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Top 10 Albums of the 2000s

Image result for 2000s musicTechnologically, evolution of music in the 2000s have been impressive where mp3 files changed the way we get our music and devices such as the iPod and cell phones were much easier to handle. But musically on the other hand… this decade was pretty bad. Music in the 2000s is a static and distasteful decade. Musically, the decade started out as a great, having left overs from the 1990s, but somewhere around 2002, music somehow stopped being as good as we hoped. Majority of pop music offered terrible genres such as emo, distasteful R&B and rap, pop, post-grunge movement, nu metal, and so many other music that ended up as a decade that we want to forget. Never have I seen a sufferable list of hits that made it on the number one charts and we have to thank the irresponsibility of many of these artists who created music that couldn’t even age a year since its release. It’s no wonder why so many stuck in the older times of music and never payed attention to the releases of 2000s. However, without the internet we wouldn’t be able to discover indie music. Never has underground and independent bands ever had so much exposure that it made the mp3 files in our computers to become the standard. And it made it so much easier to list down the albums the we’ve missed out in the decade.

Top 10 Albums of 2000
Top 10 Albums of 2001
Top 10 Albums of 2002
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Top 10 Albums of 2005
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Top 10 Albums of 2009

It was really scraping the barrel to find at least ten albums released in each year of the 2000s. Because a lot of people realizes that they weren’t getting any satisfaction from mainstream music, there’s no wonder why people became hipsters and supported so many indie bands that they weren’t getting attention. But before the post-9/11 era started this terrible trend of music, the year 2000 was a start of a new decade and century. The days of the 1990s were no more, so new faces came in and tried to redefine their talents in songwriting. Again, 2002 was the year music stopped getting good and we would have to wait till 2007 till music got good again. After years of bad music, I can honestly say that 2007 had the best catalog of music coming out because that was when both indie and mainstream gave a crap in making wonderful tracks. You might be thinking that this person who made this list is an old fart bashing on this generation, but I assure you that I’m full blooded Generation Y and I still wish that my gen. could have their time of good music like 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Even though 2009 left us in a bad note, at least the 2010s are looking up so we can just move on. It was a difficult time to rank down some of the best albums of the 2000s to remind myself that this decade wasn’t at least all so terrible.

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Top 10 Albums of 2001

Number 10.  –  The Blueprint – Jay Z

Back in the 90s there were many albums that set the trend for years to come, those influential albums that changed the game and that other hip hop artists would use as a template to follow. In the 2000s however, there isn’t quite many of those albums. The Blueprint however is one of them, and it can easily be classified as the most influential hip hop album of that decade. Actually for 4-5 years to come people would follow the production standard set on this album. It was the emergence of the Kanye West and Just Blaze sound, sometimes called chipmunk soul, with clap drums and a catchy soul sample that is often sped up. Both producers would work on that sound for years to come, but this is really where it became a staple. The Blueprint is also a Jay-Z album, in the sense that there aren’t any guests artists outside of a lone Eminem appearance. Especially after The Dynasty, Jay-Z wanted to show his skills without putting his crew on. That’s good because he’s easily the best in Roc-A-Fella records, as much as I like Beanie Sigel and Freeway, they can’t really compete with Jay-Z that’s one of the all-time greatest. So with groundbreaking productions and Jay-Z rapping solo, this is bound to be a classic? Well hell yeah it is. There are a little inconsistencies on the album, but there’s just so many moments of genius that it’s a pretty hard one to deny. There’s one thing that people rarely say about Jay-Z’s performance here, is that it’s he’s not quite as good as he was in 96 to 99. Yes even if his albums in the late 90s aren’t really as well acclaimed, he did rap at his best on those. Not to say that he doesn’t offer a great performance here (he’s still easily one of the top rappers of 2001), it’s just a little less than Jay-Z can do. But still that doesn’t stop The Blueprint from much, it’s still a cornerstone of 2000s hip hop and easily one of the best in his discography. 

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Top 10 Albums of 1997

Number 10.  –  Like Swimming – Morphine

Imagery counts for a lot with the minimalist band Morphine, who we can safely credit as the first band in rock and roll history consisting of a two-stringed slide bass, bari sax and drums. There, on the back of their latest album, are singer-songwriter Mark Sandman, saxist Dana Colley, and drummer Billy Conway, submerged in water and looking distorted but not unhappy. So it goes with this music, with Sandman singing gutsy art-R&B tunes with a voice like a gruffer, bad apple variation of Mark Knopfler. On the title cut, “Potion,” and an absurd ditty like “French Fries w/ Pepper,” the band projects its riff-based sound, without need for apology or explanation. Despite the peculiarity of the instrumentation, Morphine is no novelty act, but a new sound tapping into some fundamental resonance, some funk truths, lurking beneath rock legacy. In a real, hands-on way, it recognizes that, contrary to what rock lore would have us believe, real music power often comes from below.

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