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Top 10 Matches in the Attitude Era

Image result for attitude eraThere are only three things about the Attitude Era that everyone should definitely watch; the storytelling that was a significant improvement over the New Generation Era, the segments/promos that were incredibly entertaining, and the matches had were so varied and physical than any other time in the WWF. Because crash tv in  the late 1990’s was so popular, WWF had to final stick with the times to survive in rivalry with WCW. It is considered one of the most dangerous times of being a wrestler because of all the stunts and bumps they all took, but because they made its audience so vicarious and entertained, it left all of us a huge impression. So huge in fact that it was more historic than anything that the WWF could ever do nowadays and still remains timeless. Many wrestling fans cherish these moments of the Attitude Era so passionately because there never was a better time of wrestling where finishes were creative, the action going on keeps us on the edge of our seats, and the storytelling in the match always feel different in each and every one of those matches. All of the sudden we’ve gotten a brand new audience who never watched wrestling before now wanting to see these matches. There were so much exposure to the WWF/WWE product during this era because nobody in mainstream television was doing all the things that they were doing. It was not just strategy of how to win the match that’s now in play, but how much pain and punishment could they endure when the hardest bumps and so many foreign objects hits you. If there’s one thing that the Attitude Era avoided perfect, they avoided repetition. All of the matches from King of the Ring 1996 to Wrestlemania 17 were different and 100% watchable, if not entertaining. And these are the ten best wrestling matches that exceeds my love for the Attitude Era as a whole!

Honorable Mentions

Over The Edge: Dude Love vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

The match was a fantastic brawl that had an incredible ending perfect as it gets with multiple referee bumps and outside involvement, and it certainly went over the top. This is the reason why I miss the Attitude Era so much because they always come up with a creative finish and the finish was perfect! Austin pinned Dude Love by slapping the lifeless hand of Vince McMahon to the mat three times that allowed him to retain the WWE Championship to the roar of the Milwaukee crowd. This match worked because no one involved took it too seriously. Bodies flew everywhere, and Austin one-uped Vince McMahon again.

Image result for Undertaker vs. Kane - Inferno MatchUnforgiven 1998: Undertaker vs. Kane – Inferno Match

The gimmick of fire surrounding the ring takes so much attention off the quality of the in-ring work. And that’s why it’s perfect for a brotherly feud between Kane and Undertaker. After Kane screwed Undertaker from the first Hell in a Cell match, they kept fighting each other non-stop throughout 1998. After coming so close to defeating Undertaker at Wrestlemania 14, Kane wanted to go beyond winning over Undertaker, he wanted to burn him alive. Each time someone slams on the mat, the fire burst out. It’s insane that they even took the fight outside of the ring because the level of hatred couldn’t hold them from the heat coming in the ring. One of the most dangerous matches perfect for the darkest of wrestling angles.

Image result for Armageddon 2000: 6-Man Hell in a CellArmageddon 2000: 6-Man Hell in a Cell

I’m not a huge fan of over-booking in a singular match, but this is an exception because these 6 men were the attitude era’s biggest fishes and they given one of the most memorable Hell in a Cell matches of all time! No way was this match going to be kept in the Cell so we were definitely treated with brawls in, out, and on top of the Cell. Hell, Even Rikishi was tossed off the top and landed on a truck that Vince brought in to tear up the Cell. And what’s a huge surprise of all, is that Kurt Angle won this match! If you love matches that are very chaotic, look no further than this match! Was it the right booking decision, maybe, but with 6-men involved its hard to believe that the WWF Champion retained his title with all the odds against him.

Image result for Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie McMahonNo Way Out 2001: Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie McMahon

Let’s not forget that the women wrestlers were just as part of the Attitude Era as any of the guys. Trish was definitely the hottest woman in WWE history and during this time she was smoking hot. And what made her hotter was her feud of bitches with Stephanie. It was incredibly to see that these two made their rivalry look so fiery and they did so many sexy moves that it made it one of the best Divas matches of all time. Trish getting spanked, water poured, and even the bumps that they’ve took looked effective. Too back the finish could have been better if there was a clean victory.


Image result for The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind - Cage Match

Number 10.  –  Breakdown: The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind – Cage Match

A while ago I said it’s a shame that Ken Shamrock never went as far as he could have been in the Attitude Era and I think it’s because of this big loss in this match. Nevertheless, we haven’t seen a cage match this good since Owen vs. Bret at Summerslam 1994. It’s ashamed that this match is forgotten over the years, but it’s certainly one of the Attitude Era’s most hidden gems. The fact that this cage match was also triple threat show how much hard it is to get out of the cage or win with a fall. There were so many bumps made in the ring that felt like a real physical match. Each of these men really knocked each other out. I still remember Mankind took a high risk elbow drop from the top of the age and just crashed like crazy. I definitely love the finish of the match were Mankind brought in a chair and sacked it out of Ken Shamrock’s head. Just as Mankind was climbing up the cage just place both feet on the floor, The Rock pinned Shamrock for the victory. It was a creative finish that had a very incredibly worked match happening in the cage. If there’s one forgotten match from the Attitude Era that you need to see, look no further than checking out WWF Breakdown 1998!

Number 9.  –  Wrestlemania 14: Shawn Michaels vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin 

This was the match that set the standard of what the Attitude was all about. Shawn Michaels was infamous for being responsible for the Montreal Screwjob and he had no sympathy for what he has done to Bret Hart. The only man left that was worthy of facing The Heartbreak Kid at a Wrestlemania main event was the man who did not tap out when he face Bret Hart in last year’s wrestlemania; Stone Cold Steve Austin. Because Austin showed how much of a badass he was when he passed in the sharpshooter and started to piss Vince McMahon since, got his popularity rising up and this was the match that he needed to forever establish himself as the all time great! Austin set himself for trouble when he got the whole D-Generation-X, Vince McMahon, and even Mike Tyson to go against him, how’s able to win this match? The answer, do what Stone Cold does best. Shawn Michaels was also in some serious shit when he injured himself in that Casket Match against the Undertaker at Royal Rumble 1998 and it didn’t look like he was going to last very long in this match. Surprisingly enough, he managed to keep up with the match and did his best to keep Austin down. For a man with an injured back, Shawn was able to move just like he normally did. Still, Austin gave Michaels a beating of a life time and the crowd was cheering with all their might for Austin to win. It was insane that Triple H and Chyna interfered in the match to save Shawn but was sent out of the ringside area to continue their one on one fight. The moment Stone Cold hit the stunner on Michaels, Mike Tyson came in the ring and fast counted for Austin’s victory having Jim Ross shouted “Austin! Austin! Austin! The Austin Era has begun!” and right he was. Shawn represent the New Generation Era and the times had to continue with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the face of the company. 1998 was the year of Austin and McMahon as their rivalry really brought back the audience to tune back into the WWF’s product. The best part of the whole match was the aftermath when Shawn got back to call betrayal to Mike Tyson only to get punched square in the face and lie flat on the floor. This was the right booking for the right winner and it was certainly one hell of a memorable Wrestlemania moment! And to say that this is the second greatest Wrestlemania main event and it’s only number 9 shows how awesome the attitude era really was!

Number 8.  –  King of the Ring ’98 / RAW 6/29/1998: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane

My favorite time of being a WWF fan was 1998 when we had only four major stars tearing each other up; Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mankind, and Kane (and possibly Vince McMahon if you believe that). Though this was Austin at his prime, this was also Kane’s prime as well were we had an actual horror-like monster as a wrestling persona that happened to be one of the best mystique characters of all time. He’s had a an awesome debut interfering the Undertaker’s match with HBK in the first Hell in a Cell, nearly this close to finish Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Tombstone Pete Rose (twice), and even even took his rivalry with Taker in the most dangerous match, the Inferno Match! It really built his character all the way to a WWF Championship against Stone Cold. And quite frankly, I’m putting two matches in two consecutive nights in this very list!

Sure, everyone thinks it’s blasphemy that I put this match over the King of the Ring Hell in the Cell match between Mankind and Undertaker, but the match between Kane and Austin is what truly defined the Attitude Era more-so than that match! It’s really cool to see a first blood-match but pretty obvious of who’s going to loose because Kane had his mask on, but it didn’t matter because this very match this match threw everything on the table to make it recognize it as Attitude. We’re talking about taking the fight to the crowd, interferences with Taker and Foley, close-call finishers, many attempted murders (pouring gasoline on Ref), and even bringing the Hell in the Cell down making it a gimmick match that was damaged earlier (Mankind vs. Undertaker). But that nasty chair shot that Taker did on Austin was some of the most effective and it gave Kane his title. That was some of my favorite heel victories of all professional wrestling because it left us asking for more!

And more is what we got because the following night on free TV, we were given a rematch between the two as main event of Raw is War. Thought it probably could have been better, this was a fantastic climax between the two that captures fan satisfactory! It we’re judging on fan reactions for this match, there was no bigger fan reaction than seeing Austin win the championship on free TV. The way he stunnered Kane for that victory was some of the most brutal that I’ve ever seen from any stunners that Austin gave to his victims. Many say that it wasn’t fair that Kane only had his championship in less than 24 hours and they should have made that title-reign longer, but I doubt we’re ever going to see the same Kane from the 1990s because his mystique is completely gone. Nevertheless, this was some of my favorite moments in the WWF and each time I look back at it, it reminds me why I’m still a wrestling fan!

Number 7.  –   Backlash 2000:
The Rock vs. Triple H

The Rock and Triple H has been rivals even before they were both leaders of Nation of Domination & D-Generation X. It’s a fierce rivalry that was a backbone for the Attitude Era that delivered so many matches with them together. They had an iconic Ladder Match at Summerslam 1998, they main evented the very first Smackdown episode, and so much more. They both pushed each other to the limits; racing each other to their prime. But I wouldn’t say all of their matches together were great because the Wrestlemania 16 main event left a horrible taste in my mouth and this match needed to deliver. The build up towards this match was that Stone Cold Steve Austin was coming back to end the McMahon-Helmsley Era and help The Rock capture the WWF title once more. This is the match that should have main evented Wrestlemania 16! These two were physical as ever and it was clearly a heel vs. babyface storyline at its best. The Rock had all the odds against him where Vince and Steph cheap shotting at ringside, Shane, Paterson, & Brisco were Special Guest referees, and the Rock only had only Austin left to save him. The match throughout was amazing to watch with both men giving off the most physical match of this whole era. The Rock never gave up the fight and each moves pulled here from both men caused a great impact and effect while watching. I still will never forget The Rock gave a double Rock Bottom to HHH & Shane on the announcer’s table. Just when Brisco and Paterson came in to gang up on Rock, Austin’s music hit and the whole audience roared! This was the best comeback to a wrestler who’s had a long absence having Austin knocking out all of Triple H’s allies with a chair. His return cause so much carnage to all of Rock’s enemies leaving the Rock giving HHH the People’s Elbow for the WWF Championship. If there had to be one of the best title changes in the WWF Championship’s history, The Rock winning it from Triple H at Backlash has got to be the best one! It was a great victory having Austin and Rock drinking beer for this victory. This should have been the finish and main event to Wrestlemania 16 and because this was booked after Wrestlemania is why it’s forgotten. Go ahead and go see this match to see how good this match really is!


Image result for Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon cageNumber 6.  –  St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon – Cage Match

No, this match didn’t have any good in-ring work or any spectacular moves (which is why it didn’t enter my Top 10 Wrestling Matches of the 1990s), but what this match had is one of the best build-up from a full year of great story telling and delivered with fantastic in-ring storytelling. That’s what matters and the whole point of even watching wrestling in general (in-ring work secondary). Everyone knows how fantastic the rivalry between Austin and McMahon really was and there weren’t a whole lot of matches with them together. This feud started all the way from 1997 and since then McMahon tries his damnedest to keep Austin down. Since he won the WWF Championship in Wrestlemania 14, McMahon and Austin’s hatred with each other just went rampant. So many segments had each of them getting back at each other, they kept shooting each other non-stop, and so many schemes from both men were set to win over each other. For the longest time we just wanted these two face each one-on-one with a clear victory. After Vince McMahon won the 1999 Royal Rumble match, it was clear that we needed to have a match with just these two on the road to Wrestlemania 15. Even before the match even started it was began telling a fantastic story with Austin beating Vince out of the cage and threw Vince off the top of the cage to the announcer’s table. Just when the medics were about to let Vince leave the building on a stretcher, Austin grabbed the mic and said the bell didn’t ring so the match hasn’t started. Instantly Austin grabbed Vince out of stretcher and sent him to the cage. Already Vince was hurting like hell, but each time Austin was about to leave the cage for the victory, Vince kept flipping the bird just to make sure he doesn’t win the match, like he rather be beaten to death rather than having Austin win. As soon as Austin was about win, Big Show making his WWF debut to helped Vince beat Austin. Just when you though Vince was going to win the cage match, Big Show tossed Austin to the cage door and it open having Austin win with both feet on the ringside floor. I love the Attitude era so much for making so many creative and unpredictable finishes and this one here is one of the best ones because it’s Vince’s biggest humiliation and Austin’s biggest victory. Though the rivalry continued after this match, I consider this a highlight of the whole feud.

Number 5.  –  Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boys vs. Dudley Boys –  Triangle Ladder Match, TLC (SummerSlam 2000), TLC 2 (Wrestlemania X7)

If rivalries were to have the right amount of rematches, it would have to be a trilogy of matches. It’s amazing that the tag team division was able to deliver one of the best trilogy matches ever and what’s even more amazing is that they were all rookies in the WWF!  For a debut Wrestlemania match for all three of these tag teams, and see them gave us their all shows how awesome this match really was. At first we were looking into this match like a ladder match with a lot of wrestlers involved, but suddenly because of the Dudley Boyz (may favorite tag team) being so obsessed with tables and hardcore wrestling, this all of the sudden turned out to be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.  I kid you not that way they used the ladders and then suddenly turned out to be more hardcore when the tables and chairs got involved.  I remember Edge took a diving spear on Jeff Hardy from the ladder, Buh-buh Ray gave Christian a cutter from the ladder, Matt Hardy power bombed to the table and the Swanton Bomb from that Jeff Hard did just to take the Buh-Buh Ray away. The finish of this match was some of the most epic moments ever as Jeff sacrificed his body to land on Buh-Buh out of the ring through the table. Edge & Christian were the last ones left facing D-Von and Matt Hardy as they raced to grab the tag team championships. The survivors were emotional just to win this carnage. As Matt and Christian were fighting each other on top of the table held by two ladders, Edge came to the rescue and pushed Matt off to the table below and won the tag team championships. What a beautiful finish to a match to a bunch of small stars that all became big names after the match.  All three of these tag teams has gone through a lot just to have a Wrestlemania match like this one and because of their fantastic display of wrestling, this has made the tag team division so important!

We were absolutely amazed that these 6 rookies could do so much at Wrestlemania 16, so they had a rematch with the same teams calling it Tables, Ladders, and Chairs at Summerslam 2000!  The match had a lot of moments where guys are falling off ladders, taking chair shots or going through tables making you say “ouch” with everyone. Bubba’s full nelson bomb on Christian off the ladder was a sick spot early on. Then there was Jeff Hardy getting shoved off the ladder by Edge, only to land on a prone ladder that ended up slingshotting into Matt’s face while he was on the ground. There were parts of the match where Edge was creaming the Dudleys with really stiff chairshots (those aren’t even allowed today), but they barely get a reaction because it seems like nothing compared to the Hardy’s legdrops off the ladder or Christian getting tossed off the top landing on Edge while he is sandwiched in between a ladder. Towards the end, Bubba climbed the “20 foot ladder” in the middle only to be shoved off over the top rope all the way to the stacked tables on the floor. So then Matt gets to climb, but D’Von pushes the ladder back backwards into some tables on the other side of the ring in another sick landing. The finish came when E& C knocked down Jeff Hardy while he was hanging from the titles, unable to pull them down and the champs made the climb to retain after 19 minutes of pain. That one was really dangerous. There were plenty of title matches and great moments between these teams over the course of a couple years, but this match is always going to stand out in my mind as one of their best moments.

Then the three of the teams had their last battle with the 6 of them together at Wrestlemania 17. This match between Edge and Christian, Dudleys, and Hardies is not only better than their previous Wrestlemania match, but perhaps one of the best ladder matches that the WWE has ever delivered. It’s crazy to see all six men risking everything [again] in the same style of match-up, but do it much more radically! Everything seen from previous matches is doubled here in this match. You want to see Jeff Hardy take a top ladder leap, you have twice of those! You want Buh-buh Ray power bomb through tables, you got twice of the amount! You even want a better spear by Edge done in this match, you certainly got yourself the best spear in wrestling. You get the picture! This match saw many different risks that were taken and when Edge hit Jeff Hardy, who was hanging mid-air from the belts, with a spear, it became one of the most jaw-dropping moments ever in the history of Wrestlemania. Just when you thought it wasn’t enough Spike, Rhyno, and Lita came done for interference to save the team they’re routing for, only to as well get involved with the collision everyone’s taking in this match. Because this match was filled with so many risk-taking things, it is obviously seen as one of the most hardcore/extreme matches the WWE has ever put on. If Wrestlemania 17 really was the end of the Attitude Era (which certainly isn’t) they certainly left us one hell of an impression of everything appealing and exciting about this era of wrestling into one singular wrestling match. What’s amazing is that Edge and Christian won all this trilogy of matches  and it embodies why it takes to win a ladder match!

Number 4.  –  Royal Rumble 1999:
The Rock vs. Mankind: I Quit Match

Heading into January of 1999 and the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, The Rock was on top of the world. For the first time since debuting a little over two years earlier, it appeared as though the third-generation Superstar was living up to his potential. It was perfect for the I quit match stipulation given to the fiercest rivalry in the Attitude Era: Mankind & The Rock. Since The Rock screwed Mankind at Survivor Series for the WWF Championship, these two had so many great matches together pushing The Rock to fame and changing babyface Mankind into a lovable hardcore individual that can’t be easily defeated without seriously damaging him. With that in mind, The Rock would have to show a different side of himself. He would have to wrestle Mankind’s type of match. This is the best “I Quit” match of all time where the Rock evolved from a cocky and arrogant heel to a performer who could be as vicious and cold-hearted as any on the roster. These two beat each other like no other wrestler in the roster at the time. Weapons were smashes, Mankind fell on the power generator that caused a black out, The Rock sang on the microphone… everything about this match was so much fun!  After nearly 20 minutes of slamming one another into just about anything and everything but the inside of the ring, a handcuffed Mankind passed out on the entrance ramp. The Rock, taunting, the fans and his opponent just to create even more drama in the storytelling of the match. Foley was an absolute punching bag in the match and may have taken more offense here than any other match. As The Rock  bash his head in with twelve consecutive steel chair shots while handcuffed, making even the most hardcore wrestling fan cringe, it became apparent that The Rock was capable of playing the ruthless S.O.B. when necessary. I’ve never known how to feel about the unique ending to this match.  A sound clip of Foley saying “I Quit” was played by the Corporation while The Rock held the microphone to the lips of an unconscious Mankind. The funny part was Mick Foley never said the words “I Quit” it was played through audio recording just to give The Rock the victory.  The Rock would win the match via less-than-honest means, but the result was not what mattered. The match, in one night, established two characters in just the manner WWF needed. The Rock was the cocky-yet-sadistic asshole—Mankind was the never-say-die, loveable babyface that never really figured out when to stay down. It was a contrast of styles, a contrast of characters and it made for one of the most memorable matches in the Attitude Era, one that was immortalized in the documentary Beyond the Mat.

Number 3.  –  Raw 7/22/97/Royal Rumble 2000/No Way Out 2000 Cactus Jack vs. Triple H

Like I said in the number 4 pick, if rivalries were to have the right amount of rematches, it would have to be a trilogy of matches. None could have been a better trilogy match than Cactus Jack and Triple H. Sure Mankind had his fair amount of battles with Triple H, but when Mick Foley changes his alter ego to Cactus Jack, he certainly puts Triple H to the limits. It all started when Triple H (with Chyna at ringside) was scheduled to wrestle Dude Love, but Dude Love made a quick interview with Mankind, together on screen mind you, telling each other that neither of them could damage Hunter as the other Mick Foley alter ego. Then finally all on the same screen, Cactus Jack made his debut on WWF television and gave Triple H an ECW style brawl. Their first match together is one of the best matches on free television and a historic episode of Raw history. Jack used all of his signature stunts seen from WCW and ECW right here on television like diving elbow off the ring, use every object as a weapon, and so many more. Before when Triple H was called Hunter Hearst Helmsley, many of his matches were boring as hell, that was until Cactus Jack gave Triple H that aggressive edge in this match that definitely changed the direction of his career. The match gotten so crazy that he even knocked out Chyna and piledriven Helmsley through the table on the ramp for the 3 count victory. What a way to bring back an abandoned character in wrestling and surprised all of his long time fans.

Image result for cactus jack vs triple h 1997I must admit, Triple H wasn’t in his prime in their first match together and the match could have done more to be legendary. Thankfully, the writers and bookers remembers how great Cactus Jack and Triple H’s match on Raw was so they had to perfect it. At the time when they had their rematch, Triple H married Stephanie McMahon and owned the WWF in the McMahon-Helmsley Era putting all wrestlers like The Rock and Mankind down. Triple H was unstoppable until Mick Foley brought back Hunter’s worst nightmare back to haunt him. Once more, Cactus Jack’s return got fans to see this rematch at Royal Rumble 2000. It was certainly better than their original match together where brutal fight between HHH & Jack were more balanced and violent. This time around, it was just these two one-on-one (no Chyna involved) and they had to do everything to keep each other down. It would take a lot more for Cactus to go down that easily where they’ve We got one of the classic matches of the last decade, with a level of brutality rarely seen in a WWF ring. It cemented Hunter as a real star, and gave Foley one hell of a final great match to go out on (at the time). Foley brought out the barbed wire baseball bat, mallets, steel chairs, and more. Triple H may have been out of his element compared to the sadistic Cactus Jack, but it never takes the “Cerebral Assassin” long to adapt. Triple H, while bloodied, managed to stay in control as the match entered it’s final moments. He back -dropped Foley on the very tacks he poured in the ring then delivered the Pedigree, but to his shock Cactus Jack was not finished. He kicked out at two! Jack got up and charged “The Game” again, but got kicked in the gut and ate another Pedigree for the finish.

Image result for cactus jack vs triple h hell in a cellIt was completely barbaric to see a stunt happen like that but yet, the rivalry finally ended at Now Way Out 2000 in a Hell in a Cell match. I have to say not only was this my favorite match in the whole Cactus Jack vs. Triple H trilogy, but this is my favorite Hell in a Cell match ever. I know a lot of people considers Mick Foley’s Hell in a Cell match with Undertaker-Mankind iconic, but the HHH-Cactus Jack Hell in a Cell match went non-stop and it certainly topped Mankind’s Hell in a Cell match.  The two would fight with everything from steel chairs to a flaming 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire from in, out, and on top of the Hell in a Cell. After breaking through the cell wall, the two men carried their fight to the top of the cell. Once more, Cactus Jack feel off the Cell and landed on the table. Though it wasn’t as iconic as his drop from Undertaker in ’98, Cactus just didn’t waste time and got back up on the top of the Cell. Jack attempted a piledriver, but Triple H reversed it sending him through the cell roof to the ring below, where the ring would buckle. A pedigree to Jack immediately after gave Triple H the win and ended Foley’s career (and NO Mick Foley’s Fatal Four Way match at Wrestlemania 2000 never existed!) There have been a lot of rivalries over the years that was over dramatic, but none displayed the amount of hatred with each other than three of these matches. I can go back and watch these trilogy of matches just to see how they both evolved as wrestlers and barbaric fighters. This was a way to start the new millennium for wrestling which unfortunately never got better than this. 

Image result for stone cold vs bret hart wrestlemania 13

Number 2.  –  Wrestlemania 13:  Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin Submission Match

Let’s make this loud and clear, [the Attitude Era began when Stone Cold Steve Austin made his first swear after winning King of the Ring 1996], not when Vince announced it on an episode of Raw on Dec. 15, 1997. Since then, wrestlers were able to make their matches physical and more violent (and perverted) than ever before. It was time for the WWF to change in order to survive from losing to WCW. The only wrestler that couldn’t stand many of the changes happening to the WWF was Bret Hart. It is crazy to see Stone Cold playing as a heel somehow catching everyone’s attention and cheer for him, while the traditional babyface like Bret Hart are getting despised for not being as awesome.  Though Bret was sorrow for losing to Shawn Michaels in the Iron Man match at Wrestlemania 12, he has redeemed himself by putting on a much better Wrestlemania match with his best rival Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Now if you want to talk bloody matches, here’s one for you. It would be on this night that Austin would truly become “Stone Cold” and begin his march to the top of the WWF. This match would be one much different than their Survivor Series battle. In the fact this was less of a wrestling match and more of a street fight. Bret Hart came in as the face and Stone Cold was the heel, but after this match, which Bret Hart was declared the winner, their roles switched and made Stone Cold Steve Austin the star that he is today. This match was filled with the use of outside objects used to ram each other and Austin was cut open and bleeding from his head like a stuffed pig. This match was certainly not Hart’s specialty, but you wouldn’t know it by watching the match. “The Hitman” was just as ruthless and cold as Austin on this night, eventually leading to the unforgettable Shapshooter that would leave “Stone Cold” unconscious and bloody in the middle of the ring.  Although Austin never said the words “I quit,” he passed out from the pain and loss of blood, so referee Ken Shamrock declared Hart the winner. Austin may not have won the match, but his performance made him the new top guy in the company. Everyone respected Austin passing out in the puddle of his own blood rather than giving up. This match sparked the ‘Attitude Era’ and was the birth of Stone Cold Steve Austin as the face of the company. I still regard this as one of the best wrestling matches I’ve ever seen. If there’s one wish that I would love to see come true is if Bret Hart stayed with the company longer to make many more memorably moments in the Attitude Era.  But whatever the case, this is the one match that certainly opened door to this beloved era of wrestling and since then we honor this match for allowing the WWF giving its fans many more like this one many years to come!

This was the very first Hell in a Cell match in the WWF and it still is my personal favorite match that the promotion has has delivered, not just Hell in a Cell. At Bad Blood in 1997, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker faced off for the chance to battle Bret Hart at Survivor Series for the WWF Championship. Before we had that infamous screwjob in that Pay Per View, we were given a taste of what would the WWF be heading to in the Attitude Era. Undertaker was quick to bring the fight to Michaels during the beginning of the match with Michaels mostly unable to mount an offense of his own. Taker was so brutal and unforgiving that he even woke up from a Sweet Chin Music-Super Kick from Michaels and brought the match outside of the cage. At one point in the match, both men were fighting on top of the cell and Michaels was knocked off. With Michaels dangling helplessly, Taker stomped on his fingers forcing him to let go and fall through the spanish announce table. To my surprise, he fell off from the cage to the table a year earlier than the Mankind incident in King of the Ring ’98 in the same match-type from the same opponent. Some of you are wondering why I didn’t put the Mankind vs. Undertaker match in the list of the greatest matches of the 1990s. Well, I have full respect to that historic event, but the Image result for hell in a cell falls 1997match was too real and when there’s no wrestling going on, it simply tested my patients. And let’s not mention that, just like that match, every Hell in a Cell match up is trying to one-up against Hell in a Cell ’97; fight on top of the cell, the big bump to the announcer’s table, and tremendous shock value throughout. The match between Michaels and Taker was so much better and more real than that other Hell in a Cell match. In fact, this match was so damn real that when Shawn Michaels was dripping blood from the top of the cage to the camera man who was below them had Michaels’s drops of blood landing on him and he shouted “Ah shit!” And let’s not forget the every first bump from the top of the cell that every Hell in the Cell match after it tries to one-up, but at the end, end up just imitating.  This match is one that’s still fun to watch over and over again, and it’s never boring. Once the two made it back into the ring, Taker was ready to put Michaels away… until the debuting Kane hit Taker with a Tombstone Piledriver, ultimately handing the win to Michaels. That debut of Kane was some of the most exciting, surprising, and epic debuts that any professional wrestler has ever had! And who can ever forget Vince McMahon on commentary making the revolutionary qoute, Unknown“That’s gotta be… That’s gotta be… That’s gotta be Kane! That’s gotta be Kane!” It was the biggest turning point that I’ve ever see in in a wresting match but it was one hell of an impression! I’m not one who likes interference in any sport, but this here is a BIG exception because Kane was nowhere to be seen, but Paul Bearer (Undertaker’s former manager) kept building up and hinting that Undertaker burned his brother for dead only to announce that he’s still alive. And even the outfit and props certainly made his presence look so menacing that he’s worth keeping in the WWE roster to this very day. No longer was Undertaker the most intimidating figure of all of wrestling, but also made Kane a run for his money in terms of being a big highlight. So what makes this Hell in a Cell match better than any cage stipulation in the whole industry? How about doing all of these innovative things that ended up being the standard or even the ultimate measuring stick for every blood-sport caging up their contenders? This still is the best Hell in a Cell match that I’ve ever seen and that’s all thanks to the non-stop action that kept going throughout! If I could pick one match that I like to present to the world that wrestling is a hobby worth anyone’s time, I can’t think of a more exciting event in the sport’s history than the first ever Hell in a Cell match.

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Top 10 Worst Wrestlemania Main Events

Everyone wants to main event in Wrestlemania, but that doesn’t mean that everyone deserves it. The most important aspect of Wrestlemania is to have a great finish to add closure and create or elevate its stars. Though I’ve already mention Top 10 Wrestlemania Main Events that did it’s jobs well, there are a bunch that leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. Wrestlemania is no stranger for bad main events. We had bad ones that didn’t tell a good story, had talents that didn’t deserve that push, and even had wrestlers that actually did have better matches in their careers. What’s worse is that many of the worst Wrestlemania main events has been hogged up by The Breakfast Club (Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton) and Hulk Hogan. It’s understandable that you need top stars to bring recognition to the finish, but after so many consecutive Wrestlemania main events, they’ve kept the spotlight to themselves and they’re the reason why wrestling politics is as horrible as the stories foretold. Luckily I’ve managed find two main events that didn’t feature Breakfast Club and Hogan. There’s nothing worse than having a show to end in a horrible finish and yes, a show leave a bad taste in our mouths if the main event is horrible. The Wrestlemania main event, is not only the most important match, but it is the one match that represents the whole show and these are the ‘Mania Events that failed to deliver.

Image result for chris jericho wrestlemania 18Number 10.  –  Triple H vs. Chris Jericho (with Stephanie McMahon) – Wrestlemania 18

This is where I argue with the WWF’s booking decision where they seriously fucked up the main even. I don’t care if this match is for both the WCW and WWF Championship (which is why it’s called the Undisputed WWF Championship) but with those Championships on the line, it’s not as important to me as Hogan vs. The Rock. Sure Jericho has beaten both the Rock and Austin for the both of those Championships and Triple H won the Royal Rumble 2002, but both of those men had nothing that Rock and Hogan had. You can see how mundane this match really was because the story was poorly told (who cares about Hunter and Steph’s divorce angle), there have already been 3 Canadian wrestlers that didn’t have the Canadian care for them as much (Christian, Edge, & Trish) and there were now surprises throughout the match that made it a REALLY forgettable main event. Never have I seen a main event as insignificant as the first four matches and nobody really cared about what was going on compared to the crowd’s reaction to Hogan & the Rock. I did like Triple H in the past, but this was the time where the WWF really wanted to hammer him down to our throats and begin this propaganda that he’s at all “the best” which he clearly isn’t. I can go up to anybody and ask what is the one thing that they remember from Wrestlemania 18 and they’ll all say Hogan and Rock and not even remember this match. Throughout the match we just kept seeing Jericho work on Hunter’s leg and it was tedious to see him to keep doing that tactic/strategy. The finish had Triple H to fight back by to Pedigree Stephanie and Chris Jericho. Afterwords, he won the match and who gave a shit? This match went way too long and nothing memorable or significant has happened. This really isn’t the worst main event (believe me there are way worse) but at least those bad main events were more memorable than this match, and that’s really sad. WWF tried to hammer us Triple H down our throats, but because Hogan was so much of a star, it’s no wonder why he beat Hunter for the Championship later that year.

Number 9.  –  The Rock vs. John Cena – Wrestlemania 29

If there’s ever a match that should never had a rematch, it would have to be Rock-Cena all over again. The reason that is is because we already established that the Rock is a better wrestler and you can’t strike lighting twice. If Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in Wrestlemania 26 couldn’t be better than their first match in Wrestlemania 25, how was this match ever going to be a better rematch? The whole crowd knows that Cena was going to win because the WWE went back to shoving Cena even more down our throats and give an official good by to the Rock by taking the WWE Championship off his waist. If anything, it should have been CM Punk vs. The Rock III in Wrestlemania 29 and beat the rock and have John Cena vs. Undertaker with Cena defeated. I honestly think it was just to have John Cena to get his come-upings after a clean defeat from Rock in Wrestlemania 28. Everyone in the stadium wasn’t as intensified as last Wrestlemania 28 event that was a once in a life time deal. It was almost identical from their first match together, only with a less enthusiastic reaction towards what’s going on in this match. Ultimately, it was underwhelming to see this rematch to happen because it was there were less surprises happening and it was predictable that Cena was going to win. Even despite the fact that Cena won the match, he’s still not better than the Rock. It’s similar to how the Rock beat Hogan in Wrestlemania 18, but Hogan beat Rock in No Way Out 2003; the first time is what everyone remembers, the rematch is forgettable. And so was this main event. It was a weak finish to have the Rock and Cena shake hands at the end that had a couple of boos coming out from the audience, and that’s not good.

 Number 8.  –  Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Mick Foley vs. Big Show – Wrestlemania 2000

No, I’m not mad that this is the first main event finish where the heel won the match. I like the idea where each McMahon family member has their pick of a wrestler to determine who’s the best, but it’s not about the McMahons, it’s about all four of these wrestlers who have a serious grudge against each other and a very long history till this match. Because this is perhaps the most cluttered match of this card, this was not a very good main event. Each McMahon acts like a Pokemon trainer and each of the wrestlers are like Pokemon to them. This match should have been just one-on-one between The Rock and Triple H just like the following Pay-per-view after it at Backlash 2000. I know Mick Foley just needed one more Wrestlemania match before he officially retired, but he’s so hurt and out of shape that all of the moves applied by him was the least effective. And for Big Show… did he really need to be matched up in another Wrestlemania with Mick Foley like he did in last year’s Wrestlemania? This whole match was dumb and it lasted over 40 minutes when it didn’t need to be. Big Show was the first to be eliminated (and deservedly so), and Mick Foley afterwards, but it should have been first of all Triple H vs. The Rock.  However, the last part of the match between Triple H and The Rock was beautiful; this is what the main event should have been all along. That is until Vince McMahon betrayed the Rock by hitting him with the chair which shows how retarded this whole event was. The storytelling of this match was incredibly terrible; one minute Rock and Sock connection are working together, then Mick Foley teams up with Triple H to beat down The Rock (why did he do that?), and Vince McMahon betrays his own Wrestler… What the fuck?! I still despise the fact that Triple H was the first heel that won a Wrestlemania main event and as a result it made Wrestlemania 2000 crumble in shams. As a result of this horrible ending, this match was just all about the McMahons and nothing else. What a complete disaster of a main event and it hasn’t been since Wrestlemania 9 that left a distasteful finish of a show.

Number 7.  –  The Undertaker vs. Sycho Sid – Wrestlemania 13

This was Undertaker’s very first Wrestlemania main event in the streak and he proved that he can take on guys just as big as him as he defeated Diesel in last year’s Wrestlemania, but unlike his match with Kevin Nash, Sid just wasn’t a good dance partner for ‘Taker. The problem about his match was that the story wasn’t anywhere as big and Bret Hart tries so hard to get so much heel heat by interrupting the main event. This part of the show was too much where he comes in trying to bring heat on Shawn Michaels (at commentator because of his injury), Undertaker, and Sid. All of the sudden Sid used the Powerbomb on Bret to get him out of the ring, but ‘Taker didn’t want to waist any time to get in the match (thank God!). As for the match, it wasn’t that physical, it wasn’t that memorable, and it was just soulless. Again, this is another main event that Sid ruins like Wrestlemania VIII because of his lack of wrestling skills. This still is a much better match than Wrestlemania 8′s main event, but it’s so boring to see Sid’s wrestling. But this match isn’t entirely Sid’s caught because Undertaker chooses to make the match longer by giving him the equal amount of match-dragging submissions that should be the heel’s job. The only thing remotely exciting about this match was that Sid used the Tombstone on Undertaker, but he kicked out. And to make matters worse, Bret Hart had to come back to the ring by attacking Sid for revenge which let Taker to use the Tomb Stone for the victory. I have no idea why Bret has to continue to get involved with this match and just be done with his match after the “I Quit” match, but no we had to make this weird, clustered finish. Sure The Undertaker deserved to win the main event but  This match was just so slow and it wasn’t near as good as last year’s Taker match. I really did not like this match. A really dried up way to end Wrestlemania 13 for sure.

Image result for Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena wrestlemaniaNumber 6.  –  Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena – Wrestlemania 23

Though I certainly think that this match is better than the Donald Trump-Vince McMahon match, I still did not like this match. I can easily say that this is the most overrated main event that a Wrestlemania has had. I can’t even believe that wrestling fans today are considering this as a classic when it was after all just as basic as you can get! John Cena was already hogging up the spotlight and puts no effort in making any of his matches different. And as for Shawn Michaels, this was least favorite time of being a HBK fan because of the stupid resurrection of D-Generation-X with just him and HHH. I hated DX 2006 and wanted it to end as soon as possible. This match didn’t deserve the main event spot because the story between the two wasn’t that well told and the in-ring action was seen better in Undertaker-Batista match. I mean, Shawn did give out his best efforts to a dance partner who has very limited move sets, but because HBK’s opponent couldn’t give much of anything special.  Maybe this is just my Cena “Hatred” coming out, but he didn’t add a damn thing to the match. What’s more disappointing is that the WWE had a great Wrestlemania moment ready, but they opted not to go for it. The fans wanted Michaels to win. They were clamoring for it. I can just imagine Michaels celebrating with the title to a packed Ford Field going crazy while fireworks are going off. That would have been an awesome moment. Instead, Cena forces Michaels to tap out while the crowd remain quiet. This is part of the reason why many hates Cena so strongly. You rob the fans of those special moments they’re dying for. Michaels should have won. Great performance by Michaels, but Taker/Batista should have been in the main event.

Number 5.  –  Triple H vs. Randy Orton – Wrestlemania 25

We’ve had REALLY forgettable Wrestlemania main events with Triple H like Cena-HHH, HHH-Rock-Foley-Big Show, HHH-Booker T, and even HHH-Jericho matches. Certainly Triple H vs Randy Orton is no exception. It’s already a crime to see that this match is ahead of the Undertaker-Michaels match, but to even think that placing two of the three wrestlers from last year’s Wrestlemania WWE Championship match to main event is the stupidest booking decision that I’ve ever seen. Triple H is full of himself thinking that he is main event material when he belongs in backstage politics as a booker. I stated that Triple H has the same basic tactic as he always does and so does Randy Orton. But this match wasn’t even wrestling! It was just a slugfest, throwing in too many finishers, and less wrestling moves than any match that I’ve ever seen that was so dull that it’s PAINFUL to watch. Even despite the fact that the build-up for they used was great to have Randy kiss HHH’s wife Stephanie when she’s knocked out, but this match was so full of itself! I was sick of them just striking each other with fists and using too many finishers from even the beginning of the match that was pure garbage! I came here to see “wrestling” not some dirty brawl that has no good storytelling whatsoever. The whole audience was fed up with this poor main event and nobody even cares for the many time they’ve bashed each other heads. This is Triple H’s ego at it’s worst and it had to be main event to show all of it. Nobody cared if he retained the championship, nobody cared who got hurt, and nobody really cared for this match. I never seen a Wrestlemania main event so poorly work that it ultimately destroy this show.

Number 4.  –  Lawrence Taylor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow – Wrestlemania 11

You know what’s funny? This is the second match in the list that didn’t feature Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Triple H, or Randy Orton. This match is infamous for being one of the worst Wrestlemania main events of all time, but I give credit for not being the really worst Wrestlemania main event. Lawrence Taylor actually knew how to make Bigelow, as big as the guy really is, to fly around like a punching bag. Bam Bam sold the whole match like crazy and the audience loved it. Other than that, this match really had no business of being the main event other than having more mainstream press and publicity from the sports crowd to watch this Wrestlemania.  Lawrence Taylor does have the credibility to be a big star because he was one of the best defensive players in the National Football League, which they needed it. Another credit I give is that this was a signature achievement for Bam Bam Bigelow considering how much credit that he doesn’t get in the wrestling world. The match sure was fast paced and exciting, but the problem however is almost the same as the last match where there are too many people at ringside taking too much space for these two wrestlers to breathe, not to mention a lumberjack style wrestling match where WWF Stars and NFL stars are at ringside cheering for their guy to win. Another problem is that Bam Bam oversold this match too much that he doesn’t sell it to anyone like this except for Taylor. It’s really sad to see that an NFL guy is actually burying a WWF guy when he had no business of begin there and was then later used as a joke, except when he wanted to apply that moonsault that he didn’t do very well. Sure the finish was a big lackluster where Taylor used a flying shoulder block to pin Bam Bam for the victory, but it was a meaningless victory that made one talented star loose credibility to a professional football player… how sad really. I do agree that this match had no business of being the main event, but I sure did enjoy this match slightly better than the HBK vs Diesel match. For those who complain that this is the worst match in Wrestlemania history, you haven’t seen anything as bad in other Wrestlemanias that featured better performers and better build, that was far worse than what was seen in this match. Trust me, this match wasn’t that bad, it just ruined Bam Bam’s credibility.

Number 3.  –  Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice – Wrestlemania 8

This should never have been main event! Instead, Savage-Flair match deserved this spotlight! Sgt. Slaughter and Hogan’s last year’s Wrestlemania had more stipulation and drama compared to the whiny baby fight that just started because Hogan couldn’t accept being eliminated in the Royal Rumble 1992 Match. The match between Hulk and Sid was not a wrestling match, it just as slob fight that only used strikes and too many submission that has been carried throughout the match and had VERY little wrestling involved. What’s worse is that they’ve tried to make this a replication of the Warrior and Hogan at Wrestlemania 6 with using a test of strength and tried to make it intense but it wasn’t at all. Nothing in this match was at all convincing, nothing in this match was at all exciting, and it was a soulless main event that was so boring. Sure, Hogan’s other opponents in his other Wrestlemanias didn’t give him a good in-ring work but at least they had a story in them – Sid and Hogan was just two guys who still can’t get over their defeat in Royal Rumble like everybody else’s. The worst part of all is the damn finish. What made this match so horrible was because Harvey Wippleman just entering the wrestling ring as soon as Sid kicked out of Hogan’s Atomic Leg Drop. I’m going to say it flat out that Harvey Wippleman is the worst manager ever. He has no charisma, nothing memorable, and there’s nothing appealing towards this weasel like Heenan, Mr. Fuji, and Jimmy Hart so why did he cause a disqualification in this match? Hell if I know. Then Papa Shango came in to help… and since when did Shango ever teamed up with Sid? Oh just because he wasn’t booked in this card, he had to get involved. Then stupidly enough, they had to get the Ultimate Warrior (from a long absence) to return to save Hulk Hogan. At this point, it doesn’t matter because it the match was already ruined, Warrior lost a lot of muscle that he doesn’t look the same, and all he got was a chairshot at the back only having Sid to flee. I couldn’t believe the audience being so amused with Warrior’s return that it made it look like they’re accepting mediocrity… I mean poor results than what could have been. This was a completely meaningless victory only to have Warrior just have a comeback. Easily one of the worst Wrestlemania Main Events ever!

Number 2.  –  The Miz (with Alex Riley) vs. John Cena – Wrestlemania 27

I’ve reviewed really bad Wrestlemania main events, but this is so bad that it’s clearly advertisement for the next Wrestlemania because the Rock and John Cena kept focusing on each other so many times that The Miz is not even recognized in this match. That is not good when the company is supposed to create new stars just to have someone like the Miz as a second thought as the tension between Rock and Cena became the main focus of the match. Because of this stupid focus of Cena and Rock instead of Cena and Miz is why Miz is pushed so backwards to below mid-card. Fuck, Miz didn’t even headlight in another Wrestlemania since this horrid main event.  Miz went from anti-establishment with a natural edge to his character (yes, The Miz) to a cookie-cutter, WWE-formula, weak heel. As soon as creative started paying attention to him, he lost a lot of his luster. At first it was okay: He used to call out John Cena and when the (injured) superstar no-showed, Miz would claim the win by forfeit. This lasted all the way up until the 2009 Great American Bash pay-per-view (PPV) when he lost to Cena in five minutes. He lost again in a squash on Raw and shuffled down to mid-card obscurity. He never recovered his fan support. Then, after they had killed him, the creative powers at WWE naturally decided to do something with him. They made him the mentor of NXT’er Daniel Bryan. This only pissed us off more because by now The Miz had become one-dimensional and stale, his in-ring skills had never improved and he was “mentoring” an indie superstar. With fans sufficiently sick of him, the WWE decided the time was ripe to put the title on him. Even despite the fact that he beat Cena in this match with the help from the Rock, The Rock’s involvement in this match and aftermath couldn’t save it, instead it worsen it. Having Rock attack both Cena and Miz because there was nothing more to add to this show, really shows why this whole card was horrible! If you actually made me want to watch Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Lawrence Laylor in Wrestlemania 11 instead of this match, that should tell you how bad this main event is in comparison to that main event. This match was just garbage and the worst possible way you can finish a show, period!

Number 1.  –  Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna & Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna – Wrestlemania 9

There really is no worse main event than this very claustrophobic garbage. Here we are having Bret coming in as the champion facing the Royal Rumble winner, but non of these men were prepared for each other and that’s a bad thing. I love Bret Hart and Yokozuna but this is actually horrible. Bret, many times, outsmarted Yokozuna using his tactics against his size and power, but Yoko managed to use his size to squash Hart. I didn’t like the fact that this match didn’t feel at all like a Wrestlemania main event. It was more like an episode of Monday Night Raw where there are no surprises, nothing was memorable, and it felt soulless throughout. I hated the finish of the match where Bret Hart got Yokozuna in the sharpshooter and then had sand tossed in his eyes by Mr. Fuji which got Yokozuna the pin. So a sand in the eye causes a knockout pin? That’s stupid!!! Honestly the worst main event in the entirety of Wrestlemania! Oh but it didn’t even end there. If you want a match finish that actually as bad, if not worse than ‘Taker vs. Gonzalez, along came egomaniac, Hulk Hogan, coming in the ring that all of the sudden was offered a match with Yokozuna by Mr. Fuji, as soon as Hart got defeated. He checks on Hart and Hart hides his eyes pointing for Hogan to get Yoko (while it looked like he was actually face palming this booking decision). All of the sudden, Hogan was being held by Yokozuna as Mr. Fuji was about to throw “sand” of all things, only to hit Yoko in the eyes, having Hogan give Yoko a closeline and leg drop. He pinned in for the WWF Championship making this 22 seconds of “awful” experience. And then here we are left with Hogan posing with the damn belt with a fucking black eye. That, ladies and gentlemen is the main event ending of Wrestlemania 9. To have Hulk Hogan come out after Bret Hart had a full on match against Yokozuna, just to have Hogan to win the belt over Hart and overshadow is rise to fame is completely unforgivable! No one alive can ever say that Wrestlemania 9 was at all good because it is easily the worst of all time and every wrestling fan is unanimous with such statement! And to even sum up how bad this Wrestlemania was, here’s a picture of Hulk Hogan with a back eye in Wrestlemania 9!

Image result for wrestlemania 9 hogan eyeHere he is, folks! Your champion at Wrestlemania 9…

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Wrestlemania 30 Review

Welcome to 30 years-in-the-making of this wonderful show, and surprisingly enough, it’s not held in the Madison Square Garden, it’s in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with a bigger attendance that came close to beating Wrestlemania III’s record. This is the time where the WWE is acknowledging the crowd’s desire of having their favorite star, Daniel Bryan, to make it into this show. This is the first Wrestlemania where the WWE Network first aired it live on stream for those who paid the $10 a month charge for the Network. This is also the first Wrestlemania where the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship is combined into one championship called the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (the WWF Undisputed Championship does not count because it’s the WWF Championship and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship combined). This is also the Wrestlemania event where CM Punk did not feature in this Wrestlemania since his Wrestlemania debut in Wrestlemania 23 due to the fact that he left the company from personal issues with backstage politics. There was no better time to make Daniel Bryan the new face of the WWE. I’m a HUGE fan of this Wrestlemania structure because it almost felt like Wrestlemania 10 & 20 combined, where Bret Hart wrestle twice in the opening match & the main event of Wrestlemania X and Chris Benoit won the triple threat main event in Wrestlemania XX. This is the night where Daniel Bryan was set off to repeat history and that’s what the fans wanted the most. But it’s also not the only thing that everyone remembers about this Wrestlemania. So far, everyone is completely reactionary towards this show, but this is my review on the 30th Wrestlemania!

Before there was a single match, Wrestlemania began with Hulk Hogan hosting the show, then Stone Cold Steve Austin came in the same ring with Hogan to cut a promo together. Then finally, The Rock came in to even further the hype opening the show. It was absolute magic to see three of the WWE’s biggest stars still alive today just to cut a promo together. Even though Hulk Hogan mixed up the Skydome to the Super Dome, it didn’t even diminish the experience of what we were witnessing. It also didn’t’ really matter what they were talking about but we got a chance to see each of their catchphrases, drink beer, and make a Wrestlemania moment, before we even got our first match underway. This has became one of the best segments that Wrestlemania has ever had and it’s a hell of a way to start Wrestlemania XXX!
Segment Score: 5/5

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon) – The build-up for Daniel Bryan to be our next biggest star was some of the most anticipated in the WWE and it was perfect to have Triple H and the authorities (and the breakfast club) to go against the “Yes” movement and keep Daniel Bryan from winning the most prestigious title ever again. The stipulation for this match is the winner of this match will be main event with Batista and Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I love the fact that this had to be the opening match because it’s extremely reminiscent to Bret vs. Owen in Wrestlemania X just to have Bret Hart enter the main event later one in the night. Though this is not as good as Bret Hart vs. Own Hart opening match, it’s been a long time since Wrestlemania 21 since we had a fantastic opener. Rumor has it that the HHH-Bryan match was going to be a draw so it would had been a fatal four way. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. This was an old-school fashioned technical brawl that was surprisingly good! Bryan came in with a damaged shoulder wearing bandages around the arm and Triple H wanted nothing more than to damage it. It’s was pretty interesting that Stephanie McMahon was very part of the match as these two competitors, not because she interfered (she didn’t), but the cameramen focused a lot on the million dollar princess and we needed to her the many evil words she’s saying to Bryan while routing for Triple H. The beating that Triple H was putting over Bryan looked extremely painful and you could almost felt the shots he was giving to Bryan. Hell, he was more ruthless and vicious than his last year’s Wrestlemania match with Brock Lesnar, and there was no weapon involved throughout this match. But Bryan used the same tactics that he learned from Ring of Honor when he kept using brilliant submission holds and lightweight moves like there’s no tomorrow. The whole crowd kept chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” for Bryan and “No! No! No!” for Triple H. I haven’t seen HHH get so much heat since his days in the McMahon-Hemsley Era. This match deserved to be close to that half an hour mark because we were seeing the best out of Daniel Bryan. And he won in a clean victory by knocking out Triple H with the running knee and the crowd roared the Bryan won. Thankfully, it didn’t end in a draw to make it a fatal four way. And I especially love the fact that Stephanie McMahon slapped Bryan in the ring only to have HHH sneak attack Bryan and damage his shoulder with a chair against the ring post. It was brilliant to make the audience doubt that Bryan can survive through the main event, but you couldn’t start and end this match any other way!
Match Score: 5/5

The Shield (Dean AmbroseSeth Rollins and Roman Reigns) vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) – This is where I get my critics hat on and say that putting the Shield against the likes of Kane and New Age Outlaws… I mean Mid-age Outlaws because they should of had the Wyatts as their 6-man tag opponents. Of course, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn had to be somewhere in the card because they’re Triple H’s D-Generation-X buddies and they had to get their share. There was so much prediction that this could have been the night where the Shield breaks up because of all the downfalls each of them were having with each other. But thankfully, that also didn’t happen and they won it by giving a 2 man-triple powerboat on the Mid-Age Outlaws and made the victory! For what we got, it was a poorly booked card that should have been Shield vs Wyatt Family, that resulted in a satisfying way. Either way, it was much better than the Shield last Wrestlemania match, that’s for sure!
Match Score: 3/5

André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal – The only good thing that came out of Wrestlemania 2 was the Battle Royal in which Andre the Giant won. This Battle Royal, however, was dedicated to the legend. Admittely, there was so much going on in this match that kinda was forgettable on who got eliminated except for the final 6 men. But there are a couple of memorable things in this match that I certainly will remember. Whenever Kofi Kingston get into a match like this one (especially in Royal Rumble) he always gets a miraculous save where gets off of ringside but not eliminated because both of his feet didn’t touch the floor. We was push up in the air and had his feet land on the steel steps showing that he’s still in this match. Of course, he get eliminated. Then one thing to remember about this Battle Royal was the final two men was Big Show and Antonio Cesaro. Everybody though that Big Show was going to win this Battle Royal because he’s been compared many times to Andre the Giant, but he’s never as good or as memorable as the guy. Just when we was about to eliminate Antonio, Antonio turned the tables and gave Big Show a legendary bodyslam out of the ring. That was a fantastic victory and it’s definitely what you call a “Wrestlemania moment.” Antonio became a bigger name after that Battle Royal because earlier in the dark match, he broke up with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter to start off his promising solo career. The best part after that bodyslam out of the ring was when Big Show shook hands with Antonio to bring honor to a memorial for Andre.
Match Score: 4/5

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) – After three awesome matches, it was bound to happen that we were going to get a bad match. This is unfortunately a surprisingly good match that had a horrible finish. This Bray Wyatt’s opportunity to actually shine here in Wrestlemania. The story behind this is the fact that the Wyatt family is trying to expose John Cena as a monster and they wanted to make him snap. Out of ALL of John Cena’s matches, this is the only one where I was convinced that the storytelling was extremely well told. Constantly you see Bray Wyatt trying mock and tempt Cena to fight dirty on a live audience and had to destroy Bray Wyatt in the most inhuman way. Bray was not scared of John Cena. In fact, he was creepy as all hell, trying to leave himself open and even sacrifice his own moral body for Cena to destroy him, just to prove and expose that John Cena is as bad if not worst than Bray Wyatt. You could see Cena just fighting his urge to destroy Bray and have his point proven but he had to also fight Harper and Rowan in ring side. It was sweet to see Harper crashed through the barricade, and even Cena was tempted to use steel steps against Bray. Unfortunatley, we were never going to have our heel turn and make the product different. John Cena is so selfish never turning heel like in 2003 and he never could ever let Bray over. I’m very disappointed to see John Cena to give Bray the FU and make this modern era in WWE just the same as before because he so damn reluctant to change. This is not good on a fan stand point and not good in the business stand point because Cena is going to continuously deliver the same garbage that he always had and this match on the biggest stage of them all should have just let Bray have his Wrestlemania moment. If potential stars like the Wyatts are not going to have a push because the Cena’s too damn selfish to let other go over, then we’re never going to get as many new stars as we hope for. But all I can say is THANK GOD that Cena was not the main event otherwise this will be the same shit all over again.
Match Score: 2/5

Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. The Undertaker – Earlier I said that Wrestlemania 30 was supposed to be Daniel Bryan’s night, however nobody is talking about Bryan because of what happened in this match. This one here has got to be one of the worst matches in Wrestlemania history and one of the biggest tragedies of Wrestlemania history. It’s wondrous to see that Brock Lesnar has given us one of the worst Wrestlemania match ten years ago in Wrestlemania 20 and he did the same thing again. I’ll give him credit, at least he wasn’t standing awkwardly in this match. There were no surprises, no story involved, and even no suspense going on in this match. The whole stadium and even the commentators were all dead silent in this match because it was so damn boring and so predictable at the point where we weren’t even paying attention. Part of it is because there was barely any build-up, except for chokeslamming Brock through the table in an episode of Raw, but that’s really it. You can really see that Undertaker didn’t’ give a shit in this match because he wasn’t intense, he didn’t make any fast pace movements, and he was just too submissive to Brock that we didn’t care. I mean how was a chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver not get a reaction is beyond me. Nobody was even surprised to see those three F-5 connected. The whole audience didn’t believe for a damn second that Brock Lesnar would ever end the streak…

…I’m complete lost for words… the streak just ended like that?! NO!!! JUST NO!!! THIS HAS GOT TO BE A BAD JOKE!! NO!!!
I can’t believe Brock was chosen to end the streak! You’re telling me that a part timer like Brock that couldn’t care less for the business and have the privilege to actually end the streak?!  Don’t even put Undertaker as a part-timer, at least ‘Taker never left the company! Every single person in that stadium had their mind’s blown at what they’ve just seen. I can go far as to say that John Cena is more worthy to end the streak than Brock who loves his UFC career more than his time in the WWE. I know that the streak would end eventually, but if it really was going to end, it would have to have a great story involved, believability that Undertaker was going to loose to this guy as the build up, and most of all, put some effort in the match from breaking the streak. What is an insult to me is the fact that all those men that tried to end the streak was all worth for nothing. The epic storyline with Shawn Michaels being defeated in Wrestlemania 25, had a rematch that retired Shawn in Wrestlemania 26, had his best friend Triple H to have vengeance for retiring Shawn in Wrestlemania 27, and culminate a grand story finale with all three of those men now letting this go in Wrestlemania 28 was the most meaningful moment of the WWE for me. And they had to end Undertaker’s journey in Wrestlemania 30 where there was barely any build up to this match.
I know what you’re probably asking, well how would you end the Lesnar-Undertaker match in Wrestlemania 30. You know, I would still keep that idea of Undertaker getting his ass kicked an no longer can keep on with the streak and have motherfucking Sting (who just left TNA Wrestling) to come in and save Undertaker and let the streak go in 22-0. It would have been a THE Wrestlemania moment if Sting points his bat to Undertaker and say, I want you in Wrestlemania 31 to end your streak. Everybody! And I mean EVERYBODY still wants that Sting vs. Undertaker match since the 1990s when WCW was still around. Sting still is the biggest & most popular wrestler that never worked with Vince McMahon and the WWE and it was a complete miss opportunity to not have Sting in the WWE roster and face Undertaker in Wrestlemania 31. This is more disappointing than the Invasion Angle to not finish in Wrestlemania X8, this is more disappointing than not have Hogan vs. Austin in Wrestlemania 19, this is sure just as disappointing as the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match in Wrestlemania XX, and hell, this is as disappointing as the Montreal Screwjob! We were all robbed in this match and for all those who says that this was how the streak should end, or they say we should respect Undertaker’s call, or if this was the somehow (in some stupid reason) was a great booking decision are completely wrong on so many levels! Just how much longer is Brock going to stay and wrestle for the WWE now that he ended the streak? This match just did not have at all a good reaction. The whole stadium was in complete disbelieve that they’re seeing 21-1 on the screens and witness Undertaker’s demise. Yes, it succeeded in taking our breath away and yes, it was the most shocking moment in Wrestlemania history, and yes, it was historic! But the booking decision and especially Undertaker’s decision just took away the magic! This is one of the main reason why people come into Wrestlemania and see who’s worthy enough to take on the WWE’s best performer. There is no other sport on Earth that has ever had a great streak like Undertaker. NFL, NHL, NBA, NBL, and all the other sports you can name doesn’t have a team or an athlete that can make make a streak the lasted as long as two decades and that’s what make Wrestling itself so special. It was the fact that Undertaker carried something incredibly special in the wrestling world that no other fucking sport, entertainment, or media ever has and it just ended without any awareness. I don’t care if Undertaker broke his neck and had to the hospital with Vince McMahon for assistance, it was absolutely not right to have someone as egomaniacal, selfish, and lazy as Brock Lesnar who left the company after Wrestlemania XX and then ten years later, he once again made a disastrous finish and plans to leave the same company once again. We all know that Undertaker wanted to end the streak but why he chose Brock Lesnar is beyond whatever the fuck reason that cannot compute! Look, I love and respect the Undertaker, as much as you all do, but just like loving your family members, that doesn’t’ mean that they’re right all the time. I’m not saying the steak should never end, it was bound to happen, all I’m saying it pass down a torch to someone who will carry on the company as much as Undertaker has. Apparently, there are so many who are worthy to end the streak like John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, and especially Sting. If there was ever going to be anything like the streak, it would have to take another 2 decades to build up a star that can be equivalent to Undertaker’s legacy. For the fact that this was a bad storyline, a bad opponent, and even a bad match, the streak deserved a better ending than this one. For what it was, it was a compete tragedy and there’s no turning back to make it better.
Match Score: -1/5 (My lowest score) 

Divas Championship Invitational – I feel incredibly sorry for the entire Diva division who had to follow up on this match after a tragic Undertaker vs. Lesnar match. Considering that the whole audience was still at awe and flabbergasted, they couldn’t get involved with this match at all.  All these women wrestlers tried to damnedest to show what they’re made of and tried to entertain the audience but because it was placed after one of the most tragic Wrestlemania moments in history. I especially feel bad for AJ Lee who’s actually making her very first Wrestlemania match against the entire Diva’s division and proved that she had what it takes to keep her title as the longest reigning Diva’s champion in the company’s history. I also feel back for Vickie who’s making her last WWE appearance and nobody can give a flying fuck about what happened in the previous match. After devoting so much television time trying to make AJ a big of a star in the company (and possibly the entire women’s division) she never got a chance to shine. I can never imagine an entire division had to suffer greatly because what happened in the previous match. This SERIOUSLY damaged the WWE’s Women division so severe that there’s really no hope for the women’s wrestling to survive in the later years without any recognition in Wrestlemania. The girls went out there and did the best that they could and God bless all of them, this was a tough ass spot to be in. They all deserve better to trying to give life to an already dying division that’s now diminished its credibility even further.
Match Score: 3/5

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista – WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Thankfully there was not a moment too soon for this main event go underway because God know we needed this match to save everyone’s night. And that’s exactly what this match did. Somehow we have to get our minds out of the this tragedy and get right on with what we paid to see. This match to me is like the triple threat match in Wrestlemania 20 and you all know who special that main event was for me. Ten years later in the triple threat match in Wrestlemania 30, lightning struck twice. Daniel Bryan had to wrestle his damnedest against Triple H to get this spot in the main event card and there was no perfect time to have the “Yes movement” to finally reach its goal. I had my speculations that this could have ended tragically with either not having Daniel Bryan not win the match or somehow start to have a heel turn like Austin did in Wrestlemania 17. Miraculously, Daniel Bryan did not go through any last minute booking bullshit and just went out there with a damaged shoulder as the biggest babyface you can imagine. This daring individual is wrestling the breakfast club with Orton and Bootista to show what it mean to be the common man and reach our goals. Somehow, I just had that feeling like I was brought back ten years ago when I wanted Chris Benoit to win at Wrestlemania XX, I had the same emotions here. I really did feel like this was going to be that moment all over again while still suspecting that this was going to end anticlimactically. But wouldn’t you know, Bryan wrestled like crazy against these two individuals. I couldn’t describe how invested I was watching this match. I especially loved it that Triple H came back to the ring to interfere the match and gave him a sledgehammer and even Orton and Bootista gave Bryan an RKO-Batista Bomb through the announcer’s table that shocked the living hell out of me. He was getting stretchered out of the match, but he refused to give up and continued the match. That was not to say that Orton and Batista made this a handicap for Bryan, the sure as hell wrestled better than any of their Wrestlemania matches when they were involved. Because everyone in this match created the most chaotic triple threat imaginable, it was as hell highly entertaining. So many of use Brian Danielson fans from Ring of Honor who has supported him throughout his entire career to make it this far, was like a journey for us and this match was like trying to enter Mount Mordor with all the possibilities that our hero can fail. But load and behold, as soon as Randy Orton got out of the way, Daniel Bryan got Bootista in the yes-lock and made him tap (and for everyone who booed Batista at Royal Rumble 2014 he deserved it). This is the second time in my life where I wanted something form the WWE (first was to have the Rock beat Cena at Wrestlemania 28) and they gave me Daniel Bryan as our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the victor of Wrestlemania XXX. It was like Wrestlemania 20 all over again where I wanted so desperately for Chris Benoit to win a decade ago, but I can’t look back at it because it’s so tragic after what he did that ruined that moment. A decade later, the WWE did it once again with another common man that deserved it! Daniel Bryan was ruling the night and left us with a big bang. Once Undertaker’s steak was over, Daniel Bryan had to save the show, and by God, that’s what exactly what he did.
Match Score: 6/5

Image result for wrestlemania 30 daniel bryanWrestlemania 30, 30 years in the making was (either bad or good) a memorable Wrestlemania. This is the night that everyone will remember that the streak ended in the worst way imaginable, but it had our hero Daniel Bryan to save the show, in both the beginning and the end. This show showed the best and the worst of the WWE. Wrestlemania 30 is both a tragedy and a compete satisfying show. It’s tragic because Undertaker’s streak ended in the worst way imaginable, John Cena still is reluctant to change as he always does, and The Sheild deserved better opponents. But on WWE’s best side of thing, they gave us a segment with Hogan, Rock, and Stone Cold, allow Antonio Cesaro eliminated Big Show with a bodyslam, and to have Daniel Bryan to become the star of the show to have a fantastic opening match and saved the show with an awesome finish by winning the main event. There’s something that’s respectable and likable about Daniel Bryan who started from scratch and won it all in the 30th grandest stage of them all. Throughout Brian Danielson’s life he was told that he wasn’t big enough, he wasn’t good enough, and he wasn’t special enough to achieve his dream, but he never slowed down. He went full force against the authorities who tried to keep him and all the fans down, and this was the moment to rebel and let the common man just achieve his dream. Wrestlemania is all about achieving dreams and that’s what Wrestlemania XXX truly represents. 2013 to early 204 was a horrible year of being a wrestling fan because we had to endure horrible booking decisions especially on Daniel Bryan, but the people’s chants for Bryan never stopped. All the hijacking and rebelling we’ve done to put the company in the right direction (especially when CM Punk left the company because of the exact reason) was well deserved to make them do the right thing. Believe it or not, putting Daniel Bryan as main event was not the original plan, make no mistake about it, but once the company listens to its customers, they had an opportunity to deliver and what a way to go! There were so many instances where I was reminded of Bret Hart at Wrestlemania X and Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania XX, that gave me a real sense of joy just seeing the same thing happen to Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX. There were VERY bad moments and VERY good moments in Wrestlemania 30, but ultimately, it was a historic show and that’s what a Wrestlemania needs after 30 years of changing people’s lives!

The Top Lister’s score for Wrestlemania 30


Now that I’m officially finished reviewing every Wrestlemania, it’s time to do several of lists of the Best and Worst of Wrestlemania! Be sure to check them out!

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Wrestlemania 29 Review

The Shield (Dean AmbroseSeth Rollins and Roman Reigns) vs. Randy OrtonSheamus, and Big Show – The Shield has got to be one of the best factions in the WWE since Evolution, but what makes them so special is the fact that they started as no names to now one of the most talented individuals that the WWE has ever had. And Ambrose, Rollis, and Reigns had to show their out most damnedest to prove why they’re one of the best three man factions. When Sheamus went to hot tag Big Show, Orton tagged himself in the match instead. He was cleaning house as he hit a RKO on Seth Rollins, who came off the top rope. But that allowed Roman Reigns to hit Orton with a Spear. Sheamus was out on the floor during all this. Ambrose covered Orton to win the match for his team after 10 minutes. Big Show looked on from the corner during all of that. Sure, they didn’t win this match with a clean victory, but it was to establish why this three man team should be taken seriously. From here on out, The Shield was able have many more victories and achievements after this show and seeing the Shield was some of the best parts of watching the WWE today
Match Score: 4/5

Mark Henry vs. Ryback – Mark Henry didn’t get himself a singles match in a Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 22 with Undertaker. He’s a mid-carder at best even despite the fact that he was “The World’s Strongest Man” and had to wrestle with a lesser mid-carder like Ryback. Ryback is one of the most overrated wrestlers in the WWE because he’s not that strong and his gimmick is pathetic at best. He couldn’t even pick up Tensai (A-Train) and he barely picked up Henry on his back. This match dragged that almost hit the ten minute mark. But surprisingly, when Ryback was about to use his Samoa Drop finisher, Mark Henry slipped and fell right on Ryback on the floor and made the three count for the win! This match would have been a complete bore but that was fortunately the best finish of the night and the most surpassing moment of the whole show.
Match Score: 3/5

Wrestlemania-29-Digitals-4-7-13-aj-lee-34191997-1284-722Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston (with AJ Lee) – WWE Tag Team Championship – dAnd now we come to the best match of the entire show. The whole WWE universe wanted Daniel Bryan to be the top star and his team-up with Kane as Team Hell No was definitely the WWE’s best tag team in the division. It was fantastic to have them face off Dolph Ziggler and Big E because he still has grudges against his former girlfriend AJ Lee who was responsible for the shortest match from last year’s Wrestlemania. Ziggler got a kiss from AJ at the start of the match. Bryan kicked Ziggler as a nod to last year at WM when Bryan lost the World Title in that spot. He rolled up Ziggler for a two count. Really loud “yes” chants from the crowd as Bryan got in a lot of kicks on Ziggler. Ziggler tagged in Langston while Bryan brought in Kane. Langston gave Kane three backbreakers in a row to show how strong he is. Langston hit a running body attack on Kane to knock him down. The heels made quick tags as they worked over Kane, but Kane came back with a nice DDT on Langston. Ziggler knocked Bryan off the apron and Kane came back with a sidewalk slam on Ziggler. Kane missed the top rope clothesline because Ziggler moved. Why don’t more people move?

Ziggler went for  Fameasser, but it didn’t connect that well. Still got a two count. Kane came back with a nearfall on Ziggler. Langston broke that up with a splash on Kane. Kane sent Langston outside the ring, so Bryan hit Langston in the head with a knee. Ziggler with a Zig Zag on Kane for just two. Great nearfall. AJ distracted the ref. Kane avoided a briefcase shot and gave Ziggler a Chokelsam. Bryan tagged in and hit the Flying Headbutt on Ziggler, which was good for the win. That was a tag match full of energy with a hot crowd that was reacting to everything very well. Just like last year at WrestleMania the “yes” chants were very loud. I thought it was time to take the tag titles off of Bryan & Kane, but that didn’t happen. The announcers did a good job of reacting in an over the top way to everything Langston did. By doing that they put over his power. The story of the match was about how Bryan & Kane continue to work well as a team that has held the tag titles for over six months now. I think it’s fair to say they have been booked well as the tag champs and the titles seem important again. This match really makes up for that disappointing Bryan match last year! More importantly, this was the best tag team match in Wrestlemania in a long time!
Match Score: 5/5

Fandango vs. Chris Jericho – I think it was a ridiculous business and booking decision to have Fandango so hyped up without even having a match in the WWE. It would have made sense  if his character was actually taken like a real wrestler instead of a dancer gimmick. And it’s also a shame that Chris Jericho had to face a rookie like Fandango. Jericho is a legendary star and he has so much to offer than to give this poor wrestler a push, especially in a wrestlemania. Even though I’m not a fan of this match, I will admit that this match had great in-ring work because both men where doing high flying flips and showmen style wrestling. The finish was pretty poor where Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, but  Fandango countered with an inside cradle to win. If you wanted us to take Fandango seriously, you better give him his clean victory.
Match Score: 2/5

Alberto Del Rio (c) (with Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter) – World Heavyweight Championship – I admit that the heel heat between Zeb Colter and Swagger because they were so racist that it’s offensive and this whole match was all about the racist remarks on ADR’s Mexican ethnicity. An intense match to kick it off.  Swagger would apply the Patriot Lock.  Del Rio countered and locked on the Cross-Arm-Bar, but Swagger broke out and locked on another Patriot Lock.  Del Rio hit the ropes. There was loud “We Want Ziggler” chants during the match.  Swagger went for the Swagger Bomb, but Del Rio rolled through and planted Swagger with a big kick to the head.  Del Rio hit a running enziguri kick, but Colter put Del Rio’s foot on the ropes. Ricardo went after Colter, but Colter kicked RR low.  Del Rio now went after Colter, but Swagger attacked Del Rio from behind, and retook control.  Swagger aggressively threw Del Rio into the barrier. Swagger threw Del Rio into the security wall. Back in the ring, Swagger thought he was in control, but Del Rio applied the Cross Armbreaker and got the tap out victory. This was an okay match. Nothing surprising nor was it special.
Match Score: 3/5 

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk (with Paul Heyman) – I’m still sticking with my guns saying that the Team Hell No match was the best match of the night. This one here is the second best match of Wrestlemania 29. This match didn’t have much of a story involved because it’s more or less like another “I’m here to end the streak” type of storyline that has happened throughout Wrestlemania since Undertaker’s reign. Punk was a good choice to face taker, but I still don’t think he’s worthy enough to even try to end the streak and forgetting about how much he was pissed about The Rock taking the WWE Championship away from him. Because of the fact that CM Punk just didn’t have much of a good Wrestlemania moment and he didn’t love being in the company as much as Undertaker did. That’s why he had to go far as to mocking Paul Bearer’s death (he actually passed away) just to make take himself seriously as an opponent. This wouldn’t be the first controversial remark that CM Punk has made because he also mock Jerry Lawer’s heart attack. This feud couldn’t even cold the candle between Undertaker-HHH-HBK. But thankfully, this is not one of the worst Undertaker’s worst matches because he was able to keep his stamina to do all of his signature moves, but CM Punk was able to deliver something different in this ‘Taker’s match with reversals and high risk moves that was different from any other Undertaker’s Wrestlemania opponents. There are a couple of flaws in this match like CM Punk not breaking the announcer’s table with that diving elbow from the top rope. CM Punk really was a different breed in comparison to Undertaker’s opponents, but I wouldn’t believe that he could kick out of anything like a Tombstone. All Punk could to is reverse those Chokeslams, Tombstones, Last Rides, and Hell’s Gate. The crowd is really into this match, as they should be. They started with showman signature moves, to high flying action, to all out brawling. Undertaker went for a choke, so Punk hit the ref in the face “accidentally” on purpose. Punk hit his running knee in the corner. Undertaker was going for the Last Ride as Heyman gave Punk the urn. Punk hit Undertaker in the head with it. He covered by folding Undertaker’s arms on his chest. One…two…no! Another awesome nearfall. Punk did the  Undertaker’s famous throat slash. GTS didn’t work. Undertaker countered, got to his feet, hit the Tombstone, folded Punk’s arms on his chest and covered for the win after 22 minutes. That’s 21-0 for Undertaker at WrestleMania. This was a fair Undertaker match in comparison to his other Wrestlemania matches, but CM Punk is a great choice for Taker’s 21st victory at Wrestlemania.
Match Score: 4/5

Triple H (with Shawn Michaels) vs. Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) – No Holds Barred Match – We haven’t had Brock Lesnar back in the Wrestlemania since his awful match with Goldberg in Wrestlemania 20. This feud went far back from when Lesnar got defeated from Extreme Rules and wanted all the special treatment from the WWE. Until, HHH says he couldn’t get any special treatment that resulted in getting his arm broken. Triple H fully recovered in Summerslam and wanted revenge. He lost the match with another broken arm and got his rematch in Wrestlemania. I give both men credit for putting on such a great match for two reasons. First of all, there was their highly anticipated Summerslam match (which I didn’t see, unfortunately) and I’m pretty sure many fans were less interested in this one. Second, they had to follow the great match that was Undertaker vs. CM Punk. They did, however, pull it off. It’s almost everything that I wanted to see in a hardcore match; hard bumps, creative usage of weapons, and decent storytelling. This truly was an intense bout, with both men throwing everything they had at each other. Brock even managed to throw Triple H through the seemingly unbreakable announce table. Both men locked in the Kimura Lock three times. It all ended when Triple H used the sledgehammer and hit The Pedigree on the steel steps. It was truly a fun match.
Match Score: 4/5

John Cena vs. The Rock (c) – WWE Championship – If there’s ever a match that should never had a rematch, it would have to be Rock-Cena all over again. The reason that is is because we already established that the Rock is a better wrestler and you can’t strike lighting twice. If Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in Wrestlemania 26 couldn’t be better than their first match in Wrestlemania 25, how was this match ever going to be a better rematch? The whole crowd knows that Cena was going to win because the WWE went back to shoving Cena even more down our throats and give an official good by to the Rock by taking the WWE Championship off his waist. If anything, it should have been CM Punk vs. The Rock III in Wrestlemania and beat the rock and have John Cena vs. Undertaker with Cena defeated. I honestly think it was just to have John Cena to get his come-upings. Everyone in the stadium wasn’t as intensified as last year’s Wrestlemania event that was a once in a life time deal. It was almost identical from their first match together, only with a less enthusiastic reaction towards what’s going on in this match. Ultimately, it was underwhelming to see this rematch to happen because it was there were less surprises happening and it was predictable that Cena was going to win. Even despite the fact that Cena won the match, he’s still not better than the Rock. It’s similar to how the Rock beat Hogan in Wrestlemania 18, but Hogan beat Rock in No Way Out 2003; the first time is what everyone remembers, the rematch is forgettable. And so was this main event. It was a weak finish to have the Rock and Cena shake hands at the end that had a couple of boos coming out from the audience, and that’s not good.
Match Score: 2/5

This Wrestlemania is in the middle, there are good in it nothing terrible, but ultimately it’s forgettable. It’s for the fact that this Wrestlemania just couldn’t hold the candle with Wrestlemania 28, but they had to do the main even all over again. Sadly, we had to endure a less electrifying rematch, a stupid Fandango push, a bad segments of the show that didn’t feel like it fit the show. If anything, we should have had CM Punk vs. The Rock for the third time so that way CM Punk can be pushed as a star instead of Cena “redeeming” his stature, like he actually needed it (sarcasm). What’s funny is the episode of Raw after this Wrestlemania was much more memorable than this show because Dolf Ziggler won the World Heavyweight Championship, So much heat on Cena, the audience sings Fandango’s theme, Big E Langston won the Intercontinental Championship, and the crowd reaction was the best that the WWE has ever had! What’s even more funny is that episode of Raw was more memorable than Wrestlemania 29. Wrestlemania 29 played it a bit too safe and just didn’t’ put any serious rick involved with it. A lot of people are a big generous of this show, many of them says the show sucks, but I’m in the serious between. I didn’t’ really get an all time great Wrestlemania moment of the show and that’s what this Wrestlemania is seriously lacking. The only match that I really liked was Team Hell No vs. Big E & Ziggler because it was electrifying, but sadly, you can see matches like that one in an episode of RAW. This is a Wrestlemania that’s left to be desired and because it was just an okay show; it’s nothing to truly love or hate.

The Top Lister’s score for Wrestlemania 29


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Wrestlemania 28 Review

Wrestlemania 27 was all about hyping up the next Wrestlemania because The Rock vs. John Cena match was going to come true. After we had to dealt with the awful Wrestlemania last year that turned out to be a commercial for this Wrestlemania! The pressure was on the WWE to deliver something big as this. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Rock wrestle since Wrestlemania 20 (if you forget the Cena/Rock tag match in Survivor Series) and the build-up for this match was similar to Hogan vs. Rock in Wrestlemania 18. Old fans and newer fans of the WWE have debated for the longest time to see if Rock was better or Cena or is Cena better than Rock. After so much heated debate, the WWE finally given us a once in a lifetime dream match. Though this card is looked as a one-match-card like many Wrestlemanias before it, this Wrestlemania had plenty of matches in it that was as well as anticipating. For the longest time, the WWE has had poorly booked so many Wrestlemanias since Wrestlemania 23 and the worst of it was Wrestlemania 27. This is the Wrestlemania that needed to properly structure itself into that big show like the best ‘Manias in the past. Thankfully, this card was certainly structured properly and the matches that they’ve delivered were all something to behold and remember.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (c) (with AJ Lee) – World Heavyweight Championship – This match is infamous for being much shorter than expected. Last year’s Wrestlemania match, these two were place in the dark match and finally we have an opportunity to put these two in the Wrestlemania card! We’re talking about the WWE’s most talented individual facing someone like Sheamus. Just like Wrestlemania last year, the World title is our opening show of the card; even diminishing the championship’s credibility. Wrestlemania is a show where stars are established to a mass audience and it was the perfect opportunity to show Daniel Bryan’s talents. But no! Sheamus had to give Bryan the big boot after he kissed AJ Lee and made a pinfall victory. I don’t mind if Sheamus was going to beat Daniel Bryan, but not this way! 18 seconds of a match didn’t break any records (especially for a Wrestlemania) and it pushed Daniel further from stardom. I mean sure, when we first saw the match the whole crowd exploded because they’ve never expected that to happen and I even got the same reaction. But Daniel Bryan didn’t deserve any of this. The only positive that I can give to this disappointing match is that it was Daniel Bryan’s first memorable Wrestlemania moment, and that’s not a good thing. Besides, the following pay-per-view, Extreme Rules, these two actually had a match that SHOULD have been in Wrestlemania! I’m not sure if this was a great way to open the show, but at least the whole audience roared from a big surprised like this one.
Match Score: 2/5

Kane vs. Randy Orton – The funny thing is that fan were chanting for Daniel Bryan “Yes”, in this match because people wanted to see more of that match besides this one. And the especially knew that this match was dull between Kane and Randy. The audience hijacked the match knowing that it was boring, but I think they worked a good enough match at this stage of Kane’s career considering that he has been in a lot of pointless matches since Wrestlemania 23. The finish comes when Randy is ready to hit a move from the top rope, but Kane regains himself and is able to hit the Chokeslam from the top rope. Kane is the victor in this match and rightfully so. I was a little surprised that Kane won this match, but I was even more surprised that Kane got the clean victory. As I’ve said for a while, Kane’s return has been a little underwhelming, so he needed this victory a lot more than Randy. With Kane’s victory, a rematch between these two seems to be the next thing to do. Extreme Rules is next month, so I expect some type of gimmick match when that time comes.
Match Score: 3/5

Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes (c) – Intercontinental Championship – Can you believe that this is the third match and we are only a half hour in the show? Like the Kane/Randy match, Cody and Show make the match work in the best way possible. It’s a little more challenging because of the obvious size difference, but it was fair. With this match, I was mostly searching for something passable, which I did get. The finish comes when Cody hits the Beautiful Disaster, but Show is still standing. Cody is going for a second BD until Show is able to counter with a Spear. Did you see the spear? Show tackled Cody’s crotch. That’s a little close for comfort, don’t you think? Show finally hits the imitation Falcon Punch and we have new IC champion. So, you spear his sack and take his championship too? Show is playing dirty tonight. As I said in the Rundown, I was for Cody dropping the title. As long as Cody was going to move up the corporate ladder, then it made sense to drop the IC title. However, I’m still not too thrilled on Show being IC championship. What can he add to the title at this stage? I hope it’s one of those small championship reigns.
Match Score: 3/5

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres – The only thing that I can say that was a focus on this match was that Eve Torres had a storyline involving a love triangle between John Cena and Zack Ryder. I love that she has gotten the most heat in the entire women’s roster because she cheated on Cena with a man in wheelchair. The fans chanted in this match “Ho-skie” because it was a name Cena called her when he Zack Ryder as a friend. But for the match itself, it was exactly as you expected from the lousy effort that the Women’s Wrestlemania matches go. Is there a single person that works for WWE that thinks that this match was better than doing Beth vs. Natalya in a singles match that would have also got the seven minutes that this match got? It’s not like anybody bought the show because Maria Menounos was wrestling. We also didn’t care about the match in the stadium as evidenced by the random “YES!” chants we did to keep ourselves entertained. So what’s the advantage of having her not only be on the show, but to also beat the Divas Champion? With all of that said, I did like Maria’s Greek ring gear because I’m also Greek. Doesn’t mean I want to see her wrestle ever again. Poor Beth had to walk out to Eve’s music before the match too. This division can be so much more. I wish they’d realize how easily that can be done. Maria pinned Beth with a rollup after about 6 minutes. They built up the finish well and Kelly’s top rope flip splash was very impressive. Otherwise, there wasn’t a lot to get excited about.
Match Score: 1/5

Image result for wrestlemania 28 hell in a cell

The Undertaker vs. Triple H – Hell in a Cell Match 

One reason why I did not like the HHH-Undertaker match last year was that it was too slow, HHH just wanted to do what Shawn Michaels experienced with Taker in Wrestlemania 25 & 26, and the whole match was to build up for a rematch for this Wrestlemania. Thankfully this rematch is SO much better than the second HHH-Undertaker match (first was in Wrestlemania 17). There hasn’t been a Hell in a Cell match held in Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 15 and this was perfect for an fierce rivalry that went all the way back from Wrestlemania 25 when Shawn Michaels got defeated. Speaking of which, Shawn Michaels came in as the special guest referee to even make the storytelling in this match a lot better because Undertaker retired him from this sport. After watching this match, all I can say is “Wow”. This match really blew my mind. Even before the match started, it blew my mind to see Undertaker takes off his hood to show that he cut his hair incredibly short.

As the Cell descends, you could feel the atmosphere like something epic is going to happen. These two knew exactly what we wanted and delivered the kind of physical brawl that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Almost quarter of the show was dedicated to Taker,  HHH was dominating the match in the early going and constantly you can see Shawn Michaels reacting emotionally because he’s involved making a decision between the man that he respects for beating him in two Wrestlemanias versus his best friend. You can see it constantly where Shawn Michaels had to ask either one of the men wants to give up and each says no. Even he had to try to calm Triple H down from actually killing him. He wanted desperately to end this match sooner before anything worse can happen in this match. And it certainly does. You can already see the nasty marks on Undertaker’s back from all the chairshots he had to endure while Triple H was bleeding like a stuffed pig. And the match gotten so chaotic that it even knocked Shawn Michaels out by Undertaker with the Hell’s Gate. For that moment, you can feel which side is Shawn was picking and after the new referee came in and got knocked out. Shawn Michaels came back up giving Undertaker a Sweat Chin Music and Triple H applied that Pedigree. You can tell that the match went too far for Shawn Michaels, but Undertaker didn’t give up as he rose back from a near fall.

The finale of this match was fantastic where Triple H was about to use the sledgehammer once more but Undertaker stepped on his hand holding the sledgehammer and gave him a Tombstone. That last tombstone made this show a historic night as Shawn raised Undertaker’s hand as the victor. The two have a moment and hug in the ring. Taker finally does his signature victory pose and it seems we are finally done, but HHH is still down in the middle of the ring. Taker and Shawn help HHH to his feet and help him to the back. Before they leave, the three hug each other in the middle of the ring. That’s when JR says it perfectly, “That……is respect”. I gotta admit. A tear came down my eye when I saw this moment. I’m not afraid to admit that and neither should you. This storyline started all the way back in Wrestlemania 25 when Undertaker defeated the man who came closest to ending the streak (and offered the best Wrestlemania match of all time), retiring the same man in Wrestlemania 26, face the man’s best friend wants revenge for retiring his best friend in Wrestlemania 27, to culminate with all three men in the most chaotic match (with the streak still standing) in Wrestlemania 28 with them now letting go of this obsession of ending the streak.

Image result for wrestlemania 28 hell in a cellThe match was very well done. I almost thought Taker was going to lose there for a moment, but this was the perfect way to give Undertaker his 20th victory at Wrestlemania. Taker, HHH, and Shawn all told a very good story together. The start of the match showed that Taker doesn’t have what it takes to win, but Taker wouldn’t give up. Towards the end of the match, the story changed. It came to the point that nobody can beat Taker at WM, so it seemed that Shawn and HHH accepted their fate. The match felt more like a fight. It was a brutal brawl inside the HIAC structure. This has to be one of the best Hell in a Cell matches I have seen in a long time. The match was billed as the End of an Era. I never made much out of the title, but after watching this match, it really did live up to the title. This match started to make Wrestlemania 28 from a dull show into what WM is all about. The match. The emotion. The feelings. The story. I don’t know what else to add to this. This is the reason why Wrestling to me is so important and why I’m still in part of the WWE product to day!
Match Score: 6/5

Team Johnny (David Otunga, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, The Miz, and Drew McIntyre) (with John Laurinaitis, Vickie Guerrero, and Brie Bella) vs. Team Teddy (Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali, and Booker T) (with Theodore Long, Hornswoggle, Eve Torres, Nikki Bella, and Aksana) –
You all should know that I am not a fan of these over-booked, cluttered Wrestlemania matches, but surprisingly enough, this was actually really good! In fact, this over-booked tag match has something that all the other’s don’t have, and that’s just the level of fun! Of course it’s that dumb stipulation of Raw vs. Smackdown but it was to see who was going to be general manager of both shows, John Larenitus or Theodore Long. Ultimately, this was going to be the end of the brand extension idea and make WWE just one single company instead of a divided. So what makes this match so fun exactly? Well how about knowing who each of the wrestlers are, just see them do what they do best in the grandest stage of them all, and have a fun and memorable aftermath. This match is something that I want to see more often because with such a big stipulation and giving each of the mid-carders a chance to breath was the right way to do it! And the finish of this match was priceless where Eve Torres came in to chant with Zack Ryder in the same ring which was a distraction for him to loose this match. Best of all is the aftermath when Eve Torres kicked Zack Ryder in the balls when Team Johnny left only to have her leaving with everyone chanting “Ho-skie! Ho-skie!” I loved it! It was so much fun to see mid-cards doing this to get recognition from this show and it delivered with a lot of intensity building up. This is the best way you can bring heat to a Diva like Eve Torres and it’s a shame to not have her in the roster today
Match Score: 4/5

CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho – WWE Championship – Since Wrestlemania 27, CM Punk became one of, if not, the biggest name in the WWE because of his legendary pipe bomb and defeating John Cena for the WWE Championship clean in Money in the Bank. I really don’t know if you can give CM Punk a better opponent, but Chris Jericho and CM Punk look like a great feud together. I say that because both of them has similar rebellious personalities, wrestling skill & abilities, and are able to cut great promos. If anything, I can say that these two are near equals and I think that it was a good decision to have these two fight in a Wrestlemania. I can easily say that this is the best match of both of their careers. In the early going, Jericho was trying to get Punk to cause a DQ. It eventually geared away from that and it started to act like a wrestling match. Noticed I said wrestling match. Taker and HHH will be the match that will be talked about after tonight, but it felt more like a fight. This feels more like a wrestling match. Then again, Punk and Jericho are different performers compared to Taker and HHH. Like the Taker/HHH match, there was a lot of near falls/close calls between Punk and Jericho and their power and agility were all display perfectly in this match. For a man his age, Chris Jericho was wrestling like he was back in the 90s because not that many wrestlers at that phase could be able to move that quickly and make so many leaps and falls like that! I figured Jericho was due for a win at some point since he didn’t win the Rumble or Elimination Chamber, but I was proved wrong again. Punk slapped on the Anaconda Vice at the 22 minute mark, Jericho did everything to fight it off like he did multiple times before, but Punk was determined and he won the match after Jericho tapped out. This was a very good match. Punk and Jericho didn’t have a lot of screen time for their rivalry (compared to Rock/Cena or Taker/HHH), but I think they set up the story nicely and delivered a good match that does not happen often before the main event starts.
Match Score: 5/5

The Rock vs. John Cena – This is the reason why everyone paid for. Since the Rock left the WWE, Cena took his place as the top babyface of the company just as The Rock became a bigger movie star known worldwide. Because both men grew so much popularity is why people wanted to see The Rock and John Cena. They’ve wasted our precious time with Wrestlemania 27 when it was after all a commercial for this very match. This match needed to pay off. I haven’t had so much anticipation for two competitors since Hogan vs. Rock and certainly, I wanted the Rock to beat Cena. After all of these years of Cena hammered down our throats, The Rock came back to make fun of John Cena and made him look like shit in each episode of RAW before this show. I can really go back to those old episodes of RAW 2012 when the Rock stole each episode because they were that entertaining; from boots to asses, Cena’s kung-pow bitch, Rock singing with his acoustic guitar, and so much more! Because the Rock effortlessly talked smack on John Cena, it made this match more and more hyped. Even through each of the wrestler’s had their own performers giving their own entrances to even further the production and anticipation, all those props did not make this match good. Admittedly, the match wasn’t as great as I anticipated because Cena didn’t give much effort than his same moves of doom, The Rock was losing a lot of stamina, that awful bear hug that took too long to break, and the match went on for over a half an hour. The best thing I can tell you about going back to this match was that the entire stadium was loud during the duration of the match. It was pure magic to see the Rock to finally wrestle a big name opponent since Stone Cold Steve Austin in Wrestlemania 19, and do all of his signature moves that brought our nostalgia-feeling into full gear! This match represented Attitude Era vs. PG Era. There were so many instances where the Rock was going to loose but each time he pops out of the count, it got the crowd roaring with delight. I really thought that John Cena was going to win this match because the WWE wanted to shove John Cena even further down our throats. But after so many Rock Bottoms and two people’s elbows, that final Rock Bottom that gave him that clean three count actually made me jump out of my seat with joy.

That instance where John Cena lost felt like true satisfaction. It was like the WWE are acknowledged that we all hate Cena and after all those years of having him shoved down our throats and putting his face in nearly every aspect of the WWE, it was like the WWE gave us a bone for supporting this company throughout all the dissatisfying times of being a fan. It really was that satisfying to see something as awesome as the CM Punk-Cena match at Money in the Bank and that victory ultimately save this match! That victory for the Rock made the show into one of the all time best Wrestlemanias. It’s something about the Rock’s charisma, character, and talent that John Cena could never capture. Rock had the whole crowd in his hands and he effortlessly made all of us happy. The build-up for this match couldn’t get any bigger and it delivered with a sweat victory that shows why The Rock is an all-time great! The image of Cena sitting down on the concrete floor with the ramp behind him truly represents why Cena can NEVER be an all time great. And this match had to show why you need someone more to take one someone like The Rock. I loved this match for all that it’s worth (despite its flaws) and I haven’t had a reaction like this one since many of the Attitude era matches and the Undertaker-Shawn Michaels match at Wrestlemania 25. That says a lot after all those years of feeling underwhelmed with the product since Wrestlemania 23. If the match isn’t really well worked (especially this one) make sure the finish is a good one. It was more than a great one, it was one of the best finish to a Wrestlemania show ever!
Match Score: 5/5

Image result for wrestlemania 28 rockI could never believe that there would be another Wrestlemania that was a good as Wrestlemania 10, 12, 14, 17, and 19 but this show earned its place to be one of the all time best. Beside the disappointing opening match with Daniel Bryan’s defeat, this show made the right booking decisions and the structure of the card couldn’t be better. We haven’t ad a great Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 19 and this show delivered all the goods that we’ve been waiting from the WWE from the longest time. The epic finale between HHH-Taker in Hell in a Cell is one of the best in-ring storytelling that the WWE has ever told, the athleticism between CM Punk and Chris Jericho (while could have been better) was impressive, Eve Torres creating so much heat in the Divas division was a hell a lot of fun, and The Rock BEATING John Cena was true fan satisfactory! The WWE did not only gave us a fantastic show, but the company rewarded it’s long time fans with real satisfactory! It’s shows like this is the reason why I’m a huge fan of wrestling in general. I could never imagine anything in life could have been as pleasurable as the good ol’ days, but with effort, timing, and planning there are things that are worth living for! Sure people would just look at this card like a three-match-show. They’re probably right, but if you look back at other Wrestlemanias that are actually one-match-shows, those three matches delivered some of the best things in professional wrestling. It’s wondrous how much of an improvement this Wrestlemania was in comparison to Wrestlemania 27; it’s like night-and-day! Sure the beginning of the show tested our patients, but the second half and especially the finish was non-other than one of the best moments in life! And that’s what really matters!

The Top Lister’s score for Wrestlemania 28


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Wrestlemania 24 Review

Wrestlemania 23’s biggest flaw is the misplacement in the booking and the over exposure of one celebrity placed for one match that overshadowed the rest of the card. Wrestlemania 24, did the same thing all over again. This time, they’ve got Floyd “Money” Mayweather as the main highlight and he’s facing the Big Show in a no disqualification match… oh boy! Wrestling has a huge problem of dealing to boxing because they don’t ever go well. However, this Wrestlemania did pick itself up from a bunch of horrid booking decisions from the previous show, however this card still has a some back booking involved that needs to be discussed. So is this Wrestlemania bad or good with a lot of things going for it?

John “Bradshaw” Layfield vs. Finlay (with Hornswoggle) – Belfast Brawl – This is an old fashion no DQ match that had very little story involved coming and nothing at all exciting. I’m still not a fan of either of these men (Hornswoggle is still the worst of all of them) and this was a very uninteresting opening match. Even despite the fact that they’ve put weapons involved, there was nothing new here on the table. The only part that I liked in this match was that Hornswoggle got a trash can tossed to him. Fortunately the right guy won by giving Finlay the “Closeline from Hell” (lousy finisher) after Finlay fell on the steel steps. They’ve tried their best to make two of the slowest, middle aged to do something, but overall it could never worked well.
Match Score: 2/5

CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Carlito vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. John Morrison – Money in the Bank ladder match – Every single person had some very exciting moments in this one and it is sad to think about that fact that five of the seven participants are no longer with the company.  I was surprised at how much I liked this match when I went back and watched all of the old MITB matches. On paper it looks pretty average but these guys went far beyond anything I expected going into the match. It did get a little spot-crazy at times but that is to be expected in such a match. Shelton Benjamin (four consecutive Wrestlemanias in the same match) really stepped it up here and John Morrison was in his element, delivering a moonsault with a ladder in his hand at one point. Matt Hardy’s spectacular 20-foot Twist of Fate remains the highlight of this match for me. But of course the one thing that made this match for me was that the right guy won!  WrestleMania 24 was the first time CM Punk won the briefcase only to successfully cash it in and become champion. He was able to fend off Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, Chris Jericho, Mr. Kennedy, John Morrison and MVP to win the match. It’s honestly one of the best match on the card because the right guys where made for this match and CM Punk deserved that victorious Wrestlemania moment!
Match Score: 5/5

Batista (representing SmackDown) vs. Umaga (representing Raw) – This is where Batista was going downhill in terms of his popularity. He had an awesome feud last year with Undertaker that went one after Wrestlemania. For some dumb reason the bookers had to put him in a stipulation of a Raw vs Smackdown star that had no purpose when you think about. At this point in time, Raw and Smackdown brands weren’t as important as it was in 2003 when there was a HUGE separation between the two. Now it’s just a gimmick coming to this Wrestlemania and the match here was boring as all hell. It’s not Batista’s fault, it’s Umaga. Umaga to me was a rip-off of Samoa Joe from TNA and none of his moves were at all that inspiring. What we’re watching here are a muscle facing a slop and all Umaga did in the corse of this match was putting Batista in a submission hold to test the audience’s patients. The audience was so bored that they ironically chant for Umaga just to entertain themselves. Hell, even Batista couldn’t handle this type of guy because he REALLY botched up that Batista-bomb by slipping off as Umaga fell. It was an awkward moment that needed to be moved on.
Match Score: 1/5

Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero (c) – ECW Championship – If they’re going to give me an under 10 second match, then I’m not even going to give any effort to this waist of time! The ECW brand is meaningless to the WWE and it doesn’t help that only one chokeslam to the biggest, no-talent mid-card is unimpressive. But at least it was short unlike the Kahli-Kane match from last year.
Match Score: 1/5

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair – To me it a great sin that this match is not main event. Everyone who paid tickets and PPV orders wanted to only see this match because Ric Flair is a legend and this was his last match. It’s a true shame that Flair never main evented a Wrestlemania and if WWE didn’t do it for him in Wrestlemania 8, how in the hell did they miss that opportunity again over a decade later? Coming into this show, we all knew that Ric Flair was going to lose and it didn’t matter how, but we all just needed to see him one more time before he says good bye… and then he’d wrestle more in TNA Wrestling. Oops! The fact that it’s not really his “last match” shows how really insignificant the stipulation is in this match, but that’s not why this match is good to watch. It was good old Ric Flair doing what he does best and despite the fact that this match is nearly the same as his other, it was just magic to see everyone in the whole stadium shouting ‘Wooo” in honor of Ric Flair. Shawn Michaels actually did carry out this match by doing all of these flying moves and crashing into the announcer’s tables, but he had to take that punishment instead of Flair who is in serious pain right now. You can see Michaels telling Flair to stay down to catch his breath and restore his stamina just to keep the pace from going to fast. Again, we know Flair was going to loose, but the fact that there was so much effort in storytelling here is what makes this match so special. These two came in pumped up to really wrestle each other, then took it more seriously after they slapped each other in the face, to finally getting emotional because the inevitable has come. You can see everyone tearing up because we’ll never see Ric Flair like this again (except in TNA) wrestling like he always did. Shawn didn’t want to give Flair the Sweet Chin Music, but he had to because if Flair was in his shoes, he would have done the same. After the pin, it really was an end of an era. Flair’s family at ringside were crying and everyone in the stadium got their money’s worth to see something as special like this match. To me, it’s just robbery to place this as a mid-card instead of a main event because no other match in this card was more important or as well told as this one! It’s just like the Hogan-Rock, Flair-Savage, and Batista-Undertaker match that had people paying to see them happen and then place them in the mid-card. The bookers should be ashamed of themselves.
Match Score: 5/5

Beth Phoenix and Melina (with Santino Marella) vs. Maria and Ashley – I’m still pissed off that this match is placed ahead of Flair-Michaels match, but out of all the stupid Divas tag matches that we had to endure before and after this Wrestlemania, this one was surprisingly decent. I’m still not a fan of seeing Beth Phoenix selling to these damn models who look like they’ve never lifted weights in their lives, but thankfully Beth and Melina carried out this match and showed their dominance against these two playboy cover girls. Again I’m still not a fan of Maria and Ashley (two awful female Wrestlers) that delivered shots that didn’t even look like it would hurt, but it was sweet to see the right women win this match, despite the fact that Santino interfered that pinfall. Other than that I just didn’t care for Snoop Dog coming in the ring and kissing Maria on front of a live crowd because it didn’t matter, she and Ashley both lost and nobody remembers them.
Match Score: 3/5

Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena vs. Triple H – WWE Championship – Once again, HHH has to have a match ahead of what should have been main event (Flair-Michaels match) just like he did in Wrestlemania X8 when Rock-Hogan should have main evented instead of the HHH-Jericho main event. Just like the HHH-Jericho main event, nobody even remembers this forgotten WWE Championship match. We have three of the breakfast club member wrestling in a triple threat and none of them could ever deliver anything new besides what we’ve already seen before! If you seen John Cena’s match you know he uses the five moves of doom and over-sells his match. If you seen Randy Orton you know all he does is takes his damn time and give you the backbreaker, RKO, dropkick, headlock, and DDTs. If you seen Triple H… well you already know what his match is are like. Even worse, this triple threat is nowhere as good as the Benoit-HHH-Michaels triple threat, and it’s not even close because this match was so dried, the storytelling is too over dramatic, and like every triple threat match that I’ve seen, it’s always two guys wrestle each other while the third one is out of the way until a near fall is happening. This is what this match did and nothing at all was surprising. What’s even worst is that these three had MANY MORE matches together after this wrestlemania which really pisses me off that this feud never wants to die!! Hell, not that many people even remembers that Randy Orton won this match. Yeah, really! If anything HHH (God of Wrestling politics) should had won the match. This match was bottom of the barrel basic, no surprises, and it was just a stupid booking decision to place this ahead of Flair-Michaels match because everyone wanted to see this match and barely anyone cared for this one. Barely any effort was made and you can actually see a match exactly like this in an episode of RAW and many more like it later in the future, sadly…
Match Score: 1/5

Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show – No Disqualification Match – Okay, if you didn’t buy the Flair-Michaels match, odds are you weren’t a Wrestling fan to begin with and you just wanted to see a small-sized boxer take on the biggest athlete in the world. I can’t stress enough that boxing and wrestling NEVER mixed well! Go ahead and see Piper vs. Mr. T in Wrestlemania 2 and the Brawl for All finals with Bart Gun and Butterbean in Wrestlemania XV. And out of all the Wrestlemanias that dealt with boxing and wrestling together… this one is the worst! Yes! It’s worse than those two matches that I’ve mentioned. The rivalry between these two are incredibly ridiculous, the storytelling is nowhere as believable as Stone Cold and Mike Tyson, and the match quality is distasteful! Sure, this was the match that everyone talks about because a current boxing star is in a wrestling match, but I really was disgusted with what this match represents. It represents selling out to a celebrity that doesn’t give a fuck about the company and pour millions of dollars for him just to get attention. This does not feel at all like Wrestling because there’s no soul and it was messy because Floyd was never trained to perform. He oversold many of the shots big show was giving and Big Show probably oversold it even more because as logic puts it, Celebrities are “more powerful” than the wrestlers… stupid! Even worse, Floyd’s bodyguards had to interfere in this match just to draw many drama into the match, but because Big Show had to be so monstrous everyone of his bodyguards sold his shots. Even when they had to throw in weapons like the chairshots that was interesting to see Floyd do, it was still filth and uninteresting to me. The one this that I still dislike about this match is Floyd’s arrogance and ego and you can see it with the finish of this match when he KO’d the Big Show with brassknucks. It’s like he was so great and full of himself that even cheating (despite the fact that it’s a no disqualification match) had to show how “great” he is. I still consider him an average boxer (especially in his division) and this match was so overhyped and it didn’t deliver anything special. However, I’ll give this match more credit for giving more effort than the McMahon-Trump match from last year’s Wrestlemania.
Match Score: 1/5

The Undertaker vs. Edge (c) – World Heavyweight Championship –  I know that I stated that the Michaels-Flair match should have been main event, but if there was another match that deserved to main event, it would have to be this one.  The “Deadman’s” win at WrestleMania 23 was supposed to be the launching point of a title reign that would anchor the SmackDown brand. Undertaker had been, throughout this career, the consummate utility man. With all the build up (most of it unintentional) behind it, this match was given the green light to main event WrestleMania 24. Edge promised to end the Undertaker’s winning streak (15-0) and put his own WrestleMania record (5-0) on the line to do so. Even though Edge’s undefeated steak wasn’t as icon as Taker’s, but he did had matches that were some of the best that Wrestlemania has ever had like the Triangle Ladder Match, TLC 2, Hardcore Match with Foley… but there’s one Wrestlmania match that he actually did not win and that’s Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania 23… so he was defeated! Oops! But still, Taker did face guys that were as big if not bigger than him to maintain that undefeated streak. Both guys were at the top of their game with Undertaker doing his best in-ring work and Edge now solidified as a main event heel.  I know it’s a favorite for many, but there were a few things about it that just never clicked with me. Feel free to disagree! For one, the outcome was never in doubt. That’s not a huge knock against it since at WrestleMania, the main event outcome isn’t supposed to be in doubt. But when you add to that the “streak” gimmick, then it becomes doubly obvious who will win. Also, this match was only maybe the third most-hyped match on the card, after Ric Flair’s retirement and the infamous Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show bout. But this is not the best work either of these men had or had together. The entire bout dragged a bit too much and never really got into second or third gear. You know that feeling, about 15 minutes in, when (in a great match) both guys are just “in the zone” and you stop and think “how much time is left before they take it home?” I didn’t get that feeling here. It went a little over 20 minutes but might have been better served going only 17 or 18. But if you do that you’re better off putting the match lower on the card. That’s probably the easiest way to improve the main event. I think it would have helped the match but hurt the main event to limit the bell to bell action to 18 minutes. If you switch this bout with Flair vs. Michaels then I think you end this WrestleMania a little stronger. The obviousness of the Taker win is lessened when placed lower on the card, and even though everyone knew who would win the Flair vs. Michaels match, it was certainly the emotional highlight of the night. Though it’s not a title match there’s certainly a precedent for doing retirement matches last. This isn’t a bad main event, and I understand why they went with this match as the final bout. It was the longest running feud in the promotion, a proper “thank you” to two guys who helped save SmackDown from sinking into the abyss (after this the brand would come to mean less and less until it finally just integrated into the three hour Raw), and there really wasn’t one standout match at this show that absolutely HAD to go last. The match was just kind of a letdown from other matches these two have had (with others, together and at WrestleMania) and the length of the contest, in my opinion, slowed things down a bit too much for it to meet its expectations. But for what it was, it was some of the best Main Events sine Wrestlemania 20 and that was like 4 years back.
Match Score: 4/5

I’ll give credit where credit is due, this card was a better than Wrestlemania 23. The celebrity involvement with Floyd Mayweather, despite how infamous and garbage it really was, had much more effort than the stupid Donald Trump vs. Vince McMahon Hair vs. Hair match. I’m still incredibly pissed that Ric Flair never had a main event and his match with Shawn Michaels deserved that main event spot because it was the match that everyone (who paid to see this show) wanted to see. Everything else after the the Flair-HBK match went incredibly downhill except for the Undertaker vs. Edge Match. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good main event and even though ‘Taker-Edge match was left to be desired, it certainly was a good finish, but would have had a better finish with Flair-HBK match. I know that there are a lot of fans of this Wrestlemania, but it’s just the booking decision, heavily reliance of the celebrity involvement, and the miss opportunities of this card is what made me think differently about this Wrestlemania. I mean, it’s certainly impressive to see all of these things come together, but I still believe that the card structure from Wrestlemania 18 through 27 were some of the horrid years of booking decisions for Wrestlemania. This was an okay Wrestlemania where there where two 5 out of 5 match scores, a 4 out of 5 main event (a main event hasn’t had a score that high in a while), and everything else was just mediocre. I still think that this show is the middle of the road for me that could have been an all time best if only Wrestlemania 24 was structured properly.

The Top Lister’s score for Wrestlemania 24


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Wrestlemania 22 Review

Wrestlemania 21 was a dawn of a new era in Wrestling where stars like Batista, John Cena, and Edge became the big names in the WWE today. From Wrestlemania 21 to 22, they’ve tried to make those new stars to become even bigger by showcasing what they were made of in Wrestlemania 22. Some consider this as one of the most surreal Wrestlemanias of all time, but at least this show felt very different among the rest, and the last thing we need is our Wrestlemanias to look identical. With what the WWE had in it’s roster in the beginning of 2006, they had to use what they had to make a great show. And boy what a fantastic show this Wrestlemania was, and here I am still believing that when one Wrestlemania is good, the next one is bad. It’s a rarity to have two consecutive Wrestlemanias to be good and let’s see whether or not this is just as good as Wrestlemania 21 or not.

Big Show and Kane (c) vs. Carlito and Chris Masters – World Tag Team Championship – I really thought that this match was really one-sided and boy was I right. The team up between Carlito and Master just didn’t have any chemistry and what makes anyone think that they could even take on two 7′ footers like Show and Kane? An certainly, the two giants really dominated these two effortlessly and it just wasn’t a great opener like last year’s Wrestlemania. I think the only thing that’s worth going back to this match is just to see Carlito and Masters man-handled. The right guys won with a double chokeslam, but they should have had a better tag team opponent than what we had.
Match Score: 2/5

Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair vs. Finlay vs. Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Lashley – Money in the Bank Ladder Match – WrestleMania 22 featured the only winner to ever make his match for the case on a designated date ahead of time and keep his promise. Rob Van Dam really is the only Wrestler that actually did flying moves against 5 other opponents who didn’t have any high flying risk. This match was much more exciting than one would expect from the lineup given that many of them are not high flyers that could utilize the ladders properly. Hardy, Van Dam and Benjamin filled in the big spots while Lashley and Finlay laid waste to anyone who tried to get in their way. Ric Flair seemed like the odd man out in this match, but he gave a good effort for a man who had already been in the business for around four decades. Rob Van Dam went on to defeat John Cena to gain the WWE Championship in ECW One Night Stand 2006 by first defeating Finlay, Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, Matt Hardy and Bobby Lashley. This wasn’t better than Money in the Back last year, but for what it was, it sure was better than the opening match of the card.
Match Score: 4/5

John “Bradshaw” Layfield (with Jillian Hall) vs. Chris Benoit (c) – United State Championship – It’s a damn shame to see Chris Benoit to be place so low from a talented individual who worked his ass off to be main event for Wrestlemania 20, to facing no talents like JBL. This was around the time where JBL was just so tiring to watch because even though he lost to John Cena in the last Wrestlemania and ended up to a pointless match like this one. I really am not a fan of this match because it was poorly booked. What’s even worse is that this match having a very dull brawl that was certainly not what Benoit was born for. And the finish having JBL win this match by rolling up the crossface was terrible.
Match Score 1/5

Edge (with Lita) vs. Mick Foley – Hardcore Match – Now this one was certainly a surprise for me because I got a chance to see Mick Foley to what he normally does best but his match with Edge was more than we expected! This was around the time were the WWE had a fantastic show with 2005’s ECW resurrection with One Night Stand 2005 and this match was show ECW-style hardcore wrestling in Wrestlemania. The match started out as a basic brawl until Edge gave Foley as spear, but felt the barbwire wrapped around Foley’s waist. This is where the match got really violent where they brought in barbwire, table taxes, and even a flaming table! I haven’t seen Foley to be in a match this violent since his match against Triple H in Royal Rumble 2000 and Hell in a Cell 2000 in No Way Out! Back in the day, I never though Mick was capable of doing a match like in his early days of a hardcore wrestler because he retired in 2000 with a damaged body. Now he came back fully recovered to risk it all over again. I certainly enjoyed the finish of this match where Lita lit the table on fire and Edge speared Foley through the table. It was a very violent match that caught us all in awe and surprise! I give Mick Foley the out most respect to do this match for the love he has for this company! And I also give Edge the same amount of credit for doing something that he had never done before
Match Score: 5/5

The Boogeyman vs. Booker T and Sharmell – Here’s a real stinker that made it one of the worst match on the card! I hate how they’ve made Booker T into a useless individual who’s low enough to face a disgusting wrestler like Boogeyman. Basically Booker and Sharmell are stalked by this freak that made it a very terrible story. Sharmell didn’t do much in this match so why was this a handicap match? The match was incredibly poor where the in-ring action was incredibly slow and we kept hearing Sharmell screaming for Booker when she never got tagged. Of course she’s just there to get kissed with a mouth full of worms and she ran away from disgust. Then Boogeyman won this match by giving Booker T a double chokeslam. This isn’t really the worst match in Wrestlemania history, but it certainly the most disgusting!
Match Score: 0/5

Image result for wrestlemania 22 mickieMickie James vs. Trish Stratus (c) – Woman’s Championship – Last year’s Wrestlemania, Trish Stratus had an opponent who couldn’t wrestle. Christie Hemme was the most overrated Diva in the history of WWE where they had her win the Raw Diva Search Contest and Playboy Cover Girl. You honestly think she’s worth a title match? However, the next Wrestlemania opponent for Trish was certainly a unique opponent. Enter Mickie James! I love the storyline building up to this match where Mickie was Trish’s biggest psychotic fan but obviously it was because she’s in love with her at the point where she’s obsessed. The fans grew crazy over Mickie James as a character because she was so bizarre but in the attractive level. And what these two offered was THE BEST WOMEN’S MATCH THAT WRESTLEMANIA HAS EVER HAD. This match is so impressive at the point where it was better played than any match in this card! I’m a huge supporter of women’s wrestling and this match certainly stole the show! You heard me right, it even was better than the Foley-Edge match! It’s almost everything that I wanted to see in women’s wrestling where these two delivered technical, high flying, and brawl throughout and it certainly told a wonderful story throughout! The whole stadium chanted for Mickie because she certainly wrestled better than Trish (which is why she’s better as a wrestler). Mickie had the upper hand in this match when Trish missed the chick kick and hit herself in the ring post. Throughout the match Mickie worked, creatively, on her leg while Trish came back with a fight! But each time Trish gets herself back up or hit Mickie back, the whole crowd boo’ed at her. I’m really left surprised to see Mickie controlled the whole crowd like Hogan did at Wrestlemania 18. I remember when Mickie reversed that Stratusfaction move and rammed her damaged leg on the ropes that she screamed with excitement at the crowd as they all cheered for her! That also was a sexual where she felt Trish’s crotch when she tried to reverse that backdrop. Certainly Mickie James deserved the victory and simply stole the whole show! Never again did Wrestlemania ever had a woman’s match as good as this one but for representing what the Diva’s division was all about, it delivered!
Match Score: 6/5

The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry – Casket Match – Meh! That’s all I can say. I am a huge fan of these two wrestlers but I just couldn’t enjoy the match as it was so slow and the stipulation is incredibly one sided. It’s nowhere as good as the Undertaker-Orton match last Wrestlemania and it’s more like the Kane-‘Taker match in Wrestlemania 20. This match was very boring! The only thing that’s worth mentioning about this match was when Undertaker jumped off the top rope and landed on Henry. Then he gave Henry the Tombstone and was sent in the casket for the victory. This was a long and dull match that was neither ‘Taker’s most average in this streak.
Match Score: 1/5

Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. McMahon – No Holds Barred Match – I really don’t like the storyline coming into this match because it was a battle against a man’s religion (HBK’s Christian faith) and a doubter. I know Vince was trying to create heat, but I just despised the many times McMahon mocked HBK’s faith at the point where it offended. It was a personal match, but it was a bit too personal for my taste. As for the match, it was pretty good. It’s nowhere as good as Vince-Shane match in Wrestlemania 17 nor Hogan-Vince match in WM19. For Shawn it doesn’t hold the candle to Angle-Michaels match. All it was is a basic brawl that delivered too much. Out of nowhere, the Spirit Squad (worst faction in Wrestling) had to get involved in this match to save Vince. They were a bunch of push-overs for HBK and it was entirely pointless to have them involved. Even Shane had to get involved that ended up having himself handcuffed to the tops to stay away from the match. The only thing worth noting about this match (despite how cluttered this match was) was to see blood pouring down Vince’s head and that elbow trop Shawn has applied that landed on Vince covered in a trash can on top of the table. The match ended with a Sweat Chin Music and it’s over. Shawn Michaels deserved a better match than this garbage despite how “okay” it was.
Match Score: 3/5

Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle (c) – World Heavyweight Championship – Here’s another match that somewhat offended me as much as the last match. We’re talking about Kurt Angle that defeated HBK in last years Wrestlemania that resulted as one of the best Wrestlemania matches and had a better match against the Undertaker to save his World title and was the king of Smackdown. I understand if he needed to defend it against the Royal Rumble winner, but I never thought Rey Mysterio to entitle himself as World [“Heavyweight”] Champion. There’s a reason why they have names for these titles and there’s no way I can imagine an under 5′ footer to even hold that title. Even worse, I hated the story of this match. It went TOO far when Randy Orton said that Eddie Guererro is down in hell that deeply offended me and all the Eddie fans who misses him greatly. With a bad story, how did the match go? I still am not a fan of this match. Even despite the fact that Kurt and Rey really did a fantastic job in the in-ring work by delivering technical wrestling and high flying maneuvers, Randy’s involvement just slowed down the match and I blame everything wrong with this match on him. If anything, it should just be Kurt vs. Rey despite the fact that its for the “Heavyweight” title. When Kurt and Rey were wrestling, it was magical to see two of the best talents on Smackdown wrestle like no tomorrow, but when Randy comes in, the quality of this match diminishes. I know Rey deserved to win this match because he was Eddie’s closest friend before he passed away, but having Kurt lose his title from Orton getting pinned b Mysterio is just a poor booking decision that I’ve ever seen! It’s no wonder why Kurt Angle never came back to WWE after he left for TNA later that year.
Match Score: 3/5

Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle – This is another one of those matches that was made because of promoting the Playboy magazine that has Candice Michelle as the cover girl. And this is another one of those matches that was made for the heterosexual males, and if you weren’t into the hotness of these two, you can really see how poorly worked this match was. Part of it was because they both had to wear dresses turning this match and when they took them off to expose their bras and panties, it still wasn’t that great of a match. The whole crowd was mostly ignoring this match because there was a better (and hotter) match that was set on earlier in this show. This match wasn’t even that sex, despite how poorly worked this match was. Most of the time it felt awkward to see Candice looking for something to hit Torrie and also not knowing what to do next. No way was this match was ever going to be as good or as memorable as Micke-Trish match and it ended with a school-girl by Torrie and nothing was gained or lost in this match. I only like this match to show that models can’t wrestle while there are more talented wrestlers in the women division that puts this match into shame.
Match Score: 1/5

John Cena (c) vs. Triple H – WWE Championship –  After Cena’s disappointing performance against JBL the year before, he needed a big rub from a main eventer like Triple H and he got it. However a lot of people in the crowd boo’d off Cena because they already knew that he was a mediocre wrestler and still to this day my opinion hasn’t changed since.  Triple H for a strong majority of the match. When Cena finally gained momentum, Triple H used his signature sledgehammer to derail the underdog champion. Triple H threw everything at Cena but couldn’t put him away. After a series of near-falls, Cena caught Triple H in an STF. After much drama, Triple H shockingly submitted. The reaction of the crowd was priceless because they thought it was bullshit, but the fact that The Game was so close to the ropes and tapped seemed a bit odd. I thought that this match as an average match. Nothing surprising came out of this match nor did was it at all memorable. The only positive I can give to this result was Rob Van Dam beat Cena for the WWE Championship in ECW One Night Stand 2006.
Match Score: 2/5

So was this Wrestlemania as good as Wrestlemania 21? Well the Trish-Mickie match totally shits all over the Trish-Christie match, Cena did have a (slightly) better match with HHH than with JBL, Shawn-Vince could not hold the candle to Angle-HBK, MITB this year was not as good as last year’s, Undertaker-Henry had a pace of a slug compared to Undertaker-Orton, and the rest of the mid-card in this Wrestlemania was not much to talk about. To answer the question, Wrestlemania 21 is superior. However, despite how weak the last three matches was, the match that stole the show was Edge-Foley match that caught us off guard and the Mickie-Trish match that had the best crowd reaction and was better performed than all the other matches in the card! I’ was proud that the Mickie-Trish match delivered the best of the women’s matches that we all wanted to see! This Wrestlemania still is the most surreal Wrestlemania show, but (despite the negatives) that’s what makes it a memorable show. The whole crowd of Chicago cheered for whoever they wanted and whoever got boo’d probably deserved it. This is not really a Wrestlemania that I can call the best of all time, but whatever the case, it was memorable for what it was.

The Top Lister’s score for Wrestlemania 22:


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