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What I think is the best/worst of Video Games

Top 10 Best (& 6 Worst) Video Game Genres

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 10.56.52 pmIt’s very difficult to come up with a totally original concept in any media. How can breaking away a traditional formula work well with the audience is a similar challenge to how to make a proper dessert without a recipe? Experimentation is required to deviate from the tradition, but it is necessary to expand on familiarity to new horizons. Simply, just because a game is in a particular genre, doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily rip-offs. On the contrary, some of the best ones were able to perfect the innovators who birthed such category of games. What’s very unique about video games is that this media’s genres is not defined by tone, style, or story (like you see in movies, television shows, novels, and comics) but instead how different gameplay is handled. You can see a very clear difference with a strategy game as opposed to a Mario platformer. There is no requirement to tell a story in a video game, rather its importance relies on how well the game plays. It’s similar to how very different different a boxing match is to a hockey game; these sports are very different by how they play, the design of the structure, and the rules and objectives needed to continue on. Video games have spent its entire existence keeping the audience interested with innovation. We’ve seen how 3D came to be and how keyboard and mouse segnificanly differs from console controls that birthed out so many new ways to interact with this medium. The question is, what really are the best category of video games out there? And that’s what this list is here to find out… and also discovering the worst. Continue reading Top 10 Best (& 6 Worst) Video Game Genres

Top 10 Greatest Consoles of all Time

Image result for best consoleAfter all of this time of judging video games on thetoplister website, I come to the conclusion that its time to finally judge the ten greatest consoles of all time. The soul about gaming is of course the games. But without hardware games would just be meaningless programs of 1’s and 0’s floating out into space. Because there has been this great divide of consoles is why gamers have given out full support for the system of their choice. As a well rounded gamer, I’ve spent the whole existence of this blog site just listing down the best games for each console.

Sega Consoles List

Nintendo Consoles List

Playstation Console List

Xbox Console List

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Now I’m more than confident to list off what is officially considered to be the best video game consoles of all time. We’re talking about traditional home consoles & handhelds by major companies that made good controls, state of the arch technology, easy to develop games for, and expanding the brand and community of gamers.  Even more complicated, even their same console brand from a different region can even separate library from another so this makes listing best consoles more complicated than its original intent. This is where nostalgia bias goes out the window in favor for the facts and today’s enjoyment. Is the library of games good on the system (exclusive titles included) and is the system fun to play to this very day? That’s the real focus in making this list so be prepared for thetoplister’s biggest list yet!

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Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Games

Image result for nintendo 3dsThere’s somewhere in the back of my mind that this is going to be Nintendo’s last ever “traditional” handheld system. The world today is so much different than 2004, smart phones do almost everything that the DS can (besides dual screen), and the Nintendo Switch is the hybrid of handheld and home consoles. Though the handheld market has kept Nintendo’s business alive whenever they were far from being number one in the home console market for multiple generations, no one could touch them in the handhelds. Now that everyone has phones, this old DS technology can’t compete against the accessibility that phone games have. It’s already too many electronics to carry around and there really is no point of doing another handheld that isn’t what the Switch is currently doing. The 3DS had a really rough start with low sales. Flaws were apparent on this new generation of Nintendo handhelds; it looks just like a regular DS, no one likes the nauseating 3rd Dimensional visuals (nowhere at bad as the Virtua Boy), there was a lack of a second analog stick (C-stick is still small in XL models), and you’re no longer able to play Gameboy Advance games like the DS was able to. But the 3DS didn’t stop despite losses in stock department. The library kept growing, new additions and models for the console kept going, internet connectability is much more accessible, and game innovations kept flowing in the 3DS library. Though I can’t see the 3DS possibly be Nintendo’s future anymore, 3DS was the N64 handheld successor and much better than the N64. Just look at how the 3DS dominated the more technologically superior PS Vita based on third & first party support and an ever growing library shows that this is some of Nintendo’s best efforts. These ten games proved to be the case!

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Top 10 Nintendo DS Games

Related imageThe Gameboy Advance was the last ever true 2D console as up to mid-2000s, technology using 3D games became the standard since the Playstation Portable achieved such a thing. But as technologically primitive as portable games were, they were victims of video game piracy and emulation. Nintendo needed to act fast with their next handheld to be more complex for the their games to be only played on the system. Sometimes old ideas can still be refreshing when trying to be different from the competition. This upcoming handheld’s model was designed by Nintendo’s LCD games in the early days when former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi about a dual-screened console. The idea of two screens seemed like too much multitasking but it proved to be the most important factor. Finally given the name Nintendo DS, short for “Developers’ System” or “Dual Screen” was a wild success. With the ability to do touch screen on the bottom screen paved the way on gameplay innovation. Not only that, the DS introduced distinctive new features to handheld gaming: two LCD screens working in tandem (the bottom one featuring a touchscreen), a built-in microphone, and support for wireless connectivity. Nintendo wisely shepherded a wide array of games onto the DS to appeal to adults and non-traditional players in a way we’d never seen before. Though we did expected the DS to be the handheld Nintendo 64 just like the GBA was the portable SNES, but ironically that wasn’t the case because the DS exceeded that expectation by doing everything better than the N64. For one we had a plethora of all kinds of games and the highest amount of RPGs that a Nintendo console has ever had. . It was meant to be an additional component to the Game Boy and GameCube consoles, however, it’s backward compatibility and success made it Game Boy’s successor. The DS came with technical upgrades new at the time. Nintendo kept making the DS community stronger than any other handheld system by making new DS models (DS-lite, DSi, DSi XL, etc.), region lock free, and just so many piles of gems that makes portable gaming more popular than ever. I have nothing but praise for the DS and these ten games shown in this list proves why DS is Nintendo’s greatest handheld of all time.

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Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles of All Time

Related imageI’ve learned my lesson in life not to buy any console on launch day and wait for which machine in the current market was going to give me the games that I want to play. Any announcement of a new video game console being released will always get everyone’s attention, but many of us consumers have little patience to truly see if the system is truly worth the purchase. In order to make a satisfying console it has to have a fantastic line of games available for the system, features that would want to make us want to go back to the system more, and make sure that they have good number of reliable developers for that system the make games that are up to standard to keep up with interest. Unfortunately, so many console manufacturers are just incapable of doing any of it or they truly thing that the console is all we need to be satisfied. I’ve had too many stories of blindly getting a console only to realize later that I made the wrong choice. The rival consoles had so much to offer on their platform while some of the gaming platforms that I’ve purchased was lacking of everything. Whether if its the lack of good games, terrible controls, subpar technology, technological malfunction, or not listening to customer demands, these are all checkmarks of truly being awful systems. Shame on all of these gaming companies for not improving their system’s library of games and focus way too much on the meaningless hardware. We all know the best tech will be outdated and for not having the best games that you can offer to the industry is an example of not having any business of making video games. These ten console truly pissed me off in so many levels that it deserved to be all the shame for being on the list.

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Top 10 Playstation Portable (PSP) Games

Image result for pspWith all the complaints of the Playstation Vita is discontinued way too early in its lifespan, I can see why the demand for high quality handheld games hasn’t been met until the Nintendo Switch that is a hybrid of a handheld & a home console. Handheld gaming has always been seen as the low quality machine that is for those who are willing to give up all the highlights of playing in your living room just to play games anywhere you go. That wasn’t until Sony decided to take the Playstaion 2 technology and make it into a portable machine. Though it was overshadowed by its competitors (Gameboy Advance & Nintendo DS) and its brother console Playstation 2, there’s something very special about this handheld. For me, this is THE handheld machine that predates all phone & console quality gaming that we have today. It was simply mindblowing to see actual PS2 level textures, video cutscenes, console quality sound, and wifi internet connection being able to be finally played outside of the living room & wherever you played your Gameboy. It was the first machine that thought about making screens wide that is now the standard of all screens today. This is one of those innovative machines that could have intimidate third party support from making games for the machine and fortunately history did not repeat itself this time. Despite its awkward UMD based format & the lack of a second analog stick that made the PSP limited, developers felt right at home when making games for this machine. I also appreciate the fact that the PSP was more than just a gaming machine. With movies being on UMDs (though outdated and no longer used), able to play music, & internet connectivity, Sony made the PSP a multiplaform machine. We were all able to do so much on the PSP that it became the blueprint for how the Playstation 3 was going to become. But above all else, the PSP was the first non-Nintendo handheld product that we didn’t have to worry about how much power is in our battery (a it can last a lot of hours) but rather what countless games are on the system is worth our time. And this list is here to give you ten of the greatest video game handheld console.

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Top 10 Worst Persona Characters

Image result for teddie personaThe Persona series is forever known for having a huge cast of character with a diversity of all kinds of demographics (except that they’re all Japanese) and unique personalities. However the hardest part of creating so many characters is that not every one of them will click with every fan. It’s inevitable that there will be characters that are better than others, regardless if it’s by popular vote or objectively correct for some. I understand that it’s 100% subjective that every character is not meant for a certain fan, but when they’re poorly written and get on your nerves to the point where it hurts, you know they’re bad characters. It’s one thing to be characters not being as good as others, but it’s clearly another to got way beyond the disliking category. Boy, do some of them deserve to be out of the overall story so that way we can have a smooth riding adventure. Atlus can certainly push our buttons in making very challenging gameplay and they sure can do the exact same thing with many of their characters. These characters deserve to be on the list as our act of revenge for all the hardships we had to deal with seeing them constantly show up in the game.

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