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Top 10 Video Games of 2012

Number 10.  –  Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 picks up five years after the original game ended. The Vault promised advanced alien technology and untold riches but all it delivered was (as the intro refers to it) ‘tentacled disappointment’. The opening of the Vault did cause one unforeseen development; the discovery of a new and valuable mineral known as eridium. The Hyperion Corporation, led by the villainous Handsome Jack, has come to Pandora to control the planet’s reserves of said mineral. Needless to say Pandora hasn’t thrived under Hyperion and Jack’s iron-fisted rule. Rumours of a new Vault containing great rewards have started circulating again and that’s where you, as a Vault Hunter, come into the story. Borderlands 2 is the rare kind of sequel that eliminates almost all of the faults from the first game, and makes improvements in other areas as well. While I can sit here and say I’d have loved at least one game-changing improvement, the reality is that Gearbox has done a truly fantastic job with the game. The characters are funny, and the tone of the game (i.e. irreverent, funny and over the top) is perfectly pitched and suits the game world perfectly. If you enjoyed the first Borderlands then picking up the sequel is a no brainer. If you didn’t grab the first game then there’s no better time to join the fun.

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