Top 10 Hottest Video Game Women

After making top 10 lists of the hottest albums, animated women, women wrestlerscomic book women, and movie women characters it’s time to tackle the most desirable video game women. After killing so many enemies and accomplish so many objectives, somewhere in the game, developers actually created a lovely looking character that we only see in our personal lives and our fantasies as well. It is amazing how graphical programming came a long way from pixels to close realism and yet developers took advantage of bringing their fantasies into a graphical reality. The general standards of gamers have never been strong, but it doesn’t really help much when we have attractive babes seen in our video games. Not to say they’re bad, I’m just pointing out that I’m not proceeding myself as a pig who only play video games to watch video game women just to turn me on. However, just like other medias that have attractive women, you can’t simply ignore it. In fact, they grab your full attention wishing that they could be real, and video games are no different. These are the video game women that are so hot that playing as them (or playing with them as an NPC) is a dream come true. These are the women that made us players much more excited to insert the game and boot up the system just to spend time with them.


Number 10.  –  Carmelita Fox (Sly Cooper series)

After making all the lists on the hottest babes in other media, we’ve finally made our first and only anthropomorphic babe. Why only one? Not that I’m against furries, I just don’t find a woman covered in hair to be all that attractive; I need show of skin to turn me on and the only hair I want is to be grown from the head. Carmelita just has the feminine features that at even the anti-furries find appealing. She’s just as flexible as Sly Cooper, she’s a dedicated cop who will hunt her criminals down to the face of the Earth (literally she does), and she’s so womanly at the point where you can get your mind off of the foxy characteristics. In a way, she chases Sly for so long that it continues to grow the affection towards each other, similar to how Batman and the Joker have been chasing each other so many times that in a way they were friends. Carmelita just has so many factors that we can’t ignore like when she’s dressed formally and romantically danced with the disguised Sly as one of the many hot moments seen from the series. Hell, Sucker Punch gave the players the privilege to climb on giant Carmelita in Sly 3 from her boots to her head. Sly can never help himself but to continuously flirt with Carmelita and they both continue to encounter one another. Whenever Sly makes his mission a success, he leaves Carmelita a love letter as almost the last mission objective. Even Carmelita has deep feelings for Sly as she took advantage of being with him when (as she assumes) Sly lost his memory in the end of Sly 3. You have to put so much attractive traits in order for a person like me to put a character like Carmelita to put on the list. The only reason why she can’t get any higher is that none of the games of the series could stay consistent with her accent (from French, to American, and to Spanish).

  • Character’s hottest moment: She turned into a giant and Sly climbed on her to the top


Number 9.  –   Jeanette Voerman (Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines)

Remember that I said vampires are sexy in my hottest movie babes list? There have been plenty of them in video games, but I have to go with Jeanette as the most attractive vampire chick in video games. Jeanette is such a jumpy and easily amused girl that it doesn’t take much to excite her, except of being a vampire yourself. I mean just the look of Jeanette is appealing for us guys because she has pig tails like a girly-girl, dress like a school girl, and she wears make-up like a gothic chick. Even when she talks to you, you can see that she’s looking for fun. When she asks for something, her charm motivates you to do it. She has the traits of Harley Quinn, but what makes her so damn interesting is that she’s a twin of the rich and busy Therese Voerman. Therese is a different character where she’s stubborn, snobbish, and a workaholic that makes you want to turn the other way sometimes. But it turns out…

!!!SPOILER ALERT!!! That Therese and Jeanette are the same person (a split personality if you will). And it’s up to the player to decide who lives and who dies, so obviously you want Jeanette to live. Letting her live allows you to have sex with her, but you don’t see any of it even despite how mature the game already is. But for the fact that she is always at the back waiting for you to do something is what keeps her from getting any higher on the list. Plus she’s a bit of a slut.

  • Character’s hottest moment: She seduces you and have sex with you…


Number 8.  –  Meryl Silverburgh (Metal Gear Solid & Metal Gear Solid 4) 

Military girls are are so tough and focused that it becomes too hot to bear. Meryl is just that sweet girl that really tries to be a strong independent woman, but it shows that she needs love from a man to keep her going. She did after all became that soldier she always wanted to be in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, but she did show some feelings to Snake. Despite being a softy in many occasions, in a lot of ways she’s similar to Ashelin from the Jak series; she has leadership materials, very flexible when in battle, and she’s the Cornell’s daughter making her in that boss’s daughter scenario. Meryl’s characteristics of being a real warrior is just as realistic as some of the women who struggles so hard to have a successful military career. Sometimes I wish Solid Snake wasn’t so darn independent and more supportive so that the relationship between Meryl and Snake can be intimate. Instead, she stopped waiting and married a big time loser like Akiba. But for the sake that the likes of Akiba can be with a woman like Meryl shows that anyone who’s anyone can have their chances with an attractive woman like her. Take a good look at Meryl, she is a fiery redhead, athletic and curvy (Snake comments on her butt), and she has a bold and round face that you just want to kiss. She has that characteristic of being a tough, dream girl who we all want in our lives.


Number 7.  –  Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3)

Even back in the day when we were most fearful for the zombies and mutated monsters surrounding our environment, we still can’t get our mind off of Jill. Hell, she’s the most iconic character of the Resident Evil series for a reason. At first she looked pretty attractive seen as a chick in a uniform, but jumping to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, you just can’t believe that a 32-bit game could even make a woman that still looks hot today. Just seeing a video game character that is proportionate to an actual woman and wears that strapless blue top and short black skirt, there’s no wonder why she’s been called one of the hottest female characters ever. She is one of the sexy, smart heroine that we all want to see. Jill is that soldier that has so much combat experience but is so desirable because of that tough chick look and attitude. Though she hasn’t rescued that many people, during the zombie apocalypse she did have a lot of concern and has did her best to protect the survivors which is what makes her even more attractive than she already is. After fighting so many zombies for so very long, you would want to start bringing some happiness into her life that she deserves. I could say the same for Lisa Garland, the nurse from Silent Hill, but she’s dead and a psycho. Jill had her head straight, except for her total character change in Resident Evil 5 where Capcom totally bastardized the character into a matrix-action heroine and sided with the Umbrella corporation. Seriously, they changed her so much that she did not look like Jill Valentine at all. For that reason alone she can’t be anywhere higher on the list.

  • Character’s hottest moment: Jill Valentine stretches when you leave the controller alone in the Resident Evil remake


Number 6.  –  Roll Caskett (Mega Man Legends 1 & 2)

You can hate Mega Man Legends all you want, but you have to give the series props for separating the Mega Man franchise into a breath taking experience. Hell, Roll from the Legends series is a huge improvement from being just a little girl. Come to think of it, do you want to have the hots for a main female role when she’s the sister of the main character from the original series? Roll made it to the list for me because of her cute and lovable personality that you want to see in most girls out there. Roll is just a very positive character; so positive in fact that she is girlfriend material. Though she has anime qualities seen from the girls of anime, you can’t help but to love almost everything that she does. She’s a great pilot of a space ship, genius mechanic, and is skillful with many things. Though Roll was sort of a one dimensional character in the first Mega Man Legends game, Roll became a real, legit character that is taken more seriously when she’s on the hunt for her mother that disappeared when she was growing up. She raises the attractive level when she shows how much of a hurtful character she was in the search for her mother and does her best to uncover what’s going on in the second game. Roll is such as sweetie-boo; you would want to do anything for a girl like her as she does the same with you. I mean, she was with Rock Volnutt (aka Mega Man) all the way, even if they weren’t in a relationship, Roll always been committed to help others out, make things better than what they are, and always tries to make things positive no matter what. She’s so positive in her personality that if she feels down you would do anything to bring back that smile on her face. Yeah she’s 14 years old but don’t accuse me of anything because I fell in love with her at age 11 when I realized her attractiveness. If only the Japanese weren’t so obsessed with making too many underage girls it wouldn’t be so hard to put her in the list.

Number 5.  –  Jade (Beyond Good & Evil)

Jade doesn’t have the “look” per say, but if people would like to say Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2 is attractive for her personality, then Jade wins my heart overall. Jade is just a very mysterious woman that you want to know her more. For starters, you all should wonder if she’s Asian, black, white, mixed, or whatever; you can’t tell what her human race is because she can be anything. Secondly, she’s has that mystique look on her where you think of the color green and she glows (figuratively) that very color. And lastly, she’s more than motherly material; she’s the protector and savior to the children of the lighthouse orphanage. For the fact that she does care for those beings in a harsh and dangerous world in Beyond Good & Evil is the reason why she’s attractive. She keeps her friends and loved ones closer than any other female character out there. Plus she has womanly features that stirs out the appeal for the opposite sex. I mean she’s able to kill anyone with just the stick and is flexible enough to dodge any attack. Not to mention that she has a deep personality that makes it hard to hold your tears when you think about all the things she risks to do and the difficulties she has to face. Though she never showed any signs that she can love another man, that’s what makes her so desirable because she’s available. I just love to see a smile on that beautiful face of her’s when something good has happened. You want to bring all the happiness to a hard, dedicated adventurer like her. Speaking of face, look at the green lipstick on her, you can’t stop looking at it and you just want to kiss it so passionately. Now, Jade has been in so many best female protagonists lists for many reasons and she would be my number 1 if this was a different list, but even despite not having a real sexy moment, she managed to make it in the Top 5.


Number 4.  –  Cammy White (Street Fighter)

There was a certain point of my life where I was so obsessed with Cammy. I wanted to collect all the games that features her, see all the pictures (both drawings and cos-players) posted on the internet, buy any comic book or manga that has Cammy in it, and even follow sites that is dedicated to this smoking hot babe. I mean, no girl looks like Cammy (minus the cos-players) nor do they even dress up like her in our daily lives. For one, she’s British, but in games like X-Men vs. Street Fighter and the Marvel vs. Capcom games had her in a North American accent. And secondly, (I can go forever with this one) the way that she dresses is unbelievably sexy. In Street Fighter II, she wore a green thong leotard, big boots, and a red military cap with long pigtails that made her a one of a kind girl; this look is known as Delta Red Cammy that has been re-used in Street Fighter IV. The one thing that we want to see is to see her turn around and expose that ass of hers. I swear, she had the nicest ass ever seen in a video game and we still consider her desirable. They upgraded her look in X-Men vs. Street Fighter with a blue thong leotard with an open back and a small yellow tie attached to the front, a small blue garrison cap, pointed brown combat boots, red gauntlets, and kept the long pigtails similar to her classic incarnation but much more attractive  (called Shadoloo Cammy). She had the best outfit from any female character because as she turns around we see that ass exposed right in front of us.  And lastly, she has THE moves. Coming from a delta squad, she knows how to dive into the action and does it successfully without any hadokens or any projectiles whatsoever. She can drop kick and hurricanrana you with those amazing legs of hers and crush her victims to death. Hell, even Bison couldn’t help himself but to clone her, make Cammy into an obedient soldier, and even made love to her. I would have done the exact same thing if I were in Bison’s shoes. No doubt because of all those assets, there’s no debate that she was way hotter than Chun-Li and every other fighter in the Street Fighter series. Why couldn’t she be any higher on the list after all the things I said that makes her so goddam attractive? Well after a long extent periods of times of this obsession, do I really want to continue obsessing over a fictional woman anymore? Not to say that I lost interest, but it’s just that for too long, it’s time for some more acquired taste in women.


Number 3.  –   Dr. Liara T’Soni (Mass Effect Trilogy)

Speaking of acquired taste in women, I’m really surprised to see that Mass Effect successfully showed the general audience that it’s okay to fall in love with species outside of the human race.  Anyone who’s anyone can choose what character they can have a romantic relationship with, but I’m always tied between Liara and Tali as being the best romance because it was more than just lust with the two, it was an emotional, intimate relationship. That’s where the sexual tension arose when building up to the love making before the final mission. As sympathetic and emotional Tali really is, Bioware and EA gave us an anticlimactic and disappointing service when they should have showed Tali’s real face after seeing the Quarians under the mask for the entire series.  Liara is just an angel in video games. I love the fact that she was a real lover since the beginning of the ME series and you can carry on the relationship throughout the series if you want.

Whether you’re male or female Shepard, Liara will be available to you as a deep, and passionate lover. Liara has the characteristics that I never seen in a video game character, like the way she speaks it’s monotone (it’s sexy how she does it), has clear expressions on her beautiful face, and it made it comforting to be in her presents. You can communicate with her and you can get so much information from her, know so much about the universe and what she does, and you can also feel the sexual tension. Since she’s in a race where they don’t have males and is need other male species to reproduce, it makes all the possibilities so much more exciting. Hell, even when she’s not a member of your crew in Mass Effect 2, there was a DLC where you can help Liara out in a side mission and is rewarded in another night with her. But she is undoubtedly the most beautiful out of her race. I mean she has large blue eyes that’s gorgeous enough to have an everlasting eye contact with, has a curvy round face that has kissable cheeks on both sides, and has freckles that sparkle (figuratively) like stars. Why aren’t there many video game babes with freckles? I don’t know, but having Liara to has those features, it makes her a dream alien girl. Most of all it felt great to witness your Commander Shepard to have a beautiful and long relationship with her (from the first to the last game) and got the most out of her above all the other characters that you can have a relationship with. Since she’s so intelligent, has the one of a kind looks, and is more than capable to provide security for you earns herself to be in the Top 3.

  • Character’s hottest moment: All the times you had sex with Liara


Number 2.  –  Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)

Here’s another video game series that I have been a huge fan of that have two sexiest women in video games; Taki and Ivy. It was hard for me to choose but I had to put Ivy Valentine as the second hottest video game babe of all time! She showed that women who are older and more mature can be much more attractive than the average underage girl that we keep seeing in anime and Japanese video games. This MILF really has all the assets in the world to make her a dream woman from her breast size, long legs, nice ass, large waist size, and the whip that transforms from a sword to a whip with sharp blades. I can see why she needs to wear less to be more flexible than any woman covered in armor, but we just can’t help but notice every detailed feature of this woman. Hell, she has that bad girl image that even uprises the hot factor for me. Seriously, could this babe be even more hotter than she already is? Only cos-players who has the exact body type can even look like Ivy because she’s a very difficult woman to replicate. True story, all of my friends laughed so hard at the fact that I had a huge fetish for this female character. I remember distinctly that I made everyone laugh so hard with my obsession that we bumped on car as my friend was backing up. Thankfully nobody saw it or was the damage severe. Ivy is the queen size (pun) fantasy that we all wish that would come true.


Number 1.  –  Mai Shiranui

I’ll bet that you wouldn’t care for King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, or any SNK fighting game without Mai; because no Mai no buy! Now fighting game chicks will alway be notorious for sexualizing women characters, but Mai does it to the point where she’s just so attractive that we can’t ignore even if we tried. Before we talk about her assets, Mai just has a lovable, jumpy personality that we want to see her to do almost anything. Andy Bogard (her love interest) should feel blessed to have a woman like her to have the hots for you. Now on the assets. She just wears a small ninja outfit that is just too small for her considering that it reveals her legs from top to bottom, buttocks, and displays large amounts of cleavage. She made jiggly, breast physics before the DOA girls even existed. Every move that Mai makes, in a way, seduces the male audience because of her flexibility to fight her enemies to the death. She has all the characteristics of being totally sexy and she has a HUGE reputation for suggestive themes in video games and made a history of doing it. She made it to everyone’s hottest video game babes list, including mine!