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Top 5 Video Games of 2014

Number 5.  –  Alien: Isolation

This is a huge step up for the series to go in the right direction from the awful installment called Aliens: Colonial Marines. All the Alien games in the franchise have been action titles, but it has been a long time since the first Alien game for the Atari 2600, to actually go to the horror genre. Throughout the majority of the game, you’re being stalked by the Alien, and your first warning that it’s nearby is usually the sound. You can hear the thumps and rattles as it stalks down a corridor or slithers through the air ducts. You can hear a telltale noise as it triggers an automatic door by strolling past, or the sound it makes when it descends from a vent to hunt. Most horror games become a lot less scary when you turn the sound down; this becomes a lot harder.  I can’t argue that Alien: Isolation wouldn’t have been improved by being a bit shorter, and there are one or two sections of the game which could’ve been completely excised without compromising the quality – but it’s an expertly designed, expertly paced stealth-horror game that relies more on tension and creeping dread than on jump scares, and pays loving homage to the film that started the series.

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