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Top 10 Wrestlers of the Attitude Era (late 1990s/early 2000s)

There was never a better time to be a pro wrestling fan than during the period from 1996-2002, when WWF was in the midst of its legendary Attitude Era. This era of wrestling made it in number 4 of the best things of the 1990s and still to this day I can go back and watch any episode, segment, or match from the Attitude Era and remind myself why I am a wrestling fan. Though I do have a very soft spot for the New Generation Era, it was important for the company to change from the family-friendly image to keep up with the times. TV ratings were at an all-time high, it was cool to be a fan and you could find a good wrestling product on TV just about any time you wanted to.  Sit through one three-hour episode of Monday Night Raw, and you’ll be longing for the old days, even if you weren’t a wrestling fan in the old days. This era captures everything that I truly miss about wrestling; proper storytelling, amazing in-ring work, varied match stipulations, and outrageous character that definitely felt bigger than life.  Outlandish things were happening, but there was always a reason behind them, and the stories were most often very interesting.  These are not just story lines, these were epic sagas that was happening in wrestling and never again did we ever felt the same with the media again. If that’s not enough, the matches in this era took risks. In the Attitude Era, WWE climbed back to the top of the wrestling world by taking chances.  People got hit with chairs, set on fire, thrown off the top of gigantic structures and run over by cars on a weekly basis. All of these things kept my interest and mixed that up with a good story, you’re presented with the most awesome moments in life! Sure, The Attitude Era ripped off Extreme Championship Wrestling’s hardcore wrestling phenomenon, but for the fact that this single era brought the highest ratings that the WWE has ever had should tell you about the success and reception it deserved. And who do we have to thank for all that was given to us in the Attitude Era? None other than Vince McMahon. Sure, the man has done some of the most questionable decisions in the business, but starting this trend in wrestling was the best thing he’s ever done for the company and wrestling itself. This was an era of wrestling that was so innovative, captivating, and so entertaining, that it’s always worth coming back to. Wrestling fans to this day are still waiting for another era like this but unfortunately since WWE went back to the times of PG, not giving two shits about telling good stories, and over enthuses on pointless in-ring work more-so than anything else. As a result of seeing wrestling getting worse and worse, it makes going back to the Attitude Era a lot better than we remembered. And these are the ten wrestlers that are responsible for making the Attitude Era so great!

Number 10.  –  Ken Shamrock

UFC legend Ken Shamrock came to the WWE in 1997, debuting on Monday Night Raw in February of that year to referee a submission match between Steve Austin and Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13. Afterward, he began to wrestle full-time, engaged in various feuds, won the 1998 King of the Ring tournament and captured the Intercontinental and World Tag Team Championships. It’s not just his accomplishments that made him in the list, it was his ruthless attitude that’s aways entertaining to watch whenever he snaps and goes berserk. There really no wilder character than “The Most Dangerous Man in the World.” I really dug the Ken Shamrock character because he was the wildest babyface of all time! With a character like that, you would of’ve think that he gone far in his wrestling career. Unfortunately, that was not the case because the bookers didn’t really give him a whole lot of TV time, he was shoved in too many mid-card feuds, and we never really had an Austin vs. Ken Shamrock match, that would have been a chaotic fight!  After he left the WWE in 1999, Shamrock returned to MMA and UFC. He also made appearances in Ring of Honor, TNA and Juggalo Championship Wrestling. Today, he still has the occasional fight, with his last bout being in 2010. Would Ken Shamrock been a big wrestling star? He would have because nobody had the temper like he did and whenever he snaps, get ready for the ride of your life!

Number 9.  –  The Dudley Boys

 This the best Tag Team of this era. This is the only Tag Team that won the WWF Tag Team Championship, World Tag Team Championship, WCW Tag Team Championship, ECW Tag Team Championship, and TNA Tag Team Championship. The two “brothers” from Dudleyville are the most decorated tag team within recent years, having won 23 tag team championships within every organization they’ve been in. Anything that you want to see in Hardcore wrestling in the Tag Team division, the Dudley Boys always deliver! The Dudleys are the most famous wrestlers to make use of tables during their matches as part of their gimmick and being part of the historic double TLC matches for the WWF Tag Team Titles at SummerSlam 2001 and Wrestlemania X-7 against the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian. Let’s not forget that they’ve created the created Tag Team finishing maneuver called the Dudley Death Drop (3D) that still can’t be matched. The Dudley Boys are completely impulsive but we love them for being responsible for brining life back to the Tag Team division and no other tag team has lasted long together as these two!

Number 8.  –  The Undertaker

One of the best things of the Attitude era was that they took the dead man gimmick and update him to a much darker and more demonic direction before the gimmick became an outdated Halloween spook. It all made the tables turn when Undertaker faced Shawn Michaels in the first Hell in a Cell at Bad Blood ’97 and his brother Kane debuts and cost him his match. The back story of the Kane character is that Undertaker set his family house on fire as child leaving all of his family members to burn, except that Kane survived and wanted nothing more than revenge. Throughout 1998, Kane and Undertaker had a fierce rivalry together at Wrestlemania 14, having two Hell in a Cell matches, an Inferno match, and so many wars together that went on and off as brothers. It was the second biggest rivalry of the company in 1998 only right behind Austin vs. McMahon. Hell, he even threw Mankind off the Hell in a Cell twice and made history! Of course the darkest part of the Undertaker character was when he began his own faction called the Ministry of Darkness. In 1999, Undertaker was the biggest heel of the WWF and wanted to destroy McMahon and Austin. Part of the reason why I can’t put Undertaker higher on the list is because that Ministry of Darkness storyline went too far by having him to be in a weak Hell in a Cell match with Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania 15 and having Vince McMahon as the higher power of the Ministry of Darkness into the Corporate Ministry was bar-non-stupid. It pushed him into mid card status and became tag team champion with Big Show. And yet the worst part of all is…

…(sigh) his American Badass Biker gimmick. I’m not at all a fan of Biker Undertaker because all of the mystique of a deadly character made tremendous storytelling and as a biker, why keep the name “Undertaker” who buries his victims, not become a member of a Harley Davidson bike gang. It would take four years after this immediate change to bring back the “Dead Man” because I did no like this character trying to compete against Stone Cold Steve Austin’s badass character.

Number 7.  –  Chris Jericho

One of WCW’s most talented stars never made it outside of the mid-card zone, but when Y2J made it to the WWF, the bookers pushed him as far as they could. After Shawn Michaels retire, we never could imagine another wrestler could match up to his stature, but Jericho delivered everything that we’ve waited from WCW. Jericho just had the attitude, charisma, and flying-technical skills that made him one for the millions.  The moment when he made his WWF debut during the millennium countdown was some of the best debuts ever in company. Jericho didn’t disappoint his potential. He kept giving off some of the hardest hitting matches, craziest technicality, and cut the wildest promos. He was a despicable heel (reminiscing to Rowdy Roddy Piper) but was a lovable babyface. He knew how to control people’s emotions and almost every impact he delivers causes a huge reaction. I especially love it when he constantly mocks Stephanie McMahon making it a fierce rivalry between rebel and spoiled brat. Chris Jericho’s rebellious behavior and undying ego got his popularity rising to the top faster than any mid-carder in this era. And to even add more credibility to Chris Jericho’s resume, he was the first ever WWF Undesputed Champion (winning the WWF Championship and WCW World Heavyweight Championship) from The Rock and Austin. I can’t imagine a harder working wrestler than Chris Jericho. He started as the lion heart into Raw is Jericho that ran rampant throughout the years!

Number 6.  –  Kane

Kane, back when he used to have mystique, was some of the most fierce and feared competitors of the whole roster. At one point in time, he really was scarier than the Undertaker reminiscing to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When Kane wore his mask and hides his burned face, you know something terrible is going to happen. At one point in time (1997-2001) Kane was just an unstoppable monster that had only very little wrestlers could take down. Scariest part is that he’s the brother of the Undertaker (kayfabe). It’s the scariest backstory that any wrestler in the history of wrestling where the two brothers had a rough childhood, and Kane was horribly burnt in a fire. He had to wear a mask and a full bodysuit because of the scars that covered his body. No wrestler in their right mind would want to face him. At Wrestlemania 14 he was the very first opponent that was this close to end the Undertaker’s streak. Hell, he had an undying hatred for Undertaker that they would go far as to burning each other in an Inferno Match. He was the devil’s favorite demon, and capable of annihilating his opponents while showing no sign of remorse… and then they became tag team partners more times than not. Kane, even though he was incredibly mysterious and disturbing, had a lot of memorable moments such as teaming with X-Pac as a tag team and ended up in betrayal, taking Stone Cold’s WWF Championship (for a single day), and so many more. I would love to put Kane higher, but Kane today lost a lot of credibility since he took off his mask and did an awful miscarriage storyline with Lita, Matt Hardy, and Gene Snitsky. It’s because we really miss the mystery of Kane so much that it made going back to attitude era so worth it all.

Number 5.  –  Kurt Angle

It’s not every day that we get an athlete from different sport enter the wrestling world and make it his new profession. After winning a gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics — with a broken neck, no less — celebrated amateur wrestler Kurt Angle would find his way to WWE in late 1999. Clad all in red, white and blue, Angle attributed his success to his “Three I’s” (intensity, integrity and intelligence), all the while lambasting members of the WWF who did not live by his example. Remember, this was the era where wrestling is filled with so many tough guys and hardcore wrestlers willing to bash anyone’s heads, and then Kurt Angle came along and made himself an idiotic character who thinks America still wants their hero to be patriotic, standards, and believe in the American dream. He’s one of the most lovable wrestling characters I’ve ever seen in wrestling where it just made himself look gullible and laughable. Angle was frequently responsible for some of the most humorous moments of the era, including his association with Edge & Christian (as a member of “Team ECK”), strumming the ol’ guitar with Austin, getting annoyed when the crowd chants “What?,” and his Texas Rattlesnake–esque milk truck assault on The Alliance in 2001. But as much as you like to laugh at his character, remember we’re dealing with an olympic gold medalist here. Kurt Angle reintroduced the technicality that once was lost in the WWF since they departed their ways from the New Generation Era. Even though Kurt Angle stole the moves from the likes of Ken Shamrock, he delivered physical moves that no other wrestler in the roster was doing; suplexes, german suplex, choke holds, dynamic slams, and so many more that categorize to the technical side of wrestling. Because he was so damn talented it pushed him a lot faster than any other wrestler at the time winning the Intercontinental Championship & European Championship (as EuroContinental Champion), King of the Ring, and even the WWF Championship within just a year since his wrestling debut. Not that many rookie was went as far as Kurt did and he still stands as one of the top stars in the wrestling world. There is no individual that deserved as much as he did and still to this day he put a good name in professional wrestling.

Number 4.  –  D-Generation-X

I simply couldn’t choose just one of these wrestlers in this faction to be in the list so I decided to just place all of the members into one list… except for Shawn Michaels. A lot of people considers D-Generation X as rip-offs of the WCW’s New World World, but what DX has over NWO is the right amount of members that all are stars in their own right. In a matter of fact, each of these members were big stars instead of being overshadowed by rank. Admittedly, this faction started just to save Shawn Michael’s ass from losing since the Kliq were no longer around. But after Shawn Michaels retired after Wrestlemania 14, Triple H was left bringing back X-Pac from WCW and made the New Age Outlaws a big deal. Meanwhile, Chyna became a bigger star instead of just being Hunter’s bodyguard and made history of becoming the first Woman to be Intercontinental Champion. DX ever some of the best parts of watch Monday Night Raw because of their over the top segments and shoots that were perverted, surprising, and extreme. In a matter of fact, let’s take a look at each of the members.

Triple H – No longer was he that stupid Hunter Hearsh Helmsley high clansman character, he was a top notch badass who done a better job as leader than Shawn Michaels ever did. What became a faction for Shawn’s ego turned into an iconic stable of Attitude where he lead and kept the groups strong and united. Being the master genius that he always is, he not only made DX popular in the ring, but also outside of the ring as well! Who can ever forget their trip to New York City, Invading WCW, and shouting “Leeets Get Ready To Suck It!” It’s crazy that he wasn’t just living in the times, the times was living with him. He made this sexual revolution a reality by starting small when Shawn Michaels left into a pop culture phenomenon and there’s a reason why he’s the CEO of the WWE today!

Chyna – The 9th Wonder of the World isn’t just a nickname, it’s a reputation earn by the hardest working woman in the wrestling world. She did what no other woman wrestler accomplished since and after. First woman ever to win Intercontinental Champion twice, enter the Royal Rumble, and wrestle so many men and beating them. She was extremely reminiscent to Xena and once she broke out that persona of just being Triple H’s bodyguard and lover, she became an unstoppable force. Not only that, she made muscular women accepted to the public where she can be jacked-up while looking sexual at the same time. It’s definitely hard for male wrestlers and audiences alike to not focus on the garments that she wore, but it was part of her feminine dominance that ran full force in her wrestling career. It’s funny that she’s still continues the D-Generation X ways today by becoming a pornstar… If you ain’t down with that! We got two words for ya! SUCK IT!!!

X-Pac – If there’s any member of D-Generation X that was not only as loyal, but the spirit of this entity, it has to be X-Pac. This character change was so much better than his 123 Kid gimmick and his Syxx character in the NWO. Even when DX broke up in Wrestlemania 15, he still continues the cross chops and kept the intro music with New Age Outlaws and Kane. Even today, since he hasn’t came back to the WWE roster, he still carries the essence of DX and I never seen anyone that is reluctant to the changes in the wrestling world today like Shawn Waltman. He does more cross chops, shouts “Suck It”, and even X-Factor & Bronco Buster his opponents more than anyone in the faction and without him, DX would have faded away and never have a reunion.

New Age Outlaws – These are are arguably the best tag team in the WWF and are suitable for this team than anyone else in the roster. As stated, D-Generation X made the mid-card a special attraction in the Attitude Era and these guys are responsible for it. Their “oh you didn’t know?” catchphrase popped crowds across the country, and fans chanted along with the pre-match spiel of “Road Dogg” Jesse James each and every night. 

D-Generation-X was the sexual revolution of professional wrestling doing that iconic DX-chop and broken so many rules that television refuses to air.  Even when Triple H disbanded the faction at Wrestlemania 15, X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn continued the DX tradition; keeping fans aware that the faction’s popularity is still alive and well. And we finally got D-Generation-X back when Triple H married Stephanie McMahon and begun the McMahon-Hemsley Era (just without Chyna around). D-Generation-X was the biggest thing in Attitude Era, and it wouldn’t’ the same without them.  They’ve made mid-card and main events special whenever they’re involved in these shows. If you ain’t down with that we got two words for ya! SUCK IT!!!

Number 3.  –  Stone Cold Steve Austin & Vince McMahon 

I just can’t separate these two because they were really made for each other than any other rivalry in wrestling history. These two are responsible for bringing back the WWF from being defeated by WCW in the Monday Night Wars by simply putting the most intense rivalry ever seen in television. Ever since Vince McMahon screwed Bret in the Montreal Screwjob, the whole world knew how big his ego is. It was genius for him to face the consequences and exploit that ego to create controversy. And for an individual that could push that ego into full force was the new face of the WWF, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin did what Bret Hart should have done, and that’s break every rules that McMahon created and Austin not only did that, but he made it extremely personal. Stone Cold is the polar opposite of Vince where he swears, fights dirty, and drinks constantly making Vince lose all of his temper to wage war on Stone Cold since he was incapable of putting him caged up from being so reckless. Austin always foiled Vince’s plans and rarely does Vince reign supreme. They are the most important feud in WWF history because it was everything we hate about our bosses and have Stone Cold to represent the common man who stands up against the higher ranks. These two have so many damn memorable moments that it’s worth going back to watching them grind each other’s gears from 1997 all the way to 2000. Austin’s rebellious behavior is what made the Crash TV movement so popular, not just WWF. And night after night after night Vince would just love to piss off fans and Austin comes back to get even. Sometimes a feud is not just about the matches they have, but the segments and events that they’ve done together. The chemistry between the two is the ultimate measuring stick of what makes a wrestling feud great. Sure you can place Austin as his own spot on the list as the greatest of all time, but all of his other feuds didn’t make him an all time great, his hatred and battles with Vince McMahon did! That’s why they’ both made it in the list together. For two consecutive years these two were recognized as the best rivalry of the professional wrestling world and still to this day we get a chance to see Austin to continue to ruin Vince’s life. People still pay money to see it and it never get old! No other rivalry can ever say the same thing.

Number 2.  –  Mankind

I’m so much of a Mankind fan that I just went crazy for this character. It was genius to make what once an extremely dark character into a gullible hardcore nut that had so much brain damage. Wether if you like Mankind, Dude Love, or Cactus Jack, Mick Foley brought ECW hardcore wrestling style to the New Generation Era that lowly evolved into Attitude. He became a huge attraction of the WWF when he took the hardest bumps and faced the most violent matches. Without him, this Crash TV image that the Attitude Era needed wouldn’t’ get so many audiences tune in and bring out their vicarious behavior. Part of what made Attitude work is that it showed that anyone can be a star and Mankind accomplished that dream. The reason why I put Mankind over all of Mick Foley’s characters is because the Mankind persona was iconic, gullible, and lovable all at once. We all feel sorry for Mankind who had a heart of gold to damage his body but we love him for doing it for our own entertainment. Who can ever forget all the times he knocked people out with Mr. Socko, being the first ever Hardcore Champion, tossed off the Hell in a Cell with Undertaker twice, Rock This is Your Life (highest rated episode of Raw), and taking more high risk moves and crash landed harder than any one else in the ring? He was the happy-go getter of a roster filled with badasses. He was the most different of all the wrestlers, appearing like a human Crash Test Dummy! Sure Austin vs. McMahon got people tuning into the product and Austin started the Attitude Era in King of the Ring 1996, but the night that Mankind won the WWF Championship was when WWF started beating WCW in the ratings! Without that historic episode of Raw is War, who knows how would WWF beat WCW in the Monday Night Wars. And yet, he didn’t even stop the gaining ratings when he did the Rock This Is Your Life segment that still stands as the highest rated episode of Raw history! Not even Stone Cold Steve Austin drew as much money as Foley did! Mankind  is one of the most important figures of the whole WWE product and WCW would probably destroy WWF without his involvement of the company. We sympathized, we laughed, we were in awe, and we amazed with almost everything Mick Foley succeeded and it’s a darn shame people forgot about that. Nobody has ever took as many stunts and bumps as Mankind and for that we honor Foley as God for never giving up after all the beatings that he has received for the WWE!

Number 1.  –  The Rock

There was no doubt in my mind that The Rock had to be number 1 on this list. Sure a lot of fans would have argued that Stone Cold Steve Austin is a better wrestler, but Steve Austin wasn’t the best of his time. There were too many big fishes in the pond and The Rock did a lot more for the Attitude Era as whole than Austin ever did. Austin’s whole purpose was to fight Vince and he went absent in mid 1999 leaving the Rock to carry the company. And The Rock not only had the Attitude era right behind him, but also became the biggest star that the WWE has ever had. The Rock started out as an outdated smiling babyface that was behind the times, became a member of the hated Nation of Domination, became the corporate champion when he won The Survivor Series 1998 tournament, teamed up with Mankind as Rock n’ Sock Connection, and broke free as the greatest single wrestler since Hulk Hogan. You simply can’t argue with all of the iconic aspects of the Rock’s character like him raising his eye brows, raising his right fist in the air as he stand on the mid rope, mocking his opponents, and shouting “If You Smell What The Rock… Is Cookin’!” That is single handedly the best catch phrase in all of wrestling and none after it could even come close. And whenever he cuts promos, he makes it like he’s the resurrection of Muhammad Ali. He’s not all talk, he’s also brutal in the ring. The Rock had some of the best move sets as well like his iconic Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow that still continues to raise people off their seats and yell for Rocky! The way The Rock moves is incredibly where he keeps jumping back to his feet and sometimes when he gives someone a pump, he poses out with reaction.  While a lot of the characters in the Attitude Era look like trash hardcore wrestlers, The Rock dressed with class while still with the crash tv times. Everything that the Rock does is purely entertaining and very little wrestlers out there could ever match up to him. Even though Vince McMahon brought the best out of Stone Cold, The Rock brought the best out of everybody else and still managed to beat many of them. The Rock also has a talent for everything that can keep everyone interested no matter what, that’s why he’s a big Hollywood movie star today. Not only that, but almost everything he does creates as significance to the WWF product. If you disagree, how about the term Smackdown he used a lot that became a word in the webster’s dictionary and a secondary weekly show to compete against WCW’s Thunder? Almost everything that the Rock did is memorable and it’s the reason why he’s so famous around the world. If anything The Rock deserves all the credibility given to him and he deserves nothing more than to be the best wrestler of the attitude era and possibly the best WWE wrestler of all time!

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Wrestlemania 16 Review

Like I said a while ago where the Wrestlemanias were like the Star Trek movies – one year it was good, and the following year was bad, and it keeps repeating itself. It seems like the odd numbers was proven to be bad one, and then the even numbers was already good… well all of the sudden, that rule was changed… This was the first even number Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 2, 4, and 8 that ranged from a mediocre-to a bad show. There are fans of Wrestlemania 16… I mean 2000, but this felt like Wrestlemania 15 all over again but this time, it’s even more cluttered just to be an episode of Raw is War (formerly known as Monday Night Raw) on twice the steroids. Yes! Even more so than Wrestlemania 15. And on the title of Wrestlemania 2000… back in 1999 and 2000 almost every sequel that had a title, it usually had a “2000” to represent the millennium- like Dracula 2000, Pokemon 2000, Blue Brothers 2000, Fantasia 2000, etc. It’s a gimmick that was going to be really outdated out side of the year 2000 and this event showed it as well shows. But it’s not just the title of this Wrestlemania that’s the problem, it’s the fact that it is perhaps the most cluttered Wrestlemania of all time. Here’s my review why it is so cluttered that it’s claustrophobic. Who knew that this is during the Attitude Era (the best times of the WWF) could give us two bad consecutive Wrestlemanias- the most important show in wrestling, period!

Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan vs. The Godfather and D’Lo Brown (with Ice-T and The Godfather’s hoes) – This was a very bad opening show, but the beginning before the match started was pretty good where rapper Ice-T came down to the ring with Godfather and his hoes just get everyone excited for starting this show, but that wasn’t enough to actually get people convinced that this is worth something. It’s a shamed to also see Big Boss Man getting more buried as a mid carder because at this point, he has nothing more to give to the wrestling world and this match shows. I did enjoy the team up between D’Lo and Godfather (reminiscing to the Nation of Domination) but you can honestly see a match just like this one on a normal episode of Raw is War. This was a very poor opening match that offered the most bottom of the barrel tag matches that you can imagine and nothing at all was important or special happened in this match. Even despite the fact that D’Lo and Godfather won the match, there was nothing gained or lost for any body in this match
Match Score: 2/5

Hardcore battle royal for the WWF Hardcore Championship – This was the time where the Hardcore division was getting a bit out of hand where this battle royal wasn’t even a battle royal. Instead it was a match that had stupid rules about a capture-the-flag type of match where the last person who made a pinfall before time runs out (15 Minutes) is the official Hardcore Champion. It was a fun match to watch, but this really was a mess. So much was going on where wrestler after wrestler was making a pinfall, there were too much action going on in and out of the ring. Not to mention that this hardcore match was actually boring. I’m never really tired of watching Hardcore Matches, but this here is just dry. So many objects hitting each wrestler back and forth and it was getting boring, especially for the 15 minute range. It was chaotic (which is something to behold) but it wasn’t epic or memorable. I can honestly that this has very little wrestling in this match just too many garbage swung at anyone with a head. This match was garbage, both figuratively and literally. What was stupid was the finish. As Taz was Tazmissioning Crash Holly, Hardcore Holly came in and gave Taz a hit glass on Taz’s head and pinned Crash. The referee was about to count to 3 within 5 seconds, but the referee stopped the count within the 2 second range and didn’t count the match. Apparently, the referee ended the match way too early before the official countdown was over, not knowing what was the real count. That was a serious botch for the referee and all of the sudden, Hardcore Holly was Hardcore Champion, but why did Crash leave the arena with the championship and then said he was not the new Hardcore Champion. This was probably the most confusing finish I’ve ever seen in a single wrestling match where the wrestlers, the announcer, the referee, and the audience were all confused. What a clusterfuck of a finish. I really like Hardcore Holly and he deserved to win this match, but what was up with that finish?
Match Score: 1/5

Image result for wrestlemania 16 trishT & A (Test and Albert) (with Trish Stratus) vs. Head Cheese (Al Snow and Steve Blackman) (with Chester McCheeserton) – T & A was a great heel team where we all though Trish Stratus was announcing her “T&A” which really means Test and Albert what was a great troll move. However, nothing form the Head Cheese was at all memorable; they were a joke. This is another tag team that was just as basic as the opening match, but the only thing that was memorable was the way Trish Stratus looked (wow! She was hot) and the technical audio difficulties that Jim Ross was having in during the match (Wrestlemania 2 all over again). Really, this was the most boring match of this card, even despite the fact that both teams displayed great in-ring work, the audience was at silence in the entirety of the match. This is a match that did not need to be here! Even when Al Snow and Steve Blackman lost the match and beaten up Chester McCheeserton out of disappointment, it was even more hammered unmemorable than this match needed to be. Dumb!
Match Score: 1/5

Edge and Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz – Triangle Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship – Out of all the matches in this card, I can honestly say that this one here is the best card of the show. All three of these teams were new and fresh in the WWF and this match showed how really talented the WWF’s roster really are. For a debut match for all three of these tag teams, and see them gave us their all shows how awesome this match was. At first we were looking into this match like a ladder match with a lot of wrestlers involved, but suddenly because of the Dudley Boyz (may favorite tag team) being so obsessed with tables and hardcore wrestling, this all of the sudden turned out to be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. The WWF didn’t have a fantastic Ladder match since Wrestlemania X between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels. This the greatness of Attitude Era wrestling where weapons are used properly (unlike that Hardcore Battle Royal) and so many iconic moments were made that made the tag team division some of the biggest highlights of the era. I kid you not that way they used the ladders and then suddenly turned out to be more hardcore when the tables and chairs got involved. It was a brilliant change of tone for this match and each of wrestlers flew, fell, and bumped each other in the most brutal way fashioned. It was simply impressive! For a bunch of young guys giving it their all, they were able to know epic storytelling in a wrestling match. I remember Edge took a diving spear on Jeff Hardy from the ladder, Buh-buh Ray gave Christian a cutter from the ladder, Matt Hardy power bombed to the table and the Swanton Bomb from that Jeff Hard did just to take the Buh-Buh Ray away. The Dudleys seriously spiced up this match and the crowd really ate it up. The finish of this match was some of the most epic moments ever seen in wrestling since Stone Cold passed out of Bret Hart’s sharpshooter. As Jeff sacrificed his body to land on Buh-Buh out of the ring through the table, Edge & Christian were the last ones left facing D-Von and Matt Hardy as they raced to grab the tag team championships. The survivors were emotional just to win this carnage. As Matt and Christian were fighting each other on top of the table held by two ladders, Edge came to the rescue and pushed Matt off to the table below and won the tag team championships. What a beautiful finish to a match to a bunch of small stars that all became big names after the match. It really is the match that everyone remembers from this Wrestlemania and I really loved this ladder match for all that its worth. All three of these tag teams has gone through a lot just to have a Wrestlemania match like this one and because of their fantastic display of wrestling, this has made the tag team division in the WWF so important!
Match Score: 5/5

Terri Runnels (with The Fabulous Moolah) defeated The Kat (with Mae Young) – You know what’s hilarious? This is the ONLY match in this card that was actually a one-on-one match. Can you see what I mean when I say that this Wrestlemania is the most cluttered booking in any Wrestlemania show? Yet this match was over booked with Val Venis as the special guest referee and Mae Young and Moolah being too involved with the match. Anything that has Mae Young and Moolah already spells for disaster as they’re so into it that they’ve kissed Val Venis and did a bronco buster on Moolah. The match up between Kat and Terri was piss poor. Even despite the fact that they were incredibly hot to watch, it was probably worse than last year’s Wrestlemania women’s match between Sable and Tori (and we already know how bad that match was). Terri Runnels won by countout thanks to Moolah who took Kat out and put Terri back in. The only thing that was memorable in this match was to see Terri’s pants ripped just to see her bare ass. Other than that, it was a REALLY terrible match. I was not amused.
Match Score: 0/5

Too Cool and Chyna vs The Radicalz (Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko) – dIf this wrestlemania was properly booked, they should have given Chyna a one-on-one match with a male wrestler to establish herself as a serious wrestler. I still don’t understand the involvement of Grand Master Saxay and Scotty 2 Hotty’s being part of the Chyna and Eddie Guerrero’s storyline. There were too many things going on in this match that was really unnecessary. Of course there were some likeness in this match like Eddie being a goofball sucker for Chyna, but we all just wanted to see her make the tag and just take action. However, the best part of this match was that Chyna’s pants were falling off that made it a joy to watch. Of course if we only had more action with Chyna she would have been taken more seriously, especially for a Wrestlemania.
Match Score: 1/5

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle (c) vs. Chris Jericho – Two Fall Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental and European Championships – Coming into this match Kurt Angle was both the European and Intercontinental Champion, but he had to loose both of those championships somehow, but surprisingly it had to be in Wrestlemania. That really is the whole purpose of this match, but with talented stars like Angle, Benoit, and Jericho, you expect a fantastic match. It was a very well performed match that was all athleticism. What’s surprising is that all three of these men are making their Wrestlemania debut in this very match and it was very well played. You need to remember that when Kurt Angle came in the WWF, he was the only wrestler that sticks out as the most athletic wrestlers that didn’t follow the trend of hardcore wrestling like everyone else was. Since then we started getting better in-ring worked matches that shows the talents of new stars who are there to give grappling wrestling a huge spot in this era. And this is what this match was all about, the non-hardcore wrestling of the WWF. Suplexes, flying movies, drivers, and a bunch of grappling moves where applied throughout the entire match that made it a wonderful watch! However, I just did not like how this match was structured. Basically in this two falls triple threat, the winner of the first fall earns the Intercontinental Championship and the second fall earns the European Championship. Honestly, this was a very well performed match, but the funny thing is that the first fall Kurt Angle got pinned by Benoit and the second fall Angle got pinned by Jericho. So the winners are Benoit and Jericho and the looser is Kurt Angle. Though I still think that there’s no way you could make this match work, no matter how well the in-ring work actually was, it was too much to behold for a match made to take both belts out of Kurt Angle’s waist to be once again held by two separate individuals. If anything, Kurt Angle should have had two separate matches in this Wrestlemania card with both of these men just to put them each Championships on line for each of those opponents. Again, another cluttered match that should have been one-on-one.
Match Score: 4/5

Pete Rose and KaneRikishi and Kane (with Paul Bearer) vs D-Generation X (X-Pac and Road Dogg) (with Tori) – The story here is Kane is betrayed by X-Pac for losing their friendship and Kane lost his woman, Tori to his former-friend. This should have been a one-on-one match, but what did Rikishi had to be involved? Seems like because he uses that large ass of his to stink face his opponent, is there to humiliate Tori and the other opponents. Even though Kane did win by tombstoning X-Pac, it was still forgettable. However the only saving grace of this match was that Too Cool came in to dance with Rikishi and have that same chicken costume that Pete Rose wore in last year’s Wrestlemania! OH MY GOD! PETE ROSE IS GOING TO GET IT AGAIN FROM KANE!!! Kane was just waiting for Pete Rose to stop dancing, but as soon as Kane took action against the chicken suit wearing fool, it all happens that it wasn’t Pete Rose, instead it was a trick just to sneak attack him. Just when Pete was going to get Kane back form all two consecutive Wrestlemania humiliations, Rikishi grabbed his bat just to have Kane to “own” Pete Rose once again. So for three consecutive Wrestlemanias, Pete Rose got knocked out by Kane and whenever Kane and Rose are together, it’s just pure gold. It’s too bad that they couldn’t have Pete Rose to get hurt by Kane in the future wrestle manias because that’s what always makes a Wrestlemania.
Match Score: 2/5

Triple H (c) (with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. The Rock (with Vince McMahon) vs. Mick Foley (with Linda McMahon) vs. Big Show (with Shane McMahon) – Fatal Four-Way for the WWF Championship – dI like the idea where each McMahon family member has their pick of a wrestler to determine who’s the best, but it’s not about the McMahons, it’s about all four of these wrestlers who have a serious grudge against each other and a very long history till this match. Everyone was sick of the McMahon-Helmsley Era and Hunter burying all of his opponents. Mick Foley was supposed to retire after that Hell in a Cell match at No Way Out 2000, The Rock won the Royal Rumble but Big Show claims that his feet touched the ground first before he did, and each McMahon family member just despised each other that they gave all four of their pick of a wrestler to had a main event matchup. And because this is perhaps the most cluttered match of this card, this was not a very good main event. Each McMahon acts like a Pokemon trainer and each of the wrestlers are like Pokemon to them. This match should have been just one-on-one between The Rock and Triple H just like the following Pay-per-view after it at Backlash 2000. I know Mick Foley just needed one more Wrestlemania match before he officially retired, but she’s so hurt and out of shape that all of the moves applied by him was the least effective. And for Big Show… did he really need to be matched up in another Wrestlemania with Mick Foley like he did in last year’s Wrestlemania? This whole match was dumb and it lasted over 40 minutes when it didn’t need to be. Big Show was the first to be eliminated (and deservedly so), and Mick Foley afterwards, but it should have been first of all Triple H vs. The Rock. The last parts of the match between Triple H and The Rock was beautiful and this is what this main event should have been all along. That is until Vince McMahon betrayed the Rock by hitting him with the chair which shows how retarded this whole event was. I still despise the fact that Triple H was the first heel that won a Wrestlemania main event and as a result it made the whole show crumble in shams. As a result of this horrible ending, this match was just all about the McMahons and nothing else. What a complete disaster of a main event and it hasn’t been since Wrestlemania 8 that left a distasteful finish of a show.
Match Score: 0/5

I honestly can’t say which is worse, Wrestlemania 2000 or Wrestlemania 15, but easily this is some of the biggest disappointments in Wrestling. This is finally a Wrestlemania where now the even numbered Wrestlemanias were now the bad shows, but this was WAY too much! This whole experience was a some of the most clusterfucked cards I’ve ever seen in a singular show. It had to have more than 2 wrestlers involved all at once and barely anything significant has happened, except for the Triangle Ladder Match. That match with Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian, and Hardies was the only thing worth watching in this show, but just like Wrestlemania 13’s Bret Hart vs. Austin, it’s a one-match-show while everything else was either a basic tag team match, or any other match involving more than two wrestlers that struggles to do much more than it needs to. This is a show that went too far and went too much and as a result it sucked. There should be a rule that just because you can put more, doesn’t mean that it’s better. I really don’t want to look back at this show anymore because it left a horrible taste out of all of our mouths. Wrestlemania 14 still remains the best Wrestlemania during the Attitude Era. Just like Wrestlemania 15, you can watch any other Pay-per-view show outside of Wrestlemania 16 and get much more entertainment and satisfaction than what has been called the world’s biggest wrestling show.

The Top Lister’s score for Wrestlemania 2000:


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Top 10 Wrestling Matches of the 1990s

It’s a no brainer to say that wrestling in the 1990s was the best decade of wrestling. Really, today we only have a bunch of indie promotions that only wishes they can compete against WWE that’s still the only wrestling company that dominates the wrestling industry. Back in the 90’s we had WCW, WWF, and ECW that were all competing with each other and competitions is great for business. They grow, evolve and deliver the unexpected and that’s something that I truly miss in wrestling today. I always love going to back at these old matches where the the 80’s rock and wrestling reaches it’s end, the short-lived new generation era, to the very famous Attitude era of wrestling for the WWF! Wrestling took a big evolution in the 90s to become more realistic, edgier, rambunctious, and daring just to give us our entertainment. Without out doubt, wrestling never got more entertaining that this decade as a whole and it left a historical impact on television history! These are the best wrestling matches that forever left us an impression and still continues to be entertaining many years later!

Honorable Mentions

 Sumerslam ’94:  Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart, Steel Cage

If Shawn Michaels is “Mr. Wrestlemania,” then just call Bret Hart “Mr. Summerslam,” because as showcased by this list, Hart produced some of the most memorable matches at WWE’s premier Summer pay-per-view. The two Hart brothers would have perhaps their greatest match against one another on this night, battling for the then-WWF Championship inside a steel cage. As Bret has said, this was perhaps his favorite match against his brother in the WWE, and he felt that they were able to give the audience something different than the stereotypical cage match. The two sold the sibling rivalry to the audience and showed that there doesn’t need to be weapons and bloodshed involved to have a historic cage match.

Heatwave ’98: Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka

These two are the best rivalry that ECW has ever had just simply because both of these men never had a bad match together and Heatwave ’98 was their best! Awesome’s athleticism gets the crowd to pop at every big flying move. He was dominant to open, but soon found himself colliding with a chair thanks to Tanaka. Tanaka charged at him on the ramp, waving the chair above his head like a knight readying a sword. Dives into the crowd, awesome-bombs through tables and DDTs onto chairs highlighted the rest of the match. The energy of this match, how Tanaka and Awesome masterfully worked the crowd makes this a bout worthy of watching, several times over.

Image result for great american bash 1990

Great American Bash ’90:  Ric Flair vs. Sting

The Ric Flair and Sting feud spans several years because it was WCW’s most iconic rivalries in that promotion. Their best outing however would be at WCW’s The Great American Bash pay per view in 1990. At this point, both wrestlers knew each other very well and complimented each others wrestling styles. Additionally, the crowd was heavily invested in the storyline, which went beyond Sting and Flair. Standing ringside for the bout was The Steiner Brothers, Junkyard Dog and more. This was to insure there would be no interference from Ole Anderson and The Four Horsemen. Throughout the match, Flair tried numerous times to cheat, each time being thwarted by the good guys at ringside. Flair seized the opportunity and went for his patented figure four leg lock. But Sting quickly counted the move with a small package and got the three count. The crowd erupted, as Sting celebrated with The Steiner Brothers and Junkyard Dog. Despite losing the title for the 6th time, Flair would go on to win the championship several more times.

Royal Rumble ’94: Yokozuna vs. Undertaker

I guess I have a huge guilty pleasure for this match because Yokozuna is my favorite over-size wrestler and his best match (that didn’t involve his Tag Team match with Owen Hart) was his Casket Match with Undertaker at Royal Rumble ’94. Undertaker was so over-powered that it took half of the heel roster to finish him off and put him in the casket. It was a very chaotic match that made it amazing to see all the heels doing their most evilest to beat the powerful force of ‘Taker. But after Yokozuna finally put Taker in the Casket, then came the scariest moment in all of wrestling, Undertaker’s resurrection inside that casket! It didn’t have a great in-ring work but it had the some of the best drama and finishes that I’ve ever seen in a single match.

Dr. Death Steve Williams vs. Kenta Kobashi

This is some of the toughest looking matches I’ve ever seen. Dr. Death Steve Williams is some of the best technical powerhouses the world of wrestling has ever had. His moves were some of the most painful looking I’ve ever seen and to my surprise, Kenta Kobashi was able to withstand and endure every trick that Steve Williams had to pull. You probably have seen wrestling like this before, but this is one that had some of the devastating effect that I’ve seen throughout the 1990s. Throughout the entire match, we always had near-falls and multiple instances where it looks like it can end, but they kept going. This match is really damn good, but what it’s missing the most is a good story to tell which is why it’s off the list.

Number 10.  –  King of the Ring ’98RAW 6/29/1998: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane

My favorite time of being a WWF fan was 1998 when we had only four major stars tearing each other up; Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mankind, and Kane (and possibly Vince McMahon if you believe that). Though this was Austin at his prime, this was also Kane’s prime as well were we had an actual horror-like monster as a wrestling persona that happened to be one of the best mystique characters of all time. He’s had a an awesome debut interfering the Undertaker’s match with HBK in the first Hell in a Cell, nearly this close to finish Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Tombstone Pete Rose (twice), and even even took his rivalry with Taker in the most dangerous match, the Inferno Match! It really built his character all the way to a WWF Championship against Stone Cold. And quite frankly, I’m putting two matches in two consecutive nights in this very list!

Sure, everyone thinks it’s blasphemy that I put this match over the King of the Ring Hell in the Cell match between Mankind and Undertaker, but the match between Kane and Austin is what truly defined the Attitude Era more-so than that match! It’s really cool to see a first blood-match but pretty obvious of who’s going to loose because Kane had his mask on, but it didn’t matter because this very match this match threw everything on the table to make it recognize it as Attitude. We’re talking about taking the fight to the crowd, interferences with Taker and Foley, close-call finishers, many attempted murders (pouring gasoline on Ref), and even bringing the Hell in the Cell down making it a gimmick match that was damaged earlier (Mankind vs. Undertaker). But that nasty chair shot that Taker did on Austin was some of the most effective and it gave Kane his title. That was some of my favorite heel victories of all professional wrestling because it left us asking for more!

And more is what we got because the following night on free TV, we were given a rematch between the two as main event of Raw is War. Thought it probably could have been better, this was a fantastic climax between the two that captures fan satisfactory! It we’re judging on fan reactions for this match, there was no bigger fan reaction than seeing Austin win the championship on free TV. The way he stunnered Kane for that victory was some of the most brutal that I’ve ever seen from any stunners that Austin gave to his victims. Many say that it wasn’t fair that Kane only had his championship in less than 24 hours and they should have made that title-reign longer, but I doubt we’re ever going to see the same Kane from the 1990s because his mystique is completely gone. Nevertheless, this was some of my favorite moments in the WWF and each time I look back at it, it reminds me why I’m still a wrestling fan!


Number 9.  –  Hardcore Heaven ’99: Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

Image result for ecw n64

For those wondering why this is the only ECW match that made it on the list it’s because some of the sloppy hardcore matches had great stories and the athletic matches get no story in them. That’s why Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn is a perfect balance between both and delivered some of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen. If someone told fans that Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn were each created with the other mind, it’d be hard to argue. Their fantastic chemistry led to a number of great matches for ECW including their bouts at Guilty as Charged 2001 and Living Dangerously 1999. It’s their match at Hardcore Heaven 1999 that is their masterwork. An incredible pace saw Lynn and Van Dam hit move after move, leg drops and avalanche bulldogs and just about everything in each man’s arsenal. The match featured more mat wrestling than one might expect, but plenty of the most furious flying moves as well. Their fight spilled to the outside; their fight hypnotized. There were most instances where it looks like they’ve botched, but they somehow kept going in delivering some of the best performances that the promotion has ever had! I was in complete awe when watching this match for the first time and wonder why WCW and WWF hasn’t had performers in their roster that could make matches and storytelling like this. This was all about being “The Whole F’ing Show” and they had to prove it, televised. What separates this from their other matches is how much drama they created near the end, how real their desperation felt and how drained it all left fans afterward. Tell me, what other match in the history of wrestling where the match was so good that it was on the cover of a video game (i.e. ECW Hardcore Revolution on the N64)?

Number 8.  –  Nitro 4/26/99:  Sting vs. Diamond Dallas Page

This may shock a lot of people that this match sits on at the top of my list. This match for the WCW World Title and in my eyes the best television match ever aired on WCW programming and possibly one of the best matches in the whole Monday Night Wars. Sting and DDP put on an instant classic on this edition of Monday Nitro on April 26, 1999. The battle between two of the most popular WCW competitors of all time was a truly memorable moment among the chaos that was unraveling in the WCW front offices. But don’t think this was some technical classic. The match quickly degraded into an all-out brawl as DDP and The Stinger taunted each other and exchanged blows in the center of the ring to start the match. As the action spilled in and out of the ring, neither legendary grappler maintained an advantage in the contest. It was a thrilling back-and-forth war, but the true highlight of the contest was that there was no outside interference. Instead, two of WCW’s finest waged war in an effort to determine the champion. DDP was the heel champ and at this point in his career was in his prime. Sting on the other hand was past his prime yet still had what it took to put on a great World Title Match. The uninterrupted contest finally came to an end when Sting countered the Diamond Cutter into a Scorpion Death Drop to win his fifth WCW Title. We haven’t seen a crowd pop for the three count since Goldberg defeated Hollywood Hogan or Austin and his zamboni and it was magical to see such a roar happen at the end of the match. Sadly, Sting’s fifth World Title reign would not last long. He would lose it in a Four Corners Match 90 minutes later. Make it a point to watch this match. It was indeed one of Sting’s great, if not his greatest of matches.


Number 7.  –  Wrestle War 92: Sting Squadron  vs.
The Dangerous Alliance  – War Games

We have the greatest faction vs. faction of all time and this was all thanks to the genius Paul Hayman (Paul E. Dangerously) who made this into a reality. We have Sting, Nikita Koloff, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham to go up against  Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Steve Austin, Larry Zbyszko, Rick Rude. All of these men have a huge history with each other. The War Games has always been WCW’s best gimmick matches where they take a large team against another team in a two-ring cage that makes a chaotic experience. Violence, brawls, and athleticism were all displayed perfectly in this very match.  One by one as the wrestlers got into the ring, kept the adrenaline with between these teams to be more fierce and violent at the point where it has became the best that WCW has ever had to offer. Not even the New World Order would dare to make a masterful match like this one. I never got bored watching this War Game. Hell it was crazy to see Madusa (valet for Dangerous Alliance) to go up the cage to give her teammate a weapon and Sting came chasing after her. When Sting finally came into the ring, it became the most electrifying moment of the match. All of these men have done almost every wrestling trick in the book, plus more like taking off the top rope ring because the hatred between these two teams were that intense. It is hands down the best WarGames match in existence, thanks in major part to the caliber of athlete who participated in the match. Over half the participants bled buckets in the match, featured great storyline and paid off the months long rivalry between The Alliance and their biggest rivals.

Number 6.  –  Wrestlemania X:  Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon

This match was the first ladder match ever on WWE PPV and probably the best one ever as well. Shawn Michaels had been the Intercontinental Champion until he got suspended and had to forfeit the belt. Razor Ramon was the new Intercontinental Champion with Michaels out and when the Heartbreak Kid returned, their was dispute over who was the real champion. There was so many creative ways that they used the ladder against each other that left an imprint on both of their careers. HBK went out there and had a match with the ladder. For that time in wrestling, it was one of a kind and nothing we have ever seen before! The bumps these two were taking were amazing and had our eyes glued to the TV. No wrestling fan will ever forget the splash HBK took from off the ladder to Razor. That image will remain as one of the most important images in WWE history. The reason why is because this match made Shawn Michaels, Mr. WrestleMania and this really showed that he was ready for the main event! This was the first night he stole show and he never looked back after it! The Showstopper had arrived! They settled their differences in this ladder match at WrestleMania 10. Although Shawn Michaels put on one of his best performances ever, Razor Ramon won the match and became the undisputed Intercontinental Champion. Razor and Michaels had a second Ladder Match again in SummerSlam ’95 but it wasn’t as beautifully worked as their match at WrestleMania X.

Number 5.  –  Wrestlemania X: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart 

Image result for bret vs owen

It has been debated which match was the best part of Wrestlemania X? Well since I’ve already mentioned the ladder match in the Number 5 pick, obviously I had have to go with Bret vs. Own as the best match of WMX. This is without a doubt the best opening match that I’ve ever seen! We’re talking about two brothers going at it one-on-one by delivering the best technical match you can possibly ask for!  On any other night, the classic between Bret “Hit Man” Hart and his brother Owen Hart would have been considered the match of the night. The Hart brothers put on a memorable clinic in their opening match of WrestleMania X. Owen had an early advantage and worked on Bret’s injured leg for much of the match, but Bret looked to have things going his way as the match progressed. Both brothers connected with a bulldog, piledriver, superplex, sharpshooters, and almost every wrestling move that I can imagine all put in here but nothing could keep each other down. You have to see this match to believe how much of a masterpiece of a match that they’ve created. Bret tried to send Owen into the corner with an Irish whip, but Owen countered and followed him in. Bret went for a victory roll, but Owen reversed into his own pinning combination and scored the major upset, but it still is today the best opening match in any PPV. We’ll never see Owen be a main eventer, but Bret unselfishly gave his brother a moment to remember, even despite the fact that he had a main event match on the same night. I mean it when this match is very good and it deserved to last as long as it needed to be because it was a fantastic feud between the two. It was all athleticism in wrestling at it’s purest and it should be watched if you want to get into the wrestling business. love this match and this holds up as the best match of Wrestlemania X! For the fact that we have Wrestlemania X matches in this Top 10 should show you why Wrestlemania X is one of the best wrestling shows of all time!

Number 4.  –  Wrestlemania 13:  Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Image result for bret vs stone coldI will always say that the Wrestlemania 12 match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels is the most overrated match in wrestling history. It is the Titanic of wrestling, where no matter how hard you try to convince me that it’s the greatest, the reasons will always be irrelevant. Bret Hart has redeemed himself by putting on a much better wrestling match with his best rival Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Now if you want to talk bloody matches, here’s one for you. It would be on this night that Austin would truly become “Stone Cold” and begin his march to the top of the WWF. This match would be one much different than their Survivor Series battle. In the fact this was less of a wrestling match and more of a street fight. Bret Hart came in as the face and Stone Cold was the heel, but after this match, which Bret Hart was declared the winner, their roles switched and made Stone Cold Steve Austin the star that he is today. This match was filled with the use of outside objects and Austin was cut open and bleeding from his head by the end of the match. This match was certainly not Hart’s specialty, but you wouldn’t know it by watching the match. “The Hitman” was just as ruthless and cold as Austin on this night, eventually leading to the unforgettable Shapshooter that would leave “Stone Cold” unconscious and bloody in the middle of the ring.  Although Austin never said the words “I quit,” he passed out from the pain and loss of blood, so referee Ken Shamrock declared Hart the winner. Austin may not have won the match, but his performance made him the new top guy in the company. This match sparked the ‘Attitude Era’ and was the birth of Stone Cold Steve Austin as the face of the company.

Number 3.  –  Wrestlemania VIIMacho King Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior

Many can say Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VI was the best match of the early 90’s and many say that Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania III is the best match of the 1980s, but I can easily say that this Wrestlemania match is better than both of those matches combined! Yes, I said it and I regret nothing! The stipulation was the loser of the match has to retire and the stakes were so much higher than anyone’s booking in a Wrestlemania. Warrior came in walking (not running) in the ring trying to save his energy because never was a wild man like him ever so serious about one match. The match started with each man posing for the crowd as Macho King gets booed and Warrior gets cheered. From then on, the match kept pacing itself effortlessly with great athleticism and amazing backfire of the ruse of Savage and Queen Sherri. Sherri’s involvement in the match was pure genius as it continues to bring heat on the king and queen. It was babyface vs heel at it’s finest as Macho did everything imaginable to take down the power of the Warrior. I never seen a match between two wrestlers to be so intense that it continues to bring chills down my spine because it combines physicality, athleticism, showmanship, and technicality all into one and it went non-stop. Sherri was definitely the most hated in the match because of interfering way too much in this match that made Warrior so desperate to knock her out. Image result for macho king vs ultimate warriorJust a perfectly booked match with so many memorable moments throughout! I still can’t believe that Warrior kicked out of five top-rope elbow drops by Macho King and Macho kicking out of Warrior’s press slam-splash combo. I still couldn’t believe how unpredictable this match really was and it kept me wondering who was going to win this match. Nobody wants to retire when they’re still at their prime and both of these wrestlers showed their passion of this sport because of everything they’ve done in this very match. Warrior was about to leave the match because neither one of these men could give up this match but the excitement kept going non-stop. And then finally this match finally ends when Warrior applied three running shoulder blocks on Savage that took the wind out of him that left him out of victory. But the story of this match doesn’t end there. The real drama, however, occurred after the match when Macho was attacked by his manager Sensational Sherri and then saved by his former manager and ex-girlfriend Miss Elizabeth. As the real life couple reconciled, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. This was some of the best babyface turn I’ve ever seen where even though the heel lost the match and his manager, he won everyone’s hearts by returning to his lover Miss Elizabeth. There is a clear reason why these two deserve my ranking of as the number 1 couple of professional wrestling! We’ve waited forever for these two to come back together and there was no perfect time to put these two back together than in Wrestlemania 7 that lead to the best on-screen wedding in wrestling at Summerslam 1991. No doubt, this is THE Best post-match moments of all time! This is a match that goes down as one of, if not, the best Wrestlemania match of ever because it went beyond anyone’s expectations and towards the end of the match, the loser is celebrated like the Rocky movie! It’s a moment that can never be replicated and it holds a special place in many of our hearts!

Number 2.  –  Bad Blood ’97:  The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, Hell in a Cell

This was the very first Hell in a Cell match in the WWF and it still is my personal favorite match that the promotion has has delivered, not just Hell in a Cell. At Bad Blood in 1997, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker faced off for the chance to battle Bret Hart at Survivor Series for the WWF Championship. Before we had that infamous screwjob in that Pay Per View, we were given a taste of what would the WWF be heading to in the Attitude Era. Undertaker was quick to bring the fight to Michaels during the beginning of the match with Michaels mostly unable to mount an offense of his own. Taker was so brutal and unforgiving that he even woke up from a Sweet Chin Music-Super Kick from Michaels and brought the match outside of the cage. At one point in the match, both men were fighting on top of the cell and Michaels was knocked off. With Michaels dangling helplessly, Taker stomped on his fingers forcing him to let go and fall through the spanish announce table. To my surprise, he fell off from the cage to the table a year earlier than the Mankind incident in King of the Ring ’98 in the same match-type from the same opponent. Some of you are wondering why I didn’t put the Mankind vs. Undertaker match in the list of the greatest matches of the 1990s. Well, I have full respect to that historic event, but the Image result for hell in a cell falls 1997match was too real and when there’s no wrestling going on, it simply tested my patients. And let’s not mention that, just like that match, every Hell in a Cell match up is trying to one-up against Hell in a Cell ’97; fight on top of the cell, the big bump to the announcer’s table, and tremendous shock value throughout. The match between Michaels and Taker was so much better and more real than that other Hell in a Cell match. In fact, this match was so damn real that when Shawn Michaels was dripping blood from the top of the cage to the camera man who was below them had Michaels’s drops of blood landing on him and he shouted “Ah shit!” And let’s not forget the every first bump from the top of the cell that every Hell in the Cell match after it tries to one-up, but at the end, end up just imitating.  This match is one that’s still fun to watch over and over again, and it’s never boring. Once the two made it back into the ring, Taker was ready to put Michaels away… until the debuting Kane hit Taker with a Tombstone Piledriver, ultimately handing the win to Michaels. That debut of Kane was some of the most exciting, surprising, and epic debuts that any professional wrestler has ever had! And who can ever forget Vince McMahon on commentary making the revolutionary qoute, Unknown“That’s gotta be… That’s gotta be… That’s gotta be Kane! That’s gotta be Kane!” It was the biggest turning point that I’ve ever see in in a wresting match but it was one hell of an impression! I’m not one who likes interference in any sport, but this here is a BIG exception because Kane was nowhere to be seen, but Paul Bearer (Undertaker’s former manager) kept building up and hinting that Undertaker burned his brother for dead only to announce that he’s still alive. And even the outfit and props certainly made his presence look so menacing that he’s worth keeping in the WWE roster to this very day. No longer was Undertaker the most intimidating figure of all of wrestling, but also made Kane a run for his money in terms of being a big highlight. So what makes this Hell in a Cell match better than any cage stipulation in the whole industry? How about doing all of these innovative things that ended up being the standard or even the ultimate measuring stick for every blood-sport caging up their contenders? This still is the best Hell in a Cell match that I’ve ever seen and that’s all thanks to the non-stop action that kept going throughout! If I could pick one match that I like to present to the world that wrestling is a hobby worth anyone’s time, I can’t think of a more exciting event in the sport’s history than the first ever Hell in a Cell match.


Number 1.  –  Royal Rumble Match 1992

Every year when the Royal Rumble comes around, a sense of nostalgia kicks in as wrestling fans remember Rumble moments from the past and relive them because they are what made the Rumble such an important match in the first place. In terms of the actual Royal Rumble match and which one was the best, the clear choice is 1992. While there were many others that can be considered great, Four words: Ric Flair, one hour, along with the greatest collection of wrestlers and spots ever in a singular match. Flair just came from WCW and WWF treated their best wrestler like a star. Though he only came out at number 3, at that point in time never was there a wrestler that stay in that ring as long as Ric has to the very end of the match. Part of what made the Royal Rumble 1992 so damn special is that it’s the ONLY Royal Rumble where the winner wins the vacated WWF Championship. For the fact that it still stands as the only Royal Rumble match for the WWF Championship makes the storytelling and the in-ring action even more exciting to watch. If you look at the star power in the 1992 Royal Rumble, it can be argued that it was the most star studded Rumble ever. Here’s a listing at some of the names in the match that are already in the WWE Hall of Fame or likely will be one day: British Bulldog (#1), Ted Dibiase (#2), Ric Flair (#3), Shawn Michaels (#6), Tito Santana (#7), Texas Tornado (#9), Greg Valentine (#11), Nikolai Volkoff (#12), Big Boss Man (#13), Roddy Piper (#15), Jake Roberts (#16), Jim Duggan (#17), Jimmy Snuka (#19), The Undertaker (#20), Randy Savage (#21), Hulk Hogan (#26), Sgt. Slaughter (#28) and Sid Justice (#29) Those are 18 names. Of those names, if you picked out the top five all-time stars in the match you could go with Hogan, Flair, Michaels, Undertaker and Savage as one of the strongest groups of top five names in Royal Rumble history. That’s without mentioning a guy like Piper too. A key part of every Rumble is building up contenders to win. The fans watching at home have to believe most of the performers have a chance to win. If the big names of the contestants in this Royal Rumble didn’t even excite you (hard to imagine anyone wouldn’t be half amused), you had the best commentary, best surprises, best spots, and some of the most surprising moments that occurred in this match. I mean for fuck sake, Hulk Hogan didn’t even win the match and that was certainly a highlight of the show. For an hour of a match, the excitement never stopped thanks to commentary job by Heenan, who was firmly in the corner of Ric Flair. He was known as an advisor to Flair and whenever he did commentary of Flair’s matches he made it no secret that he was going to support his friend no matter what anybody else thought. At one point he looked like he was going to have a heart attack and that’s part of him being a lovable heel. This is the match that truly showcased why Flair (thought his stay there was short-lived) was the Man for WWF fans who might not have realized it. They really featured Flair as the guy to be the main guy in the match. That’s exactly what he was. Flair lasted the longest in the match by going 59:26 as the 3rd man in. He was responsible for the elimination of five men: British  Bulldog, Texas Tornado, Big Boss Man, Randy Savage and Sid Justice. Savage would be his opponent at WrestleMania 8 a couple of months later, so it was smart to have Flair eliminate him here. A lot of the guys attacked him when they got in the ring whether they were heel or face. It was as if he was the guy that had the target in his back because he came from the NWA/WCW and they didn’t want him to win the match. He did so many Flair flops and had so many moments where it looked like he was going to get eliminated. This was before the days where Shawn Michaels would skin the cat all the time and people would copy him. It was more basic moves to save himself, but Flair did everything he could to hang on. The final four in this match was the best choice of four wrestlers ever with Hogan, Savage, Sid, and Flair. Savage got eliminated, but what’s surprising of all is that Hogan didn’t win the match. The crowd popped the moment Sid threw Hogan over when Hulk tried to eliminate Ric Flair. And the moment Flair won, it was fan-pleasing moment when we all heard Bobby Heenan shout “YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! I told you Monsoon! I told you Monsoon!” Sure there have been better in-ring action and more well-told story lines in wrestling over the years, but no other match really had so much excitement. Hell, even the post-match interview with Flair was biblical! A lot of these feuds after the match carried on at Wrestlemania 8, but for this very match where everything was on the line, Flair showed everybody with his performance at the 1992 Royal Rumble that he truly is one of the greatest wrestlers ever. It was Flair at his absolute best. Woo!!!

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