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Top 10 Playstation 2 (PS2) Games

Image result for playstation 2 slim Just how… how did the Sony Playstation 2 became the greatest selling console still to this very day? No one would ever guess that the Sony Playstation (PS1)‘s debut would have been the most successful console ever that it managed to get all of the third-party developers that used to develop games for the SNES & Sega Genesis to abandon the N64 & Sega Saturn in favor for Sony’s first ever console. It had the expectation to meet the PS1 success and the PS2 surpassed them, effortlessly. Because of its success, the hype for the follow up console, Playstation 2, was so massive that it took away all attention for the Sega Dreamcast to its death before its official release. Part of the hype was the fact that it was compatible with playing DVD movies and at the year 2000, DVDs are the most expensive media player at the time, so having the PS2 to only cost $299 upon release (plus have the price drop lowered over the years) made it a must have.  But the PS2 was much more than a DVD player, it became the gaming machine of the ages. And even during the Gamecube & Xbox‘s stay in the market, though both were more powerful machines, technical-wise, Playstation 2 is one of the prime examples that it’s no the hardware that matters, it’s the software.  Though it had a really rough start with a lack of games in the system’s debut, in the later coming years the Playstation 2 had gathered one of the most impressive library of games ever.  It’s a library so massive that even to this day many us hardcore gamers are still experiencing new out of these old classics. Not only is the console famous for having the largest number of great titles in its library, Sony made sure that there’s a game for everyone with every taste in gaming. You name a genre and you name it, the PS2 have you covered with hours of entertainment.  And even the additional peripherals that supports the PS2, like the EyeToy, Network Adaptor, Headset, Multitap, DVD Remote Control, expanded Memory Card, component (YPBPR) cable (to say a few) though it sucks that they were all sold separately, certainly did enhanced our gaming experience. However, none of that had ever made me take any credit that I gave to the PS2.

So what does the Playstation 2 mean to me, personally? The Sony Playstation 2 is a system that provided the sequels of the previous generation (Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy) and debut franchises that’s never forgotten since (God of War, Devil May Cry, Shadow of the Colossus).  The games grew more personal and grasped an attachment to me as a passionate hobbyist of gaming, not just being a gamer. This is the platform that really got me serious about video games instead of just playing for fun. I wanted to play online, invite friends over, have a personal adventure, and even talk about the system when I’m not playing it. The Sony Playstation 2 had the longest lifespan that gaming have ever seen and Sony didn’t discontinue support for the system until 2013 when the Playstation 4 was picking up some steam. Not even the NES itself lived long enough to see the Nintendo 64 launch and for the fact that PS2 lasted for two more generations of consoles shows how much we cared about the system.  Even starting a collection of Playstation 2 is a satisfying one because you’re guaranteed non-stop fun to the virtual world. If there was one gaming machine that I would love to be stranded on an island with, I couldn’t pick a more better console. And with addition to that, these are the ten games that I’ll be playing to my dying day because it attached yours truly, personally, more than anything that the entity of gaming has ever provided.

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Top 10 Nintendo Wii Games

Since the NES years, Nintendo wanted to revolutionize the way we play our video games. Since its success with A, B, Start, and Select button and the D-pad, Nintendo wanted to give more variety to our controls. The Wii is not the first console that utilizes motion controls, the NES was the first with peripherals such as the Power Glove, Laser Scope, Roll & Rocker, U-Force, etc. were the first attempt to play games differently than the standard NES controls, but they were ideas so bad that Nintendo had to no longer continue this trend. The problem was that it was too early for such technology to work, so we had to wait many console generations till this trend was to return. On the 6th Generation of consoles, the Gamecube was losing in the console market competing with the successful Xbox and the Playstation 2. The Gamecube was cursed with a marketing appeal aimed towards children, no DVD player, and mediocre third-party support. It was looked as if the Gamecube was much of a failure to the Dreamcast, so to not make the same mistake again, Nintendo needed to sell more units than the upcoming Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but they needed to have a gimmick that not only makes it different than any console experience ever. Once called the “Nintendo Revolution,” this system was made to revolutionize gaming instead of making another disc based console with better graphics. Nintendo used its old motion peripherals and made motion gaming popular. For that they accomplished it. Not only did it work, but the Wii Remote (and Nunchucks) read the player’s precise movements that it brought interactivity into a whole new level. The gimmick worked so well that even people who never played a video game in their life began buying a Nintendo Wii, making it the best selling console in the 7th Generation; beating the 360 and PS3. All of the sudden, Nintendo was having their own renaissance since the NES days because millions bought many of their games and peripherals, their library grew so rapidly, and Nintendo has gained a lot of third-party support that they’ve strived for since the Nintendo 64.

You might think that because of all the success that Nintendo have made with the Wii, you might as well should call it one of the greatest consoles of all time, but unfortunately with all the stagnation piling up on the Nintendo Wii, it created a bunch of problems. You see, people get bored with the console so Nintendo and their developers were sent out to create some of the unique games out of the 7th generation, but unfortunately with every good game released for the Wii there are a ton of shuffleware tossed in the Wii’s library. It goes back to the Nintendo’s issue with the Gamecube where there were too many kiddy appeal that it alienate many hardcore fans for the Wii. These shuffleware ware rushed out there to make a quick buck that turned out the most gimmicky if not the worst ever. Throughout the Wii’s lifespan, shuffleware was plagued the Wii that makes it so hard to find a good game in an ocean filled with crap. It’s because the system was so easy to make games out of it that it shows the Wii’s obsolete technology such as poor online gaming community that uses friend codes, usage of internal flash memory,  SD cards are secondary memory, and no HD graphics that the 360 and PS3 are providing. It’s the reason why people either had to sell their Wii because they got bored with it or the had to purchase another system to go with it that fill that void that the Wii can’t. But at the same time, the 360 and PS3 wanted to make the same success as the Wii by copying their motion gimmick by using the Kinnect and the Playstation Move. Neither one of those peripherals could match up to the Wii’s success because they were copy-cats instead of original ideas. Even though the Wii may not be the greatest system of all time, it is however the most unique console ever created. For a long time Nintendo wanted to make a system that reads motion and the Wii did it, finally. And though people today still preferred to use the standard controls, Wii showed that it is possible to make an alternative to how we interact with our video games and these are the ten of the best games on the system that proved it!

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Top 10 Video Games of the 2000s

Video Games from 2000 to 2009 was a much different experience from the 1990s. The moment Sega officially stopped manufacturing anymore consoles, it was all Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo throughout this decade of gaming and its still remains that way today. Though it wasn’t as evolutionary as the 80s and 90s, the industry has reached an even more interactive experience with online gaming, HD graphics, and motion gaming that became a worldwide phenomenon. Consoles and handheld gaming in the 2000s wouldn’t achieve such a thing if it wasn’t for PC gaming going on in the 2000s. PC games grew more artificially advanced with the power of Steam that changed the way we play games by downloading our purchased (similar to mp3 changing music). With the new direction of downloading games, it made independent games to have more exposure in the world of gaming. The popularity of PC gaming saw the decreasing of importance in the game industry due to the fact that many titles were ported to consoles and it became standard for Sony & Microsoft’s consoles to be multi-media machines– playing not only games for the machines, but also surf on the internet, play DVD’s and movies, and do so many things that a normal PC can do. Meanwhile, Nintendo wanted their Gamecube & Wii to be pure gaming machines like the Nintendo DS that doesn’t do all those fancy things that Microsoft and Sony were doing. It seemed that Nintendo was toast with the Gamecube, until it captured the casual audienceby re-introducing motion gaming that actually works with the Wii!

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Top 10 Video Games of 2000
Top 10 Video Games of 2001
Top 10 Video Games of 2002
Top 10 Video Games of 2003
Top 10 Video Games of 2004
Top 10 Video Games of 2005
Top 10 Video Games of 2006
Top 10 Video Games of 2007
Top 10 Video Games of 2008
Top 10 Video Games of 2009

I have mixed feelings about this decade of gaming because not only did some of the best games of all time get released here, but PC gaming lost popularity, Sega is no longer competing in the console market, companies releasing incomplete games that you have to buy [more than $60] from DLC to get the full experience, over-saturation of first-person shooters, less number of platformers, and the quality of JRPG’s as diminished greatly. When you compare gaming in the 2000s to gaming in the 1990s, the 1990s was more interesting. It had so much evolution going around the industry and each year of the 90s felt almost completely different than the last; making it a very exciting time to see what’s going on in the gaming world. There’s absolutely no denying that these games kept our spirits up as the world continues to go downhill in the post-9/11 era. Not to mention that the internet became the norm, hearing recommendations from video game journalists, Youtubers, bloggers, and fansites really changed the way we spread the word about video games. But my highlight of gaming in the 2000s are the games that each have a personal narrative that made many of us still attached to them years later. If anything, these are the ten games that we hold in high regard that no matter how many times we hear “greatest game of all time” to have run for their money over these games.


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Top 10 Gameboy Games

The Gameboy has got to be some of Nintendo’s greatest creations, yes even better than the Nintendo Entertainment System. We’re talking about the best of the 8-bit graphics could offer and it’s all on a held held that lasted for over a decade of its lifespan. The gameboy platform endured all of the changes that the gaming industry has evolved through the 16-bit, 32-bit, 3D Graphics innovation, all the way to the debut of the Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox. Even though everyone was going nuts over the leaps and bounds that the gaming industry was heading throughout the 1990s, people everywhere still has the heart for the 8-bit graphics and the gameboy was still there to warm our nostalgic hearts. Hell, even when there are other handheld systems that are technologically superior than the gameboy (such as the Atari Lynx, Sega Gamegear, etc.) the Gameboy still withstood against any competition in the handheld market because it had amazing battery-life (Sega Gamegear drain all the batteries) and had the best third party support just for the handheld. Not only that, but the Gameboy succeeds the Nintendo Entertainment System by every conceivable way because it had sequels that didn’t disappoint, more than half of the games were qualitative, and there are so many that contains hours upon hours of fun away from home… or the TV screen because we still play them at home.

Though the Gameboy platform survived throughout the 1990s and remained popular to any person (not just gamers), Nintendo kept everyone interested by making successful additions for the Gameboy like playing your Gameboy on your Super Nintendo with the Super Gameboy, remodels for the handheld like the Gameboy Pocket and Gameboy Light (that only hold two AA batteries instead of four), and evolved the Gameboy platform to the Gameboy Color where they (obviously) finally added color! It wasn’t the first time that there was color on the handheld but it was the first one that did have color with long battery life. Sure it sucked that there were Gameboy Color games that can’t be played on the regular Gameboy, but the Gameboy Color miraculously gave color to many (not all) of the original Gameboy games, making backwards compatibility a success on a handheld. Hell, even the Gameboy Advance is able to play any Gameboy game with color and an option of standard or wide screen. Because of it’s star power, fantastic library of games, appeal to gamers and casuals alike, and lasting as long as it did made it bar non the greatest handheld system of all time! It’s a huge part of my childhood and I’m more than happy to finally give you the ten greatest games on a timeless gaming system!

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Top 10 Nintendo 64 (N64) Games

In the 1980s, technology has grown so rampant that we’ve developed fully rendered 3D graphics and programmers predicted that it will become a norm for visual arts. Already in the mid-90’s, the industry was ready to make many more games into 3D. 3D graphics is important for giving players a whole new perspective, depth in realism, and as a result we were able to create new video game genres such as 3D Platformers, Sandbox Games, First-Person Shooters, ect. and old, familiar genres to now be seen in a more dynamic view point thanks to a moving camera to give us such visuals. With so much anticipation for the future in gaming, Nintendo fans everywhere were extremely anticipated to have the same impact with all of their favorite franchises. On 1995, Killer Instinct hit the arcades and announced “Available on 1995, only on the Nintendo Ultra 64…” we were completely blown away with what’s in stored for (at the time it’s called) the Nintendo Ultra 64! Though we had to wait another year later, in 1996 we were given the Nintendo 64 and everyone wanted just one game “Super Mario 64.” Super Mario 64 was an instant killer app title that showed all of us that this is now how we play video games. But as the years go by, the impact of the Nintendo 64 was fading a bit as third party developers were dissatisfied with the choice of cartridge instead of disc-based video games. Cartridge had a lot of limitation in its storage and it’s unable to shove in tons of voice acting, movie-quality cutscenes, and even more detailed graphics that the Sega Saturn and Playstation were offering. This is last console where people actually discuss about “bits” because it doesn’t really tell you how much better the graphics are because a “64-bit” console like the Nintendo 64 is nearly equivalent to the Playstation’s technology. It’s really the reason why big name developers, like Square Soft, left Nintendo so they can expand their limitations to create masterpieces like Final Fantasy 7. Games like Killer Instinct Gold really shows the limitations of the cartridge and what could have been if it weren’t for the arcade version to show it’s superiority. They’ve tried to FINALLY get into the disc-based games by releasing a CD-add-on called the 64DD and that never was released out of Japan and it lasted only a half a year, loosing tons of money. If only Nintendo made this console a truly disc-based console, who knows how much more successful they would have been in the 5th generation of consoles. At the same time, cartridge had a lot more advantages than disc because of their durability, almost-non existent load times, and fast speed. With many third-party developers jump shift to different consoles, Nintendo was left on their own trying to keep Nintendo 64 owners happy, but only the hardcore who were patient with Nintendo’s releases were the only ones still holding on. Though the Nintendo 64 has a lot to be desired, it has delivered on some of the most qualitative games that delivered on revolutionary gameplay and adventures, four player port multiplayer (making it the ultimate party machine), and a brand new perspective on how they handled their 3D technology that no other console has done remotely similar. Though it has had a decent life span (1996-2001) with very little games, there were titles that took full advantage of the 3D technology by creating such a world that no one has ever been in before! Not to mention that more than half of the titles on the N64’s library is takes indeed a long time to complete so despite it’s short library of games, Nintendo and the rest of the developers who worked on the 64, has given us hours upon hours of entertainment. Not to mention even more hours with high replay value with many of the titles. Most of the games nowadays lack replay value because they have that same appeal where we approach a game and it comes and goes. But for many of the titles on the N64, it comes and stays with us forever! It’s now time to finally countdown the ten best games on Nintendo’s first 3D home console machine!

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Top 10 Video Games of 2001

There’s something about 2001 that makes is a very iffy year for me. The first half of 2001 it was our final moments of experiencing the magic and atmosphere of the 1990s. Then second half it started a new era of the new world but wasn’t all the good. For one, The Attitude Era has ended, WCW and ECW was bought out by Vince McMahon, The Dreamcast disbanded so early, the PS1 and N64 also disbanded for the new PS2 and Gamecube consoles, and 9/11… just one of the saddest moments of my life. Who knew that the year that Stanley Kubrick predicted was the year we would obtain greatness turned out to be some of the most depressing years and later throughout the 2000s, it’s all up and down from here. Don’t get me wrong, 2001 was great year in gaming where Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have been in a new era of rivalry and still to this very day they’re still in competition in our modern day console war. Though Sega will be truly missed, it still is a year that had a lot of offer, but in the later years it started to decline because all that was good about the 1990s started to slow down fast. At least video games still had a lot to offer, so here are the 10 best games of 2001.

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Top 10 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Games

Prior to 1985 in the US, Nintendo was a strong name in the arcade with Donkey Kong and it was cleaning up in the toy aisle with its Game & Watch handhelds. But the home console industry was buried under the figurative dust after the industry collapsed on itself, and “videogame” was considered a bad word. Nintendo set to change all that with the Nintendo Entertainment System. Unlike Atari, Nintendo kept everything under control with the Nintendo’s License of Approval making sure that majority of the games in its library is at its best, playable. The Nintendo Entertainment System is the most important game console ever because it saved the game industry from the market crash of 1983 and also it made the industry as a whole for what it is today. I have nothing but full respect for this system, however, that’s the only kudos that I give for this system. I really did grew up with the NES, but unlike every person who’s nostalgic to the NES, I’m not going to act like this is the greatest console of all time. I mean, more than 50% of the NES’s library are so bad that it would take the Angry Video Game Nerd to continue making his video series running for a life time. We all like to state that video game sequels often are great, but that’s not the case for the NES because there are just so many horrible sequels that I want them to disappear and never hear from again (Super Mario Bros 2, Zelda II, Castlevania II). And it doesn’t help that there isn’t a single add-on from the NES that feels like it even fucking works; its all wasted space! There are only ten games that I enjoy in the NES while the rest I’m just not interested in playing. If there’s a console that actually gives me that feeling, then there’s really not much effect for me, personally. Besides, since we all live the goddamn Nintendo generation now, we have to believe the history told by Nintendo irrefutable evidence (sarcasm). Well here’s my Top 10 NES games

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