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The best/worst that video games had to offer

Top 10 Video Games of 1983

Image result for dragon's lairNumber 10.  –  Dragon’s Lair

Don Bluth is already a legend in the animation world, and he will always be that successful animator that outsold Disney in the box office throughout the 1980s. For an actual cartoon or animated short to be playable in the arcade was the most revolutionary ideas one could ever make at the time.  Throughout you’ll be seeing Don Bluth’s animation of a valiant knight, on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon. However, you’re only watching the whole thing being played out, not actually playing the knight character himself. Instead, the player is to press the right button or direction of the analog stick at the precise time being the VERY first to innovate the concept of quick time events. However it’s both a blessing and a curse really about this quick time event introduction to gaming because no one has these cat-like reflexes to get through the game, unless you memorized ever moment and ever correct timing action that you have to press in order to get through this very short game. This machine was only meant to drain every quarter out of your pocket and you can’t possible see the end of this movie without memorizing every button on the right time from the start to the finish. And even if you completed this half an hour game, what impression did this game left the gamer? Actually no value of revisiting this flash in a pan.

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Top 10 Video Games of 1982

Related imageNumber 10.  –  Sinistar

There is some serious sci-fi action going on here. In a playing field that feels much like a fast-paced take on ​Asteroids (only with easier controls and goals), you gotta rush to ward off enemies while collecting enough crystals to bomb everything in sight simply for one reason.  You have to do this all just avoid the very first scary video game character, Sinistar! While you’re doing this, your enemy is building their ultimate weapon, Sinistar. Not only the first game to use stereo sounds but, for many players, this was the first video game where they could hear playback of a human voice (even though it is supposed to be the voice of a robot).But by the time Sinistar hits the screen its already a lost battle.  I couldn’t put this space themed-shooter any higher on the list (really there’s just too many space shooters released at this point) because Sinistar is just too damn fucking cheap! It’s only in this list to fill out the list and for historical reasons for having the original frightening game character.

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Top 10 Video Games of 1981

Image result for Kaboom atari 2600Number 10.  –  Kaboom!

It is hard to remember that there was a time where Activision actually cared about making quality home entertainment instead of taking every penny off its customers without much in return. How can such a rudimentary game be so much fun? I mean, really, there’s nothing to this game other than moving the buckets under the bombs and yet I love it. It certainly is a shining example of the “Easy to learn, difficult to master” law of great vintage games. “Kaboom!” is perfect in terms of challenge – the game designers deserves accolades for making the game’s difficulty increase at such a reasonable pace. One of the nice features to this cart is that after each stage, the action stops to allow the player to “catch their breath,” so to speak. It could act like most Sisyphus-style games and simply give you a warning and then start, but it doesn’t. In fact, after playing this game for extended periods (and you will because it’s so much fun), it’s almost annoying to have the break between rounds. You’re so excited you don’t want to stop. But sometimes it is nice to give your eyeballs a rest. The only thing I could criticize this cart for would be that there are no difficulty settings built in to the game other than selecting the size of your buckets with the difficulty switch on the console itself. I think the brilliance to this game lies in its simple-but-challenging gameplay and its high replay value.

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Top 10 Video Games of 1980

Image result for 80s video gamesThe 1980s is perhaps the most vocal nostalgic era of all time.  The only close contender of another decade being as vocal as the 80s would be the 1990s, but many things that was released out from the era of 1980 all the way through the end of 1989 has been severely remembered.  Even those who were never alive in this new era are familiar with the cartoons, video games, movies, music and other entertainment coming out of this decade because the media has countless resurrections of these old products by making re-releases, remakes, & references using many brands to continue lasting their longevity appeal & legacy. Video Games in the 80s, especially, has been the most referenced out of the era.  This new style of entertainment and art has never been more familiar to the general public that its so easy to identify any of it at first glance.  No art in the world is more easy to recognize than pixelated, blocky visuals & bloops & beep sound effects displayed/projected to all those people who all enjoyed them.  This whole gaming industry came a long way from having all of these quirky interactivity to now photo-realistic visuals that we all now take for granted. Here on TheTopLister, we’re going to begin getting more nostalgic lists by starting a series of the 1980s video games, music, and movie lists starting from 1980 all the way to the end of 1989.

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Top 10 Playstation 2 (PS2) Games

Image result for playstation 2 slim Just how… how did the Sony Playstation 2 became the greatest selling console still to this very day? No one would ever guess that the Sony Playstation (PS1)‘s debut would have been the most successful console ever that it managed to get all of the third-party developers that used to develop games for the SNES & Sega Genesis to abandon the N64 & Sega Saturn in favor for Sony’s first ever console. It had the expectation to meet the PS1 success and the PS2 surpassed them, effortlessly. Because of its success, the hype for the follow up console, Playstation 2, was so massive that it took away all attention for the Sega Dreamcast to its death before its official release. Part of the hype was the fact that it was compatible with playing DVD movies and at the year 2000, DVDs are the most expensive media player at the time, so having the PS2 to only cost $299 upon release (plus have the price drop lowered over the years) made it a must have.  But the PS2 was much more than a DVD player, it became the gaming machine of the ages. And even during the Gamecube & Xbox‘s stay in the market, though both were more powerful machines, technical-wise, Playstation 2 is one of the prime examples that it’s no the hardware that matters, it’s the software.  Though it had a really rough start with a lack of games in the system’s debut, in the later coming years the Playstation 2 had gathered one of the most impressive library of games ever.  It’s a library so massive that even to this day many us hardcore gamers are still experiencing new out of these old classics. Not only is the console famous for having the largest number of great titles in its library, Sony made sure that there’s a game for everyone with every taste in gaming. You name a genre and you name it, the PS2 have you covered with hours of entertainment.  And even the additional peripherals that supports the PS2, like the EyeToy, Network Adaptor, Headset, Multitap, DVD Remote Control, expanded Memory Card, component (YPBPR) cable (to say a few) though it sucks that they were all sold separately, certainly did enhanced our gaming experience. However, none of that had ever made me take any credit that I gave to the PS2.

So what does the Playstation 2 mean to me, personally? The Sony Playstation 2 is a system that provided the sequels of the previous generation (Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy) and debut franchises that’s never forgotten since (God of War, Devil May Cry, Shadow of the Colossus).  The games grew more personal and grasped an attachment to me as a passionate hobbyist of gaming, not just being a gamer. This is the platform that really got me serious about video games instead of just playing for fun. I wanted to play online, invite friends over, have a personal adventure, and even talk about the system when I’m not playing it. The Sony Playstation 2 had the longest lifespan that gaming have ever seen and Sony didn’t discontinue support for the system until 2013 when the Playstation 4 was picking up some steam. Not even the NES itself lived long enough to see the Nintendo 64 launch and for the fact that PS2 lasted for two more generations of consoles shows how much we cared about the system.  Even starting a collection of Playstation 2 is a satisfying one because you’re guaranteed non-stop fun to the virtual world. If there was one gaming machine that I would love to be stranded on an island with, I couldn’t pick a more better console. And with addition to that, these are the ten games that I’ll be playing to my dying day because it attached yours truly, personally, more than anything that the entity of gaming has ever provided.

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Top 10 Video Games of 2017

Image result for 2017 gamingWhat’s so unique about 2017 is that it’s simultaneously one of the BEST years in gaming and also the WORST year in gaming. I’ve been into gaming journalism since the 2000s but never did I ever expect news about dirty tactics from evil companies with Loot Boxes (Star Wars Battlefront II & COD WII) to be so vocal and at the same time being thrown some of the best games that we’ve ever seen in the 2010s decade. And don’t get me started with Nintendo’s big decision of releasing the Nintendo Switch which became the biggest debut consoles since the Sega Dreamcast. This is such a year fill with full adrenaline that these 365 days about the topic of video games. Millennials have been so passionate about this hobby that for me being the adults made them the leaders of the medium.  No longer is looked as a niche thing, it’s now the most common interest for the world in hop on in.  Now, making a list of the ten best games of 2017 is certainly simple to do, but being upfront and clear about these picks is perhaps the most defining moment of the 2010s decade, if 2018 or 2019 doesn’t get better than this year.

I’ve been making lists of games for so long that judging what really is the best game of all time really is, only to have even more games to come out and challenge such picks makes listing greatest games, as objectively as I can possibly do, my biggest challenge on blogging. Click below to see what really can be argued as the best of 2017 and a top contender of being some of the best games of all time.

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Top 10 Video Games of 2016

Related imageNumber 10.  –  Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Civ 6 had a really rough start, a really rough one. If you look at any Steam review upon release, it’s all completely negative and then you play it now and it’s like we’re playing a different game. Shock news! Every single review you’ve read about Civilization VI is incomplete! And guess what? So is this one. That’s because the huge, sprawling, wonderful behemoth that is Civilization doesn’t lend itself to a cursory examination. Even the most dedicated games journalist hasn’t had time to fully digest a work of this magnitude yet. It’s like being handed the Old Testament and being told to write a school book review of it in a weekend. Which, I’m quick to note in case my boss is reading, is not to say that I’ve shirked on my Civ playing. I, like so many other fanatics of the ‘C’ word, have piled hours into this game over the past week or so. And I’ve merely scratched the surface of this wonderful flawed diamond. Suffice to say, this is a feature-rich and immersive iteration where attention to detail in design is apparent from the first turn and systems you didn’t even realise could be significantly improved have been infused with a spark of genius. True, the AI is a woeful mess and it’s lacking a few tooltips but there is none of the hollowness that Civ V had on release. Could this be a worthy successor to the majesty and awe of Civilization IV? Well, ask me again when I top the 300 hour mark. But at the moment, all signs point very clearly to yes.

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