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Top 10 Wrestling Matches of the 2000s

brock-angle-642-1462601-1424535587-2337117-2Wrestling in the 2000s was a new era in wrestling where the World Wrestling Federation bought their competition WCW and ECW, changed their name to “World Wrestling Entertainment,” and the Attitude era ended so soon. This was a really up and down time in wrestling where new faces can never be as good as the old stars of Attitude (mainly blame Cena, Orton, Batista) and many of those wrestling fans stopped watching wrestling all together because of bad storytelling, predictable outcomes seen in so many matches, and backstage politics destroying the inevitable throughout the decade. Hell if the resurrection of ECW even made old ECW fans turn away from wrestling it should tell you how much wrestling has fallen having nothing but WWE and no real competition. But on the plus side, we did had old faces of yesteryear giving their best matches in this decade with Shawn Michaels having the best comeback of any wrestler, Undertaker back as the deadman, and Kurt Angle having the best matches of the decade. Mainly those three individuals saved this decade of wrestling from being so awful. While WCW and ECW has faced their demise, new wrestling companies rose to be number 2 wrestling organizations in America like Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and Ring of Honor offering new faces and show the world a brand new style of indie wrestling. Stuff like TNA’s X-Division and ROH’s code made us appreciate in-ring work more than storytelling, which is missing in wrestling today. I have a lot of mixed feeling about this decade of wrestling, but I must say that 2002-2003, or the Ruthless Aggression era, was the best era since Attitude and quite possibly the last good wrestling era.

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Wrestlemania 28 Review

Wrestlemania 27 was all about hyping up the next Wrestlemania because The Rock vs. John Cena match was going to come true. After we had to dealt with the awful Wrestlemania last year that turned out to be a commercial for this Wrestlemania! The pressure was on the WWE to deliver something big as this. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Rock wrestle since Wrestlemania 20 (if you forget the Cena/Rock tag match in Survivor Series) and the build-up for this match was similar to Hogan vs. Rock in Wrestlemania 18. Old fans and newer fans of the WWE have debated for the longest time to see if Rock was better or Cena or is Cena better than Rock. After so much heated debate, the WWE finally given us a once in a lifetime dream match. Though this card is looked as a one-match-card like many Wrestlemanias before it, this Wrestlemania had plenty of matches in it that was as well as anticipating. For the longest time, the WWE has had poorly booked so many Wrestlemanias since Wrestlemania 23 and the worst of it was Wrestlemania 27. This is the Wrestlemania that needed to properly structure itself into that big show like the best ‘Manias in the past. Thankfully, this card was certainly structured properly and the matches that they’ve delivered were all something to behold and remember.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (c) (with AJ Lee) – World Heavyweight Championship – This match is infamous for being much shorter than expected. Last year’s Wrestlemania match, these two were place in the dark match and finally we have an opportunity to put these two in the Wrestlemania card! We’re talking about the WWE’s most talented individual facing someone like Sheamus. Just like Wrestlemania last year, the World title is our opening show of the card; even diminishing the championship’s credibility. Wrestlemania is a show where stars are established to a mass audience and it was the perfect opportunity to show Daniel Bryan’s talents. But no! Sheamus had to give Bryan the big boot after he kissed AJ Lee and made a pinfall victory. I don’t mind if Sheamus was going to beat Daniel Bryan, but not this way! 18 seconds of a match didn’t break any records (especially for a Wrestlemania) and it pushed Daniel further from stardom. I mean sure, when we first saw the match the whole crowd exploded because they’ve never expected that to happen and I even got the same reaction. But Daniel Bryan didn’t deserve any of this. The only positive that I can give to this disappointing match is that it was Daniel Bryan’s first memorable Wrestlemania moment, and that’s not a good thing. Besides, the following pay-per-view, Extreme Rules, these two actually had a match that SHOULD have been in Wrestlemania! I’m not sure if this was a great way to open the show, but at least the whole audience roared from a big surprised like this one.
Match Score: 2/5

Kane vs. Randy Orton – The funny thing is that fan were chanting for Daniel Bryan “Yes”, in this match because people wanted to see more of that match besides this one. And the especially knew that this match was dull between Kane and Randy. The audience hijacked the match knowing that it was boring, but I think they worked a good enough match at this stage of Kane’s career considering that he has been in a lot of pointless matches since Wrestlemania 23. The finish comes when Randy is ready to hit a move from the top rope, but Kane regains himself and is able to hit the Chokeslam from the top rope. Kane is the victor in this match and rightfully so. I was a little surprised that Kane won this match, but I was even more surprised that Kane got the clean victory. As I’ve said for a while, Kane’s return has been a little underwhelming, so he needed this victory a lot more than Randy. With Kane’s victory, a rematch between these two seems to be the next thing to do. Extreme Rules is next month, so I expect some type of gimmick match when that time comes.
Match Score: 3/5

Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes (c) – Intercontinental Championship – Can you believe that this is the third match and we are only a half hour in the show? Like the Kane/Randy match, Cody and Show make the match work in the best way possible. It’s a little more challenging because of the obvious size difference, but it was fair. With this match, I was mostly searching for something passable, which I did get. The finish comes when Cody hits the Beautiful Disaster, but Show is still standing. Cody is going for a second BD until Show is able to counter with a Spear. Did you see the spear? Show tackled Cody’s crotch. That’s a little close for comfort, don’t you think? Show finally hits the imitation Falcon Punch and we have new IC champion. So, you spear his sack and take his championship too? Show is playing dirty tonight. As I said in the Rundown, I was for Cody dropping the title. As long as Cody was going to move up the corporate ladder, then it made sense to drop the IC title. However, I’m still not too thrilled on Show being IC championship. What can he add to the title at this stage? I hope it’s one of those small championship reigns.
Match Score: 3/5

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres – The only thing that I can say that was a focus on this match was that Eve Torres had a storyline involving a love triangle between John Cena and Zack Ryder. I love that she has gotten the most heat in the entire women’s roster because she cheated on Cena with a man in wheelchair. The fans chanted in this match “Ho-skie” because it was a name Cena called her when he Zack Ryder as a friend. But for the match itself, it was exactly as you expected from the lousy effort that the Women’s Wrestlemania matches go. Is there a single person that works for WWE that thinks that this match was better than doing Beth vs. Natalya in a singles match that would have also got the seven minutes that this match got? It’s not like anybody bought the show because Maria Menounos was wrestling. We also didn’t care about the match in the stadium as evidenced by the random “YES!” chants we did to keep ourselves entertained. So what’s the advantage of having her not only be on the show, but to also beat the Divas Champion? With all of that said, I did like Maria’s Greek ring gear because I’m also Greek. Doesn’t mean I want to see her wrestle ever again. Poor Beth had to walk out to Eve’s music before the match too. This division can be so much more. I wish they’d realize how easily that can be done. Maria pinned Beth with a rollup after about 6 minutes. They built up the finish well and Kelly’s top rope flip splash was very impressive. Otherwise, there wasn’t a lot to get excited about.
Match Score: 1/5

Image result for wrestlemania 28 hell in a cell

The Undertaker vs. Triple H – Hell in a Cell Match 

One reason why I did not like the HHH-Undertaker match last year was that it was too slow, HHH just wanted to do what Shawn Michaels experienced with Taker in Wrestlemania 25 & 26, and the whole match was to build up for a rematch for this Wrestlemania. Thankfully this rematch is SO much better than the second HHH-Undertaker match (first was in Wrestlemania 17). There hasn’t been a Hell in a Cell match held in Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 15 and this was perfect for an fierce rivalry that went all the way back from Wrestlemania 25 when Shawn Michaels got defeated. Speaking of which, Shawn Michaels came in as the special guest referee to even make the storytelling in this match a lot better because Undertaker retired him from this sport. After watching this match, all I can say is “Wow”. This match really blew my mind. Even before the match started, it blew my mind to see Undertaker takes off his hood to show that he cut his hair incredibly short.

As the Cell descends, you could feel the atmosphere like something epic is going to happen. These two knew exactly what we wanted and delivered the kind of physical brawl that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Almost quarter of the show was dedicated to Taker,  HHH was dominating the match in the early going and constantly you can see Shawn Michaels reacting emotionally because he’s involved making a decision between the man that he respects for beating him in two Wrestlemanias versus his best friend. You can see it constantly where Shawn Michaels had to ask either one of the men wants to give up and each says no. Even he had to try to calm Triple H down from actually killing him. He wanted desperately to end this match sooner before anything worse can happen in this match. And it certainly does. You can already see the nasty marks on Undertaker’s back from all the chairshots he had to endure while Triple H was bleeding like a stuffed pig. And the match gotten so chaotic that it even knocked Shawn Michaels out by Undertaker with the Hell’s Gate. For that moment, you can feel which side is Shawn was picking and after the new referee came in and got knocked out. Shawn Michaels came back up giving Undertaker a Sweat Chin Music and Triple H applied that Pedigree. You can tell that the match went too far for Shawn Michaels, but Undertaker didn’t give up as he rose back from a near fall.

The finale of this match was fantastic where Triple H was about to use the sledgehammer once more but Undertaker stepped on his hand holding the sledgehammer and gave him a Tombstone. That last tombstone made this show a historic night as Shawn raised Undertaker’s hand as the victor. The two have a moment and hug in the ring. Taker finally does his signature victory pose and it seems we are finally done, but HHH is still down in the middle of the ring. Taker and Shawn help HHH to his feet and help him to the back. Before they leave, the three hug each other in the middle of the ring. That’s when JR says it perfectly, “That……is respect”. I gotta admit. A tear came down my eye when I saw this moment. I’m not afraid to admit that and neither should you. This storyline started all the way back in Wrestlemania 25 when Undertaker defeated the man who came closest to ending the streak (and offered the best Wrestlemania match of all time), retiring the same man in Wrestlemania 26, face the man’s best friend wants revenge for retiring his best friend in Wrestlemania 27, to culminate with all three men in the most chaotic match (with the streak still standing) in Wrestlemania 28 with them now letting go of this obsession of ending the streak.

Image result for wrestlemania 28 hell in a cellThe match was very well done. I almost thought Taker was going to lose there for a moment, but this was the perfect way to give Undertaker his 20th victory at Wrestlemania. Taker, HHH, and Shawn all told a very good story together. The start of the match showed that Taker doesn’t have what it takes to win, but Taker wouldn’t give up. Towards the end of the match, the story changed. It came to the point that nobody can beat Taker at WM, so it seemed that Shawn and HHH accepted their fate. The match felt more like a fight. It was a brutal brawl inside the HIAC structure. This has to be one of the best Hell in a Cell matches I have seen in a long time. The match was billed as the End of an Era. I never made much out of the title, but after watching this match, it really did live up to the title. This match started to make Wrestlemania 28 from a dull show into what WM is all about. The match. The emotion. The feelings. The story. I don’t know what else to add to this. This is the reason why Wrestling to me is so important and why I’m still in part of the WWE product to day!
Match Score: 6/5

Team Johnny (David Otunga, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, The Miz, and Drew McIntyre) (with John Laurinaitis, Vickie Guerrero, and Brie Bella) vs. Team Teddy (Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali, and Booker T) (with Theodore Long, Hornswoggle, Eve Torres, Nikki Bella, and Aksana) –
You all should know that I am not a fan of these over-booked, cluttered Wrestlemania matches, but surprisingly enough, this was actually really good! In fact, this over-booked tag match has something that all the other’s don’t have, and that’s just the level of fun! Of course it’s that dumb stipulation of Raw vs. Smackdown but it was to see who was going to be general manager of both shows, John Larenitus or Theodore Long. Ultimately, this was going to be the end of the brand extension idea and make WWE just one single company instead of a divided. So what makes this match so fun exactly? Well how about knowing who each of the wrestlers are, just see them do what they do best in the grandest stage of them all, and have a fun and memorable aftermath. This match is something that I want to see more often because with such a big stipulation and giving each of the mid-carders a chance to breath was the right way to do it! And the finish of this match was priceless where Eve Torres came in to chant with Zack Ryder in the same ring which was a distraction for him to loose this match. Best of all is the aftermath when Eve Torres kicked Zack Ryder in the balls when Team Johnny left only to have her leaving with everyone chanting “Ho-skie! Ho-skie!” I loved it! It was so much fun to see mid-cards doing this to get recognition from this show and it delivered with a lot of intensity building up. This is the best way you can bring heat to a Diva like Eve Torres and it’s a shame to not have her in the roster today
Match Score: 4/5

CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho – WWE Championship – Since Wrestlemania 27, CM Punk became one of, if not, the biggest name in the WWE because of his legendary pipe bomb and defeating John Cena for the WWE Championship clean in Money in the Bank. I really don’t know if you can give CM Punk a better opponent, but Chris Jericho and CM Punk look like a great feud together. I say that because both of them has similar rebellious personalities, wrestling skill & abilities, and are able to cut great promos. If anything, I can say that these two are near equals and I think that it was a good decision to have these two fight in a Wrestlemania. I can easily say that this is the best match of both of their careers. In the early going, Jericho was trying to get Punk to cause a DQ. It eventually geared away from that and it started to act like a wrestling match. Noticed I said wrestling match. Taker and HHH will be the match that will be talked about after tonight, but it felt more like a fight. This feels more like a wrestling match. Then again, Punk and Jericho are different performers compared to Taker and HHH. Like the Taker/HHH match, there was a lot of near falls/close calls between Punk and Jericho and their power and agility were all display perfectly in this match. For a man his age, Chris Jericho was wrestling like he was back in the 90s because not that many wrestlers at that phase could be able to move that quickly and make so many leaps and falls like that! I figured Jericho was due for a win at some point since he didn’t win the Rumble or Elimination Chamber, but I was proved wrong again. Punk slapped on the Anaconda Vice at the 22 minute mark, Jericho did everything to fight it off like he did multiple times before, but Punk was determined and he won the match after Jericho tapped out. This was a very good match. Punk and Jericho didn’t have a lot of screen time for their rivalry (compared to Rock/Cena or Taker/HHH), but I think they set up the story nicely and delivered a good match that does not happen often before the main event starts.
Match Score: 5/5

The Rock vs. John Cena – This is the reason why everyone paid for. Since the Rock left the WWE, Cena took his place as the top babyface of the company just as The Rock became a bigger movie star known worldwide. Because both men grew so much popularity is why people wanted to see The Rock and John Cena. They’ve wasted our precious time with Wrestlemania 27 when it was after all a commercial for this very match. This match needed to pay off. I haven’t had so much anticipation for two competitors since Hogan vs. Rock and certainly, I wanted the Rock to beat Cena. After all of these years of Cena hammered down our throats, The Rock came back to make fun of John Cena and made him look like shit in each episode of RAW before this show. I can really go back to those old episodes of RAW 2012 when the Rock stole each episode because they were that entertaining; from boots to asses, Cena’s kung-pow bitch, Rock singing with his acoustic guitar, and so much more! Because the Rock effortlessly talked smack on John Cena, it made this match more and more hyped. Even through each of the wrestler’s had their own performers giving their own entrances to even further the production and anticipation, all those props did not make this match good. Admittedly, the match wasn’t as great as I anticipated because Cena didn’t give much effort than his same moves of doom, The Rock was losing a lot of stamina, that awful bear hug that took too long to break, and the match went on for over a half an hour. The best thing I can tell you about going back to this match was that the entire stadium was loud during the duration of the match. It was pure magic to see the Rock to finally wrestle a big name opponent since Stone Cold Steve Austin in Wrestlemania 19, and do all of his signature moves that brought our nostalgia-feeling into full gear! This match represented Attitude Era vs. PG Era. There were so many instances where the Rock was going to loose but each time he pops out of the count, it got the crowd roaring with delight. I really thought that John Cena was going to win this match because the WWE wanted to shove John Cena even further down our throats. But after so many Rock Bottoms and two people’s elbows, that final Rock Bottom that gave him that clean three count actually made me jump out of my seat with joy.

That instance where John Cena lost felt like true satisfaction. It was like the WWE are acknowledged that we all hate Cena and after all those years of having him shoved down our throats and putting his face in nearly every aspect of the WWE, it was like the WWE gave us a bone for supporting this company throughout all the dissatisfying times of being a fan. It really was that satisfying to see something as awesome as the CM Punk-Cena match at Money in the Bank and that victory ultimately save this match! That victory for the Rock made the show into one of the all time best Wrestlemanias. It’s something about the Rock’s charisma, character, and talent that John Cena could never capture. Rock had the whole crowd in his hands and he effortlessly made all of us happy. The build-up for this match couldn’t get any bigger and it delivered with a sweat victory that shows why The Rock is an all-time great! The image of Cena sitting down on the concrete floor with the ramp behind him truly represents why Cena can NEVER be an all time great. And this match had to show why you need someone more to take one someone like The Rock. I loved this match for all that it’s worth (despite its flaws) and I haven’t had a reaction like this one since many of the Attitude era matches and the Undertaker-Shawn Michaels match at Wrestlemania 25. That says a lot after all those years of feeling underwhelmed with the product since Wrestlemania 23. If the match isn’t really well worked (especially this one) make sure the finish is a good one. It was more than a great one, it was one of the best finish to a Wrestlemania show ever!
Match Score: 5/5

Image result for wrestlemania 28 rockI could never believe that there would be another Wrestlemania that was a good as Wrestlemania 10, 12, 14, 17, and 19 but this show earned its place to be one of the all time best. Beside the disappointing opening match with Daniel Bryan’s defeat, this show made the right booking decisions and the structure of the card couldn’t be better. We haven’t ad a great Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 19 and this show delivered all the goods that we’ve been waiting from the WWE from the longest time. The epic finale between HHH-Taker in Hell in a Cell is one of the best in-ring storytelling that the WWE has ever told, the athleticism between CM Punk and Chris Jericho (while could have been better) was impressive, Eve Torres creating so much heat in the Divas division was a hell a lot of fun, and The Rock BEATING John Cena was true fan satisfactory! The WWE did not only gave us a fantastic show, but the company rewarded it’s long time fans with real satisfactory! It’s shows like this is the reason why I’m a huge fan of wrestling in general. I could never imagine anything in life could have been as pleasurable as the good ol’ days, but with effort, timing, and planning there are things that are worth living for! Sure people would just look at this card like a three-match-show. They’re probably right, but if you look back at other Wrestlemanias that are actually one-match-shows, those three matches delivered some of the best things in professional wrestling. It’s wondrous how much of an improvement this Wrestlemania was in comparison to Wrestlemania 27; it’s like night-and-day! Sure the beginning of the show tested our patients, but the second half and especially the finish was non-other than one of the best moments in life! And that’s what really matters!

The Top Lister’s score for Wrestlemania 28


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Wrestlemania 21 Review

2004 has got to be some of the most boring times of being a wrestling fan because Chris Benoit’s World title reign should have been longer, JBL’s WWE title went too long, Smackdown (once was WWE’s best show) became a dull show, and Triple H continues to bury more talents, except for Evolution. The brand extension became very boring as both Smackdown and Raw just didn’t tell at all a good story and had a miss opportunity to make even more new stars besides Randy Orton, John Cena, and Batista. 2005 wasn’t a different year anyway, but Wrestlemania 21 was headed to Hollywood of all places. This is the place where movies are made and stars are located. It’s wonderful to have a high classy setting for the whole show that really riches the props. The marketing for this show was insane by having commercials of the Wrestlers parodying classic movies just to promote the show set in Hollywood! Even better was the night before Wrestlemania, they’ve had Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, Jimmy Hart, Cowboy Bob Orton, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Hulk Hogan rewarded for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2005; making it the best Hall of Fame class that the WWE has ever had.  But as we all know that just because you have all great quality setting, build-up, and nice props, doesn’t mean that the matches are going to be better. So let’s take a look at what this Wrestlemania has in store for us.

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero – How long has it been since we had a great opening match? Well, over a decade ago with Owen vs. Bret in Wrestlemania X and I still say that that opening match is still superior over Mysterio and Guerrero, but it was nice to see it come as a close second. Both of these guys were WWE Tag Team Champions (Smackdown’s tag champs) and they had no grudges, no story, and no build up towards this opening card, but they certainly surprised the hell out of me by delivering lucha libre technical wrestling that we don’t see anymore. Of course the only thing I find a flaw with this match was that Rey Mysterio kept fixing his mask almost throughout the match whenever he moved around too much but at least it didn’t fall off. We were offered with a lot of flips, flying moves, amazing submissions (like the Surf Board submission), suplexes, hurricanerattas, roll-ups, slams, power bombs, plenty of reversals and almost everything that was a clean wrestling move. I remember when Eddie was about to apply the Frog Splash, Rey moved out of the way in a split second which was fastest speed I’ve ever seen in Wrestling. The best part of this kind of match is that you know that the match was going to end in a quick roll-up and Rey won this match out of a hurricaneratta. It was a surprise to see Rey won this match because it looked like Eddie deserved the win, but it was certainly nice to see a babyface vs. babyface match like this one and ended with a surprise. Certainly one of the most underrated Wrestlemania matches of all time and it’s a memorable moment for Eddie’s last Wrestlemania appearance.
Match Score: 5/5

Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Benoit vs. Christian (with Tyson Tomko) vs. Kane – Money In The Bank Ladder Match –
This is the first Money in the Bank Ladder Match (not the first Ladder Match) and for some odd reason, I still find this one of the best MITB matches ever. For those who don’t know Money in the Bank, this is where six men would fight over a contract inside a steel briefcase hung high above the ring. All of these six men gave some of the best efforts that I’ve seen in a Ladder match since Wrestlemania X7’s TLC 2. Hell even the entrances were fucking awesome before the match even started when Kane came in and all of the Ladders of the Ramp was casted on fire and had to start the fight without hesitation. All of Raw’s talented mid-carders gave us the best of the best. Everyone used the Ladder in the most creative way in order to take each other out. This is what all Ladder matches needs to do and the first ever MITB had to be some of the best Ladder matches offered from the WWE. One of my highlights of this match was when Christian and Edge (former partners) are reunited and worked together to take out guys like Kane. It was a nostalgic feeling that many of us really miss today. Kane may not have been climbing the ladder as much as everyone else in this match, but he helped catch plenty of people as they dove off the top of one. Shelton Benjamin was certainly the most talented in the match where he was the most agile and the most daring out of the six men in this match. I think the one thing that was a bit too hard to watch this match was when Chris Benoit had to climb on top of the ladder just to apply a diving headbutt to Kane. It was a nasty sight to see his stitches open and broke his nose. What’s even harder to watch that moment was that it’s one of the many stunts that damaged Benoit’s brain and… I’m not going to what later happened to his personal life. The match ended with a Chairshot to Benoit’s arm and Edge added yet another accolade to his history-making career by having the honor of winning the first Money in the Bank match. Certainly this is the match that made the beginning of Wrestlemania 21 great as it is.
Match Score: 5/5 

Well this is one of those Wrestlemanias where the segments where very part of the show as the matches and… sigh… Eugene had to come in an have him with a mic and talk about past Wrestlemanias. Then he had to be interrupted with Muhammad Hassan and Daivari interrupted him with Hassan expressing his outrage for not being included in a match for the event. Hassan concluded that since he wasn’t scheduled to compete at the event and was therefore denied the opportunity to experience his own WrestleMania “moment”, he would have to create a “moment” of his own. Following this remark, Hassan and Daivari began to assault Eugene. With Eugene placed into a Camel clutch hold while Daivari verbally attacked him, Hulk Hogan came down to the ring to save Eugene from the assault, knocking Hassan and Daivari out of the ring. Hogan celebrated posing in the ring for the crowd. Having Hogan came in this segment was some of the most surprising moment of the entire show, even though he earned that Hall of Fame 2005 the night before.
Segment Score: 4/5

Image result for The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton wrestlemania 21The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton (with Bob Orton) – Admittedly, I am not a fan of Randy Orton, but he was the first Evolution member the broke apart of the group and became the big star that he is know known today. Somehow he became a heel once again and wanted to challenge the Undertaker. This was a Raw star vs. Smackdown star moment of the Brand extension, but the stipulation was Legend vs. Legend Killer (I miss that gimmick). The build up for this match was going really good where Randy started attacking as many WWE Legends as he could to prove a statement, RKO’d Stacy Kiebler, and even had Bob Orton coming back to help his son’s hype for the match. For a guy who was a little smaller than the Undertaker, Orton really delivered by giving really smart tactics, surprising reversals, and even had Bob Orton coming down the ring to save his son by hitting ‘Taker with a  casket. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Undertaker feel like he’s about to lose the streak but all of the ruse that Orton had, ‘Taker survived and does his best to backfire. I can really say that we haven’t seen a good Wrestlemania match since his match against Kane in Wrestlemania 14, NOT Wrestlemania 20. The best part of the match was when Undertaker kicked Bob Orton with a big boot and tried for a chokeslam on Randy, Randy reversed it to an RKO. That was some o the most surprising reversals of the whole show that almost look like the streak was going to end, but thankfully the match ended with Undertaker hitting Orton with a Tombstone and kept the streak alive.
Match Score: 5/5

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Christy Hemme (with Lita) – Women’s Championship – Sigh, after 3 really fantastic match, we had to reach the inevitable by having a really bad match, and this certainly was a stinker. Why in the world is Christiy Hemme had to be number one contender for the Women’s Championship?… Oh, because she posed for Playboy… I wished Lita fully recovered from that neck injury during this match because if Wrestlemania really needed a great woman’s match, it had to be Lita vs. Trish. But we only had that later in 2005 after Lita fully recovered. Christy Hemme was simply pathetic! She couldn’t even fight or take a pinch. That post where she’s posing like a boxer was embarrassing to watch. Obviously this should have been a one sided match, but cringe each time Trish had to oversell Hemme’s moves (like she ever was that powerful). Trish’s dance partner was not even a “wrestler” just an overrated pretty face that won Raw Diva Search contest in 2005, posed for Playboy, and was pushed a lot faster than any female rookie in the history of Wrestling, it never delivered any good matches with her. Hemme couldn’t even handle a simple Chick Kick that let Trish retain her title. This is another Wrestlemania where it explains why Women’s matches is at the shape that it is today!
Match Score: 1/5

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels – This match’s story was really well-told and the build up was insane! Angle is facing his least favorite wrestler. He was angered at the fact that Shawn eliminated him at the Royal Rumble 2005 match and made it personal. The build up got really personal when he claims that on the day that Kurt Angle won his Olympic Gold Metal in 1996, everybody was talking about Shawn beating Bret in Wrestlemania 12 instead of his victory. Shawn Michaels versus Kurt Angle was nothing more than a fantasy match-up for a number of years. This match is the best match on the card! It began with a pure mat-wrestling, which was a surprise because HBK never done this before, but he kept up Angle’s pace perfectly! Then the two start to show their grudges against each other by making this match more physical and violent. A slow build to fiery end as the two technicians give fans everything, and that’s what storytelling really means in the wrestling world. I still remember Kurt tried so desperately to German Suplex Shawn to the announcer’s table, but after HBK knock back Kurt to lie on the table, Shawn applied a moonsault from the apron to the table. That was one of the most insane moments of the entire match. From submission holds to high-flying action to an breathtaking ending that saw both men receive standing ovations. Angle hits the Angle Slam off the top rope, HBK hits Sweet Chin Music, then after kicking out at two, nothing could put either man down. That is until, Angle applied his final the ankle lock, that really damaged HBK’s leg. After a fierce fight, Michaels taps. This is Shawn Michael’s third best Wrestlemania match and it is hands down Kurt Angle’s best Wrestelmania match ever!  This was a Dream Match that had been discussed for years amongst hardcore wrestling fans. Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels were at their best and the fans began demanding to see this great match. The build, the anticipation, and the payoff couldn’t have been better.
Match Score: 6/5

Piper’s Pit – How long has it been since we seen a Piper’s Pit in Wrestlemania and it made me happy to see Rowdy Roddy Piper earn his WWE Hall of Fame 2005 the night before and came back with Stone Cold Steve Austin as his special guest. These two really were their equals as they were the rebels of their time. It was amazing to see them slapping and talking smack at each other, it was magic! It’s a shame that these two are not in a good shape to wrestle each other, for what we have, it was wonderful to see them on screen doing what they do best (especially when Piper mocked the fans who said “What?”)… then Carlito had come in and interrupted and began to insult them. This resulted in Carlito receiving a Stone Cold Stunner from Austin and Piper throwing him out of the ring. Both ended the segment celebrating with beer until Austin gave Piper a Stone Cold Stunner as well. I don’t know if the segment would be betters with or without Carlito but it was fun to see Stone Cold & Piper going at it in this show. I can’t recall if there are any better Piper’s Pit but this sure was a fun moment of the show.
Segment Score: 4/5

Akebono vs. Big Show – Sumo Match – Well, after a great match, we had to start catching our breaths from a wonderful match with a mid-card match… but we didn’t ask for anything this ridiculous!! This match isn’t just bad (not as bad as the Lesnar-Goldberg match) but it was offensive. It offends me that anyone think that a Sumo match is a joke, it isn’t! It’s Japan’s most traditional, physical, and most important sport that lasted for over a century. Americans doesn’t even know the importance of Sumo but I’ll give WWE credit, they’ve tried to introduce the North American audience what Sumo wrestling is by featuring the greatest Yokozuna (Sumo Champion) Akebono. It’s too bad that no American knows who Akebono is because he was the best at his time and the first American that won the Yokozuna title. But was it Sumo is, it’s a real physical sport and this match was phony baloney! If this was actually real, then we would have had these men toss out within seconds. It was too slow and all it did was test my patience to just have Big Show to be toss off of the ring for Akebono to win. What a disgrace to the Sumo sport!
Match Score: 0/5

John Cena vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield (c) – WWE Championship – Of course, this match was to have Cena win the title because we all grew sick of JBL holding the WWE championship for almost a year which is the reason why Smackdown in 2004 sucked! You can certainly see this kind of match in an episode of Smackdown!  The main problem with this match, is that it was almost too high up on the card. You had an Undertaker vs. Randy Orton match that was pretty special—given the whole “Legend Killer” hype Orton had. Even a stunning Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels match was below Cena’s attempt in 2005. Like many of both of Cena’s and JBL’s matches that are so tiresome to watch because of the  a lack of technical superiority combined with poor placing on the card send this one toward the bottom. Obvious Cena had to win to become a big name that he is today, but for him to become a big name because of this match show why Cena’s a mediocre wrestler.
Match Score: 2/5

Batista vs. Triple H (c) (with Ric Flair) – World Heavyweight Championship – The build up for this match was really well told for the sake that not only Randy Orton got kicked out of Evolution, but Evolution’s muscle is against the leader. Ever since he won the Royal Rumble 2005, and he had doubts of Triple H’s loyalty to the team. Instantly, he chose to compete against HHH instead of JBL, and it was great to see them go at it together. I’ll admit that Batista is no Brock Lesnar, but he sure had enough steroids to take the Game down. The match definitely was no wrestling classic because there were no memorable moments except for the part where Batista catapult Triple H to the ring post and he started bleeding like a stuffed Pig. Triple H basically dominated the first half of the match with Batista dominating the second. The only thing that mattered was to have Batista kick out of the Pedigree and win it with a Batista-bomb. At least in the end the animal was unleashed and Batista finally left the World Heavyweight Champion!
Match Score: 3/5

Image result for wrestlemania 21Wrestlemania 21 was one of the most important Wrestlemania’s in WWE history. It saw the rise to success of Edge, Batista and John Cena (for better or for worse). Though two main events were average at best, the beginning and middle of the show was what I really want to see in a Wrestlemania! The match that certainly stole the show was the Angle-Michaels match that was perfectly performed (despite the fact that the announcer’s table didn’t break) that it became the best WWE match of 2005 (The AJ Style-Samoa Joe-Christopher Daniels match in TNA is the best match of 2005). Sure there was a lot of drawback like the Women’s match, the Sumo Match, and the average main events, but it was historic to have our first ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match, a solid opener since Bret vs. Owen, an Undertaker match that wasn’t this well performed since Wrestlemania 14, and dream match between Angle and Michaels. Hell, even the segments were just as good as the show having Hulk Hogan return pose to the crowd like in the Hogan-era and a memorable Piper’s Pit! “WrestleMania Goes Hollywood” fit the part of a huge entertainment gala, as the show was preceded by entertaining parodies of classic films, starring the roster. Wrestlemania 21 was a spectacle that offered the highest of qualities that WWE is capable of!

The Top Lister’s score for Wrestlemania 21


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Wrestlemania 20 Review

On March 31, 1985, Vince McMahon and his Wrestling organization start to what is to become the biggest wrestling event of all time. Twenty years later, the Wrestlemania name kept getting bigger and it draws wrestling fans everywhere and non-wrestling fans alike to see what is considered to be the grand daddy of them all. We’re back in the Madison Square Garden where it all started and you couldn’t place a show perfectly than in here. A lot has changed since Wrestlemania 20, but to have this once in a year show to draw a big crowd and keep so many of us entertained throughout all of these years should really tell you the star power of Wrestlemania. Coming into Wrestlemania 20, this really is a show that was twenty years in the making and when you go back to this show, it once was one of the most important shows of 2004, if not the most important show of all time, and now it’s looked as a tragedy. And if you know anything about this main event, you will know why.

John Cena vs. Big Show (c) – United States Championship – When you take a look at John Cena today and look at him in this match, you can really see how much of a badass superstar he once was when he used to freestyle on the mic and even talk smack at his opponents. It was a way to build Cena up to recognition before this match because he was a nobody around this period of time. Coming to this match Cena and Show just duked it out but it wasn’t as entertaining as I hoped. It was a dull opening match that went near the 10 minute mark and I thought to myself that Cena (at this point in time) didn’t deserve to have this much of screen time. I honestly don’t remember anything happening in this match other than Cena giving the F-U to a 7-footer, 500-pounder that was impressive. But the match was what is was but it didn’t keep me amused.
Match Score: 3/5

Booker T and Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) vs. La Résistance (René Duprée and Rob Conway) – World Tag Team Championships – dThe once thing about the brand extension at this point in time is that both Raw and Smackdown had equal Championships where each had 2 minor championships, a top championship to represent at the top star of the brand, and tag team championships. Now the World Tag Team Championships is not much to talk about because their Tag Team Division is almost meaningless. I’m still a little upset that the Dudley’s never won a Wrestlemania match and they clearly deserved it for all the sacrifices and representation of what tag team really is. The match overall is just there. There were no serious bumps, nothing memorable, and the match just left us with a underwhelming note. Sure Booker T and RVD won the championships, but it was overall a pointless booking that didn’t add anything of anyone’s careers or the show itself.
Match Score: 2/5

Christian vs. Chris Jericho – After two meh, matches we finally got ourselves a very well done match. Coming into this match Christian and Jericho were tied into a tell told storyline where they both got in a love affair with Trish Stratus and Lita. Because of one nasty talk behind Trish’s back by gambling which one was going to bang their girl for 1 Canadian dollar ruined the double date. Eventually, Christian assaulted both Trish and Jericho leading into WrestleMania XX, and a match between the former friends was booked for the show. Jericho and Christian, two of the best in-ring workers of the Raw brand, delivered a very good match that lasted just under 15 minutes. Jericho showed great fire and intensity early, as he unleashed his anger on the former Intercontinental champion. Captain Charisma slowed things down a bit and took control, but the former partners knew each other so well that they were able to escape by countering signature moves. Late in the match, Trish made her way to the ring and almost instantly became a target for Christian. He brought her into the ring by her hair, then shoved her down in the corner. When Jericho attempted to check on her, she caught him with what appeared to be an inadvertent elbow, allowing Christian to roll him up and score a cheap win. After the match, Trish slapped Jericho and revealed her relationship with Christian to the shock of the Madison Square Garden crowd. The match ended so dramatically in a soap opera-ish finish that left all of us in shock that such a heel turn has blew right in our faces! This is really an underrated Wrestlemania match and you can see Christian’s potential as you watch this match that still makes you wonder why wasn’t he as big as Jericho.
Match Score: 4/5

Evolution (Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair) vs. Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection (The Rock and Mick Foley) – When Evolution first started as a faction, I thought it was Triple H’s attempt to create a modern D-Generation-X but used as henchmen for Hunter’s burying. Eventually, it was there to creat new stars with the members of Batista and Orton, but I think that they were a bit too pushed to early because I still don’t think that they’re qualified enough to face the likes of Rock n’ Sock Connection, one of my favorite Tag Team of all Time! We’re talking about Rock n’ Sock Connection! One of the most important figures of the Tag Team division in the Attitude Era that represented an unusual pairing that really worked together like opposites attract. It was fantastic to see the Rock and Mick Foley come back to the ring one more time that brings out the warm nostalgic feeling out of me. Looking back at it now, it was really well placed for a great wrestlemania match and it was so fun to watch. Mainly it’s because Rock, Foley, and Flair that took control of the show while Batistia and Orton still had no personality was just there. What makes this match so fun to watch is to see Rock, Flair, and Foley do their iconic moves seen in many of their matches once again like People’s Elbow, Mr. Socko, Figure Four, Turning on the turn buckle, Rock Bottom, and more. My favorite part of this match was when Ric was doing his version of the People’s Elbow that was funny was hell and then The Rock got back on his feet and did one on Flair. It was so much fun seeing these guys again in action. However just left us in a sour note when Foley brought out Mr. Socko just to get RKO’d by Randy Orton for the win. After that, it just made me say to myself “That was it?” I still feel that this match could have done so much more for us Rock and Foley fans, but for what we got, I couldn’t image it being held anywhere else but in this show.
Match Score: 4/5

Torrie Wilson and Sable vs. Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie – Playboy Evening Gown Match – This is one of those matches where it was a Raw vs. Smackdown matchup but this time both brands use their sexiest women in their brands to go in a tag team match. This match was to promote Torrie and Sable’s duo Playboy Magazine. We haven’t seen Sable since Wrestlemania 15 and to see year 5 years later and still have the look, wooh. This match had a lot of promise and it surely did deliver to us heterosexual men. All four of these women never looked better as they wore their gowns for us and applied very “flexible” moves. My favorite part of the match was when Torrie Wilson did a roll up to Miss Jackie while sitting with her two butt cheek on top of both of Jackie’s breasts. That was so hot when Torrie was pulling up her panties to show her crack. I admit that there’s very little effort in this match, but never was there a sexier Wrestlemania match than this one!
Match Score: 3/5

Chavo Guerrero (c) vs. Último Dragón vs. Shannon Moore vs. Jamie Noble vs. Funaki vs. Nunzio vs. Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri vs. Akio – Cruiserweight Open for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship – The Cruiserweight Open is a bit of a unique but an awkward match when you think about it. All of these men drew a number and must go one on one. If any of the wrestlers wins by pinfall or submission then the next wrestler with the next number until the last man standing. The Champion, Chavo Guerrero comes out and gets #10. He also has Chavo Sr. in his corner. Chavo Sr. actually worked on the first WWF super card, the August 9, 1980 Shea Stadium show headlined by Bruno vs. Zbyszko. He worked with Tatsumi Fujinami underneath. All the guys come out and stay around the ring, rather than come from the back for the surprise factor. Shannon Moore and Ultimo Dragon start. Dragon came to the WWE specifically so he could fulfill the goal of working in MSG. Dragon pins Moore with the DDT and Jamie Noble is in. Noble takes out Dragon and then Funaki in short order. Little Guido is in next. Nunzio is counted out and Kidman is in. Kidman pins Noble and Rey is in. He’s also wearing Flash inspired ring attire and I do mean the superhero and not the OVW guy. They should have teamed him up with Hurricane. Rey takes out Kidman and Tajiri comes in. Tajiri goes to use the mist, misses and hits Akio and then gets rolled up. A pissed off Tajiri sucker kicks Rey. Jimmy Wang Akio is deemed unable to perform and Chavo is in. Chavo Sr. takes a bump off the apron. Chavo rolls him up and Sr. grabs his hands for the pin. Way too rushed and as a result was nowhere as good as it should have been.
Match Score: 3/5

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar – Now I’ve been reviewing a lot of Wrestlemanias up to this point and I’ve seen a lot of horrible matches. This one here, is perhaps THE most disappointing Wrestlemania match I’ve ever seen in my life. Here we are having two of the biggest and strongest wrestlers in the WWE that they need to have Stone Cold Steve Austin to be special guest referee to control this match. We’ve expected a monstrous match between two physique wrestlers. But we never got that. We were betrayed because Brock Lesnar was leaving after this Wrestlemania where he wants to join the NFL Vikings and Goldberg despised what WWE booking did to his credentials. It’s no wonder why Sting never came to WWE because what they’ve done to WCW’s top stars like Goldberg having Triple H burying him for no apparent reason than to make himself look better than anyone else. Goldberg vs. Lesnar is sickens me each time I go back to this match. This was some of the most unprofessional matches I’ve ever seen where the majority of the match, these two idiots just stood there, grappled each other then stood there some more. The whole crowd hijacked the match chanting “Goldberg sucks!” “Lesnar Sucks!” “You Sold Out!” and “Boring!!” throughout this match. Here we are having Stone Cold Steve Austin standing there just waiting for them to finally go at it. Then grapple some more, then the brawl was taken out at ringside, slowly. Then they comeback in the ring to finally do their finishers. At this point I really want this to be over. Lesnar gives Goldberg an F-5, but (fuck!) he kicked out. Then Goldberg gave Lesnar a Spear and Jackhammer for the win. But that didn’t end there, Lesnar had to get back up on his feet and flip off at the fans then at Stone Cold. Then later Stone Cold gave him a stunner and it’s a miracle that Brock sold it otherwise he would of made this match much worse than it already is. Then Goldberg celebrated with Austin with a beer. It was cool to see what was WCW’s top star drinking with Stone Cold who both look similar and were the toughest players of their sport even though we’ll never see them wrestle each other. The crowd booed at Goldberg’s victory, so Austin had to stunner Bill and take the spotlight away from both of them… man this was a disastrous match! It went beyond disappointment but turned out to be a soulless, passionless, and most dried out match that I’ve ever seen. The match as a whole just could not be saved due to the intense hate the crowd was spewing all throughout it. The slow start was embarrassing and they didn’t seem to have chemistry in the ring.  But what’s worse is the attitude between both men that made this one of the worst matches that I’ve ever seen in my life. Sure Brock Lesnar became a bigger name in the MMA world years later, but it’s because of this very match is why I’m not much of a fan of Brock and Goldberg as I used to be. I really looked forward to this match back in 2004 and this match becomes more shitty as the years go by. It ultimately became an embarrassment for all three of those men, the whole company, and even the wrestling fans who supported WWE throughout all of these years! It was supposed to be the best physique match since Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan, but it was just to have Bill Goldberg winning the match, let Lesnar go, just to have Stone Cold give the stunner on the both of them. This is the biggest abortion that has ever happened to wrestling. At least all the bad wrestlemania matches, you can see some patin for the wrestlers to give a good show, but these two did not even gave a shit!
Match Score:  -1/5 (lowest score that I can give to any match)

Too Cool (Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty) (c) vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) vs. The Basham Brothers vs. The APA (Bradshaw and Faarooq) – WWE Tag Team Championships – We’ve already had Raw doing their four-way tag team match for their Tag Team Championship, so what made this made any different. It’s not; it’s nearly identical. I know that I should feel appreciative that Rikishi is making his last Wrestlemania appearance before he had to leave the company, but this really is a weak stipulation with no story and nothing really memorable happening in this match. I really don’t understand why the booking decision feel the need that we should have two identical tag team championship matches with the same results of the champions retaining their championships. What a forgettable match. Yes, this match gets a lower score than the first tag team match because a repeat of a similar match seen earlier is a crime to me.
Match Score: 1/5

Victoria (c) vs. Molly Holly – Hair vs. Hair match for the Women’s Championship –  Here’s a match that really pisses me off. I’m a wrestling fan that really cares for the women’s wrestling match and we have two of the best wrestlers in the women’s division having a joke match. They had their opportunity to have a pure wrestling match between two women and make a better match than the women’s match last year. But instead the WWF had to humiliate Molly Holly because she’s a heel that’s despised for protesting against the sex appeal of women’s wrestling. Whether or not if it’s a kayfabe or real feeling from Molly Holly, she’s right! The women’s division has suffered quality because of their focus on appealing to the heterosexuals by making them sex symbols instead of delivering qualitative matches that they are more than capable of. If you really want to know how I feel about Molly Holly, I still consider her as one of the most underrated wrestlers (not just women wrestlers) of all time and booking ruined her wrestling career. Of course she had to loose and had her head shaved bald. I don’t find this once funny, instead I just look at it as the death of Molly’s career and there’s no recovery from here. You had an opportunity to actually give us a great story, show what these two women are capable of in the ring, and establish what women’s wrestling is all about. But instead you just had to humiliate the least attractive woman in the roster and the women’s division in the WWE still suffers because stunts like this one!
Match Score: 0/5

Image result for eddie guerrero vs kurt angle wrestlemania 20Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Kurt Angle – WWE Championship – I remember that around 2004, this was finally Eddie’s big break after wrestling as a talented mid-card who wrestled for ECW, WCW, and the WWE. As soon as he defeated Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship, it was his time to shine. But could he kept the spotlight the likes of Kurt Angle? We’re talking about Smackdown’s top star who brought in-ring athleticism in the Attitude Era and then made it a standard in the Brand Extension. He truly was the master of the ring, so how was Eddie going to win this one? The master mat-wrestler Angle was in control for much of the beginning. He wore down Guerrero with headlocks, grinding his arm around Guerrero’s neck. The slow pace built the foundation that the climax would later be placed upon. Both men seemed patient, cautious, both respectful and somewhat fearful of each other. Guerrero injured his ribs when he missed a dive, colliding with the barricade outside the ring. Angle then attacked that injured torso with vigor. He delivered a backbreaker and a leg scissors and hung Guerrero on the top rope. This made Angle look like the strategist and Guerrero the survivor. The gutsiness Guerrero showed as Angle punched him to the ground again and again is a way to highlight Del Rio’s resilience. Swagger’s aggression would be best focused on an injured body part, helping him dominate the match. Angle and Guerrero’s patient approach to their in-ring story made the ending far more satisfying.  After a grueling match, after failed frog splash attempts and several wrenches of Guerrero’s ankle, their story came to a close. In pain from several ankle locks, Guerrero writhed in the center of the ring. He loosened his boot and soon Angle came charging at him. Angle once again tried to clamp on his ankle lock, but Guerrero’s boot came loose. In the resulting confusion, Guerrero rolled up his foe, grabbed the ropes for extra leverage and remained champion. It was a unique ending to a good technical match. I still consider Kurt Angle’s match with Brock Lesnar last year as his best, but Eddie deserved to win this match for a special moment at the end of the show.
Match Score: 4/5

The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs. Kane – I’m going to straight out and tell you that I am not at all a fan of the biker-American badass Undertaker. I thought it was the most incompetent change that I’ve ever seen from a single wrestler. I still consider that gimmick to be the worst aspect in Wrestlemania 19 when he had to have Limp Biscuit to sing in his intro. Really, nobody cared for the Undertaker biker character anymore. That’s why it was the perfect time for Kane bury Undertaker alive in Survivor Series 2003 because this was the return of something that we all truly missed. We were getting back the deadman Undertaker; the best wrestling gimmick that scared all of us (even his opponents) and delivered great sportsmanship. Nothing was more exciting to me than to see “The Deadman” character to comeback and reign supreme. As soon as the toll bell rung and he walked across the ramp to the ring, it was pure nostalgia and atmosphere that we all know and loved. This is the first time ever that Undertaker had a Wrestlemania rematch with an opponent and it’s his brother Kane. Things just couldn’t be perfectly booked. However, Kane has lost so much mystique since he became less of a monster since he no longer wore the mask and shave his head bald. That lost all appeal and love for the Kane character and this match really suffered because of it. Undertaker vs. Kane was my favorite match of Wrestlemania 14 because it was ‘Taker’s first Wrestlemania opponent that made ‘Taker vulnerable, it drove ‘Taker psychologically, and it brought him to his limits. This match on the other hand didn’t even had balls. Instead, Kane for the second time had to be the most vulnerable opponent that ‘Taker had to face and it as certainly a one match show. I know that back in 2004 there was no other way than to make Undertaker supreme by having do all his classic moves before he changed to the biker character, but this match was so one sided that it was a complete bore. Undertaker had so many better matches before and after this match. The only thing that this match accomplished was to bring back that old Undertaker character, but everything else was extremely predictable. If anything, watch the Kane vs. Undertaker match at Wrestlemania 14 because it told a much better story, the stipulations were much more higher, and the rivalry really meant something back then.
Match Score: 1/5

Triple H (c) vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit – World Heavyweight Championship – There were just so many horrible matches in this Wrestlemania card that we really needed this main event to be good. And thankfully, all the build up for Chris Benoit to have his break and show why he’s the most talented individual in the business meant something. He had to deal with being the mid-carder for ECW and WCW and WWE was his opportunity to make his recognized. He had to face the best of the best throughout 2003 and had to win the Royal Rumble 2004 Match to have this shot. He had to get involved in the rivalry between Triple H and Shawn Michaels feud (that started back in Summer 2002) because all three men wanted the World Heavyweight Championship. And they showed. It was the first triple threat main event in a Wrestlemania and I’m normally am not a fan of Triple Threat matches, but this very main event is the best triple threat match that I’ve ever seen in my life. That’s because this one didn’t end up like all Triple Threats that wind up with segments of one-on-one action while the third wheel is off-screen recovering from a beating. The trick is making that segue as unforced as possible. Here, each one is smooth and, at times, spectacular. It was in-ring work that was passionate and eruptive where all three men were so desperate to win this very match. Each of them gave all they got by delivering so many grappling technical moves and less brawls than we normally expected when it comes to anything with Triple H involved. Chris Benoit fought so hard against the two best Raw stars that both of them ended up bleeding like a stuffed pig. One of the most memorable moments of the match was when HHH and Michaels’ suplex Benoit from one announce table through another. It really looked like it was going to put Benoit for good, but for some reason he pushed himself back to the fight to take HBK out of the ring and put HHH in the cross face. This was the perfect finish to one of the best Wrestlemania main events of all time and I didn’t not want it any other way than to have Benoit to make “God” tap out. At first, when he made a rope break, it was going to turn out to be bad like having Evolution interfering, but Benoit rolled over to the middle of the ring while still holding on The Game with the cross face. Nothing to me felt so relieving than to finally see HHH (with all the burying he did to his opponents and shoving himself down on our throats from 2002-2003) tapped out and put Benoit over to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.  If you’re a wrestling fan, seeing Benoit win the championship after a lifetime in the business, after the critics called him too small, too one dimensional, this is a moment that still brings chills. And to put icing on the cake, Eddie came back to the ring just to have these two celebrate their victories together. It that very moment that I’ve cried because of the triumph that they both accomplished together from ECW, WCW, and now the WWE. Now looking at that moment in time right now, it’s now a tragedy because both of these two gifted athletes are no longer with us…
Match Score: 6/5

Sigh, Wrestlemania 20 is the very definition of a show that’s a real mixed bag. This was supposed to be 20 years in the making but this show is filled with so many pointless matches and and extremely disappointing match up that we were all anticipating for. This show should have one of the best Wrestlemania of all time, but because of the tiresome tag team matches, horrid Lesnar-Goldberg match, a mediocre Kane-Undertaker match, the humiliating of my one of my favorite female wrestlers Molly Holly, and a dull mid-card that took forever to get good at the end. The only thing that saved itself from making this match a complete disaster was the main event. It’s funny because the Goldberg-Lesnar match is the worst Wrestlemania match of all time, while on the same night, the HHH-HBK-Benoit match was the best main event I’ve ever seen in my life. But just like any bad Wrestlemania, one match can’t really save an entire show. Now, this show is really hard to look back at because what was supposed to be the best and most magical finish towards the end, which was the only saving grace of the show, now is a tragedy. The image of having Benoit and Eddie holding their WWE and World Heavyweight belts together used to represent triumph but now is turned into a tragedy because both of these men are no longer with us. I will not defend or justify what these two did that caused their deaths (Eddie died of heart failure from drugs/steroids and Benoit caused a double murder suicide on his family) it really breaks my heart that it has to be this way. I still will appreciate everything that they’ve done in the wrestling world, but I still can’t overlook what ruined the business’s reputation. Because I can’t see the show the same as I used to all those many years ago and it gets worse and worse as the years go by, I really think it holds the ranks of being some of the most disastrous Wrestlemanias of all time. Almost everything about this show was good on paper, but it barely deliver on anything that they hyped up to. This show went on way too long, the crowd just barely made it to the main event, and even though the props, the design, and the atmosphere, and even the main event was all magic, the magic is now lost because what has happened since then. It was certainly 20 years in the making, but sadly, it did could not even hold up ten years after this very show…

The Top Lister’s score of Wrestlemania 20:


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Top 10 Worst Things of the 1990s

Just to let everyone know that I really love growing up in the 90’s and still cherish this decade for everything that I can remember. However, there’s no decade that’s perfect because there are of course good days and bad days for every single year. Of course I won’t be nitpicky for technologies, graphics, or cultures (backwards hat for example) that aged terribly because anything old in general can age badly. I’m looking at aspects of the 1990s that caused us grief and disappointments. The 1990s is infamous for being violent, drug-heavy, and rowdy than any other decade. And at the same time there were horrible moments in this era like these ten worst things in the 1990s. But despite anything I say in this list, this decade as a whole is WAY better than the 2000’s which I declare as the worst decade since the great depression. Before I make a list of the ten best things of the 1990s, let’s just look at the worst. As must was we desire to go back to this time, just remember that if we could possibly do so, we have to endure the punishment that came from this decade.

Number 10.  –  Too Many Consoles

I will still stand to my guts and stick with saying that gaming in the 1990s is the best time of gaming, however I will have to admit that there were downfalls of this decade of gaming. Why? Because there were just too many competitors trying to compete against Sega, Nintendo, and Sony like the NEO GEO, Turbografx-16, Atari Jaguar, 3D), and so many more that you need to see for yourself! Here’s the problem, as much as manufacturers and game companies like to say that the Genesis and Super Nintendo is inferior to their product, they still failed to do the most important thing; sell games. It was difficult to see if whether or not if any of their advertisement is true of propaganda to take so much money from you. Today, it’s easy to know what to spend our money on by looking it up on the internet and see other’s recommendation that actually tested it. If you want to take a look at some of the worst consoles of all time, just take a look at any system released in the 1990s with the Sega Saturn and Turbografx-16 being an exception. There were just more hardware than software. Even worse, buying a system is not good enough so we forced ourselves to buy the CD add-ons like the Sega CD, Sega 32-X, and Atari Jaguar CD that was sold separately. Also, can anyone tell me what handheld was better than the Gameboy or Gameboy Color that had a decent library and didn’t suck up so much batteries that caused childhood bankruptcies? If you’re one of those suckers that got them selves into video games that wasn’t made by Sega, Nintendo, Sony, NEC, or SNK, I pity you for waisting so much money and didn’t get a lot in return from the system.

Number 9.  –  East Coast-West Coast Rivalry 

Just remember! Because of this trend is the reason why Pac and Biggie are dead. One reason why I’m not that much of a fan of rap culture is because it’s so violent and filled with sheep that gets involved with it. The feud in the 1990s between artists and fans of the East Coast hip hop and West Coast hip hop scenes in the United States. Focal points of the feud were East Coast-based rapper The Notorious B.I.G. (and his label, Bad Boy Records) and West Coast-based rapper 2Pac (and his label, Death Row Records), both of whom were murdered by unknown assailants. Not only these two were involved in this competition, but many rappers as well like Tim Dog, Bad Boy, Death Row, and more. Also violence between rap fans and gangstas. There are rappers out there that wasn’t involved with this rivalry like the Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, and Nas just to name a few. But Hip-Hop still can’t stop creating heat because it still continues throughout the 2000s.

Number 8.  –  1970’s and 1960’s Retro

Do you know how I know of the 1970s and 1960s at a very young age? It’s not because of my parents who loves playing music from that era, it’s because the whole media is obsessed of resurrecting this era that made the 1990s nearly lost its identity. If the 90s will be remembered for one Big Trend, it will be Retro, especially 70s-Retro – which is eye-ron-ik because modern Retro started in the mid-70s, when American Graffiti and Happy Days became two of the biggest hits of all time. But unlike in the real, horrible 70s – when 50s retro was a tragic, pathetic cry for help to escape the wretched bummer of the 70s – the 70s-Retro fad in the 1990s was cute, kitsch and merely a way for mainstream-hipsters to drop quasi-obscure pop culture references. In fact, 70s-Retro isn’t even a 90s thing – it got its start in urban clubs around 1987, and wouldncha know it, 70s-Retro is still big today! Looking back at it now, there are just an overwhelming number of things that loving going back in time like That 70’s Show (overrated show), Quentin Tarantino movies, Austin Powers, and SO many movies and shows! Sure Generation X wishes that they were back in the past but why can’t anyone live in the times… oh I forgot… it’s because the next worst thing of the 1990s…

Number 7.  –  BoyBands and Teen Pop

Usually a group of 4 or 5 untalented males who take credit for songs that they didn’t write. They are put together by a greedy music industry, and eventually end up putting out every single thing in the world with their logo on it so ‘teenie-boppers’ will go spend their money.A boyband must consist of the following: good looks, charm, and no talent. The most obvious reason why they suck is the way the “music” sounds. Sure some of them may be able to harmonize and hit notes correctly (semi-correctly), but the simple fact is that they do not sound good. Boybands also suck because the members have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. Sure, one or two of them may be able to sing, but rarely does the ability to sing well ever have anything to do with talent. Most of the time if a person is able to sing, it is something that he or she was born with and not something that must be practiced. They play no instruments, write no music, and are probably not even involved in the production until all of the music has been lain down and the producer is read to record the vocals. The thing that sucks is that this is where music jumped to when Kurt Cobain committed suicide and as a result many of us jumped to heavier and more violent music like Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, and many more to rebel against the awfulness of Brittany Spears, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, NSYNC, and the rest that gave the 1990s a bad name! It would take many years after the 1990s for us to “leave Brittany Alone” finally!  It’s no wonder why people still wishes that they were in the 1970’s because of this awful trend of music and cultures.

Number 6.  –  Comic Books of the 1990s

During the ’80s, no medium was more innovative and daring than comic books. Shedding the notion that they were exclusively for children, writers like Neil Gaimain, Frank Miller, and Alan Moore revolutionized the industry with titles such as Batman: Year OneThe Dark Knight ReturnsWatchmen, and Sandman. These books transcended the superhero genre and wound up appealing to fans with more sophisticated tastes. That decade of revolution simply couldn’t bleed over into the ’90s, however. Even though Miller, Moore, and Gaimain were still churning out great work during the ’90s, new trends started to overtake the industry. The superlative storytelling of the ’80s were replaced by flashy art and greedy publishers’ get-rich-quick schemes. Thus began the era of tasteless, hyper-sexualized drawings and classic superheroes thrown haphazardly into mindless stories created purely for shock value. Many artists, like Rob Liefield, are responsible for this moment in art and as a result it gave comic books a bad name and caused Marvel to declare bankrupts which caused the Comic Book Market Crash of 1996 that still to this day we’re still recovering from. This week marks the 15th anniversary of one of the worst comic book events of all time, Marvel Comics’ Heroes Reborn, a 1996-1997 crossover story arc that needlessly “killed off” the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and Dr. Doom and reinvented them in a pocket universe.  Of course not all comic books of the 1990s were at all bad, I was able to make a Top 10 Comics Books of the 1990s that still stand as being the greatest ever! It just took as a long ten year till the media as a whole got rid of this trend and moved on to the right direction for the business.

Number 5.  –  Furbies

Which leads us nicely onto the Furby. Again, whilst the fears of the Millennium bug turning them all into Terminator-esque killing machines didn’t quite come to fruition, there was always something not quite right about these owlish creatures. In the late 90s, over 40 million of these things were sold worldwide, children everywhere lured by their apparent ‘intelligence’ at learning language and ‘ communication’ through infra-red ports – they were even banned at one point from many intelligence agencies’ offices, because there were fears they would share national secrets. All we know is, like true spies, they hold up well under torture. Especially water torture.

Number 4.  –  Kurt Cobain Suicide

I don’t doubt that Nirvana was going to come to an end because of the huge press that they were getting that effected their relationship with each other, but to go far as to committing suicide and destroy an era along with it is some of the worst things ever. Still to this day we debate on how or why this has happened, but to had the grunge movement to define a decade then all of the sudden just ended as we entered the mid-90s. To see that we’re still missing and sadden for this very incident shows how sad this moment really is. You can tell everyone misses Kurt and Nirvana because they still buy the same records from the band and getting never released tracks that still sells today. I would have loved to see the legacy of Nirvana to expand so much more if there was more control with the band. At lease he left us with a bang in the Live At Reading performance that still makes us feel that Kurt’s alive. Either way, it was a wrong decision for Kurt to do and it still effects all of us around the world.

Number 3.  – The Montreal Screw Job

If any of you guys think wrestling is fake, you’re an idiot! This is as real as it gets and never have I seen a disgusting actin in wrestling in my entire life! I don’t care what any of you Vince McMahon or Shawn Michaels marks say Bret was wrong, but it was all Vince’s fault for making Bret Hart heel only to have him to be the hero of Canada and prime enemy of the United States of America throughout 1997. You should have seen how violent the wrestling world was between Canada and USA because of all the back talking of cultural differences between both nations. If you’re seen as your country’s biggest hero, of course you can’t loose to your country as a finale of your career. Beside, Bret promised to give back the WWF Championship to Vince and I know Bret would never do that, but just because Vince had Madusa toss the Women’s title in trash live at WCW Nitro, doesn’t mean every wrestler is going to do it. This was an incident that was so tragic that it shows how much bullshit wrestling politics really is. I respect Shawn Michaels as a wrestling and a performer because he is the most talented guy in the industry, but let’s admit it he was the most immature, insecure bitch of all time. Not only he ruined a lot of wrestler’s careers with the fucking Kliq during the New Generation Era, but he also ruined Bret Hart’s as well. Sure, Bret could have seen it coming but it turned out way worse than anyone expected. Even Earl Hebner swore he won’t do the screwjob on his children, well I hope they have a special place in hell for breaking that swear. What’s even more of an insult to me was that after the Montreal Screwjob, Vince publicly said he had no sympathy for Bret whatsoever and Shawn and Triple H mocked Bret with a midget impersonator. This is the reason why I’ll never be a pro wrestler because of stunts like this! Vince McMahon is wrong, Bret didn’t screw Bret, Vince screwed Bret and screwed himself. The only reason why I still watch the WWF after all the bullshit they’ve made, is because I want to see good storytelling, talented wrestlers that are in their roster, and even Vince getting his ass kicked. Besides, Shawn got what he deserved by breaking his back and forcing himself to retirement till he became a born-again Christian. The only reason why this is not number 1 is because both of them made peace with each other 12 years later which really made me cry! It was one of the most magical moments that proves that anything can happen. Because of this I’m no longer mad at what Shawn, Vince, or Hebner did in 1997.

Number 2.  –  OJ Simpson Trail, Michael Jackson’s Allegations, Mike Tyson Incident

Nothing can ever more disappointing than having celebrities that are looked as heroes to turn us down because of legal problems that we never knew that they had it with them. But what’s even worse is how it damaged their reputation so badly that every time we mention their names we still think of that very legal problems. Try saying Michael Jackson and see if anyone isn’t thinking of pedophilia, or say OJ and see his murder. At least those two got away with it (except for OJ’s second trial), but Tyson had to go to prison during his boxing career making boxing itself boring to watch without him. Another thing in common with these three is that they had to deal with trials more than once later in the 2000’s and it’s just crazy to see that people are still after them since the early 1990s. It just hurts to see that these three really talented big names has destroyed all praise and recognition. This was the time when society was hostile and vicious with anything and when it comes to legal problems, it’s scary to be a celebrity. Not only are we just scare of even confronting these three but they left us in disappointment! All those memories of seeing them do what they do best is for ever tainted with their uncontrollable behavior.

Number 1.  – Columbine Shooting

If there’s always a strong debate on gun control, it has to be because of this massacre. On April 20, 1999, in the small, suburban town of Littleton, Colorado, two high-school seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, enacted an all-out assault on Columbine High School during the middle of the school day. The boys’ plan was to kill hundreds of their peers. With guns, knives, and a multitude of bombs, the two boys walked the hallways and killed. When the day was done, twelve students, one teacher, and the two murderers were dead; plus 21 more were injured. The haunting question remains: why did they do it? I can really see that they were really troubled kids that couldn’t fit in anywhere, we would of see them as victims, but to see all of them get shot shows that whoever they wanted to kill turned out to be the victims. It’s truly horrifying to see that the youth of America could degenerate themselves to shoot the innocent, but for the fact that they are responsible for the darkest times of the 1990s, and there should be nobody to blame than Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold on Adolf Hilter’s birthday of all things. This shows that teenage rebellion is bullshit and whatever they stood for, it was not worth it. The Columbine Massacre changed the way society looked at children and at schools. Violence was no longer just an after-school, inner-city activity. It could happen anywhere.

Well, I’m done talking about the worst aspects of the 1990s, however let’s finish the 1990s list by making our final list of the Top 10 Best Things of the 1990s!

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