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Wrestlemania 14 Review

Wrestlemania 13 was the first Wrestlemania during the attitude era, however there were a lot of things missing in that card where there were a lot of unmemorable matches (except for Bret vs. Austin) and a lot of people lost interest with the WWF tuning into WCW instead. There hasn’t been a Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 1 where Vince McMahon took the biggest risk for the WWF. Since WM 13, there has been a lot of negative responses for WWF where the company screwed Bret Hart in the Montreal Screwjob, lack of quality matches, and many top stars that used to be in the WWF are now in WCW, beating WWF in the ratings. 1997, despite how more qualitative the matches has became, was hurting the WWF financially and they needed to get back on their feet in order to survive. Coming into Wrestlemania 14 was  a big risk to make to gather a bigger audience because of all the advertisements trying to get people into buy this show and also featuring “Iron” Mike Tyson of all people to be the special guest referee in the main event. The hype surrounding this event was going mad crazy having Stone Cold Steve Austin and Tyson starting a fight on an episode of Monday Night Raw that got a ton of people’s attention. The WWF has started the Attitude Era, but they needed a big bang to put this new era into full force. The WWF finally got caught up in the times again and went where Ted Turner and WCW could never go – like hardcore wrestling, profanity, violent matches, and explicit sexuality. There is a good reason why the Attitude Era is so loved by many and this was the show that not only popularized Wrestling once again, but also got the WWF to begin creating the times with this new movement. Wrestlemania 14 was a huge game changer and is the second most important Wrestlemania of all time, so let’s take a look at this card to see why!

Image result for 15 battle royal wrestlemania 1415-Team Battle Royal – This was a Wrestlemania 2 style Battle Royal where 14 tag teams were determined, so bringing out the 15th team was the biggest surprise of all. Sunny (making her last Wrestlemania appearance) began introducing and managing the Legion of Doom making their return to the WWF. Their match here compared to their match in last year’s Wrestlemania was gold where they took on a lot of tag teams that are forgotten over the years. Though I’m against the rule of one of the teammate eliminated the partner in the ring has to leave. Considering that there were a lot of forgettable tag teams in late-1997/early 1998, it was confusing to know who side is on who’s. Though Bradshaw had to leave because his partner got eliminated, there were plenty of wrestlers that had their partners eliminated that still remained in the ring. It was definitely flawed considering that there are 30 men in the ring and there was so much going on at once that the Jim Ross and Jerry Lawer were confused on what’s going on. However I have to appreciate the final 2 teams where The Road Warrior survived this long to take on the Midnight Express. It was the right decision to have Hawk and Animal to win the match, making it a fantastic opening match already making this Wrestlemania to have a great start!
Match Score: 4/5

Taka Michinoku (c) vs. Aguila – Light Heavywieght Championship – It’s ashame that the Light Heavyweight division in the WWF is very obscured and forgotten because it lost credibility because the parody Gilberg won it for over a year (not having any booking for that long) and there weren’t that many matches including the Light Heavyweight matches. It’s a shamed really because WCW did their Cruizerweight and international style wrestling incredibly well back in the day and WWF tried to do their take on this style of mid-card wrestling to include Aguila and Michinoku. This match was all in-ring work and highflying moves that perfectly works well. I wonder why nobody remembers this match because it was an incredibly well performed match. It’s a real surprise to find a match like this in a Wrestlemania card because you expect to see something like this in a WCW Starcade instead. I think that the Attitude Era would have welcomed this style of wrestling if only the bookers of the WWF could make great stories for this division and unfortunately, later in that year that had to give it to “Gilberg” and had to hold it over a year and have VERY little television appearances. Anyway, Taka Michinoku won the match and that’s left without anything to remember, unfortunately.
Match Score: 5/5

Triple H (c) (with Chyna) vs Owen Hart – European Championship – This was when Triple H started having an identity when he formed D-Generation-X with Shawn Michaels and it was a big improvement compared to all of his moments when he was simply Hunter Hearst Helmsley. As a result this match was so much better than his last year’s Wrestlemania match with Goldust, and it’s thanks to having Owen Hart as Hunter’s dance partner. The stipulation here is since Chyna has interfered with nearly all of Triple H’s matches, she’s now handcuffed to Sgt. Slaughter. The wrestling between Owen and Hunter was a nice and basic wrestling match, but I remember this match mostly for Owen Hart breaking his nose in the match, it was not a pretty sight. I did indeed enjoy the finish where Chyna grabbed power and tossed into Slaughter’s eyes and help interfere this match for Triple H’s win with a low blow to Owen. But I will say one thing about Owen here in this match, I was certainly surprised to see hims remain loyal to the WWF even though everyone in the Hart family despised what Vince McMahon did to Bret Hart in the Montreal Screwjob.
Match Score: 4/5

Marc Mero and Sable vs The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust and Luna – This was where the Goldust character was really loosing it’s consistency where now he’s called “The Artist Formerly Known” which is just not very good in my book. However, what was very good was how well Sable and her jealous husband Marc Mero carried out this match. Sable used to be the most popular woman in the WWF because not only was she incredibly attractive, but she had the attitude to perform great matches and the aggressiveness that no other woman had in the business at the time. This was the first time since Chyna’s debut where the women wrestlers did a much better job than the men she’s booked up with. Sable was so empowering that she simply got the crowd roaring in her control and that’s someone like a Hulk Hogan can do. Admittedly, it’s not much to say because Goldust and Luna were more or less a joke in this match, but it was all Sable showing that she’s not just a pretty face and because of it she won this match. It’s a shamed that her WWF career was so short-lived because she had sexual harassment problems with the WWF, but if she advanced her career, who knows more memorable she would have been today. This match really showed her potential and it’s impressive to watch a pretty face like her to be taken seriously.
Match Score: 4/5

The Rock (c) vs. Ken Shamrock – Intercontinental Championship – I love this match. I consider this one of the defining moments of both The Rock’s and Shamrock’s wrestling careers. It was a wise booking decision to make The Rock one of the biggest heels in the WWF and evolve him from the generic Rocky Marvia that wasn’t going anywhere. This was a very chaotic match between two competitors where Shamrock earned the name “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” to have a great rivalry with the Nation of Domination’s leader. Ken Shamrock really showed his power in this match because he was able to cream The Rock and still took on Kama Mustafa, Mark Henry & D’Lo Brown who were there on ringside. Even though the Rock fought back with all he had, it was not enough to keep Shamrock down. It was pleasurable to see The Rock getting what he deserved considering how hated he was in the WWF and even had ex-leader of the Nation of Domination to betray The Rock before he tapped out to Shamrock’s ankle lock. But it was not enough for Ken Shamrock because he was going batshit crazy not only still beating up the Rock and what’s left in the Nation, but also the referees and the bodyguards as well that lead him to suddenly get stripped out of the Intercontinental Championship and still remained to the Rock just to get more heat as a heel. This was a very well done match that just made both of these men bigger stars, but in the end it was the Rock became the bigger star out of the two.
Match Score: 5/5

Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. The New Age Outlaws (c) – Dumpster Match for the Tag Team Championship – Foley and Funk are the most iconic hardcore legends in the wrestling world and they both had great chemistry together, both rivals and tag teams. This was a fantastic hardcore match where the object of the game was to put both members in the dumpster and close the lids to win the match. It was a crazy match that was totally fun. Both teams tried everything to put both opponents in the dumpster that they’ve included all sorts of non-wrestling objects as weapons and also included a ladder where Mick Foley and Billy Gunn both fell from the ladder to the dumpster. The brawl went so insane that they brought the fight backstage just to find another dumpster just to not only put New Age Outlaws in there, but seal the lids with a crater to win the Tag Team Championships, and deservedly so. The attitude era needed these two ECW stars to show what hardcore wrestling’s about and since then the attitude era continued this tradition that started in ECW.
Match Score: 5/5

Undertaker vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
– The Undertaker was having a very easy Wrestlemania streak in his earlier years in his WWF career, until he finally faced guys like Diesel that was his size. Then he faced Sid for the WWF Championship in last year’s Wrestlemania, but the toughest opponent of all had to be his brother Kane. The on-and-off rivalry between these two brothers was incredibly dark and more well written. This was around the time where the WWF wanted the Attitude era to give the Undertaker to a much darker direction and what better way than to have his brother Kane to comeback for revenge for burning his parents alive as a child only having Kane as the only survivor. Kane was a hell of a scary wrestler, and back there was a mystic with both Taker and Kane, it was epic.  Kane made an amazing debut by interfering Undertaker in the very first Hell in a Cell match, Taker tried to make peace with his brother, then got breathed again when he was put in the casket in the Casket Match in Royal Rumble 1998 to have the casket on fire. This was a very personal match between the two, so we were all looking forward to seeing this match. Image result for wrestlemania 14 pete roseBut right before the match, the infamous Pete Rose came in just to bash Boston. Then suddenly, Kane interrupted Rose’s cut and Tombstoned him on the live crowd. It was simply epic to witness a celebrity getting squashed like that on television and the Wreslemania tradition of having Pete Rose getting Tombstoned by Kane in the next Wrestlemania was gold, but they should have had more of it. But the match between Kane and Undertaker (though they both had better matches later in the 1998) it was outstanding. I never had seen the Undertaker this vulnerable which uprises Kane’s intimidation, his character, and mystic. For the first time ever, I thought that Kane was going to break Undertaker’s streak because at this time he was the closest to defeat Undertaker at Wrestlemania. There was a series of TombstonesImage result for pete rose tombstone, chokeslams, brawls, nearfalls, and hard hits that really look like it would hurt. I still will never forget that Undertaker took a suicide dive over the top rope and landed on the Spanish announcer’s table. Even though Undertaker defeated Kane in three tombstones, it was interesting to see Taker still getting hurt in the aftermath of the match showing that even though he won the battle the war is not over. The build up for this match went on since Bad Blood 1997, and after Wrestlemania 14, these two still kept fighting each other in the Inferno Match at Unforgiven, a Hell in a Cell matches in Monday Night Raw, and even getting involved with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWF Championship. No doubt was this the second best rivalry of the WWF in 1998 (behind Austin vs. McMahon) and it continued to evolve both of those characters, even though it became inconsistent as they continue this trend over the years. Despite how inconstant Kane and Undertaker has became in the later years, this very match has got to be one of their best when they desperately hated each other like Cane and Able.
Match Score: 6/5

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels (c) – WWF Championship – This was the match that set the standard of what the Attitude was all about. Shawn Michaels was infamous for being responsible for the Montreal Screwjob and he had no sympathy for what he has done to Bret Hart. The only man left that was worthy of facing The Heartbreak Kid at a Wrestlemania main event was the man who did not tap out when he face Bret Hart in last year’s wrestlemania; Stone Cold Steve Austin. Because Austin showed how much of a badass he was passing out in the sharpshooter and started to piss Vince McMahon in the later years, got his popularity rising up and this was the match that he needed to forever establish himself as the all time great! Austin set himself for trouble when he got the whole D-Generation-X, Vince McMahon, and even Mike Tyson to go against him, how’s able to win this match? The answer, do what Stone Cold does best. Shawn Michaels was also in some serious shit when he injured himself in that Casket Match against the Undertaker at Royal Rumble 1998 and it didn’t look like he was going to last very long in this match. Surprisingly enough, he managed to keep up with the match and did his best to keep Austin down. For a man with an injured back, Shawn was able to move just like he normally did. Austin was really rough on Michaels where he was brawling him away and the crowd was cheering with all their might for Austin to win. It was insane that Triple H and Chyna interfered in the match to save Shawn but was sent out of the ringside area to continue their one on one fight. Then there was that one instance where Austin Irish whipped Shawn to the corner but Shawn failed to to the backflip that he normally did just to hurt his back even more. At first it didn’t look like it was going to continue the match, similar to Stone Cold’s broken neck incident, but amazing Shawn got back up on his feet trying to get ready for his Sweat Chin Music. Just when he was about to apply that kick, Image result for mike tyson wrestlemania 14Austin reversed it to go for a stunner, then Shawn reversed it to do that kick again, but Austin grabbed hold of his leg, taunted him, and did the Stunner. Then suddenly, Mike Tyson came in the ring and fast counted for Austin’s victory. Instantly, as that three count has hit, Jim Ross shouted “Austin! Austin! Austin! The Austin Era has begun!” and right he was. Shawn represent the New Generation Era and all of his prick-ish times that he has done to the wrestlers backstage was forever over because he had to retire for that broken back (which he did deserve for that Montreal Screwjob) and the times had to continue with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the face of the company. 1998 was the year of Austin and McMahon as their rivalry really brought back the audience to tune back into the WWF’s product. The best part of the whole match was the aftermath when Shawn got back to call betrayal to Mike Tyson only to get punched square in the face and lie flat on the floor. This was the right booking for the right winner and it was certainly one hell of a memorable Wrestlemania moment!
Match Score: 6/5

Image result for 15 battle royal wrestlemania 14

This has to go down as some of the best Wrestlemania of all time. There was not a single bad match in this card, but instead each of these matches represented aspects of the Attitude Era and what is to come for the WWF after this show. There are so many things that made the Attitude Era the most beloved time of Wrestling and it’s all thanks to this very Wrestling show. There was so much hype and build up leading to this show that blew everyone away, only to have the WWF to deliver even more stuff like this in their later years. New stars were being made, more memorable moments were created, and even more surprises that forever leaves us with an undying impression. In my humble opinion, this has got to be the best Wrestlemania during the Attitude Era because of the quality we were getting from this very show. Because of the main event, Stone Cold Steve Austin is some of the biggest names of the wrestling world and still to this day he continues make everyone excited which is what wrestling is seriously lacking today. There was not a single bad match on this show – it was really consistent with starting out with three 4 out of 5 matches, three 5 out of 5 matches, and two 6 out of 5 matches towards the end. This, and Wrestlemania X, are the only Wrestlemanias that has two 6 out of 5 matches in their card! That should tell you why this show is a must see for everyone, not just wrestling fans! The only negative about this show is that the main band singing this show, Chris Warren (the guy who made the theme song for D-Generation-X) and his band played horribly when they played “America” and everyone in the stadium booed them. If that’s the only thing that’s flawed that has nothing to do with any the matches should tell you how good this show really is! Nobody can ever take away the historical significance, the meaning of this show, and what it represents. It really represents that the WWF was trying to find a direction and finally nailed it and went full force for many years to come. Like Wrestlemania 3 that took wrestling to an entirely different stratosphere, Wrestlemania 14 was that moment in time that did it once again and helped the company to be later to be once again the king of professional wrestling again.

The Top Lister’s Score for Wrestlemania 14:


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Top 10 Worst Things of the 1990s

Just to let everyone know that I really love growing up in the 90’s and still cherish this decade for everything that I can remember. However, there’s no decade that’s perfect because there are of course good days and bad days for every single year. Of course I won’t be nitpicky for technologies, graphics, or cultures (backwards hat for example) that aged terribly because anything old in general can age badly. I’m looking at aspects of the 1990s that caused us grief and disappointments. The 1990s is infamous for being violent, drug-heavy, and rowdy than any other decade. And at the same time there were horrible moments in this era like these ten worst things in the 1990s. But despite anything I say in this list, this decade as a whole is WAY better than the 2000’s which I declare as the worst decade since the great depression. Before I make a list of the ten best things of the 1990s, let’s just look at the worst. As must was we desire to go back to this time, just remember that if we could possibly do so, we have to endure the punishment that came from this decade.

Number 10.  –  Too Many Consoles

I will still stand to my guts and stick with saying that gaming in the 1990s is the best time of gaming, however I will have to admit that there were downfalls of this decade of gaming. Why? Because there were just too many competitors trying to compete against Sega, Nintendo, and Sony like the NEO GEO, Turbografx-16, Atari Jaguar, 3D), and so many more that you need to see for yourself! Here’s the problem, as much as manufacturers and game companies like to say that the Genesis and Super Nintendo is inferior to their product, they still failed to do the most important thing; sell games. It was difficult to see if whether or not if any of their advertisement is true of propaganda to take so much money from you. Today, it’s easy to know what to spend our money on by looking it up on the internet and see other’s recommendation that actually tested it. If you want to take a look at some of the worst consoles of all time, just take a look at any system released in the 1990s with the Sega Saturn and Turbografx-16 being an exception. There were just more hardware than software. Even worse, buying a system is not good enough so we forced ourselves to buy the CD add-ons like the Sega CD, Sega 32-X, and Atari Jaguar CD that was sold separately. Also, can anyone tell me what handheld was better than the Gameboy or Gameboy Color that had a decent library and didn’t suck up so much batteries that caused childhood bankruptcies? If you’re one of those suckers that got them selves into video games that wasn’t made by Sega, Nintendo, Sony, NEC, or SNK, I pity you for waisting so much money and didn’t get a lot in return from the system.

Number 9.  –  East Coast-West Coast Rivalry 

Just remember! Because of this trend is the reason why Pac and Biggie are dead. One reason why I’m not that much of a fan of rap culture is because it’s so violent and filled with sheep that gets involved with it. The feud in the 1990s between artists and fans of the East Coast hip hop and West Coast hip hop scenes in the United States. Focal points of the feud were East Coast-based rapper The Notorious B.I.G. (and his label, Bad Boy Records) and West Coast-based rapper 2Pac (and his label, Death Row Records), both of whom were murdered by unknown assailants. Not only these two were involved in this competition, but many rappers as well like Tim Dog, Bad Boy, Death Row, and more. Also violence between rap fans and gangstas. There are rappers out there that wasn’t involved with this rivalry like the Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, and Nas just to name a few. But Hip-Hop still can’t stop creating heat because it still continues throughout the 2000s.

Number 8.  –  1970’s and 1960’s Retro

Do you know how I know of the 1970s and 1960s at a very young age? It’s not because of my parents who loves playing music from that era, it’s because the whole media is obsessed of resurrecting this era that made the 1990s nearly lost its identity. If the 90s will be remembered for one Big Trend, it will be Retro, especially 70s-Retro – which is eye-ron-ik because modern Retro started in the mid-70s, when American Graffiti and Happy Days became two of the biggest hits of all time. But unlike in the real, horrible 70s – when 50s retro was a tragic, pathetic cry for help to escape the wretched bummer of the 70s – the 70s-Retro fad in the 1990s was cute, kitsch and merely a way for mainstream-hipsters to drop quasi-obscure pop culture references. In fact, 70s-Retro isn’t even a 90s thing – it got its start in urban clubs around 1987, and wouldncha know it, 70s-Retro is still big today! Looking back at it now, there are just an overwhelming number of things that loving going back in time like That 70’s Show (overrated show), Quentin Tarantino movies, Austin Powers, and SO many movies and shows! Sure Generation X wishes that they were back in the past but why can’t anyone live in the times… oh I forgot… it’s because the next worst thing of the 1990s…

Number 7.  –  BoyBands and Teen Pop

Usually a group of 4 or 5 untalented males who take credit for songs that they didn’t write. They are put together by a greedy music industry, and eventually end up putting out every single thing in the world with their logo on it so ‘teenie-boppers’ will go spend their money.A boyband must consist of the following: good looks, charm, and no talent. The most obvious reason why they suck is the way the “music” sounds. Sure some of them may be able to harmonize and hit notes correctly (semi-correctly), but the simple fact is that they do not sound good. Boybands also suck because the members have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. Sure, one or two of them may be able to sing, but rarely does the ability to sing well ever have anything to do with talent. Most of the time if a person is able to sing, it is something that he or she was born with and not something that must be practiced. They play no instruments, write no music, and are probably not even involved in the production until all of the music has been lain down and the producer is read to record the vocals. The thing that sucks is that this is where music jumped to when Kurt Cobain committed suicide and as a result many of us jumped to heavier and more violent music like Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, and many more to rebel against the awfulness of Brittany Spears, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, NSYNC, and the rest that gave the 1990s a bad name! It would take many years after the 1990s for us to “leave Brittany Alone” finally!  It’s no wonder why people still wishes that they were in the 1970’s because of this awful trend of music and cultures.

Number 6.  –  Comic Books of the 1990s

During the ’80s, no medium was more innovative and daring than comic books. Shedding the notion that they were exclusively for children, writers like Neil Gaimain, Frank Miller, and Alan Moore revolutionized the industry with titles such as Batman: Year OneThe Dark Knight ReturnsWatchmen, and Sandman. These books transcended the superhero genre and wound up appealing to fans with more sophisticated tastes. That decade of revolution simply couldn’t bleed over into the ’90s, however. Even though Miller, Moore, and Gaimain were still churning out great work during the ’90s, new trends started to overtake the industry. The superlative storytelling of the ’80s were replaced by flashy art and greedy publishers’ get-rich-quick schemes. Thus began the era of tasteless, hyper-sexualized drawings and classic superheroes thrown haphazardly into mindless stories created purely for shock value. Many artists, like Rob Liefield, are responsible for this moment in art and as a result it gave comic books a bad name and caused Marvel to declare bankrupts which caused the Comic Book Market Crash of 1996 that still to this day we’re still recovering from. This week marks the 15th anniversary of one of the worst comic book events of all time, Marvel Comics’ Heroes Reborn, a 1996-1997 crossover story arc that needlessly “killed off” the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and Dr. Doom and reinvented them in a pocket universe.  Of course not all comic books of the 1990s were at all bad, I was able to make a Top 10 Comics Books of the 1990s that still stand as being the greatest ever! It just took as a long ten year till the media as a whole got rid of this trend and moved on to the right direction for the business.

Number 5.  –  Furbies

Which leads us nicely onto the Furby. Again, whilst the fears of the Millennium bug turning them all into Terminator-esque killing machines didn’t quite come to fruition, there was always something not quite right about these owlish creatures. In the late 90s, over 40 million of these things were sold worldwide, children everywhere lured by their apparent ‘intelligence’ at learning language and ‘ communication’ through infra-red ports – they were even banned at one point from many intelligence agencies’ offices, because there were fears they would share national secrets. All we know is, like true spies, they hold up well under torture. Especially water torture.

Number 4.  –  Kurt Cobain Suicide

I don’t doubt that Nirvana was going to come to an end because of the huge press that they were getting that effected their relationship with each other, but to go far as to committing suicide and destroy an era along with it is some of the worst things ever. Still to this day we debate on how or why this has happened, but to had the grunge movement to define a decade then all of the sudden just ended as we entered the mid-90s. To see that we’re still missing and sadden for this very incident shows how sad this moment really is. You can tell everyone misses Kurt and Nirvana because they still buy the same records from the band and getting never released tracks that still sells today. I would have loved to see the legacy of Nirvana to expand so much more if there was more control with the band. At lease he left us with a bang in the Live At Reading performance that still makes us feel that Kurt’s alive. Either way, it was a wrong decision for Kurt to do and it still effects all of us around the world.

Number 3.  – The Montreal Screw Job

If any of you guys think wrestling is fake, you’re an idiot! This is as real as it gets and never have I seen a disgusting actin in wrestling in my entire life! I don’t care what any of you Vince McMahon or Shawn Michaels marks say Bret was wrong, but it was all Vince’s fault for making Bret Hart heel only to have him to be the hero of Canada and prime enemy of the United States of America throughout 1997. You should have seen how violent the wrestling world was between Canada and USA because of all the back talking of cultural differences between both nations. If you’re seen as your country’s biggest hero, of course you can’t loose to your country as a finale of your career. Beside, Bret promised to give back the WWF Championship to Vince and I know Bret would never do that, but just because Vince had Madusa toss the Women’s title in trash live at WCW Nitro, doesn’t mean every wrestler is going to do it. This was an incident that was so tragic that it shows how much bullshit wrestling politics really is. I respect Shawn Michaels as a wrestling and a performer because he is the most talented guy in the industry, but let’s admit it he was the most immature, insecure bitch of all time. Not only he ruined a lot of wrestler’s careers with the fucking Kliq during the New Generation Era, but he also ruined Bret Hart’s as well. Sure, Bret could have seen it coming but it turned out way worse than anyone expected. Even Earl Hebner swore he won’t do the screwjob on his children, well I hope they have a special place in hell for breaking that swear. What’s even more of an insult to me was that after the Montreal Screwjob, Vince publicly said he had no sympathy for Bret whatsoever and Shawn and Triple H mocked Bret with a midget impersonator. This is the reason why I’ll never be a pro wrestler because of stunts like this! Vince McMahon is wrong, Bret didn’t screw Bret, Vince screwed Bret and screwed himself. The only reason why I still watch the WWF after all the bullshit they’ve made, is because I want to see good storytelling, talented wrestlers that are in their roster, and even Vince getting his ass kicked. Besides, Shawn got what he deserved by breaking his back and forcing himself to retirement till he became a born-again Christian. The only reason why this is not number 1 is because both of them made peace with each other 12 years later which really made me cry! It was one of the most magical moments that proves that anything can happen. Because of this I’m no longer mad at what Shawn, Vince, or Hebner did in 1997.

Number 2.  –  OJ Simpson Trail, Michael Jackson’s Allegations, Mike Tyson Incident

Nothing can ever more disappointing than having celebrities that are looked as heroes to turn us down because of legal problems that we never knew that they had it with them. But what’s even worse is how it damaged their reputation so badly that every time we mention their names we still think of that very legal problems. Try saying Michael Jackson and see if anyone isn’t thinking of pedophilia, or say OJ and see his murder. At least those two got away with it (except for OJ’s second trial), but Tyson had to go to prison during his boxing career making boxing itself boring to watch without him. Another thing in common with these three is that they had to deal with trials more than once later in the 2000’s and it’s just crazy to see that people are still after them since the early 1990s. It just hurts to see that these three really talented big names has destroyed all praise and recognition. This was the time when society was hostile and vicious with anything and when it comes to legal problems, it’s scary to be a celebrity. Not only are we just scare of even confronting these three but they left us in disappointment! All those memories of seeing them do what they do best is for ever tainted with their uncontrollable behavior.

Number 1.  – Columbine Shooting

If there’s always a strong debate on gun control, it has to be because of this massacre. On April 20, 1999, in the small, suburban town of Littleton, Colorado, two high-school seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, enacted an all-out assault on Columbine High School during the middle of the school day. The boys’ plan was to kill hundreds of their peers. With guns, knives, and a multitude of bombs, the two boys walked the hallways and killed. When the day was done, twelve students, one teacher, and the two murderers were dead; plus 21 more were injured. The haunting question remains: why did they do it? I can really see that they were really troubled kids that couldn’t fit in anywhere, we would of see them as victims, but to see all of them get shot shows that whoever they wanted to kill turned out to be the victims. It’s truly horrifying to see that the youth of America could degenerate themselves to shoot the innocent, but for the fact that they are responsible for the darkest times of the 1990s, and there should be nobody to blame than Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold on Adolf Hilter’s birthday of all things. This shows that teenage rebellion is bullshit and whatever they stood for, it was not worth it. The Columbine Massacre changed the way society looked at children and at schools. Violence was no longer just an after-school, inner-city activity. It could happen anywhere.

Well, I’m done talking about the worst aspects of the 1990s, however let’s finish the 1990s list by making our final list of the Top 10 Best Things of the 1990s!

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