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Top 10 Wrestlers of the Golden Age (1980s)

If you can go out on the street and tell anyone about any wrestler that’s currently in any wrestling organization, chances are they won’t even know who you’re talking about. However, if you instead talk about wrestlers that came from the 1980s to the early-1990s, chances are, people would recognize who you’re talking about. Just what is it that makes these wrestlers more iconic and recognizable than the wrestlers of today? How about the fact that each of them had a diversity of characters that felt bigger than life itself. Many of these wrestlers are the image and embodiment of professional wrestling and still to this very day we talk about each of their legacy.  Even the WWE knows the impact that these wrestlers given us for making wrestling as big as it is today. We call this the Golden Age of Wrestling because WCW and WWF were in big rivalry with each other and they did almost everything to beat the competition. Dusty Rhodes created the Super Bowl of Pro Wrestling called StarCade in 1983 and Vince McMahon wanted to make a bigger event calling it Wrestlemania. Since then, wrestling started to deliver bigger events like The Big Four PPV’s and many more. This was the first time professional wrestling went on mainstream by getting celebrity involvement (Cindi Loper, Muhammad Ali, Mr. T, etc.) and also putting wrestlers in public appearances outside of the ring and backstage area. Each of these wrestlers really felt like real-life superheroes and it drew huge attendance records and television ratings. It’s all thanks to these wrestlers that made wrestling huge as it once was and it’s time for me to pay respects to ten of my favorite wrestlers of the Golden Age of Wrestling (from 1983 – 1991).

Image result for Bam Bam Bigelow 80sNumber 10.  –  Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam Bigelow was one of professional wrestling’s most unique individuals. With his tattooed head and large frame, Bigelow was unlike anyone or anything else in the world of professional wrestling. His uniqueness went beyond his looks, however. In an era of lumbering big men, Bigelow broke the mold, demonstrating a work rate and level of agility never before seen, by a man of his size. During the late eighties and early nineties, it was rare to see wrestlers in the United States pulling off moonsaults, much less 350+ pound monsters doing so. Bigelow’s matches never cease to amaze me with the things he was able to do in the ring, and the matches he put on. He’s the only wrestler from the Golden Age that managed to keep himself relevant in the later years of wrestling such as The New Generation Era, Attitude, WCW’s Bishoff-era, and even ECW’s top star. He was everything you wanted in a monster heel and a great babyface. He was the stuff that your mother’s nightmares are made of. Every movement he made and syllable he uttered just gave off the impression of a bad ass mofo who was there to absolutely raise hell. There was no wrestler whose character fit his look better than Bam Bam Bigelow.


Number 9.  –  Jake “The Snake” Roberts

So what makes Jake the Snake Roberts such an iconic name in the wrestling world? He didn’t have a good wrestling ability, didn’t have the look, he lost a lot more matches than winning them, and he didn’t have the “it” factor which is why he never won a WWF Championship. What Jake Roberts offered as a truly dark character in wrestling. His dark persona inspired many future stars like The Undertaker & Stone Cold Steve Austin that being the happy, smiling wrestler can’t be the only wrestler to love. Jake’s interviews simply give us chills down our spines and he was intimidating none the less. If his interviews didn’t get you at ease, then his python, Damien will. Damien and Roberts were a huge attraction when tuning into the WWF product because it was terrifying to see it but we want to know who’s Damien was going to get. Better yet, Jake Roberts introduced in-ring psychology where what’s happening in the ring was just as well telling a story as much as an interview. Jake Roberts was a true innovator of the wrestling world and he became famous for it. Even despite the fact that he never won a WWF Championship, it’ was his character that made him such a big name today. At the end of the day, it isn’t about the wrestling’s appearance or skills, it’s his character and how he slivers to our hearts.


Image result for ultimate warrior 80s

Number 8.  –  The Ultimate Warrior

Most people would like to look at the Ultimate Warrior like a 1990’s comic book character or He-Man come to life, but Ultimate Warrior was simply the most intense wrestler of all time! No one had as much energy and intensity as Warrior did and we all believed that he was that powerful. It’s always so damn exciting to see Warrior do what he does best because as soon as you hear his entrance music, you know he’s rushing in the ring and shaking the ropes like no tomorrow! Every young WWF fan loved the Warrior’s character, even though he doesn’t make any sense most of the time, he captured our attention because of his undying passion to wrestle. His powerhouse style was completely freakish. He was the second best baby face the company had, right behind Hogan. I’ll never forget Ultimate Warrior finally defeated Honky Tonk Man’s Intercontinental Championship streak and went on to face Hulk Hogan. For the first time ever, babyface vs. babyface in Wrestlemania 6 and it was a defining moment for the wrestling world. A year later, Warrior took on Macho Man in Wrestlemania 7 in the best match of his career. He sure had a lot of backstage problems with Vince McMahon, but that didn’t’ stop him from being as awesome as he was. There was so many great moments of the Warrior that made him one of the biggest names ever! His character was so unearthly and his style was so fiery, it made you believe the power of the Warrior.

Number 7.  –  Sting

I really want to put Sting higher on the list, but he had a much better time after this era has ended. But if there was a star that WCW built up extremely well, it had to be Sting. Sting, in his early year, was a unique mixture of flying, technical, and powerhouse style of wrestling. It was like he was WCW’s version of the Ultimate Warrior, but much more understandable and relatable. I know a lot of wrestling fans prefer Sting in black and white instead of blonde and colorful, but I really enjoy Sting’s presence before the Bishoff-era. He really was a star that really gets us engaged.  He wrestling like no other individual as he flew and slammed his opponents with so much energy. Sting just simply had the it factor for WCW and there were a lot of people that tuned into the product just to see Sting do what he does best. He’s also the innovator of the Scorpion Death Drop (reverse DDT) and the Scorpion Death Lock before it was even called the Sharpshooter. No other young wrestler grew as much popularity fast as Sting did. He faced legends like Ric Flair, The Great Muta, and many more WCW wrestlers and pushed each of his opponents to the limits. I really think blonde Sting is unappreciated because he’s one of the few WCW stars that made World Championship Wrestling so big.

Image result for Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

Number 6.  –  Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Steamboat may be the least iconic or memorable wrestler in the list, however he delivered technical martial arts in the ring making him look like the Bruce Lee of wrestling. Ricky brought nothing less than intensity in each and every one of his matches that makes the all worth coming back and watching them. No one shall ever forget that he stole the Wrestlemania III show with his match against Randy Savage winning the Intercontinental Champion. It’s remembered as one of the best greatest matches of the 1980s. Despite his Wrestlemania 4’s poor tournament structure, he didn’t make it pass Round 1 and all of the sudden started to loose fame in the WWF. However, he did kept the momentum going when he joined WCW and delivered matches that were so much better than his time in the WWF! Ricky made tremendous legacy in wrestling in WCW with rivals with Ric Flair. Steamboat and Flair never had a bad match with each other, rather they were all a series of 5-star matches that all rivalries wishes they have. I argue that his time in WCW is so much better than his time in WWF, even despite the fact that WWE wants everyone to forget about it. Anyone can watch any of his matches and want to be a professional wrestler. The is one of the most recognizable Intercontinental Champions and NWA World Champion of all time.

Image result for andre the giant 80s

Number 5.  –  Andre The Giant

Before Hulk Hogan was the biggest star in professional wrestling, Andre the Giant was the most popular and iconic wrestler in the world. Without him, wrestling and Wrestlemania wouldn’t be as big as it is today! Even people who doesn’t watch wrestling know who this guy is! Before Wrestlemania III, Andre The Giant was undefeated for 15 years. Sure his style is slow, but there was so athlete that was as big or as strong as Andre was. He was a huge attraction to the masses because he was unlike any human being ever seen and even his opponents were scared of what he was capable of. It was certainly a wise move to turn Andre heel by betraying Hulk Hogan to side with Bobby “The Brain” Henan, it made him the most despised man in the whole wrestling industry. He made Wrestlemania III to have the attendance record of 93,173. Sporting events ever had an attendance record that big until the 2010 NBA All-Star series. The show also delivered by having him get body slammed by Hulk Hogan and for the first time became defeated. His feud with Hulk Hogan continued by creating the big four PPV’s in main eventing the first ever Summerslam, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series. He really made the big four PPV’s happen, but unfortunately, after his rivalry with Hulk Hogan was over with, Andre’s popularity faded because Hulk Hogan began to have bigger rivalries with heels like Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, and many more. Andre also showed that his back is hurting and it affected his wrestling ability. He deserved a retirement in the early 1990s. To even show how much of a legend Andre is, when he passed away in 1993, he was the first ever inductee in to the WWE Hall of Fame. We did have 7′ footer wrestlers, like Big Show, Great Kahli, Giant Gonzalez, etc., that reminded us of Andre, but nobody can match up to the Eight Wonder of the World. Nobody has done more for the wrestling business than Andre the Giant and it’s all thanks to him that me made wrestling all possible!

Image result for Rowdy Roddy Piper 80sNumber 4.  –  Rowdy Roddy Piper

I simply love Rowdy Roddy Piper. He’s a wrestler of many sides, many wrestling abilities, and dared to be the most hated wrestlers above all else. I admire Roddy for being such a wild character that is willing to be all over the place. From main event heel, become a lovable face, to Piper’s pit, to even helping the mid-cards like Bret Hart to become a big name. He was such a rebellious individual and this was around the time where the public won’t stand for it. He went wild with this direction and became the most hated guy. It’s highly entertaining to see Roddy Piper do what he does best because nobody else was doing it. Piper’s Pit is always one of the best wrestling interview segments ever as it continues to surprise fans who gets interviewed with Piper that continues to created history. Piper’s responsible for making the Rock and Wrestling Connection work and make Wrestling big as it is today because who else would take the job as being so hated the people would want to pay money to see him get beat? He knows very well that controversy creates cash and because he became such a different character, it certainly made him stand up against all else. And as for his wrestling skills, it also lives up to the name as he introduced technical brawling style before Stone Cold Steve Austin flipped the bird on camera. Today, Piper still is part of the wrestling world and does all he can to keep the business going. Hell, even when the Golden Age era was over, Piper did not slow down as he continued to be part of both WCW and WWF and make Wrestlemania moments like in Wrestlemania 12 against Goldust. I always have a lot of fun watching Piper and never was I ever bored watching what he does.

Image result for hulk hogan 80sNumber 3.  –  Hulk Hogan

Surprised to see Hogan not number 1? I really have nothing against Hulk Hogan, I just like a few other wrestlers more than Hogan from this era. When Hogan became the top star in the WWF, he was a big fish in a huge pond. To make him the top star, he had to be main event, give promos unlike any other, win his matches, and had to become a fan favorite no matter what the cost. That’s what Hogan did. Andre The Giant used to be the biggest name in the wrestling world, but after he allowed Hogan to put him over in Wrestlemania III, he passed the torch to Hogan and became a bigger star than Andre was. People who never watch wrestling knows very well who this guy is. Hogan really is the face of professional wrestling and he’s the measuring stick of what other wrestlers strived for. Everyone remembers him ripping off his shirt, putting his ear to the crowd, his poses, and his interviews about “Eating your vitamins, saying your prayers” & “Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania comes after you!” Everyone loves to impersonate the Hulkster like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Beatles, and more. He is what everyone wishes to be and to be with. He was such a babyface that definitely is a positive influence to the masses around the world. He really made routing for the good guy cool and to see him fight for what’s right was so damn engrossing. Hogan is such an amazing storyteller as he dealt with betrayals that is after his popularity and faced the most hated heels that deserved the Hogan treatment. No one has ever accomplished as much as Hogan did. He had the most WWF title reigns of the era, held it the longest, and main evented in almost every Wrestling event that he’s been in. You might think Hogan was too invincible, but you have to remember that in the Golden Era of Wrestling, fan everywhere took their babyfaces extremely seriously. If there was anyone that was to save the day, it had to be dear old Hulkster. We always relied on Hogan to do the job and he always effortlessly deliver the goods. Hulk Hogan is responsible for all the success that the wrestling world has succeeded and still to this day people tune into a wrestling show if Hulk Hogan is in it. Even though all of his matches isn’t exactly the best that we seen in wrestling, what mattered was to see Hogan defeat the odds and show that fighting for what’s right is meaningful to all the Hulkamaniacs. What Hulk Hogan does, that not many wrestler can do, is really connect with the crowd and because he was so good in presenting himself to be very likable, he earned that reputation as being the greatest and most successful wrestler in the industry. Only little number wrestlers can live up to Hulk Hogan’s stature and we all strive to be as big as him.

Number 2.  –  Ric Flair

I’m one of those wrestling fans that argues that Ric Flair is a better wrestler than Hulk Hogan. While WWF’s biggest star was Hulk Hogan, WCW’s star was Ric Flair. Flair, is just like Rowdy Roddy Piper, in which he’s all all the map in his wrestling career. He’s very good in being the main event, help the mid-cards to become a bigger star, he was a really good heel, a very good babyface, his interviews were incredibly intense, and his wrestling stills were gold. Flair just did a lot better things than Hogan did. He was a pioneer of main eventing StarCade before Hogan even started a Wrestlemania, he created and lead the Four Horsemen, and he never stopped fighting his spot in the World Heavyweight Championship. Flair also is iconic for his wrestling abilities for the Figure Four Leg Lock, turning upside down when running into a turn buckle, and slapping his opponents in the chest to shout “Woo!” This is a man with class and style and throughout his career, people want to see it again and again. He continue this trend for over 2 decades and he became successful for it. Even more important, Ric Flair just had very good rivalries with many of the best talents in the WCW like Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, and so many more. There’s no doubt in my mind that because Ric Flair has accomplished so much in the wrestling world, he has to be the second greatest wrestler of the 1980s.

Number 1.  –  Macho Man Randy Savage

There’s simply no other wrestler that is at all similar to the Macho Man. Macho Man is such an amazing storyteller where he knew how to cut promos and had the charisma to engage us in it. Macho Man just has everything that I want to see from a wrestler; charisma, storytelling, in-ring ability, emotion, and the ability to connect with the audience. Savage is such a unique character that he can really endure the toughest challenge, but at the same time grab sympathy to the audience because he tries harder than anyone in the business. I always loved seeing his partnership with Miss Elizabeth because they were the best romantic couple of the wrestling world. Still to this day they both capture all our hearts by showing how much they love each other on screen. More importantly, Randy Savage has been involved in some of the best matches of the ’80s/early ’90’s like Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts, Ric Flair, Honkey Tonk Man, Hart Foundation, Tito Santana, and so many more that each of them had a relatable story into them. Even though Savage had a match against Steamboat that stole the Wrestlemania III show, he had his big break by winning the Wrestlemania IV tournament and holding the WWF Championship for an entire a year. I’m also a big fan of his Macho King persona when he betrays Hulk Hogan and Miss Elizabeth. He was such a ferocious heel and his King gimmick was so lovable. I still will never forget his match against Ultimate Warrior in Wrestlemania VII where he lost but we route for him when he reunited with Miss Elizabeth that always gets me that emotional feeling. Not to mention that in Summerslam in that year, both of them had the best on-screen marriage in Wrestling period! If people didn’t know who Hulk Hogan is, they surely would know who Macho Man Randy Savage is because of his entertaining slimjim commercials, many movie/television appearances, and his merchandises that sold millions. Savage such a tremendous storytelling and a very entertaining wrestler that inspired every single man in professional wrestling today. His spirit will live on in the squared circle forever as the best professional wrestler of all time!

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Top 10 Wrestlemanias

This show to me is like Christmas of professional wrestling, not just the Super bowl of Wrestling. I’m always looking forward to the spring season for just this show that comes once a year just to find myself entertained by the best of wrestling and to have them change my life! Wrestlemania first started as a rip-off of Dusty Rhode’s Starcade, but Wrestlemania later down the road had it’s own identity. Wrestlemania is that show where everyone around the world get a chance to see something epic and have a culmination to rivalries to fight it off in a match. So what makes a good Wrestlemania? How about shows surprises of the show known as Wrestlemania-Moments, great storylines and feuds that will culminate in this very show, a fantastic card structure that has so many matches to keep the audience happy, and have a satisfying main event (that’s the highlight of the show) to close the show perfectly. It’s the reason why the name Wrestlemania had wrestlers to became big names to the masses, history has been made, and lives has been changed. I had the privilege to watch and review every single Wrestlemania and after watching all of them, I have finally counted down The 10 best Wrestlemanias that the World Wrestling Entertainment has ever given us! These are the Wrestlemanias that you should watch to see why professional wrestling is very important!


Number 10.  –  Wrestlemania 30

You might think that it’s a bit too soon to put this Wrestlemania in the Top 10, but it was either this or Wrestlemania 22. By the end of the day, I have to go with Wrestlemania 30. This show is infamous for making it Daniel Bryan’s night and also Undertaker’s demise which both was historical! There was no better time to make Daniel Bryan the new face of the WWE. I’m a HUGE fan of this Wrestlemania structure because it almost felt like Wrestlemania 10 & 20 combined, where Bret Hart wrestle twice in opening match & main event of Wrestlemania X and Chris Benoit won the triple threat main event in Wrestlemania XX. This is the night for Daniel Bryan and that’s what the fans wanted the most. But it’s also not what everyone remembers about this Wrestlemania. Of course I am very upset that Brock Lesnar (who isn’t going to stick with the company for very long) was chosen to end the 2 decade streak in 21-1. However we should not forget the many great moments of the show like having Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin together in the same ring cutting the BEST segment of the entirety of Wrestlemania before we even got our first match! Antonio Cesaro eliminating Big Show out of the ring was what you call a Wrestlemania-moment, and the Sheild whipped Kane and “Mid-Age” Outlaws clean. Wrestlemania 30, 30 years in the making was (either bad or good) a memorable Wrestlemania. This is the night that everyone will remember that the streak ended in the worst way imaginable, but it had our hero Daniel Bryan to save the show, in both the beginning and the end. All the hijacking and rebelling we’ve done to put the company in the right direction (especially when CM Punk left the company because of the exact reason) was well deserved to make them do the right thing. Believe it or not, putting Daniel Bryan as main event was not the original plan, make no mistake about it, but once the company listens to its customers, they had an opportunity to deliver and what a way to go! There were so many instances where I was reminded of Bret Hart at Wrestlemania X and Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania XX, that gave me a real sense of joy just seeing the same thing happen to Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX. There were VERY bad moments and VERY good moments of Wrestlemania 30, but ultimately, it was a historic show and that’s what a Wrestlemania needs after 30 years of changing people’s lives!

Number 9.  –  Wrestlemania 21

Wrestlemania 21 was one of the most important Wrestlemania’s in WWE history. It saw the rise to success of Edge, Batista and John Cena (for better or for worse). Though two main events were average at best, the beginning and middle of the show was what I really want to see in a Wrestlemania! We had ourselves the best opening match since Wrestlemania X with Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero showing such great in-ring work. We also had our very first Money in the Bank Ladder Match with Edge winning victorious. Quite frankly, this still is the best Money in the Bank Ladder Match in the WWE! We should also remember that Undertaker faced off his youngest opponent Randy Orton and beat him & his father Bob Orton.  The match that certainly stole the show was the Angle-Michaels match that was perfectly performed (despite the fact that the announcer’s table didn’t break) that it became the best WWE match of 2005 (The AJ Style-Samoa Joe-Christopher Daniels match in TNA is the best match of 2005). Sure there was a lot of drawback like the Women’s match, the Sumo Match, and the average main events, but it was historic to have our first ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but the rest of the matches were definitely “Wrestlemania material.” Hell, even the segments of the show were just as good as the matches having Hulk Hogan return pose to the crowd like in the Hogan-era and a memorable Piper’s Pit with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest! “WrestleMania Goes Hollywood” fit the part of a huge entertainment gala, as the show was preceded by entertaining parodies of classic films, starring the roster. Wrestlemania 21 was a spectacle that offered the highest of qualities that WWE is capable of!

Number 8.  –  Wrestlemania III

I know many of you guys think that it’s blasphemy to not put this anywhere higher on the list. I understand that this Wrestlemania is the reason why the WWF/WWE and even the wrestling business is big as it is today! But there are a bunch of matches in the card that could have been better. As we look at the History of the WWF (now called the WWE) there are those certain shows that given us a reason why we tuned into this product no matter how bad, or how good the product has gone through over the years. But if there has to be that one event that showed me why I’m a wrestling fan to begin with, it has to be Wrestlemania 3. Wrestling event is the ultimate measuring stick of what the wrestling industry should be in terms of in-ring action, spectacle, story telling, or presentation, this Wrestlemania has them all. While the first Wrestlemanias were like spectacles trying to get as much attention with celebrity involvement, but the third Wrestlemania was a pure wrestling event where people already are familiar with these big names, there’s no need to the over-saturation of celebrities any more, and it’s all about the wrestlers big enough to show the audience and future wrestling fans what it means to put a show! Wrestlemania 3 has set an indoor sports attendance record of 93,173 and it wasn’t broken until the 2010 NBA All-Star Game at the New Cowboy Stadium.  The WWF deserved that record holder because they did grabbed a lot of people’s attention from mainstream media, there was so much likeness on these biggest-than-life characters, and the anticipation to see what happens next in WWF is so exciting. There are only two matches that are noteworthy to make this Wrestlemania as great of a show and that’s Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and the legendary Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant match. The Randy Savage and Steamboat match was the opening door to real in-ring work matches instead of the boring formula that we’ kept seeing in the old Wrestling matches before this one. It’s a match that clearly stole the show, but ultimately, everyone came to see Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant. Though the match was incredibly slow, that moment when Hogan body slammed Andre and finally defeated the undefeated Wrestler was the original Wrestlemania-moment that forever changed the face of wrestling. One thing I notice in this event is that the audience was not left disappointed, even when your favorites lost the match, somehow the babyfaces comes in from dissatisfactory and continue to assault the heels. It became a cliche throughout the card, but they were legit matches that really made everyone happy. Though it did bother me a lot to see the bad guys getting too much of a beating after a victory, it really felt like a real wrestling show. It brought a lot of emotions throughout the card and it didn’t slowed down the adrenaline that you can feel throughout the show. Though there are a lot of things that bothered me in Wrestlemania 3, it did deliver a true big wrestling show that the previous two wreslemanias tried to do. It left an impact and staple on the wrestling world that this will be remembered throughout the many years after.

Number 7.  –  Wrestlemania 28

I could never believe that there would be another Wrestlemania in the PG-Era that will enter the Top 10 but the WWE did everything they could to make this card deliver after that disappointing Wrestlemania 27 that hyped up Wrestlemania 28. Beside the disappointing opening match with Daniel Bryan’s 18 seconds defeat, this show made the right booking decisions and the structure of the card couldn’t be better. We haven’t had a great Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 19 and this show delivered all the goods that we’ve been waiting from the WWE for the longest time. The epic finale between HHH-Taker in Hell in a Cell is one of the best in-ring storytelling that the WWE has ever told, the athleticism between CM Punk and Chris Jericho (while could have been better) was impressive, Eve Torres creating so much heat in the Divas division was a hell a lot of fun, and The Rock BEATING John Cena was true fan satisfactory! The WWE did not only gave us a fantastic show, but the company rewarded it’s long time fans with real satisfactory! It’s shows like this is the reason why I’m a huge fan of wrestling in general. I could never imagine anything in life could have been as pleasurable as the good ol’ days, but with effort, timing, and planning there are things that are worth living for! Sure people would just look at this card like a three-match-show. They’re probably right, but if you look back at other Wrestlemanias that are actually one-match-shows, these three matches delivered some of the best things in professional wrestling. It’s wondrous how much of an improvement this Wrestlemania was in comparison to Wrestlemania 27; it’s like night-and-day! Sure the beginning of the show tested our patients a little, but the second half and especially the finish was non-other than one of the best moments in life! And that’s why we tun into Wrestlemania each year!

Number 6.  –  Wrestlemania XII

For all those who says the New Generation Era was the worst Era in the WWE, up yours because this Wrestlemania shows the awesomeness of that era! There was a certain point in time where Wrestlemania was becoming like the Star Trek movies, where one year is great, then the next one is bad, then the next one is great, then the next one is bad. So last year’s Wrestlemania was bad, obviously this one had to be good. This is the smallest amount of matches in a single Wrestlemania card, only 6 ‘Mania matches (not including the dark match) all because the main event was an Iron Man match that’s going for an hour in length, taking the third of the show. The last thing they need is a wrestlemania that goes over 3 hours like Wrestlemania 4 did and just focus on once again Wrestlemania moments and great and memorable matches. Thankfully, there isn’t a single bad match on the card! Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his first Wrestlemania debut against Savio Vega. The Ultimate Warrior vs. HHH was the best short match in Wrestlemania history! Undertaker finally face a worthy opponent that almost ended the streak with Diesel. Roddy Piper vs Goldust, though it lasted throughout the first and second half of the PPV, it was the perfect parody of the OJ Simpsion car chase! The Piper and Goldust match was the WWE’s very first Hardcore match and that open doors to The Attitude Era that we all love! And of course, we have ourselves one of the most important main events of all time between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. This match is important, not to just show the talent between HBK and “The Hitman” but instead it was to shift away from the steroid wrestling to show smaller guys wrestling a very physical match that lasted in the entirety of third half the show. WWF has got an infamous reputation as a sporting event that was using Steroid scandals for each of their wrestlers and finally it was time to show that there are talent in the wrestling world that doesn’t need super physique star to run the show. This all of the sudden became the way of the future in wrestling today all because of this very match. Even though the New Generation Era has done a lot of damage to the company, 60 Minute Iron Man Match showed that there are some good in this era. But because the match is an hour long and we all know that none of the pitfalls or submissions were made within 60 minutes makes it tough to sit though, I still recommend in watching it just to see how much does it take to be the best wrestler because it takes stamina, impact, strength, speed, and endurance to last that long. Though, this isn’t my favorite Main Even and I would wish for the finish to have more sportsmanship between Bret and Shawn, it was a fantastic experience. If there’s another flaw I can find is the absence of Razor Ramon. I really wished he was booked in this Wrestlemania but since he got suspended, somehow his face still got on the cover power (power to the Kliq). Though this show was indeed small, it still felt huge and felt like a Wrestlemania. While this Wrestlemania couldn’t get bigger here in the 1990s, it shows that at times, smaller means better.

Number 5.  –  Wrestlemania X7

Gaps! How’s this not The Greatest Wrestlemania of all time?! Since a lot of people considers this as the best Wrestlemania of all time, I bet to differ saying that it’s probably an overrated show. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly love this Wrestlemania X7, it’s in there in my top 5, but I can’t ignore that there were four matches out of nine cards that were a bit of a drag. I am of course talking about the 6-man tag, Jericho-Regal, Eddie Geurerro vs. Test, and Chyna retaining her Women’s championship is what really puts the show down. If you were to be the best Wrestlemania of all time, then there should not be any bad matches. I’m also still not too happy with the finish of this show because it was set up for the ever so disappointing storyline called the Invasion Angle. It’s really sad to see WCW and ECW all bought by the WWF in 2001 and this show just represent the dominance of the competition between those three organizations and then set them up for a messy angle that the company was heading for. Why I hated the Invasion Angle is because they didn’t make it into a long awaited WCW vs. WWF show that should feature NWO, Sting, Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, and the rest of the most important figures of the WCW. Instead, the Invasion Angle was just another McMahon family-feud using the entire roster that they could sign a contact was put in for a stupid storyline. Plus I’m getting really sick and tired of people calling this the end of the Attitude Era because we still had the hardcore wrestling title, attitude storytelling-style, and the atmosphere was all the same. Despite all of the aftermath that still has a bad taste out of my mouth, for what Wrestlemania X7 was, it was a solid show and still can go down as some of ONE OF the best Wrestlemanias. The Highlights of the show was Vince vs. Shane in no-holds barred, Austin vs. The Rock, Undertaker vs. Triple H, Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit’s amateur wrestling match, and especially TLC 2 that capitalized the Triangle Ladder Match in Wrestlemania 16! This show had something for everyone whether you’re an fan for old school 80′s wrestling (20-men battle royal), hardcore wrestling, amateur wrestling, showmanship, and more each match on the has something for you. Still to this day, wrestling fans everywhere still debate which of the matches in this card was the best match of Wrestlemania 17, but I still debate that TLC 2 was the best of all of them. Though I don’t agree that this is the best Wrestlemania show, let alone the best WWE show, it’s still worth coming back to when ignoring that the Invasion angle has ever existed. Even if you dislike Wrestlemania 17, you have to admit, that at least this show was miles better than the previous two horrible Wrestlemanias & that’s what we needed.

Number 4.  –  Wrestlemania XIX

This is actually the first Wrestlemania in the Brand Extension Era and also the first Wrestlemania where the whole company changed their name from WWF to WWE because of the lawsuit dispute from the World Wild Federation. What’s done is done, and now this is the World Wrestling Entertainment that’s headed to a whole new direction of dividing the product into Smackdown and Monday Night Raw. This is great because there’s enough room for a bigger roster on two separate organizations, more opportunities for rising stars, and more screen time for a bigger roster instead of cramming everything in.  I can easily say that both brands put in one hell of a show in Wrestlemania 19. This was one of the most ambitious Wrestlemanias because of the hype surrounding it and the success that WWE was getting. At the same time, there was a lot of problems happening in many of the wrestler’s personal lives. Kurt Angle is having serious neck problems that has been there since his Olympic Gold Medal victory, Brock Lesnar (a rookie) is coming in as a main event, Hulk Hogan is having serous back problems, and Stone Cold Steve Austin had faced a divorce, had a dangerous amount of caffeine & stress, and he was in the hospital the night before the show begun. This show could have been disastrous, but somehow, the magic within the audience, the wrestlers, and everyone watching remained strong and they pulled it together to make a hell of a Wrestlemania. With all the things that was about to make this show a disaster (especially the botch that Lesnar made at the finish), but with the heart and passion put into this very show, it pulled off into making a wonderful show. It’s no wonder why so many people considers this the best Wrestlemania of all time. This was where dreams began and ended here in this show. As for me, there are a couple of negatives that puts from calling it the “best Wrestlemania of all time” and that’s because it had one of Undertaker’s worst matches, John Cena’s technical microphone difficulties during his segment, and Limp Biscuit’s obnoxious performance. Other than that, this show was incredible. I really don’t think that there was ever a Wrestlemania where it really felt so much bigger than life itself. This card had some of the most qualitative wrestling that anyone could ever asked for. This new focus on Technical and showmanship within these matches and less “hardcore” appeal represents what the Brand Extension once was. This is were in-ring work started to matter once again and this show represents the essence of that style of wrestling. The roster delivered one of the best in-ring WrestleManias ever. Angle-Lesnar, Jericho-Michaels, and Austin-Rock (in Austin’s curtain call) put up match-of-the-year level performances. Vince-Hogan, HHH-Booker (outside of the booking), Hardy-Rey, and the Tag 3 Way were all just as magical. I’m just as happy to see that this show was so damn epic that I can’t think of a Wrestlemania that was bigger than life itself than this one!

Number 3.  –  Wrestlemania VII

If there had to be the best Wrestlemania during the Golden Age of Wrestling, it has to be Wrestlemania 7! So what we have here is a show that had a fantastic start & middle, but a predictable and pretty underwhelming finish at the end. But I gave this Wrestlemania a ton of credit, there were a lot more going on in this show than just the main event, which the past Wrestlemanias relied on the main event to become the only attraction. So many mid-card matches like Big Boss Man vs. Mr. Perfect, Hart Foundation vs. Nasty Boys, British Bulldog vs. Warlord, The Rockers vs. The Barbarians, Undertaker starting is undefeated streak by beating Snuka, and especially Warrior vs. Savage (the second greatest Wrestlmania match) kept the show flowing perfectly. If there weren’t any of those great matches in the mid-card and relied heavily on a main event that turned out to become a disappointment, it could really made this the worst Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 2. I think we expected the main event to be so good because Wrestlemania 6′s main event was so spectacular. But easily, the match that COMPLETELY stole the show was Ultimate Warrior-Macho King match. It was a prime representation of a babyface vs. heel match-up at its best, leaving fans everywhere to keep guessing who’s going to retire after that match. Even though Savage lost the match and his manager, he reunited with Miss Elizabeth that all WWF fans long awaited for! The finish of that match was some of the best of professional wrestling at it left the loser of the match to feel like a winner to have a face turn and leave with his lover like a classic Rocky movie. I will never forget how special that moment in Wrestlemania 7 was that should just be the highlight of Wrestlemanias in general! Sure the patriotic theme can get quite annoying because there are international fans that wants to watch wrestling instead of being hammered down how USA is the best country in the world, but this is the Wrestlemania that started making mid-card matches to be as good as the main event and it’s something that future Wrestlemanias start to take note that it shouldn’t be the main event that must be the only thing to look forward to. It showed that very wrestler that’s booked for Wrestlemania should give their damnedest to give out a great show! I can say the this is the Wrestlemania that learned its lesson in remembering that just incase if the main event goes terribly, makes sure the mid-card is strong. That’s why Wrestlemania 7 is a great show! This really is the best mid-card structure of Golden Age of the WWF. This is the first Wrestlemania that I reviewed that absolutely had no 1 out of 5 scored match while everything was scored from 2 and 6, and the Warrior vs. Savage match was the first one to get a 6 out of 5 match (my highest score). NThis was a fine show and definitely the most underrated Wrestlemania ever!

Number 2.  –  Wrestlemania X

This show just has a special place in my heart. It was my first Wrestlemania and it still is a childhood favorite of mine. Times has changed since then, but this show aged perfectly well. No longer were we in the Golden Age of Wrestling where Rock n Wrestling Collection was around. This new era of Wrestling was the New Generation Era where new stars had more showmanship than the old and were there to bring in new style of wrestling that departed out of the old WWF. This means no more Hulk Hogan overshadowing the spotlight any more, instead we got wrestlers like Bret Hart, Yokozuna, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Owen Hart, and so many more now passed down the torch to bring in a more physical and sportsman like wrestling. Though it was never as big as Golden Age, it was definitely a step up to the times, despite how bad they’ve became in the later years. So was ten years in the making worth it all? Well the card had an awesome beginning, okay middle, but an awesome finish towards the end. We didn’t need a Hulk Hogan to make a Wrestlemania great and instead of getting one classic match, and we got two! The opening match between Owen and Bret was the best opening match ever in any wrestling show and the Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon Ladder Match was so outstanding. It’s amazing that we got two 6 out of 5 wrestling matches in this very show and no other Wrestlemania that I’ve reviewed had that many all star classics in a singular show! People has debated which of those two matches were better, however despite which of the two were great, we must remember that they both made Wrestlemania X special! Also, we should not forget that this was also Macho Man Randy Savage’s last match and to have him beat Crush in the Fall-Count Anywhere match was definitely memorable! WMX seriously makes up for it the horrid Wrestlemania IX and had a much better main event  rematch with Bret and Yoko. Bret and Yoko were two of the best New Generation Era wrestlers and we had them wrestle in two to main events in this show and do a much better job redeemed itself! Though there are aspects of the show that could have been better like more effort to the mid-card show, give us an Undertaker match, and toss out that Doink and Dink match, but for only having Owen vs. Bret, Michaels vs. Razor, Macho Man burying Crush, Mr. Perfect screwing Lex Lugar over, and having the show end with Bret Hart beating Yokozuna for the championship is the reason why Wrestlemania X is the second greatest Wrestlemania! I really love this Wrestlemania for all  that it’s worth and it still continues to give me a warm feeling each time I watch it!

Number 1.  –  Wrestlemania XIV

This has to go down as THE best Wrestlemania of all time! There was not a single bad match in this card. Rather than just calling all the matches on the card good matches, each of these matches represented aspects of the Attitude Era and what is to come for the WWF after this show. There are so many things that made the Attitude Era the most beloved time of Wrestling and it’s all thanks to this very Wrestling show. There was so much hype and build up leading to this show that blew everyone away, only to have the WWF to deliver even more stuff like this in their later years. New stars were being made, more memorable moments were created, and even more surprises that forever leaves us with an undying impression. Because of the main event, Stone Cold Steve Austin is some of the biggest names of the wrestling world and still to this day he continues make everyone excited which is what wrestling is seriously lacking today.

There was not a single bad match on this show – it was really consistent throughout with starting out with the awesome victory of Legion on Doom dominating the 15-team battle royal, the surprising and forgotten match with Taka Michinoku vs. Aguila,  Sable proved to be the dominate female in the company, Ken Shamrock snapping and going ape shit on The Rock, the Nation of Domination, and the referees, Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie trashing New Age Outlaws in a Dumpster, Pete Rose getting Tombstoned by Kane, and the best match of the night, Kane vs. Undertaker that came so damn close to ending the streak! I will always remember Stone Cold looking like he had no chance of winning because Vince McMahon, D-Generation-X and Mike Tyson were all against him. It was a true Wrestlemania moment where Tyson screwed Shawn Michaels, punched him square in the face, and raised Stone Cold’s hands in the air as the new WWF Champion. Shawn Michaels definitely got what he deserved for the Montreal Screwjob and this finish was a redemption from that tragedy! That should tell you why this show is a must see for everyone, not just wrestling fans! Nobody can ever take away the historical significance, the meaning of this show, and what it represents. The WWF was trying to find a direction and finally nailed it with Mike Tyson’s help and went full force for many years to come. Like Wrestlemania 3 that took wrestling to an entirely different stratosphere, Wrestlemania 14 was that moment in time that did it once again and helped the company to be later to be once again the king of professional wrestling again. I like to go back to this Wrestlemania and watch it in its entirety because it really is one of my favorite entities in professional wrestling!

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