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Top 10 Best Things of the 1980s

Image result for 1980sWhy is the 1980s still one of the most beloved decades in the 20th century? Anyone can point out any of the nostalgia and appeal that it hold, but in this list, I am instead looking at the historical significance of of this decade. This was the tail-end of the Cold War and this was the moment in time where a long conflict had to come to its end.  And towards to the geopolitical conflict’s end, we had a rise of capitalism, new business rises, and even trends that celebrated a time of being part of culture. Here are the ten of the most greatest things from 1980 – ’89, when we take off our nostalgia glasses.

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Top 10 Metal Albums of the 1980s

Image result for 80s metalMore than any other decade, the metal scene has truly peaked at 1980-89. What was left from the ’70s heavy metal, known as this dark-hard rock genre, has evolved into new breeds of subgenres that truly broke the familiarity of traditional songwriting. Now we were getting new sounds that truly sounded much heavier, faster, and innovative that it would made Christian parents scared of such “Satanism” to possess their children.  During the Regan-era, these were rebellious times for the audience and the bands coming out figured out new styles that were a transformation of their influences that got them into the metal scene to begin with. Many kids everywhere had their start in the metal scene during this era and since then, bands that got their start here have forever been remembered and some still performing & releasing albums to this very day. I think part of 80s metal’s success is that anger has always been human’s most familiar emotion and many albums that came out of this era really matched our darkest desires for revenge and even got really creative to disturb many that are in their comfort zone. I am however talking about the new wave of British heavy metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Grind-core, Doom Metal, Industrial, and Black Metal as being the highlight of this era, specifically.  However, there is this horrible scene in metal called Hair Metal (or ’80s hard rock) which was this horribly commercialized scene of music where bands were womanizing, poppy, and horribly fashioned that it made 80s not worth going back to some. I promise you that you will not see any of that garbage metal in this list. These are the metal albums that withstood the test of time and have so much replay value that it will remain timeless to listen to.

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Top 10 Movies of 1981

Image result for fox and the hound posterNumber 10.  – The Fox & The Hound

This is one of those best known stories of friendship and hard decisions we have to make in the future. While I still think the movie should’ve killed off that one dog by the end of the second act in order to make the vengeance be a little convincing, it doesn’t make the movie fall flat.  How what does make this entry of Disney’s library weak is that the plot is pretty standard and predictable, but there’s this charm to it. I can’t quite explain, but this film has a unique charm. The animation of course is nicely done, and Todd and Copper are cute little scamps. Their friendship is cute and enjoyable, and even if the story is standard, it does tackle some moderately serious stuff. We have these two characters that desperately want to be friends but are torn apart and ruled by the roles in society that the universe has permanently placed them in, therefore it’s very sad to see Copper seriously hunt Todd down, but very relieving when they protect each other in the end. This film still stands strong with a message to all that true friendship can overcome all differences and obstacles! Perhaps if more children watched this movie they would learn to appreciate each other’s differences!

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Top 10 Metal Albums of the 1990s

Image result for 1990s heavy metalThe 1980’s gave the Heavy Metal genre recognition after a full decade of being looked as a despised “noise” that started with Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath. I can honestly say that even with the pure metal and cheesy hair metal, the 1980s was best decade for the genre. After Iron Maiden & Judas Priest started the metal boom in the beginning of the decade, metal in general started expanding into new diversity around the world to trash metal, progressive metal, black metal, speed metal, hair metal, and so many more. So many bands that came out this decade are still remembered as one of the best. Unfortunately the 1990s metal isn’t as powerful or as recognized as the 1980s. At this time around, metal was facing a new genre of music called Grunge and Alternative Rock that took the musical spotlight from everyone. Plus the evolution of the genre throughout the 1990s went sour when they reached the awfulness of Nu Metal and big names like Metallica sold out with different, tasteless musical directions. But that’s not to say that metal in the 1990s were at all bad because we had new bands that went into the positive direction of metal when transforming into folk metal, sludge metal, technical metal, and other metal that sounds and feels as impacting as metal in the 1980s. If you don’t believe me, check out past Top 10 Albums list for each year of the the 1990s.

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