Top 10 Couples in Cartoons

Well, it’s the month of February and one of the most significant part of the month is a time of love; Valentines Day! Well, for the most of us that doesn’t have a date, we tend to look at fiction to fulfill our romantic experiences. Cartoon is no stranger to romance as we’ve had plenty of male and female characters that we created for each other and gave us dazzling visuals to excite the audience. But the way I look at romances is the way that both character has establish characteristics and personalities and a possibility of a wonderful chemistry together. These characters need to develop into better people as they find out love because that’s the power of it all. This is the reason why I admire romance in general because they make people into better individuals and discover who they are that they never really knew that they had in them before. Falling in love is the best thing in the world and these are the couples in anime that showed us why it’s so significant!

Number 10.  –  Robin and Starfire

What happens when we have the biggest bad boy and the sweetest girl together? Obviously we get a couple of a life time! I mean, who wouldn’t want to go out with a gal like Starfire who’s naive, simple-minded, curious, and positive that are so hard to find nowadays. here are also other big hints throughout the show that they like one another, such as when Robin fights and easily defeats the other Titans like Slade commands him to, but when Starfire is the last one, he refuses to strike her down. In this time, Starfire was also the only Titan he had spoken to. Also, inFor Real, Control Freak jealously claims “She’s too good for Robin, he’ll never appreciate her!” to which Mas y Menos (who also have crushes on Starfire) agree. Also there are many times when Robin saves her from falling or being hit by something, or Starfire grabs him and flies away with him they save each other from small things all the time that are not much thought of but if not for the other they would probably be dead. It happens throughout the show and till it finally happened! It’s was one of the aspect of Teen Titans that makes it so worth it, unfortunately there never was an extend for their relationship from where they left off. But it’s even worse in the comics where they were so close in getting married but DC believes that comic book characters getting married is a bad idea.

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Number 9.  –  Kim Possile
& Ron Stoppable

Kim & Ron are the true definition of poplar opposites, one is a total professional on being a spy and the other is a complete cluts, but  as long time viewers we can’t help ourselves but to keep imagining them to finally after all the teasing Disney does with us on the show. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable the first time most kids would had ship two people together. Kim is the school Cheerleader Captain and a hero/vigilante saving the world from bad guys with help from her Best Friend Ron Stoppable and his pet Naked Mole Rat Rufus. At the beginning of the show they are close friends but as the show goes on he and Kim becomes close and at the end of Season 3 become an official couple, I do like that we get to see Kim and Ron has a couple has I always like to see characters as couples and not had them become boyfriend/girlfriend in the last ever episode.

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It’s just too bad that they only made it official right in the show’s finale which is something we could have more of in the rest of the show.


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Number 8.  –  Bobby and Connie

The has got to the most realistic and most underrated ever. We’re not exactly looking at a potential date here, just a couple of young sweethearts that reminds us of the ones we kept close at that age around middle school. Bobby Hill isn’t really the best looking kid in his school and Connie really is that ambitious either, but that’s what makes it so interesting because as they are both going through puberty, there are a lot of challenges that lie ahead of them. Neither one of them knows what’s it like to be the opposite sex and they both don’t know their problems quite well. It always makes a clear focus on an on and off relationship that we had to deal with in our past time. But when things work and takes it to another step (slowly) it feels so magical to watch it. As stated in my Top 10 Cartoons in the 1990s, I always find it the most interesting when we see both of the characters mature as they get older, despite the fact that they’re the same age since Bobby’s 13th birthday. As an adult we know what it’s like to go through these challenge, but watching it back then as a kid we were already there in that moment of change. It’s nice to see a young couple like Bobby and Connie to be as honest and human than any animated characters that I can find.

Number 7.  –  Ariel and Eric 

I think Ariel didn’t just fall for Eric just because of his looks. Sure she never met him before going to Ursula but she was able to see what he was like. From watching him play with Maz she saw that he was playful and an animal lover; from seeing him play the flute she was he’s a music lover; from seeing his reaction from the statue of himself she saw he wasn’t vain or arrogant; she saw he didn’t care about money, power, or looks but just wanted to find a girl he loved; she saw from the way he saved Max that he was brave and selfless. I think that was enough for her if you ask me. I love how Ariel saved his life. She knew she had nothing to gain and she’d probably never be with him but she saved him, she was just so selfless. I get goose bumbs every time I see her rescue him. I love when she sings to him and he gets a slight glimpse of this beautiful girl with the most amazing voice. I love how she goes through so much and gives up everythign she had and would never get back if she satyed human for him. It proves how real life works, the things people have to sacrafice and give up for the one they love. I love how when he first meets her he has this instant connection, even though he doesn’t know that she’s the girl who rescued him. I love how he helps her by letting her live in the palace and treating her like a princess. You can tell he’s falling for her. At dinner he couldn’t take his eyes off her. I love that she makes him laugh since he hadn’t laughed or smiled in a long while according to Carlotta. You can tell during the tour of the kingdom he was definitiely falling for her. The way she was acting like a child would annoy some people but he found her charming and fun. He’s use to being around princesses that just bored him but one day with her and it’s the most fun he’s ever had. I love that he takes the time to guess her name, knowing it would likely take hours. I love when Eric finally decides to forget this mystery girl, I really love this new girl I’ve gotten to know and had the best time with. The two of them are amazing and truly love each other. They’re not higher because I SLIGHTLY love one couple more because they have more depth to them.

Sonic-and-Sally-sonic-rules-20457770-640-480Number 6.  –  Sonic and Sally

This is another couple that was done so much better in the comic book series, but it made it in the list for me because this was actually the first time that I actually gave a shit about an on-screen couple in the story. Sally is hands down the best romance for Sonic. With all the personalities that populate the Freedom Fighters—as well as Sonic not really being one for responsibility—there needed to be a character that Image result for sonic and sally comicswas the emotional center as well as the voice of reason within the group. This was something that was needed for storyline to be taken seriously, which is something that both Hurst and Archie Comics wanted. And frankly, if you needed someone to be a love interest for a speedy blue hedgehog that needs a voice of reason and loves chili dogs more than a regular at a Coney Island, then all I can say is this: mission accomplished. Truth be told, these characters are teenagers, with all the emotional drama that goes with it. We used to have a saying in high school where you could start going out with someone at the beginning of the day and be broken up before lunch time. My high school couldn’t have been the only one that was like that. But in all seriousness, fights happen. And from what I read—before the current storyline—they seemed to have made up and found a balance where they can do their things while being together.

Number 5.  –  Aladdin and Jasmine

I love how this couple met was actually realistic and could happen. A guy sees a pretty girl, gets that gaga look and can’t take his eyes off her, she gets into some trouble and he comes to help her. I know a lot of people hate this couple but I absolutely love it, even though it’s moved down on my list. I believe they truly love each other. The connection they had with each other was amazing. Even though they come from two different worlds they understand each other and have two very similar situations. Jasmine actually gave up her last chance of freedom just to save Aladdin. He goes through so much just to be with her. He goes though the cave of wonders, is almost killed, almost eaten by her pet, almost froze to death, and almost eaten by a giant snake. I don’t think he would risk all of these things just for any pretty face, even if she is a princess. He went through all of this because he loves her. I love this one episode in the series where she turns into a snake creature and he’s determind to change her back. When her only hope of becoming human again is gone she decides to give up her own happiness just for Aladdin. She couldn’t even touch him or he could die. He took the stuff that turned her into a snake creature so they could be together. He gave up the life he could’ve had as the soon to be prince and future sultan just for her. He wouldn’t leave her for any reason, he loves her and wants to be with her no matter what the cost. Anyone who says he only felt lust for her needs to watch that episode. I also love how they had them wait to get married, it makes them so realistic. They’re not higher I guess because of the lies.

Number 4.  –  Belle & The Beast

Disney is no stranger to romance but there is no better love-birds than Belle and the Beast. What can I say that hasn’t already been mentioned? Well, as a kid, I refused to watch the movie because the Beast was so damn terrifying, but now at a mature age, I can see it was all part of character development of changing the Beast within that gold heart of his. Belle spend a long time changing the Beast to the man she dreamed and no matter how desperate, impatient, or intimidating the Beast can get, she never held back and stood up to him that he’s wrong. And let’s not forget the dancing in the Ballroom scene that was simply breathtaking to watch. It’s no wonder why it is the first animated movie to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1991 and it was this close to win if only Silence of the Lambs (which is a better movie) was released in a different year. Beauty and the Beast was simply the highest point of the Disney Renaissance and still Disney sell the shit of the merchandising out of this film.

Kenshin-Kaoru-kaoru-and-kenshin-18778949-1024-768-1Number 3.  –  Kenshin and Kaoru

In real life, you might not like the idea of a woman settling down with a man 11 years her senior, but in Rurouni Kenshin, it works. It’s a rarity for a couple in anime to finally go all the way through the relationship towards marriage and it definitely paid off! Kenshin, a former samurai looking to atone for his sins, settles down with Kaoru at the end of the manga and series and finally makes Kaoru’s dreams of being Kenshin’s wife come true. Just like your favorite romance novel, the drama that led up to the marriage was rife with angst — Kenshin’s bloody past made him think he didn’t deserve happiness, even though he had been working at becoming a better man ever since. Looking at it at a woman’s point of view I can see why Kenshin is nearly every girl’s dream man. He cooks, he cleans, he’s great with children, and in his spare time he occasionally fends off power-mad swordsmen bent on taking over the country. Her charming blend of strength and innocence gives him what he searched ten years to find—a reason to value his own life. This touching romance set in historic Japan gives new meaning to the phrase Unresolved Sexual Tension, however; they’ve been living together for over a year, and they have yet to share so much as a peck on the cheek. Perhaps if Kaoru would stop throwing buckets at him when he shows up in the bath… Kaoru’s unwavering devotion and love for Kenshin helped him vanquish his demons once and for all. Sure, the age difference might freak some out a little, but as the saying goes, love knows no age.

Number 2.  –  Fry and Leela

Though I find this as the strangest couple, but it is the most unique couple I’ve ever seen in fiction. I’m not putting Futurama in this list because it is my favorite show, but because it gets better to see these two characters on each episode. Right from the first episode you could tell that this was growing into a big relationship, yet as we watch all the episodes, it really got rocky as they get turned-on and off constantly and sometimes forgot about each other for another person they’re now interested in. Nevertheless, just like us fans who desired Sonic and Sally back, we Fry & Leela fans were so desperate to have them together. Here we got Leela who’s a master of kung-fu, strong willed, very focused, prideful, leader of the Planet Express crew, smart, pilot of a ship, very picky, and is a one-eyed mutant cyclops that has a troublesome love-life.  Then we have Fry, who’s very distracted, dim-witted, a slob, easily confused, and almost everything that’s the total opposite from Leela. So what makes these two characters so great as a couple? Well for the seer fact that the pace of developing the relationship is so slow that whenever you see them together you can tell it’s just another step to what is to come for each other. Believe me, the situations and adventures that they’ve been though was been so strange yet so funny. This is what made this romance so different from nearly all the rest of the romances I’ve experienced. I always like to see myself as Fry because he is that individual that has had to go through this challenge of winning Leela’s heart and after so many years of keeping up with the show, it fully paid off with great deal of creativity. That’s one of the main reasons why I’m still a fan of Futurama since I was 9 years old when the series first started. Futurama has been a big part of my life and seeing these two characters grow as I grew up just made me more connected with the show. The only thing that knocks Fry & Leela from being number 1 is for a decade plus, they’re over did it with the “will-they, won’t-they” love cliche that irritates the living crap out of me.

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Number 1.  –  Kirito & Asuna

It’s funny, I despise Sword Art Online for it’s terrible writing, inconsistency with world building, and pathetic character development that already overpowered our main characters, BUT the only thing that I would say is the one redeeming factor of the whole franchise is the ever so lovable relationship between Kirito & Asuna.  Unlike most animes and cartoons that WASTES our damn time with the “will-they-won’t-they” cliche, just having Reki Kawahara to just give us what we want make it an ever so precious moment for us romancers. We’re talking about two game-players of Sword Art Online who are trapped in the game world with only them to trust each other to beat the game for their own freedom.  What makes them the perfect couple? Any mundane task doesn’t seem uninteresting whenever they’re not playing the game and when they’re playing the game they work like a great team! Kirito and Asuna are by far the best couple not only in Anime, but in general. There is no awkwardness between them ever and they don’t really ever get in fights. Everything is so easily brushed how because their love is so intense for each other. Most of all, they will die protecting each other which is quite beautiful. Their relationship came at a time when they had no idea if there would be a tomorrow, and their relationship is what got them out of the crisis they were in and ultimately gave them enough power to beat the game, in turn, saving everyone else. Once they return to the real world, of course after Kirito saves his beloved Asuna once again, their trauma from SAO, which was kept at a minimum due to their relationship, doesn’t affect them as a couple at all. They are truly inseparable. What’s really cool is that each of them is such a badass! Kirito is easily the most powerful player in SAO, and Asuna is a close second. Each of them is idolized which is funny because they both know the other is idolized by everyone which makes them unable to fathom that they are actually in love. Overall, they are a couple everyone should look up to. Asuna is the perfect girl, she can cook, she’s forgiving, and can take care of herself, as well as being kind and a great lover. Kirito on the other hand is a growing person inside which makes him a little different, but as he developes, he displays his true love and goes into fits of rage destroying everything in his path just to protect the one he loves. So in the end, they are the most perfect couple I can think of. They invoke emotion in others, live inseparable from one another, and I almost envy their relationship.