secret of Kells. I loved the relationship between Aisling and Brendon because it reminded me of my very own childhood where I used to have a best friend who was a girl and we used to play together in the woods. Just seeing the movie brings a smile on my face of how wondrous and magical it is to just play around in an area with no adult supervision. Somehow just seeing these two showed that they were destined for each other; hoping that when they grow up they could fall in love. Aisling, the spirit girl, is some of the best cartoon characters in recent year for being so fun and wonderful. She encourages Branden (who’s supposed to finish illustrating the Book of Kells) to adventure through places he’s never been Yeah, it sounds corny to see a young priest falling in love with a spirit, but like what (old) Bioware taught us, it’s nothing to be ashamed to fall in love with someone who isn’t human. One thing that really changed the relationship between Branden & Aisling was when Branden made the choice to go in the forbidden cave and Aisling instantly changed into a creepy ghost & abandoned him. When Branden grew up and to see his village he was Aisling, in her wolf form and they refused to converse with each other as she lead him the way to his own town. Just seeing that there’s a huge disconnection between the two just broke my heart and nearly destroyed the movie for me. Secret of Kells will always be remembered for those magical moment of the two playing with each other not the second half were everything went to chaos and all that character development went to the shitter. Even if they weren’t at all “liking” each other at least acknowledge the fact that they knew each other very well.

Number 6 – Alita & Hugo from Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita is actually my favorite manga series of all time. Whatever you do, don’t bother watching the OVA because it butchered the whole purpose and magic of this phenomenal sci-fi series. Here we have Alita, she a cyborg who has superhuman strength, very kind-hearted, master of martial arts, sensitive and very helpful to one’s she cares about. Around Volume 2, she met a sweet and mysterious boy named Hugo. At first he was assumed to be a mysterious mechanic orphan but it turned out that he’s a thief stealing cyborg parts in the street. Their time together was very magical to read through as they get to know each other and develop a new relationship. Alita’s guardian and creator, Daisuke Ido forbids her to see him. That is until she found out what Hugo was really doing and confronted him. Seeing that Hugo never meant to hurt her; he only does it to survive, they didn’t hate each other but instead…

It’s moments like this that you wish would just see where it goes. Seeing that he’s a wanted man every bounty hunter and even Alita’s enemies wanted Hugo. The most surprising thing was he head got cut off but was still alive because Alita connected his neck to her body in order to give life-support mechanism (that’s an ingenious idea to keep someone alive!)

 photo BA-02-157_zps76ad4f28.jpg

If a girl is willing to keep you a live like that then you should never break her heart, but unfortunately… when they brought him back to life and put him in his new cyborg body, his obsession of getting to the upper city in the sky, a forbidden area for the low class slumps, he got shot down and it scarred Alita at an emotional level where she could not be with her new family no longer. Throughout the series we’ve been reminded of the memories of Hugo. Even though Figure Four was Alita’s second boyfriend after Hugo…

He wasn’t very supportive nor did he even bother to be in the rest of Alita’s journey after they met. It’s ashamed that they’ve tried to replace Hugo for a guy who isn’t as supportive or carrying.

Number 5 – Mina Mongoose & Sonic the Hedgehog 

Like I said in my favorite comic book couples, the Sonic the Hedgehog series have been on-going for this long was because of the action and the love-triangles Sonic himself put himself through. Sally was my favorite Sonic love-interest but my second favorite will alwyas be Mina Mongoose. Mina is exclusively an Archie character who so desired Sonic the Hedgehog more so than Amy Rose could ever try. Out of all the female characters that deserve to be with Sonic the most, Mina is the one!

Though she is a damsel in distress, there are various reasons why she is the one. For one, she’s been in multiple near death events and her mother has been roboticized by Robotnik’s roboticizer and is a mindless slave to Robotnik’s commands. She’s the one character in the Mobius universe who’s probably the most emotionally scarred and nice girl like that needs be comforted from the harsh realities she’d experienced. Why I think Sonic and Mina are really a great match is because they both have super speed, both of their parents have been roboticized, and the strive for peace and prosperity. Unlike Sally who’s annoyed by Sonic’s eco, Mina on the other hand is turned-on by his activeness and thrill for an adventure. After being rescued multiple times, she found something special in him. Though she just realized that he and Sally were in a relationship, she never gave up in winning Sonic’s heart. Out of all the characters in the Sonic comic universe, I felt the most pity for her because not only has she endured so many travesties but also a lot of heartbreaks each time she tries to open Sonic’s heart and take a huge step in her relationship with him. Though she never made an enemy or competition with Sally or any other girl interested in Sonic, she always tried to prove to herself. But I’ll never forget that moment where she was so heartbroken that she was willing and able to sacrifice herself from a gunfire from Fang the Sniper and took the bullet at the back…

That’s another one of the saddest moments of the Sonic comic series. She strived so long and hard for Sonic to like her that she had to take that bullet for him. Fortunately, she survived, waking up in a hospital bed only to finally give up on Sonic. It’s these soap-opera-like moments like this that made the Sonic the Hedgehog comics series so damn memorable. I really wished that Sonic would at least once allowed Mini to be in a relationship because it’s so unfair for her to be the only one who didn’t get the cake while a lot of girls in the Sonic universe got a slice out of him. Mina moved on with life pursuing her pop/rock career and today she’s now in a relationship with Ash Mongoose…

I’m so happy for dear ol’ Mina, but I thought if Sonic ever gave her a chance, she might be, “might be” a better girlfriend than Sally Acorn.

Number 4 – San & Ashitaka

Don’t even deny it, you wanted to see these two together but somehow Studio Ghibli refused to give its audience the proper love towards end of nearly all of their movies. Ashitaka and San stands out as the best of the Studio Ghibli relationships is because they had the most screen time and the most powerful connection towards each other. Seriously, Ashitaka as the bridge between the war between man vs. nature in hopes of trying to live in peace with each other and the only person who understood his motivation is San of the Wolf Tribe. San was raised by wolves and was dedicated to slaughter the humans in Iron Town, until Ashitaka saved her from getting killed by the same very people. Though he carries the curse on his right arm, she grew affection for him and did everything to keep him alive. I remember Ashitaka on his back paralyzed, nearly stabbed by San out of rage, he said “You’re very beautiful…” and she held back out of shock.  And even more powerful, when she fead him mouth-to-mouth when she chewed his food and passed it down to his mouth for him to swallow that almost look like a kiss.  Every time either one of them say something to each other, it just keeps developing and getting better for the both of them even though the battle of Iron Town and the Forrest grew ever more bloodier. By the end when the forest was destroyed but somehow saved the Earth from the Forest Spirit’s wrath, they could have stayed together and have San to forgive the humans and give them a second chance. Though Ashitaka means much to San, she still hates humans for their actions and decides to remain in the forest. For all we know they promised to see each other again… my only wish was to see more by adding an extra hour of the film. You heard me right, even though this was in my number 4 pick of my favorite animated movies list, they should have made it longer in my humble opinion.

Number 3 – Vesper Lynd & James Bond

Just to make things clear, Vesper Lynd is not my favorite Bond-girl, that pick belongs to Elektra King, but Vesper Lynd is perhaps the most realistic bond girl. She isn’t voluptuous, she isn’t a damsel in distress, she isn’t a coward that relies James Bond to do all the work, but she’s everything else that defies Bond girl qualifications that in itself became a cliché in the series. Vesper stood out as a realistic woman doing her job on keeping an eye on James Bond, but somehow that affection came out for the both of them as they go through some of the deadliest missions the series has ever faced.  For the first time I thought there was really a meaningful bond (no pun intended) between the two. James Bond still is a character that wants to have the next woman in his bed, but never have I felt that Vesper really meant something to him. I remember Bond being poison and she sprung into action in saving his life. But what really stood out as real affection was after Bond finished off some henchmen that almost got themselves killed, they went straight to the show to cool themselves off from the fear of dying which really felt atmospheric like love in the air.  But the one thing that really flipped the table was at the end, Vesper turned out to be a thief and betrayed James Bond for the treasure that they were looking for. Just the mere fact that she fooled James Bond, he hasn’t really felt this in love since he married Tracy in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. When I saw Casino Royale for the first time and heard that Daniel Craig’s take on Bond was going to destroy all of the series clichés, I really though that Vesper was going to be the same bond girl in two movies in a role because the affair between the two was so powerful that it needed more screen time, but no. She had to die in the last minute and we really didn’t know enough about Vesper. They’ve mentioned her in Quantum of Solace, but even as that disappointing as that movie was, it should never even mentioned her name because she was replaced by that skimpy, sex-symbol Camille Montes that somehow brought the Bond-cliché right back in. Casino Royale did a lot of daring decisions and that’s why it still hold a special place in my heart as one of the best bond movies. It’s amazing as Vesper’s character was, she wasn’t really that attractive but she was presented as the most real of the James Bond girls.

Number 2 – Lucy & Kouta

Nothing in not only in my mind, but in my heart says that no other romance has been as incomplete as Lucy & Kouta from Elfen Lied. I say it from the edge of my soul that these two deserve so much of each other that it’s needed more than ever. Both of them made their mistakes and as a result they live through it throughout the rest of their lives. By mistakes, I mean huge mistakes. Elfen Lied is a manga/anime series that is about an altered human mutation called Deiclonius that are the biggest threat to human kind because they can grow invisible hands out of their backs that can slice any object and push aways any projectiles and they can genetically mutate any human being with just a touch of their flesh. Apparently Lucy became a violent killer after a very tragic childhood living in an orphanage with little to no friend and has bullies surrounding her. After one of the bullies killed her dog, she grew out her arms and slaughtered the entire orphanage for revenge. She killed so many in her way and hid from the public until one day she stopped killing for a boy that she actually liked. Kouta found her in the wood and they began to play together. They grew a bonded powerful friendship that developed into relationship. Lucy’s time with Kouta has been so special to her that she cherished it to her dying day. Then she grew jealous when Kouta took her own cousin to a festival without her knowing about it. Not knowing that it was her cousin, it broke her heart and began a multiple manslaughter. The last thing she did was to have her revenge against Kouta for lying to her by killing his family. Since then Kouta has been in serious therapy to forget about their deaths and Lucy’s been locked up in an experimental prison she long to search for Kouta for his forgiveness. But she had to go through so many soldiers who tries to keep her locked up. After a bullet to her helmet that didn’t go through her head, she survived but developed a second personality. By destiny, Kouta and his cousin Yuka found Lucy in the beach but she wasn’t Lucy any more, she was Nyu; the complete opposite of Lucy where she’s very innocent and never want to hurt anyone. Kouta and Yuka took Nyu in and took care of her and from there on out they started a whole new family. The majority of the series, it was Nyu that spent more time with Kouta even though Lucy deserves it more. Nyu has no memories of what Lucy did and she’ll never become like Lucy herself. But at times Kouta begins to fall in love with Nyu because of her kindness and a reminder of someone he once knew before he found out that she’s a cold-blooded killer. Whenever Nyu switches back to Lucy, she never had the guts to say sorry to Kouta until the end, but each time she’s out of the house she had to face the ones who want to take her down and bring her back to the prison. Lucy strives for her freedom so that she could just have one more chance to say what she always wanted to say to Kouta for her own redemption. It just needed a matter of time to do be able to do it.


By end of the anime series Kouta remembers Lucy and accepts her apology by kissing Lucy so that she won’t kill no more, but mysteriously disappeared & separated with no reason whatsoever. On the manga series he acts realistically by not forgiving her until Lucy saved him from the force who’s been after her since her escape. You know what, both of them didn’t get enough time to resolve their issues with each other nor have they developed that fulfilling relationship we all wanted to see. Most of the time it’s always Nyu, Lucy’s second personality, that spend a lot of time with Kouta as Kouta develops as a father/brother figure since he’s trying to relive the year he missed since his sister was murdered by Lucy. At the place that they live Kouta learns to be a better person and help the helpless. Nothing cries out better for me than the deep tale of Elfen Lied. It explores the themes of Jealously, social alienation, abuse, regret and the value of humanity. There has never been a sadder story in my time experiencing fiction that I wished to have actual time with Lucy and Kouta. Being so eager to say something to each other has always been something to be desired. The pains and sorrows display in these drawing opened my heart that there are so many people like this that felt the same way. I always like a good cry watching Elfen Lied, whether if it’s satisfying or dissatisfying many aspects are, but either way, there’s no experience like Elfen Lied for me. It was incredible on how relatable this anime/manga series was that I just can’t get enough of it. That’s why putting Lucy and Kouta at number one of the Romances that Needed More because damn it all that’s what Elfen Lied really needed; to each us to learn to forgive no matter what the circumstances are (except internet trolls)

I can understand if you don’t like Elfen Lied as much as I do, heck I even put Akira as my number 1 Favorite Animated Movie of All Time and some disagree, but that’s alright we all like different things. I just like the fact that Elfen Lied is very meaningful to me that it’s a precious series for me that I can’t get enough of it.



Number 1 – Captain Kholin & Masha

Here’s another one of my favorite movies of all time “Ivan’s Childhood.” One reason why you might not herd of this movie is because it was filmed at the same time when soviet Russia was the U.S.S.R. and no one in the western world could even touch it, let a lone even hear of it until years later. That’s why Andrei Tarkovsky is one of the most underrated film directors of all time. He has a perfect track record of making mesmerizing and emotional movies that even makes Stanley Kubrick a run for his money (you heard me right, Tarkovsky is one hell of a director!) Ivan’s Childhood is Andrei Tarkovsky’s first movie and already he proved that he has more than just talent. Ivan’s Childhood is about orphan boy Ivan and his experiences during World War II and is protected by the Russian military. But there’s that one subplot that should had more screen-time, let alone should of been a whole movie in my personal opinion.There’s this army nurse named Masha who’s been helping many wounded soldiers. Captain Kholin admired her beauty and her passion in helping the military. They had a walk together in a forrest where there’s no one around, no battles taking place, just the two of them. While Masha was avoiding Captain Kholin a little more as he get’s closer to her affection, the relationship get’s closer and closer. There was this one step that she could not take that the Captain offered to assist to take her across then suddenly…

That shot was some of the most romantic scenes I’ve ever seen in a film. I could care less if Captain Kholin’s approach for her was for lust, it was too beautiful to see such affection every time I watch that very shot. It was so embracing to see Masha lifted up her feet as Kholin held her as tight as he could from letting her fall. Too bad that only lasted about 20 seconds and it was only a subplot of the movie. After that we never see those two together which is why I believed the whole affection between the two should of been the whole movie. I mean where did they go from there? Are they seeing each other again? Where are they at now? Think about it, is it more interesting to see a kid who hates life to be in the middle of WWII or would you rather see two love-birds developing a relationship in a middle of WWII? To me, seeing Captain Kholin and Nurse Masha was the most interesting characters in the whole film and that’s what we’ll never get enough of. However I still recommend watching Ivan’s Childhood even if the movie is not about the romance that I so desire to see.

Top 10 Worst Things of the 1990s

Just to let everyone know that I really love growing up in the 90’s and still cherish this decade for everything that I can remember. However, there’s no decade that’s perfect because there are of course good days and bad days for every single year. Of course I won’t be nitpicky for technologies, graphics, or cultures (backwards hat for example) that aged terribly because anything old in general can age badly. I’m looking at aspects of the 1990s that caused us grief and disappointments. The 1990s is infamous for being violent, drug-heavy, and rowdy than any other decade. And at the same time there were horrible moments in this era like these ten worst things in the 1990s. But despite anything I say in this list, this decade as a whole is WAY better than the 2000’s which I declare as the worst decade since the great depression. Before I make a list of the ten best things of the 1990s, let’s just look at the worst. As must was we desire to go back to this time, just remember that if we could possibly do so, we have to endure the punishment that came from this decade.

Number 10.  –  Too Many Consoles

I will still stand to my guts and stick with saying that gaming in the 1990s is the best time of gaming, however I will have to admit that there were downfalls of this decade of gaming. Why? Because there were just too many competitors trying to compete against Sega, Nintendo, and Sony like the NEO GEO, Turbografx-16, Atari Jaguar, 3D), and so many more that you need to see for yourself! Here’s the problem, as much as manufacturers and game companies like to say that the Genesis and Super Nintendo is inferior to their product, they still failed to do the most important thing; sell games. It was difficult to see if whether or not if any of their advertisement is true of propaganda to take so much money from you. Today, it’s easy to know what to spend our money on by looking it up on the internet and see other’s recommendation that actually tested it. If you want to take a look at some of the worst consoles of all time, just take a look at any system released in the 1990s with the Sega Saturn and Turbografx-16 being an exception. There were just more hardware than software. Even worse, buying a system is not good enough so we forced ourselves to buy the CD add-ons like the Sega CD, Sega 32-X, and Atari Jaguar CD that was sold separately. Also, can anyone tell me what handheld was better than the Gameboy or Gameboy Color that had a decent library and didn’t suck up so much batteries that caused childhood bankruptcies? If you’re one of those suckers that got them selves into video games that wasn’t made by Sega, Nintendo, Sony, NEC, or SNK, I pity you for waisting so much money and didn’t get a lot in return from the system.

Number 9.  –  East Coast-West Coast Rivalry 

Just remember! Because of this trend is the reason why Pac and Biggie are dead. One reason why I’m not that much of a fan of rap culture is because it’s so violent and filled with sheep that gets involved with it. The feud in the 1990s between artists and fans of the East Coast hip hop and West Coast hip hop scenes in the United States. Focal points of the feud were East Coast-based rapper The Notorious B.I.G. (and his label, Bad Boy Records) and West Coast-based rapper 2Pac (and his label, Death Row Records), both of whom were murdered by unknown assailants. Not only these two were involved in this competition, but many rappers as well like Tim Dog, Bad Boy, Death Row, and more. Also violence between rap fans and gangstas. There are rappers out there that wasn’t involved with this rivalry like the Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, and Nas just to name a few. But Hip-Hop still can’t stop creating heat because it still continues throughout the 2000s.

Number 8.  –  1970’s and 1960’s Retro

Do you know how I know of the 1970s and 1960s at a very young age? It’s not because of my parents who loves playing music from that era, it’s because the whole media is obsessed of resurrecting this era that made the 1990s nearly lost its identity. If the 90s will be remembered for one Big Trend, it will be Retro, especially 70s-Retro – which is eye-ron-ik because modern Retro started in the mid-70s, when American Graffiti and Happy Days became two of the biggest hits of all time. But unlike in the real, horrible 70s – when 50s retro was a tragic, pathetic cry for help to escape the wretched bummer of the 70s – the 70s-Retro fad in the 1990s was cute, kitsch and merely a way for mainstream-hipsters to drop quasi-obscure pop culture references. In fact, 70s-Retro isn’t even a 90s thing – it got its start in urban clubs around 1987, and wouldncha know it, 70s-Retro is still big today! Looking back at it now, there are just an overwhelming number of things that loving going back in time like That 70’s Show (overrated show), Quentin Tarantino movies, Austin Powers, and SO many movies and shows! Sure Generation X wishes that they were back in the past but why can’t anyone live in the times… oh I forgot… it’s because the next worst thing of the 1990s…

Number 7.  –  BoyBands and Teen Pop

Usually a group of 4 or 5 untalented males who take credit for songs that they didn’t write. They are put together by a greedy music industry, and eventually end up putting out every single thing in the world with their logo on it so ‘teenie-boppers’ will go spend their money.A boyband must consist of the following: good looks, charm, and no talent. The most obvious reason why they suck is the way the “music” sounds. Sure some of them may be able to harmonize and hit notes correctly (semi-correctly), but the simple fact is that they do not sound good. Boybands also suck because the members have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. Sure, one or two of them may be able to sing, but rarely does the ability to sing well ever have anything to do with talent. Most of the time if a person is able to sing, it is something that he or she was born with and not something that must be practiced. They play no instruments, write no music, and are probably not even involved in the production until all of the music has been lain down and the producer is read to record the vocals. The thing that sucks is that this is where music jumped to when Kurt Cobain committed suicide and as a result many of us jumped to heavier and more violent music like Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, and many more to rebel against the awfulness of Brittany Spears, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, NSYNC, and the rest that gave the 1990s a bad name! It would take many years after the 1990s for us to “leave Brittany Alone” finally!  It’s no wonder why people still wishes that they were in the 1970’s because of this awful trend of music and cultures.

Number 6.  –  Comic Books of the 1990s

During the ’80s, no medium was more innovative and daring than comic books. Shedding the notion that they were exclusively for children, writers like Neil Gaimain, Frank Miller, and Alan Moore revolutionized the industry with titles such as Batman: Year OneThe Dark Knight ReturnsWatchmen, and Sandman. These books transcended the superhero genre and wound up appealing to fans with more sophisticated tastes. That decade of revolution simply couldn’t bleed over into the ’90s, however. Even though Miller, Moore, and Gaimain were still churning out great work during the ’90s, new trends started to overtake the industry. The superlative storytelling of the ’80s were replaced by flashy art and greedy publishers’ get-rich-quick schemes. Thus began the era of tasteless, hyper-sexualized drawings and classic superheroes thrown haphazardly into mindless stories created purely for shock value. Many artists, like Rob Liefield, are responsible for this moment in art and as a result it gave comic books a bad name and caused Marvel to declare bankrupts which caused the Comic Book Market Crash of 1996 that still to this day we’re still recovering from. This week marks the 15th anniversary of one of the worst comic book events of all time, Marvel Comics’ Heroes Reborn, a 1996-1997 crossover story arc that needlessly “killed off” the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and Dr. Doom and reinvented them in a pocket universe.  Of course not all comic books of the 1990s were at all bad, I was able to make a Top 10 Comics Books of the 1990s that still stand as being the greatest ever! It just took as a long ten year till the media as a whole got rid of this trend and moved on to the right direction for the business.

Number 5.  –  Furbies

Which leads us nicely onto the Furby. Again, whilst the fears of the Millennium bug turning them all into Terminator-esque killing machines didn’t quite come to fruition, there was always something not quite right about these owlish creatures. In the late 90s, over 40 million of these things were sold worldwide, children everywhere lured by their apparent ‘intelligence’ at learning language and ‘ communication’ through infra-red ports – they were even banned at one point from many intelligence agencies’ offices, because there were fears they would share national secrets. All we know is, like true spies, they hold up well under torture. Especially water torture.

Number 4.  –  Kurt Cobain Suicide

I don’t doubt that Nirvana was going to come to an end because of the huge press that they were getting that effected their relationship with each other, but to go far as to committing suicide and destroy an era along with it is some of the worst things ever. Still to this day we debate on how or why this has happened, but to had the grunge movement to define a decade then all of the sudden just ended as we entered the mid-90s. To see that we’re still missing and sadden for this very incident shows how sad this moment really is. You can tell everyone misses Kurt and Nirvana because they still buy the same records from the band and getting never released tracks that still sells today. I would have loved to see the legacy of Nirvana to expand so much more if there was more control with the band. At lease he left us with a bang in the Live At Reading performance that still makes us feel that Kurt’s alive. Either way, it was a wrong decision for Kurt to do and it still effects all of us around the world.

Number 3.  – The Montreal Screw Job

If any of you guys think wrestling is fake, you’re an idiot! This is as real as it gets and never have I seen a disgusting actin in wrestling in my entire life! I don’t care what any of you Vince McMahon or Shawn Michaels marks say Bret was wrong, but it was all Vince’s fault for making Bret Hart heel only to have him to be the hero of Canada and prime enemy of the United States of America throughout 1997. You should have seen how violent the wrestling world was between Canada and USA because of all the back talking of cultural differences between both nations. If you’re seen as your country’s biggest hero, of course you can’t loose to your country as a finale of your career. Beside, Bret promised to give back the WWF Championship to Vince and I know Bret would never do that, but just because Vince had Madusa toss the Women’s title in trash live at WCW Nitro, doesn’t mean every wrestler is going to do it. This was an incident that was so tragic that it shows how much bullshit wrestling politics really is. I respect Shawn Michaels as a wrestling and a performer because he is the most talented guy in the industry, but let’s admit it he was the most immature, insecure bitch of all time. Not only he ruined a lot of wrestler’s careers with the fucking Kliq during the New Generation Era, but he also ruined Bret Hart’s as well. Sure, Bret could have seen it coming but it turned out way worse than anyone expected. Even Earl Hebner swore he won’t do the screwjob on his children, well I hope they have a special place in hell for breaking that swear. What’s even more of an insult to me was that after the Montreal Screwjob, Vince publicly said he had no sympathy for Bret whatsoever and Shawn and Triple H mocked Bret with a midget impersonator. This is the reason why I’ll never be a pro wrestler because of stunts like this! Vince McMahon is wrong, Bret didn’t screw Bret, Vince screwed Bret and screwed himself. The only reason why I still watch the WWF after all the bullshit they’ve made, is because I want to see good storytelling, talented wrestlers that are in their roster, and even Vince getting his ass kicked. Besides, Shawn got what he deserved by breaking his back and forcing himself to retirement till he became a born-again Christian. The only reason why this is not number 1 is because both of them made peace with each other 12 years later which really made me cry! It was one of the most magical moments that proves that anything can happen. Because of this I’m no longer mad at what Shawn, Vince, or Hebner did in 1997.

Number 2.  –  OJ Simpson Trail, Michael Jackson’s Allegations, Mike Tyson Incident

Nothing can ever more disappointing than having celebrities that are looked as heroes to turn us down because of legal problems that we never knew that they had it with them. But what’s even worse is how it damaged their reputation so badly that every time we mention their names we still think of that very legal problems. Try saying Michael Jackson and see if anyone isn’t thinking of pedophilia, or say OJ and see his murder. At least those two got away with it (except for OJ’s second trial), but Tyson had to go to prison during his boxing career making boxing itself boring to watch without him. Another thing in common with these three is that they had to deal with trials more than once later in the 2000’s and it’s just crazy to see that people are still after them since the early 1990s. It just hurts to see that these three really talented big names has destroyed all praise and recognition. This was the time when society was hostile and vicious with anything and when it comes to legal problems, it’s scary to be a celebrity. Not only are we just scare of even confronting these three but they left us in disappointment! All those memories of seeing them do what they do best is for ever tainted with their uncontrollable behavior.

Number 1.  – Columbine Shooting

If there’s always a strong debate on gun control, it has to be because of this massacre. On April 20, 1999, in the small, suburban town of Littleton, Colorado, two high-school seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, enacted an all-out assault on Columbine High School during the middle of the school day. The boys’ plan was to kill hundreds of their peers. With guns, knives, and a multitude of bombs, the two boys walked the hallways and killed. When the day was done, twelve students, one teacher, and the two murderers were dead; plus 21 more were injured. The haunting question remains: why did they do it? I can really see that they were really troubled kids that couldn’t fit in anywhere, we would of see them as victims, but to see all of them get shot shows that whoever they wanted to kill turned out to be the victims. It’s truly horrifying to see that the youth of America could degenerate themselves to shoot the innocent, but for the fact that they are responsible for the darkest times of the 1990s, and there should be nobody to blame than Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold on Adolf Hilter’s birthday of all things. This shows that teenage rebellion is bullshit and whatever they stood for, it was not worth it. The Columbine Massacre changed the way society looked at children and at schools. Violence was no longer just an after-school, inner-city activity. It could happen anywhere.

Well, I’m done talking about the worst aspects of the 1990s, however let’s finish the 1990s list by making our final list of the Top 10 Best Things of the 1990s!

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