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Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles of All Time

Related imageI’ve learned my lesson in life not to buy any console on launch day and wait for which machine in the current market was going to give me the games that I want to play. Any announcement of a new video game console being released will always get everyone’s attention, but many of us consumers have little patience to truly see if the system is truly worth the purchase. In order to make a satisfying console it has to have a fantastic line of games available for the system, features that would want to make us want to go back to the system more, and make sure that they have good number of reliable developers for that system the make games that are up to standard to keep up with interest. Unfortunately, so many console manufacturers are just incapable of doing any of it or they truly thing that the console is all we need to be satisfied. I’ve had too many stories of blindly getting a console only to realize later that I made the wrong choice. The rival consoles had so much to offer on their platform while some of the gaming platforms that I’ve purchased was lacking of everything. Whether if its the lack of good games, terrible controls, subpar technology, technological malfunction, or not listening to customer demands, these are all checkmarks of truly being awful systems. Shame on all of these gaming companies for not improving their system’s library of games and focus way too much on the meaningless hardware. We all know the best tech will be outdated and for not having the best games that you can offer to the industry is an example of not having any business of making video games. These ten console truly pissed me off in so many levels that it deserved to be all the shame for being on the list.

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Top 10 Best Things of the 1980s

Image result for 1980sWhy is the 1980s still one of the most beloved decades in the 20th century? Anyone can point out any of the nostalgia and appeal that it hold, but in this list, I am instead looking at the historical significance of of this decade. This was the tail-end of the Cold War and this was the moment in time where a long conflict had to come to its end.  And towards to the geopolitical conflict’s end, we had a rise of capitalism, new business rises, and even trends that celebrated a time of being part of culture. Here are the ten of the most greatest things from 1980 – ’89, when we take off our nostalgia glasses.

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Top 10 Years of the 1990s

Related imageThere’s something about the 1990s that some of us refuses to let go. Perhaps a lot of things nowadays are so mundane or hard on us that we want to reflect on the golden years. Many of us, 90s kids, fully appreciated this decade for being so fun and a bunch of stuff is happening all at once that it would make a historian sweat researching about it. Weather if it’s the video games, the movies, comic books, television programs, the music, or any other releases, we still go back to the last decade before we’ve entered the 21st Century. Sometimes whenever we encounter something that was released in the 1990s, I stumble to look at the back of the object and see what year was it released. I find it important to me to know that sort of information because I some of them as a historical artifact; it’s more significant to me than you realize. That’s the reason why I’m composing the top 10 years of the 1990s based on releases and historical significance. Since none of us can remember almost everything from every year, I’m only judging each year on how much fun they were to many of us. Releases are important because we’re looking at what kept us interested when we were living in those 365 days and the historical significance is more important because we need to have something that represents not only that year but also the whole decade as well. Admittedly I’m only focusing at first world countries but that’s the main focus here. No decade is perfect and neither is there a “perfect” year, so I can’t speak for everybody on that. However, I can still reflect on how much fun everyone is having at the time so what’s what I’m looking at in my final top 10 list of the 1990s.

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Top 10 Best Things of the 1990s

The 1990s has been some of the most remembered and most talked about decade of the modern-era. If you met someone that experienced most of the decade (or is at least interested) they’ll often talk about it (whether they love it or hate it). So why do we still keep talking about the 1990s? Well, it’s simple! We’re the people who care about history and we can always look a back at any other decade such as the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 00’s, but in comparison to the others, I find the 1990s the most interesting. We’re talking about a time where the Cold War is finally over and the rest of the free world has opened doors to new excitement.  Many of the best things in life came out in the 1990s like Pulp Fiction, Grunge, Electronic Music, CGI special effects like the Matrix, Anime was coming to popularity, computers became the norm (and we’re still using these electronics today), the there was something to watch for everyone on tv & movies, the video games are evolving faster than any decade before and after it, music was feeling more down to Earth and less cheesy like glam rock/pop and hair metal, and so many more! Sure every year and decade has their bad days, but for me personally, I never had as much fun as I did in the 90s decade as there has been a lot of things to be excited about. There is no argument that growing up in the 90’s remains the best days to have a childhood and so many people on the internet agrees with me because they still talk about it and relive those beautiful moments that gives us all a warm feeling. But I won’t act like this decade was perfect, that’s why I made the Top 10 Worst Things in the 1990s, but it’s now time to finally end all of those 1990’s lists with the best things that came out the 1990s! These are the things that given us the biggest impression and made us cherish them for the rest of our lives!



Vampire: The Masquerade 

The first edition of Vampire: The Masquerade was published in 1991, introducing the concept of “Storytelling” to the rpg world. Storytelling is roleplaying using streamlined rules that strip out most of the loot and adventuring of games like D&D and then using those simpler rules to resolve pretentious arguments about who is in charge of vampires in Milwaukee. Vampire should also be credited with mainstreaming gays in roleplaying games. Even elves in games like D&D were macho men, but in Vampire even the macho men wear leather daddy gear and carry around braces of twinks on leashes. To call Vampire’s art overwrought is to miss the entire point of the game. This is the role-playing game that introduced the World of Darkness franchise such as Warewolf: The Apocalypse, Mummy: The Resurrection, and so many more! Obviously, Vampire: The Masquerade started it all and it earn some recognition of being some of the best things released in the 1990s.

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Top 10 Romances That Needed More!

You know what’s the hardest part about love or staying in a relationship? It’s spending so much time on someone you believe is the “one” and then one day you’re separated. It’s something that will happen to anyone, but somehow fiction caught up with reality and reminds us our own heartbreaks. Since Valentines Day is over, I think it’s a great time for me to list out my own 10 romantic couples or relationships that never became a success. On Valentines Day, I’ve made a list of my favorite Romances that was a hard list to make, however, here on this list, I’ve been so disappointed with so many fallen relationships that was so entertaining and so engaging to see that ended in a disappointing note that could have done more. I would of instead of made a Top 10 “Worst” Romances, but that’s just like making a list of the Top 10 Worst Romantic Comedies and you can just look that up anywhere on the internet. Here on this list, I feel so passionate about relationships that I bought many of them like a sucker in hopes that they were going to live happily ever after, like a fairy tail, but broke my heart because they should of done more. I like to remind everyone that in my Favorite Romances list, there were some heartbreaks towards the end, but I believed they did enough to keep me satisfied when they were together. Here in this list however, my picks are just seeing that there’s a connection between the characters but the storytellers didn’t do as much as they could have done. The only way to make it in the list is if they [actually] affection with one another; not these fan-made fiction of pairing two characters that never actually happened or had a unannounced love-interest that never came in a light of day.

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Top 10 Worst Things of the 1990s

Just to let everyone know that I really love growing up in the 90’s and still cherish this decade for everything that I can remember. However, there’s no decade that’s perfect because there are of course good days and bad days for every single year. Of course I won’t be nitpicky for technologies, graphics, or cultures (backwards hat for example) that aged terribly because anything old in general can age badly. I’m looking at aspects of the 1990s that caused us grief and disappointments. The 1990s is infamous for being violent, drug-heavy, and rowdy than any other decade. And at the same time there were horrible moments in this era like these ten worst things in the 1990s. But despite anything I say in this list, this decade as a whole is WAY better than the 2000’s which I declare as the worst decade since the great depression. Before I make a list of the ten best things of the 1990s, let’s just look at the worst. As must was we desire to go back to this time, just remember that if we could possibly do so, we have to endure the punishment that came from this decade.

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