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Top 10 Grunge Albums

I don’t think that there’s ever been a moment in music where bands associated in this genre had so much success. Back when grunge was at its peak in its popularity, music fans everywhere where buying labels coming out of Seattle scene. This was something that independent bands of the 1980s, who were all labeled as college rock tried so hard to achieve; getting underground music into the mainstream. So what exactly labels music as grunge anyway? How about heavy metal/hardcore punk mixed with pop lyrics and manages to be radio friendly. Never had there been brand recognition of having a band’s name on a cover could make so many eager to own. It was the time for people to move on from the bland, and tiresome ways of the 80s and move on to the evolution and innovation happening in music at the time. And it’s even more amazing that out of all the part of the music in the 1990s, we’re still discussing about this short-live musical movement. It really was the last ultimate era of music before other musical genres took it’s popularity and mainstream success. After counting down the top 10 best grunge bands of all time, it’s now time to rank the ten greatest albums of the grunge movement! Continue reading Top 10 Grunge Albums

Top 10 Albums of 1993

Image result for in utero nirvanaNumber 10.  –  In Utero – Nirvana

While Nevermind was poppy and filled with self-joy, In Utero is a total opposite where everything is dry, serious, and so much more hardcore. When Nevermind was released to such enormous success, Kurt went into a downward spiral. He wanted all of the benefits of fame without being famous, and he felt such pressure on him that his private life was even screwed up. So what is exactly on the album? A ton of abrasive feedback and other LOUD sounds, buried underneath of which are songs. Songs that come straight from Kurt’s soul, sung with more passion and emotion than ever before from the soon to be departed ‘voice of a generation’. We will never know what the follow-up to this record would’ve sounded like, if there even was going to be one. But one thing is for sure. Their final studio recording will be a collection of songs that will be treasured the same way most treasure albums like Led Zeppelin IV and Abbey Road. It’s unfortunate that what happened with Cobain happened, but one thing is for sure, they left in a blaze of glory, burning out, instead of fading away.

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